Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bellydancer Next Door

Today was a really bad day for me. My friend and I got into a fight and my boyfriend has just dumped me. Whenever I have bad or stressful day, I turn to belly dancing. I find it very sensual and somewhat erotic.

I changed into my belly-dancing outfit, but kept my jeans on. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a high ponytail. My belly dancing costume consisted of a bra and a skirt with the colors baby blue and purple, decorated with sequins. My bra was baby blue with purple decoration and gold sequins while my skirt had slits on both sides and I wore a gold belly chain. I put on my belly dance mix CD, which consisted of songs by Sting, Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears, and played on the stereo. When the music started, I began dancing. I was moving my arms and then began moving my hips. As my hips moved, so did my belly, legs and feet. My body was moving with the music. While dancing, I noticed a man who lived across from me who was also my neighbor. He could see me through my mini-blind less windows.

My male neighbor was handsome and hot. He was also half-naked and a little wet because he had just gotten out from a shower. He had dark blonde hair, bright blue-green eyes, and his body was like a work of art. He had a ripped torso and abs and strong arms. He had a long, white towel wrapped around his waist. I saw him seductively smile at me, enjoying my performance. The music was loud enough for him to hear.

When I finished dancing and the music stopped, I saw him applaud as I took a bow and he blew a kiss. I heard my phone ring. I answered it and I heard his voice over the phone. He said to me “I’m not crazy or anything, but I really loved the way you danced tonight.” His name was Dylan and he wanted to get to know me a lot better, besides being the belly dancer next door.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lust in the Rain

It was early in the afternoon and I woke up from my nap, hearing the sound of rain against my window, which was making me sleepy in the first place. The rain was very heavy outside. At the same time while I was having my nap, I began masturbating. While playing with myself between my thighs, I was thinking about my sexy, blonde boyfriend Nick. I love how he makes my body feel. Everything about turns me on: his smile, his blue eyes, his soft blonde hair, his round, squeezable ass, his kissable lips. I was close to cumming myself wet as I heard a knock on my door. I look to see Nick, dripping wet from the rain. I opened the door and let him in. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Everything about you makes me want you.” I said to him. Nick looked at me with those baby blue eyes with nice and naughty gaze and said to me “Same thing about you. My God, you’re so beautiful.” Then, he pulled me close to his body and gently kissed my lips.

We walked outside to the pool area in the rain. It was pouring down hard. We looked into each other’s eyes while his hands were under my wet white t-shirt, fondling my breasts. My lips moved to his neck, his weak spot, while I unbuttoned and unzipped the fly of his jeans. My hand felt him getting hard in his underwear. Nick kissed me again, but this time it was with much passion and intense desire. My mouth welcomed his tongue. His hands were still fondling my breasts under my shirt. My legs were wrapped around his waist. I watched as I feel his hands slowly lifting up my wet shirt, revealing a white lace bra. We continue to kiss once I sat him down on my lounge chair. My hands began running through his silky blonde hair. He pulled me gently to him and I feel his kisses and licks on my neck. I watched as he took off his shirt. He looked so hot, even when wet.

I began licking his upper body with my tongue. I even licked his tattoos. I got up and pulled off my shirt. Then, Nick got up and laid me down on the chair. He got on top of me and began kissing the tops of my size 38D breasts. He smiled as he slowly unhooked my bra. He licked my nipples and sucked them. I nearly had an orgasm from that. His lips and tongue moved lower to my round belly. I helped him by taking off my jeans, leaving me in my white lace boy shorts.

I smiled at him and he smiled back when he noticed a wet spot on my panties. “You must’ve had a good dream.” He said smiling. I said, “I did”. In one slow sweep, he removed them from my lower body. I was wet from my own touching and the rain, but I was about to get even wetter. I felt his tongue licking my woman lips. I began moaning. My hands were running through his hair. He inserted two fingers in my wet womanhood while licking my clit. I began moving my hips when he starting sucking me. He lapped up my feminine juices. He got up to remove his jeans and boxers and laid on top of me.

I could feel his manhood sliding into me. He was going in and out of me while kissing my neck again. While I was in my orgasm, I began calling his name over and over. He multiplied the thrusts as he was sucking my breasts. After he came inside me, we had a massive orgasm that had washed over us. It was still raining outside when Nick said, “Let’s get inside before we catch a cold”. We got up and went inside to my house. After our encounter, I was really wet. THE END