Monday, May 26, 2008

Your Body's Calling

Howie was at his house in Orlando, thinking about his girlfriend. He loves every thick inch of her. Not too far from his house, Jenna was at her place. She was yearning for Howie. She couldn't get stop thinking of his touch on her body.

Howie called Jenna on his phone."Jenna, I've been thinking about you all day." He said to her.

"Really, Howie? What was it about me you were thinking of?" Jenna asked.

"I've been thinking about what I would want to do you in bed. I thought about touching every inch of your soft, creamy skin. Kiss every part of your curvy body. Make love to you over and over and over again. I want you so bad, Jenna." Howie replied.

Jenna was feeling hot from hearing his voice and things he wanted to do to her. Her response to him was a soft, audible moan. She too wanted Howie.

Yeah, I don't want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight, I'm gonna give you all the little things
I know you've been waiting for
So, brace yourself and listen
I hear you callin', "Here I come baby"
To save you, oh oh
Baby no more stallin'
These hands have been longing to touch you baby
And now that you've come around, to seein' it my way
You won't regret it baby, and you surely won't forget it baby
It's unbelieveable how your body's calling for me
I can just hear it callin' callin' for me

That night, Jenna came over to Howie's house. She wore a sexy little black dress that hugged her curvy body with a plunging neckline that showed her generous cleavage, sexy heels and her black with brown highlighted hair cascaded down her shoulders. The living room was dim where the only light came from the candles surrounding the room. Soft, slow R&B music was playing from the stereo. Howie asked Jenna for a dance and she accepted. They slow danced as Howie's snaked around her waist. His other hand made a soft caress from her hair down to her hip. He looked deep into her brown eyes. His lips softlypossessed hers in a kiss. His hand gently touched one of her thick thighs. His lips made a trail from her mouth to her neck and kissed her there.

Jenna whispered, "Howie, make love to me."

Tell me, what's your desire
Baby your wish is my deal
oh yes it is baby
Let me take you higher
Show you how you should feel, baby
Oh So we speak now and forever hold your body
Whatever it is you want from me, baby
You see you don't have to say nothing
Knowing your body wants something
And it's easy for me to see
That your body's callin' for me

Howie heard and carried her to the bedroom. Gently, he laid her down on the bed, surrounded with rose petals and scented candles. He unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants before laying on top ofher. Jenna kicked off her heels, letting them fall off the bed. Slowly, he pulled down the straps of her dress, exposing her full, lush breasts. With his hands, he cupped them. She gasped at the feel of his hands and mouth on them. Her fingers were deep in his dark hair, pulling him closer to her. His tougue circled her nipples ashe was sucking her breasts. His mouth then moved back up to her lips, kissing her deeper and passionately. Jenna's dress rested on her hips as his hands were holding on to her hips. He moved lower to her massive belly, kissing it as his hands kneaded her breasts. His hands found her black lack thong covering her womanhood. Howie would always tell Jenna of how sexy she looks no matter what she wears. He then placed a pillow under Jenna's bottom as he carefully took off her thong. He kissed upward from her feet to her knees to her thighs. He held on to her as his lips reached her womanhood. He was savoring Jenna as if she were honey. Like honey, she tasted sweet. Jenna moaned and groaned, increasing her desire for him. He opened her up, licking and sucking her again.

"Howie, I want you inside me! Right now!" Jenna moaned loudly.

Howie got up and took off his boxers. He gently pulled her up close to his body as he slowly entered her. He held on to her body as hemoved in and out of her. He was calling her name as he moved a little faster. She raked her nails down his back. Once they had reached orgasm together, he laid her back down on the bed as she let out one last passion-filled gasp. Howie kissed her lips and neck as they were calming down.

He looked into her eyes and said, "Don't worry, Jenna. I'm going pleasure you all night long. I love you baby."

"I love you too, Howie." Jenna said as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he was kissing her.

Your Body's Callin' by R. Kelly

My dream casts for Justice League/Avengers movies

For those of you ladies (and guys) who are/were comic book readers, there are two super hero movies that are coming out next year: Justice League and The Avengers. Let me know. Here's my dream cast for both movies:

Justice League:
Superman-Dean Cain or Brandon Routh
Batman-Antonio Sabato Jr. (to see him in all that leather! Hot! I would probably redesign his costume!)
Wonder Woman-Megan Fox
Aquaman-Jake Gyllenhaal
Hawkman-Vin Diesel
Hawkgirl-Michelle Rodriguez
Green Arrow-Justin Hartley (so hot on Smallville!) or Rober Buckley(Hot hunk on Lipstick Jungle!)
Green Lantern-Tyrese (John Stewart)
Shazam-The Rock
Supergirl-Reese Witherspoon or Anna Faris
Steel-Denzel Washington
The Flash- Ryan Reynolds

The Avengers
Captain America-John Cena or Matt Damon
Iron Man-Robert Downey Jr.
Thor-Triple H
Wasp-Catherine Bell, Kristen Kreuk, or (a slight possibility) Mariska Hargitay
Giant Man-Michael Vartan
The Black Panther-Will Smith
Ms. Marvel-Rebecca Romjin
Namor-Benjamin Bratt
The Black Widow-Lindsay Lohan or Amy Adams

The rest of the dream casts for both movies to be continued later. If you were to cast for both movies, who would you cast and why? Let me know.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal-In Bed With Julian

Hey it’s me Wendy Carson. My fellow shutterbug and best friend Kristy Garrison are doing another exciting photo shoot for Fantasies for Women magazine. We're doing a cover and a photo shoot for the mag's "Bedroom Issue" which features articles and such for about everything to do in the boudoir.

We couldn't be more excited to do the shoot with none other than my favorite male model (and every Playgirl reader's wet dream) Julian Fantechi! When he introduced himself, we were so thrilled to meet him. Being a closeted Playgirl reader myself, I thought of Julian as as number one on my very own MTRD (Men To Really Do) list. I first started admiring him after seeing a few videos of him on YouTube (which are on both my playlist and favorites) and of course seeing him in Playgirl.

Anyways, Kristy and I were setting up for the shoot. We got a spectacular location for the shoot, the Hyatt Regency Boston, in where else Boston, Massachusetts. It's our first visit to the city. To me, there are four words to describe Beantown: charming, historic, collegiate, and sporty (because of all the teams: Celtics, Partiots, Red Sox,etc.). We had the shoot at 9:30 AM at a hotel room on the fifth floor. Julian looked very excited about doing the shoot. He wore a white tank top and stonewash jeans. Once his tank top came off and we got out our digital cameras, we were ready to start the shoot. I swear Julian's body was blessed by Greek gods, being so perfect and ripped. Kristy and I took the first shot of Julian sitting on his knees on the large bed. The next pose he did was where he was on his side with a pillow under his left arm.

As Kristy and I were taking pics of Julian, I was just having daydreams of him. One involving me and him on a very romantic date with dinner, dessert, and conversation; then carrying me in his arms and pleasuring me in blue satin sheets. I snapped back into reality when Julian was in his next pose where he looked like he was crawling toward us. My God! He looked so irresistible in that shot. I just loved how he poses and thinks of making love to a woman while doing a pose. Then, Kristy, Julian, and I took a break and went to a local coffee shop. When it came to a conversation, Julain was so eloquent and intelligent; he's much more than a pretty face. Kristy and I were so amazed by him. After a 30 minute break, we went back to the shoot. Kristy and I had reloaded our cameras and were ready for the next session.

We were snappping photos as Julian was slowly unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. I was getting more aroused by the minute. He was now in his underwear which was a pair of tightie whitie briefs. He did this pose where he lets the bed sheet partially cover his underwear-clad body. I thought to myself, Oh what a tease!

"Could you lay on your back and softly touch yourself?" Kristy suggested to Julian.

Julian laid on his back on the edge of the bed as he softly touched his body wth his hands. His left hand stroked his chest while his right hand stroked his abs. Kristy and I have have gotten plenty of shots of Julian. He playfully teased us as he almost pulled down his briefs.

He smiled and said, "Ladies, you don't mind if I got myself naked, do you?"

"Oh we don't mind that at all." Kristy said excitedly.

Julian grinned as Kristy and I took pictures. He carefully took off his undies as we snapped pics of him in his naked glory. All I thought of was how sexy his body looked, glowing in the sunlight on th large bed with crisp, white sheets. Kristy and I snapped another shot where he laid on his stomach, giving a perfect view of his backside. After a few more shots, we wrapped for the day. Julian was so thrilled to work with us, he really looked forward to tomorrow. We couldn't wait either.

Kristy and I went to our hotel room to look at the photos we took of Julian today. While looking at the photos, we chatted with Tessa, the magazine's editor-in-chief, and showed her the photos. After chatting with Tessa, we went to Uno Chicago Girll on Huntington Avenue where we met with Robyn Sanderson who is the magazine's travel writer. She too was in Boston checking out the bed and breakfasts all around New England as part of an assignment of the most romantic bed and breakfasts all over the country. She's also staying at a B&B.

"This is gonna be the mag's best issue, next to the Men in Uniform issue. I have to applaud you two for having such good eyes for photography." the naturally red-headed, blue-eyed Robyn said.

"Thanks." Kristy and I said in unison.

After dishing work and girl talk over Chicago-style pizza, we called it a night and went to our hotel room so we can be well-rested for tomorrow.

The next morning, Kristy and I met up with Julian at the same room at the same morning time. He got himself naked again. We took a few more shots of him lying in and on the bed. As he posed, he smiled and said to us "It's really great to work with two beautiful ladies such as yourselves on this photo shoot."

I blushed as I said to him, "That's so sweet. Flattery will get you anywhere."

"Would you like to join me?" Julian asked me.

The thought of being in bed with fine-as-hell man such as Julian sounded so hot yet so tempting. It has been a fantasy of mine and I finally get to live that fantasy.

"I accept your invitation, Julian." I said.

I walked up to him as he slowly sat himself up on the bed. His fingertips lightly touched the small of my back, sending chills up and down my spine. I ran my fingers through his dark brown locks while looking into his brown eyes. I felt his sweet, soft, succulent lips kissing mine. Kristy was already taking the pictures while Julian and I were locking lips. One of his hands ran through my slightly wavy strawberry-blond hair. Carefully, he took off my white lace top, giving him a glimpse of my body. His hands continued to touch me with his slow, manly caresses as he took off my white skinny jeans. He pulled me close to his body as we fell onto the bed.

Julian made sure I was comfortable by putting a pillow under my head. He started kissing my neck while slowly unhooking my white lace bra, freeing my breasts. His mouth softly suckled my nipples like they were ripe berries. My hands were caressing his back. I moaned with satisfaction at the feel of his hands and mouth on my body. His lips moved lower to my stomach as his hands were holding on to my hips.

"Wonderful shot!" Kristy exclaimed while snapping her camera.

His fingers lightly traced the waistband of my matching panties. I was eager with anticipation. He took off my panties in one easy swoop. His tongue started licking my pink woman lips. I passionately gasped feeling myself getting licked. His hands were still on my hips, holding on to me. After licking me, he began softly sucking me, making me breathe a little harder. He felt so good that I nearly came into his mouth. Then, he gave me kiss on the mouth. I never knew I tasted this good. I felt him enter me inch by inch until he was inside me. Steadily, he went in and out of me.

I heard him whisper to me, "You feel so good on my mouth and under my hands."

He pulled me up close to him as I was reaching climax, looking into his as he kissing my neck. Once I made a loud, passionate gasp, he pulled himself out and gave one last deep, passionate kiss.

"Let's call this shoot a wrap! Great job everyone!" Kristy said excitedly after taking the last photo.

Julian got up and kissed both of my hands and all ten of my fingers. My fantasy has been fulfilled. By the time the shoot was done, it was almost four o'clock. Working with Julian was very thrilling. Kristy and I gathered our cameras and equipment and went to our hotel room to look at all the photos. We talked to Tessa over the phone while sending her the photos by e-mail. As always, Tessa loved our work. The three of us decided on the photos to be used for the cover and the spread. After a long decision, the photos were picked. We all looked forward to the issue once it's published. Tessa then wanted us to stay in Boston for a little while to do sightseeing and such.

Later that day, Kristy and I went sightseeing and went out to dinner. We couldn't help but talk about the photo shoot we had with Julian. It was just wonderful. Being in bed with Julian was the best experience I ever had.