Thursday, February 11, 2010

MCFOTM Feburary--Taylor Lautner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!)

I recently posted about having Taylor Lautner being my new addition to my bang list and that day is finally here! My Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month for Feburary 2010 is the hot, newly single, (and now legal) Taylor Lautner!

I've been kind of obsessed with him since New Moon came out in theatres as you can see from my post about the movie. I have also recently made a video about him and even wrote a New Moon-inspired visual involving him. I had heard about the break up of him and girl Taylor (Taylor Swift, that is). My romantic side was sad to hear about the split but my sexual side wanted to take him. I had been having fantasies of him. I had two fantasies of Taylor. The first one with him as Jacob which had inspired me to write The Warmth of The Werewolf, my New Moon-inspired visual. The other one with Taylor as himself where me and him go out on a romantic date with roses, dinner, a steamy shower, and him carrying me in his strong arms to my bedroom where we made sweet, passionate love all night.

Since today is his 18th birthday, I just wanna wish him a Happy Birthday! Check out my video I made about him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Preview of Donnie Klang visual/song fic-Doctor Love

Dr. Donnie aka Dr. Love came into the home of Corrina Hartley. She was suffering from a case of broken heart syndrome whose symptoms include sadness, inability to sleep or eat, loneliness, social isolation, and redness of the eyes from excessive crying. Also, she was love sick.

Dr. Love found her laid on the sofa with a sad gaze in her eyes and face. He got out his doctor's kit and checked her eyes with a mini flashlight. They were red and he carefully lifted her from the couch. He carried to her to his personal ambulance/car and drove her to the General Love Hospital.

Call me Doctor Love baby...

I'm Doctor Love (Love) [x2]
Come be my patient (patient),
I'll cure you without a drug
I'm Doctor Love

[VERSE 1:]
You could call me the love doctor
I'm a make you feel better
Sometimes pain is pleasure
Lay down on the stretcher
Love sick but I got the cure
So don't you panic, babe
You'll be beggin' me for more
After the surgery
Once they arrived, Dr. Love laid Corrina down on the stretcher and carried her to the ER.
"Doctor, Doctor." Corrina cried in agony.
"I'm right here, Corrina." Dr. Love said as he kneeled beside her. He then kissed her lips.
She looked into his eyes as he said to her, "I'm gonna make you feel so much better with my own special treatment."
He kissed her lips again, only deeper and more passionate. Corrina softly touched his face with her hand and inhaled his musky, masculine scent. He kissed her open hand. Next, he moved his lips down to her neck as he took his time unbuttoning her shirt. His hands and his lips felt so warm on her body. Dr. Love then took off her shoes before taking off his doctor coat and his white shirt. Corrina had never seen a doctor so fit, especially one whose specialty is love. She fell for him the moment he first kissed her.
He sat her up while still kissing her neck. Then, he unhooked the back of her white lace bra and her breasts were freed. He lowered his mouth to her left breast, softly kissing and sucking it. Corrina sighed lightly at the feel of his lips. He did the same to her right breast. Both breasts were so full and lush in his hands. To him, the sighs were a sign of improvement in mood, going from sad to pleasured. His hands caressed her body as he kissed down to her stomach.
"How are you feeling now?" Dr. Love asked.
"A little better."Corrina responded.
Tell me when you're sick again
In need of healing, I'll be there for you
Love is like a vitamin
It's got that feeling, so let me love you
Here's what I'm gonna do
Calling in code blue
Got to rescue you, with my medicine

I'm Doctor Love (Love) [x2]
Come be my patient (patient), I'll cure without a drug
I'm Doctor Love

[VERSE 2:]
So I hear you can't eat, not sleeping
Come in for the late night treatment
Ooh girl, you're so contagious
(I need some sleep)
I wanna help ya
When you're under weather
I can love you better
All you need is one dose of my vaccine

He slid one of his hands down her green skirt and gently traced the waistband of her white lace panties. His hand slipped into her panties and felt her smooth love cave. Corrina let out a moan that gradually increased in sound. He unzipped the front of her skirt and then took her panties off from her waist. He licked and kissed her woman lips as if were slowly melting ice cream.

Monday, February 08, 2010

A Different Kind of Heat-Eddie Cibrian visual

Gloria Summers drove over to her winter place, a luxury log cabin in the North Georgia mountains, one winter night. The snow was white and pure, the winds were cold, icy, and howling. The oustide looked like a perfect winter wonderland. She arrived at her log cabin in her silver car. It was a perfect escape from the cold nights in Atlanta.

Once she was inside her cabin, she took off her coat and went in to change into her warmest pajamas. She does love the city life and all, but sometimes even city girls like her need a break from the noise and traffic of the city. The interior and appliances in her cabin was a mix of the classic with the modern. She went to her kitchen and fixed herself a cup of hot cocoa. She started a fire in her fireplace and got very warm in an instant.

As she sipped her cocoa, she listened to the wind howl outside and watched the snow fall. She then turned on the radio for some romantic music and just relaxed. Then, the music momentarily stopped for a weather bulletin. It reported of some strong winds and heavy snow coming in her direction. Luckily, Gloria has a portable generator plugged up beside the cabin so she can have power in case of a snowstorm. The music went back on and Gloria went into the kitchen. She decided to fix dinner. She seasoned up a some thick ribeye steaks, chilled some red wine, cooked some portabello mushrooms in white wine, and baked a chocolate cake all at the same time. Once the mushrooms were done, she pan fried then broiled steaks in the toaster oven and put butter on top of them. She took the cake out of the oven as soon as the steaks were done.

The steaks rested as the cake cooled. She took out a can of chocolate frosting from the pantry and iced both even layers. Dinner and dessert were all ready. She then fixed her dinner plate when the doorbell rang. Gloria opened the door to find a tall, dark, and handsome man all bundled up.

He said, "Excuse me, Miss. My car had just broken down a few miles from here. Is it okay if I come in?"

Gloria replied, "Please come in. Let's get you out from the bitter cold. I'm Gloria and welcome to my cabin."

"Thanks, I'm Eddie. Your place is very nice." He replied.

She let him in as she closed the door. She then asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Why yes I am." He said as he flashed his perfect, dimpled smile.

"OK. Why don't you make yourself comfortable while I fix our plates?" Gloria replied.

As Eddie sat on the couch, Gloria fixed their plates and they ate together at the living room. "So what brings you to my neck of the woods?" She asked him.

"I was on my way to the city when all of a sudden my car broke down and I noticed the lights were on at your place." He said.

"Well, my cabin is a very cozy place in the winter, especially on very cold, blustery nights like this one." She replied with a smile as they both ate their dinner.

After dinner, Eddie helped Gloria wash and put away the dishes. They have dessert together. Both enjoyed the deliciously decadent chocolate cake she had made.

Eddie flashed his dimpled smile at Gloria as he said, "Dinner was fantastic, so was the dessert."

They heard the brisk, cold wind blowing outside and watched the pure, white snow fall. Gloria then had something in mind that could warm her and Eddie. She went into the bathroom and got the hot tub/whirlpool set up for a steamy, bubbly bath. She also lit a few scented candles around it.

"I'm about to take a very warm dip in the hot tub. Care to join me, Eddie?" I said to him.

"I'd love to." He replied.

Gloria and Eddie went into the spacious, decorated bathroom. They took their time, taking each other's clothes off. Once their bodies were bare naked, they stepped toward the hot tub. Gloria sat herself down on the edge of the tub. Eddie took in all of her inner and outer beauty. He walked up to her and deeply kissed her lips. With one hand, he stroked and played with her hair. The fingers on his other hand slid up and down her neck as his lips moved in the same direction. They kissed as Eddie's hands were sliding up and down her curvy body. He gently caressed her as they continued to make out. Their tongues touched inside each other's mouths. The bath became even more steamier as they rubbed vanilla cupcake-scented body wash all over their bodies. They rinsed and then slowly dried each other off. Once they were dried, they entered her spacious bedroom. Eddie gently laid her down on the queen-sized bed as he continued kissing her lips.

He got a bottle of strawberry and champagne-scented massage oil from the bathroom closet, poured the oil into his hands to warm it up, and began massaging it all over the front of her body. Gloria went from aroused to blissful as Eddie massaged her. He poured some more of the oil on to her knees and thighs. His still warm hands spread the oil on the rest of her body. Gloria slowly opened her eyes as Eddie sensually kissed her lips. She sat herself up on the bed as her oil-covered frontal body gently rubbed against his hot, ripped body. His hands ran through the silk-like texture of her cocoa chestnut brown, spine-length hair. His hands caressed every inch of her curvy body while he kissed and licked every inch of her neck. He then moved down to her sizable breasts. She moaned and groaned in intense pleasure. Her hands went up and down his back as his mouth traveled lower to her belly. He planted light kisses and licks on there.

"Mmmmmm, feels so good." Gloria moaned as he kissed up and down her body.

Eddie then lifted her bent legs and kissed both of her thighs. He slightly opened her legs as his fingers found her woman cavern, damp and hot. With the tip of his tongue, he softly licked her already hardened clit. His fingers then slipped into her pussy making it wetter. Her moans and groans became intense with each stroke. His mouth then tasted her. Gloria moaned loudly at the sensation of it. As Eddie orally pleased her, he stroked himself slowly with just one hand to get himself ready to go inside her. His other hand made feather-soft caresses up and down her stomach.

"You taste so sweet." Eddie said as he briefly looked into her eyes.

He got up and kissed her lips again. He then sat on the bed on his knees. Gloria then softly licked him. She tasted him while his hands gently stroked and played with her hair. Eddie deeply moaned at the feel of her lips. Her mouth felt so warm to the touch. Then, Eddie crawled up to her, kissed her lips again, and got out a condom from her nightstand. Once he slipped it on, he slowly entered her pussy inch by inch. His hands held on to her hips as he moved in and out of her. He kissed her face and neck while he was at it.

"Can you feel me inside you?" He whispered in her ear.

"Oh yes and I love it!" Gloria moaned loudly.

Eddie held her body close as they climaxed in each other's arms. Gloria kissed him deeply while her hands touched his body. Eddie took himself out of her and held Gloria while they watched the snow fall outside from her bedroom window. Despite a heavy snowstorm and very cold winds, the heat from Gloria and Eddie's bodies kept them warm all night.


Preview of Pleasured By a Pirate

Rachel Morgan deserved a good, long vacation and traveled to the Florida Keys. After working so hard over the holidays at the office, she earned plenty of cash to use for her trip. She wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny, a change from the cold, hard winter in Cincinnati. Rachael also wanted to get away from her jerk ex-boyfriend Jack, who she dumped because he wasn't romantic, took her love for granted, their lovemaking was too routine, and their relationship had been in a rut. She got into her rental car and drove to her hotel room at the Coconut Beach Resort. Her room had a balcony with a very amazing view of the beach and the turquoise-colored waters. It was very much paradise to her. Rachael then unpacked her things and got herself ready to go out.

Rachael went out for a walk along the streets of Key West for some sightseeing and some shopping. She went inside the Pirate Soul Museum and checked it out for herself. She got a good look at the various exhibits and artifacts about the pirates that lived in Florida over 300 years ago. Then, she looked at this portrait of a tall, dark, and handsome pirate. He had medium-length dark hair, a trimmed goatee, and dark brown eyes. He wore a white shirt with blue buttoned coat, black pants and boots. His name was Captain Raphael Fernando Frederico Natoli. As she read the information on him underneath the painting, Rachael overheard one of the curators talked to a group of tourists on a tour.

"Captain Natoli and his pirate crew of 150 would rob from very wealthy people. Aside from being a ruthless pirate, he was also a romantic gentleman as well." The curator said.

Rachael then overheard some other tourists tell about one of his encounters.

"I read somewhere that Capt. Natoli had robbed a rich Navy captain's house while he was in battle. While Capt. Natoli's crew ransacked the mansion for gold and jewels, he meets a woman who was the family's upstairs maid, seduced and romanced her. Heard he was very good in bed and the maid would then later become the love of his life. He even left her a romantic, handwritten note on her bed on the morning after." One of the tourists spoke.

Wow, a pirate who's a gentleman, a bad boy, and a romantic all in one. Sounds intriguing. Rachael thought to herself.

The other tourist said, "I heard his old beachside mansion, the now historic inn/bed-and-breakfast, is haunted. But I don't know that for sure."

After a very interesting visit to the pirate museum, Rachael did a little shopping before going to the beach. She changed from her lime green camisole and white shorts and into her new brown and turquoise one-piece halter swimsuit. She also had a turquoise and silver necklace on her neck, a brown wide-brimmed hat on her head, and brown canvas espadrilles on her perfectly manicured feet. While out in the sun, she searched for seashells, jumped at the waves, and got wet. She had fun though as did a lot of other folks at the beach.

"Excuse me, I couldn't help but notice your radiant beauty." A male voice said behind her.

Rachael looked up and there stood a tall, dark-haired man with a muscled chest, wearing a nothing but a pair of white drawstring jeans.

"I'm very flattered by your compliment. Thanks." Rachael said to him as she studied his facial features. Then, she briefly compared his face to that of Captain Natoli.

"My name's Ronaldo. What's your name?" He said as he kissed her hand.

"I'm Rachael. I'm just here in the Florida Keys on vacation and needed a change of scenery." Rachael replied.

She noticed that both Ronaldo and the pirate have the same facial features, eyes, facial hair, and all.

"Where are you originally from, Rachael?" He asked as pulled her up and they walked along the beach.

"I'm from Cincinnati, Ohio. Do you live here in Key West?" Rachael asked him.

"I'm from Miami, but Key West is my second home." Ronaldo replied.

"Your face reminds me of someone. You remind me of this pirate I heard about over at the pirate museum." Rachael said to him.

"You mean Captain Natoli? I get that a lot! I often dress like him in the annual Pirates Festival over in Key Largo." Ronaldo said with a smile.

"That's amazing!" Rachael happily exclaimed.

After having a fun-filled first day in Key West, Ronaldo walked Rachael to her hotel room at the resort. He looked forward to seeing her tonight. Rachael got herself cleaned up and went to Hurricane Joe's Bar and Seafood Grill for dinner. She enjoyed the delicious steak and seafood and had a slice of key lime pie for dessert. She came back to the hotel after dinner. She slipped on a white satin babydoll set with white lace on the sides. The babydoll hugged her womanly curves just right. She then heard three knocks on her door.

She opened the door and there was Ronaldo in full pirate costume, just like the one Capt. Natoli wore in the painting.

"Ronaldo? Is that you?" Rachael asked.

She thought she saw the ghost of Capt. Natoli, but then again ghosts don't knock on the door or even show up before midnight.

"Yes it is, my lovely Rachael." Ronaldo said as she let him in her room.

Rachael had to pinch herself to see if she was dreaming. She wasn't dreamed and when she reached to his face, he was all real.

"You look very handsome, Ronaldo." Rachael said to him.

"Thank you. I wanted to try out my pirate costume for the Pirates Festival which isn't until October. Have you ever fantasized about being romanced by a pirate?" Ronaldo said.

"Not unless if I was reading a historical romance novel involving a pirate." Rachael answered.

Ronaldo responded by picking her up in his strong arms and deeply kissing her lips. He carried her to her bedroom and laid her down gently on top of the bed. He kissed her some more while his hands caressed her body. His lips kissed down to her neck. His facial hair brushed against the skin of her neck as he kissed her there. He then lowered both straps of her babydoll. He cupped her generous breasts in his palms and kissed them. He even licked her quarter-sized nipples.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Strip For You-Brian vizzie/song fic

Hey baby...
What you doin'?
Well, stay there.
I got a surprise for you.
I'm on my way over.
Brian called Joanna on her cell phone one late afternoon. He wanted to see her while she was on her business trip downtown. Meanwhile at her hotel suite, Joanna came in and answered her phone.
"Hi, Brian." She said on to her phone.
"How are you? How's the conference?" Brian asked her.
"Fine, baby. Just exhausted. Had a really bad day that I don't want to talk about." Joanna replied.
"I was thinking I can come over, surprise you, and relax you." Brian suggested.
"Great. I can't wait to see you and your surprise." Joanna excitedly replied.
Suddenly I feel like I wanna break loose
Jump in my six and come and see you
Girl, I'm gonna do something that's brand new
Umm, I got a kinky surprise for you
So girl get ready cuz I'm on my way
Put your sexy body in some negligee
And if you feel me, let me know it right now
Baby, this is how it's all going down

There'll be
Three knocks at the door, my baby
My trench coat hits the floor, my baby
Sit back in the chair, my baby
Cuz I'm about to go there, my baby
And get your body real open, baby
Do what you been hopin', baby
Tonight I'm gonna pull a switcheroo
Do you mind if I strip for you?

Now I'ma stop and get some gas, my baby
That gives you time to freshen up, my baby
And if you want, just leave the door unlocked
I'll be creepin' in 'bout 12 o'clock
So turn the telephones off, my baby
No interruptions while I'm driving you crazy
Girl, I want you to know tonight is yours
Start in the bed and end up on the floor

There'll be
Three knocks at the door, my baby (three knocks)
Trench coat hits the floor, my baby
(Sit back) Sit back in the chair, my baby
(Oh) Cuz I'm about to go there, my baby
(And get your body) And get your body real open, baby
(Do what) Do what you been hopin', baby
(Tonight) Tonight I'm gonna pull a switcheroo
(Do you) Do you mind if I strip for you?
As Brian was on his way, Joanna got herself ready for him. She showered, slipped on her white satin push-up lace nightgown, and sprayed on some perfume. It was midnight when Brian showed up at her room door. He knocked on her door three times. Joanna opened the door and Brian greeted with a sweet, deep kiss on the lips.
He sinfully smiled at her and said, "Ready for my surprise, baby?"
"I'm so ready." Joanna replied in arousement as she sat herself down on the sofa.
Brian turned the stereo on to some slow, R&B music. He moved his body with the beat of the music as he slowly took off the black trench coat. Once the coat was on the floor, he slowly walked up to her, sat on her lap, and grinded his body against hers. Joanna emjoyed it by the minute. Then, he took off his brown and navy sweater, giving her a glimpse of his lean, built body. He placed his hands on top of hers as he slowly guided them down his frontal body. He turned around while he sat on her lap. He moved up and down while he unbuttoned the fly of his stonewash jeans. He then placed her hands on his waist as he unzipped his jeans. She could feel his bulge hardened against her inner belly button as he turned to the front. He danced as he took off the jeans and tossed them over his shoulder. He rocked his body against her while his hands slowly caressed her body. Next, he kissed her lips. Joanna has always enjoyed his deep, soft, sensual kisses. While he kissed her, he gently lowered the straps of her gown. Her freed breasts were fondled by his large, gentle hands while they were softly suckled by his mouth.
Joanna moaned at the combined sensations of her chest being pleasured. His hands then moved down to the hem of her gown, slowly lifted it to her waist. He took his time kissing and touching her body.
"I just love the way your body feels. Especially on my hands and mouth. I love kissing your body." He said to her.

Baby, watch this
Slowly rolling
For you (for you)
Whatever you want me to do
I will do
Girl, I promise
Will not regret
(You won't regret it)
I'm everything that you ever wanted
I'ma strip to the bone
And just let you get on it, girl
Brian moved his mouth down to her belly and kissed her there. His lips came back to hers while one of his hands slid down to her warming womanhood. With that, he slipped a finger inside her and lowered his head between her legs. He gently licked her love button with the tip of his tongue. The combined feeling his tongue and fingers inside her made her hot and wet. Joanna loudly moaned and groaned as her nectar started spraying. His mouth caught her juices.
He briefly looked at her and said, "You taste so good, baby."
He got up and his erection had gotten hard through his blue boxers. Joanna felt his hardness with her fingertips. He slowly took off his boxers as she took her time licking him with cat-like licks. Brian moaned as he caressed her super soft skin. Joanna sucked him slowly.
"I can't wait to be inside you. " He said as he took himself out of her mouth and kissed her.

Three knocks at the door, my baby (three knocks)
My trench coat hits the floor, my baby
(Just sit back) Sit back in the chair, my baby
(Relax) Cuz I'm about to go there, my baby
(About to go there) And get your body real open, baby
(Open) Do what you been hopin', baby
(Tonight) Tonight I'm gonna pull a switcheroo
(Oh hoo) Do you mind if I strip for you?

Three knocks at the door, my baby
(I bet three knocks, I bet three knocks)
My trench coat hits the floor, my baby
(Baby just sit back)
Sit back in the chair, my baby
(I'm about)
Cuz I'm about to go there, my baby
(Get you open, girl)
And get your body real open, baby
(What you been hopin', girl)
Do what you been hopin', baby
Tonight I'm gonna pull a switcheroo
(Pull a switcheroo)
(Do you mind)
Do you mind if I strip for you?
(If I strip for you)

Brian then carefully pulled her down from the sofa to the floor where he sat down. Joanna wrapped her legs tightly around his waist as he took off her gown, tossing it aside with the rest of the clothes. He slowly entered her cave while holding her body. Their naked bodies rubbed against each other while Brian kissed her face, lips, and neck.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm. Oh God Brian!" Joanna loudly moaned against his ear.

Her hands ran up and down his back while one of his hands tangled in her silky smooth black hair. Brian presumed going in and out of her once he laid down on the floor. He loved the feel of her body on top of his. She headed into climax as her walls squeezed his hardness. Her body rocked against his body. Then at the same time, Joanna and Brian came hard and long and his man milk spilled into her. Their orgasms had rippled through their bodies. Brian stayed inside her for a little as he wrapped his arms around her in a lover's embrace.

"Brian, I just loved the show you put on for me. It's like there was a side of you that I've never seen before." Joanna said to him.

"I'm glad you loved it! I should do this for you more often." Brian said to her with a smile on his face.

He kissed her lips one more time. Joanna loved Brian's little strip show which showed his sexual, sensual side. It was like a very sexy Jekyll & Hyde where Brian's Jeykll was sweet and romantic and tonight he showed his sexual, sensual Hyde side of his personality. Joanna loved both sides of Brian on that particular night.

Strip For You-R. Kelly


Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:First Class Throwdown

Alias:Carlie Christina (C.C.) Sorenston, new flight attendant

Mission:To rescue a flight full of world leaders from terroist plot

Location:A flight en route to a world summit in San Francisco from New York City

For my new mission, I had to go undercover as a flight attendant for a new airline. The new airline I had been referred to is Fairway Airlines. The airline was developed and created by wealthy Canadian billionaire Steven St. John, who also runs a multilmillion dollar company that specializes in real estate and entertainment over in Nova Scotia. His net worth is the billions, 340 billion to be exact.

Fairway Airlines first debuted in Montreal five years ago. Right now, the airline hopes to expand the airline to the United States by opening up hubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami, then expanding to other major U.S. cities later in the year. I had gone through the training for new flight attendants and such. I went to the hub at the LaGuardia where I was assigned. There were also going to be several world leaders and diplomats on board because of a world summit in San Francisco coming in three days. I had been informed on from the boss about a group of airline terrorists trying to make an attack so I have to thwart the plan before it's too late. The last thing flyers need to worry about is another United Flight 93.

I was assigned to the cockpit on the first class section. There, I met with four other flight attendants. First, there's Vanessa from Tallahassee who has dark red hair and blue eyes. Then, there's Tommy from Denver whose taking flight attending as a second job. Next come the twins Felicia and Farrah from Philidelphia. Last but not least, Adam from Omaha who is also new to the job. After exchanging intros with them, it's time for the passengers to arrive. As part of my alias, I wore a long, black, wavy wig with brown highlights with my flight attendant uniform and since I had to follow current TSA regulations I had to leave my weapons at headquarters. But I can be very resourceful. The first class cabin was full of ambassadors, world leaders, movie stars, millionaires, etc. I had to be sure to keep my eyes on for anything or anyone suspicious, mainly terrorists and/or hijackers. Once everyone boarded, it was time to make sure the passengers know about airplane safety.

An hour later, everyone was buckled up and ready for take off. The other flight attendants and I were serving passengers their drinks, champagne, and all. While working, I was being hit on by a hunky, young, handsome millionaire heir named Ivan Cavendish. He had short black hair and green eyes. As I poured his drink, he smiled at me and tried to make small talk. He flirted with me and then led me to the Mile High Club for a quickie session. After that, I went into the cockpit to restock the cart while the passengers were watching a movie, listening to music, reading, or napping. I heard a male voice blasted "ALRIGHT NOBODY MOVE!" and the passengers screamed, panicked, and were alarmed. Many of them even prayed they would make it out alive.

I looked to see what went on and there was a guy dressed in black along with six other hijackers. They were fully-equipped with several guns, knives, etc. The hijackers wanted all the passengers to give them their money, jewelry, etc. Knowing and sensing that everybody's lives were in serious danger, I asked Tommy to create a diversion by accidentally dropping an empty vodka bottle. While the hijackers were distracted, I ran out and went into fight mode. Everyone watched in panic and fear. Few of the passengers even cheered. I first attacked one of them with a MMA-style takedown and pulled a capoiera on one of the others. Then, I took his knife and slashed the leader's back from behind. The leader then turned around and I spin-kicked him in the face. The other hijacker was behind me. So I turned around, took an ambassador's glass of gin on the rocks, took a sip, spat in his face, and stabbed him in the gut with the knife. I worked my Krav Maga on both the leader and the hijacker. I took the gun and shot them twice in the chest. I noticed the other hijacker with his .357 was heading to the pilot's area. I chased him down, wrapped my left leg around his waist, and threw him down on the floor. I then punched his masked face several times till he was a bloody mess. After that, I went after the two other hijackers who were at the business class section.

Once I got into business class, one of them had a businesswoman held hostage with a gun to her head, so I took a briefcase from above compartment and threw it to his face, missing the businesswoman. Once she ran free, I got jujitsu on the hijacker's ass. Then, I did a cartwheel, wrapped his head with my legs, and flipped him hard on to the floor before breaking his neck with my hands. I threw down the other hijacker, grabbed the gun, and shot him down there three times. Everyone panicked, screamed in their seats but calmed down later.

"Four down, three to go." I thought to myself as I ran back to first class. One hijacker was at the cockpit with a bowing knife in his hand, so I got out an empty gin bottle and hit him over the head with it, I asked Vanessa and the other flight attendants to restrain the hijacker with some rope and cords. Then, I heard two shots from the pilot's area. When I got there, the co-pilot was wounded in the arm while the lead pilot was about to be next. I elbowed his head, reached for his gun, high-kicked him in the chest, and I took a pen and stabbed him in the neck. Once the hijacker was dead, I checked the co-pilot's pulse which was waning. I told lead pilot to make sure he's not dying.

"Attention passengers, this is your flight attendant and temporary pilot Carlie Christina speaking. Is everyone okay?" I said over the loudspeaker while flying on Auto-pilot. Everyone on board shouted yes, "Thank you Jesus", among other things. Then, I switched over to maunal so I can land the plane.

"The armed hijackers have been apprehended by yours truly. We're about to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas. I've also contacted the ATF, SWAT team, police, fire department, coroners, and EMTs. I've also just been informed that everyone's luggage has been transported to the airport. Everyone, I'm going to need you to remain seated and have your seat belt fastened because we're about to make an emergency landing which will be a little bumpy. Remain calm and hold on tight." I added.

Once I landed the plane on Las Vegas International Airport after 5 or 6 hours, all the passengers felt a few bumps on the otherwise smooth landing.

"Ladies and gentleman, we have arrived in Las Vegas. At this time, EMTs and the Las Vegas Police are boarding the plane. Everyone remain seated while EMTs, paramedics, and others do their jobs. Feel free to make some calls." I spoke.

"How is he?" I asked the pilot.

"I'm with a doctor. He's gonna live." He replied.

I looked out the window to see firetrucks, police cars, SWAT trucks, etc. I released the inflatable evacuation slides and life rafts. "Ladies and gentlemen, at this time I want everyone to gather their items from the overhead compartments and make a line at the nearest exit. On behalf of everyone on Fairway Airlines, I want to thank you for flying with us and hopefully something like never happens again." While everyone gathered their things, I talked with a travel agent on board to everyone make reservations in Las Vegas.

After being a little shaken by all the excitement, I gathered Vanessa and the other flight attendants to get ourselves ready to greet and comfort all the passengers. Then, we greeted all the passengers as they got off the plane. They even thanked us for saving their lives. Once all the passengers left, the EMT and paramedics carried the wounded pilot on a stretcher while SWAT, FBI, and others got up all the hijackers. The police also help most of the passengers get their things that the hijackers tried to steal from them. I contacted the boss at SECTION A headquarters and he congratulated me on another job well done.

News reporters from all over reported the story and even interviewed me and the crew. I didn't want to take all the credit. I met up with Ivan and two of his hot, rich friends named Ethan and Theo outside the plane. Ethan's an aspiring actor whose dad runs a major movie studio while Theo is the model/actor/aspiring veterinarian with a soft spot for animals They were going to check in at the Bellagio and invited me go out on a group date with them in Las Vegas. I had accepted the invitation. Before that, the other flight attendants and I were getting thanks and gratitude from everyone. I got myself into the airport, rented a silver Mercedes Benz convertible, and met with Ivan and company at the Bellagio with a suitcase in tow. I called Doug in San Diego who was already in physical rehab after the terrorist ambush in Iraq just to check on him. After checking in and getting my hotel key room, I went to Ivan's suite. Ivan, Ethan, and Theo were happy to see me. Ethan and Theo said they were even turned on after watching me kicking flight hijacker ass. Ivan was tall, dark, handsome in person. His friends Ethan and Theo weren't bad on the eyes either. Ethan had chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair while Theo had reddish brown hair and blue eyes. All three of them have toothpaste commercial-perfect smiles.

"Mind if we get to know you better?" Theo asked with a sexy grin on his face.

I replied, "I don't mind that at all."

Ivan made the first move, kissing my lips first. His hands took their time taking off my flight navy blue and green attendant uniform. Ethan kissed my neck while Theo fondled my breasts. I took off my black heels as I sat on the king-size bed with them. Suddenly, Ethan and Theo looked at their watches and left for lunch.

"We gotta go, Ivan. We're going out to lunch. Nice to meet you, Carlie. We'll see you soon for our group date." Theo said as he and Ethan stimutaneously blew a kiss to me. I waved bye to them as Ivan and I were alone in the suite.

"I thought maybe we can be alone to make up for the quickie at the Mile High Club." Ivan said as he smiled at me.

"I don't mind that at all." I said to him as I kissed his lips.

As we kissed, he slowly unbuttoned my blouse one by one. I then pulled the shirt off of his male model perfect body. I thought to myself I swear he moonlights as a model when he's not being an heir or an entrepreneur. Once I was in my white lace underwear, I took off my shoes and kissed him on the lips again. After the kiss, Ivan pulled the covers off of the bed. He then continue to kiss my lips as he unhooked my bra, setting my breasts free.

"Ever think of being a lingerie model? Because you sure have the body for it." He said flirting with me.

I was flattered by the compliment as he kissed my inner thighs. After that, Ivan laid on the bed as he positioned his face between my thighs. He kissed and licked my pussy while he unzipped his jeans and stroked his cock. I could tell he was very good with his mouth and his hands. I felt my female juices leak into his mouth while his tongue flickered against my clit. After that, his cock was all nice, hard, and ready to get inside. He took out a condom from his jean pocket and slid it on to his cock. I turned around and got up as he sat back, enjoying my naked female form.

"For a heroic flight attendant, you have a very sexy body." Ian said to me in enjoyment.

I got on top of him as he slid his cock into my hot, wet pussy. He held on to me while I rocked my body against his. He smiled at me as his hands stroked all over my body. Ivan sat up and kissed my breasts while he was at it. We climaxed stimutaneously and kissed each other's lips as I fell into his arms.

"That was incredible." Ivan said to me as he smiled.

" I concur, Ivan the Terrific!" I happily replied.

"I'm flattered." he said to me.

Hours later, I got myself all dressed up for my group date with Ivan, Ethan, and Theo. We went clubbing, dined out, shopped, and had a ball in Las Vegas. The next morning I got a call from boss at SECTION A headquarters saying that I'm needed for the next mission. That and all the ambassdors and world leaders will be in San Francisco for the global summit as planned. I booked myself a flight to another destination for my next mission.

As me and the fellows said our goodbyes at the airport, Ivan said to me, "If you're ever in Los Angeles, look us up."

"I sure will." I said to them.

Until next mission. Denise.