Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cody's Gifts

I was at home, getting ready to go my mom’s house for Christmas. It was really cold outside with the temperatures in the teens. I got myself all bundled up in layers. As I gathered my things, my home phone was ringing. I answered my phone and it was my mom. I told her I was on my way to her house and then have the nerve to bring up my ex-boyfriend Jamie, who had not only cheated on me but also broke up with me two weeks before the holidays. I told her I’m coming to her house alone. She said she’ll me where I get there. I hung up and then I looked outside the window. It was snowing outside, so I had turned on the TV to The Weather Channel.

There was heavy rain/snow in my area and also a freezing ice advisory for the area. It was way too cold to go outside, especially to visit my mother, sister, brother and other relatives. So I just stayed in and changed back into my warm cotton pajamas. I took a look at my much decorated living room with a brightly colored tree and dazzling lights. I got myself really warm and comfortable and then there was a knock on the door.

I said, “Who is it?”

A tall, dark haired, blue-eyed guy said, “It’s Cody.”

I opened the door and said, “Cody, how are you? Please come right in and get out of the cold.”

As soon as I let Cody in, I closed and locked the door quickly. I then helped him out of his blue jacket and hung it up on the coat rack by the door.

“I’m good, just trying to get out of the cold.” Cody said to me.

“I myself am trying to stay out of the cold. I was supposed to visit my family for Christmas dinner, but it’s WAY too cold out.” I said to him as we sat in the living room on the sofa.

“I love my family, but I really don’t feel like going out into this weather.” I added.

“I don’t blame you.” Cody said to me as he smiled.

“I especially don’t want to see them because I had just gone through a break-up two weeks before.” I said.

“Sorry to hear about that.” Cody said.

“That’s okay. I was gonna give my now ex-boyfriend a gift that I made myself, but I want to toss it out.” I replied.

“It’s his loss. But I would love to see the gift you made.” Cody said with an interest.

I looked into his blue eyes and said, “Okay.”

I went into my room and got the wrapped gift from under my bed. I came back to the living room and gave it to Cody. I watched as he unwrapped and open the box. He took out a long dark blue, black, and burgundy-striped scarf.

“It’s a scarf I made and knitted myself.” I said to him.

“It’s lovely. I hope you don’t mind if I model it for you.” He happily said to me.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all.” I replied to him.

I watched as Cody took off his sweater and wife beater tank top and wrapped the scarf around his neck. He looked so warm and so hot at the same time, especially when one end of the scarf laid against his ripped, frontal body.

“How do I look?” Cody asked me with a smile.

“You look very handsome, plus the scarf’s very Dashing I might add.” I replied to him.

“Can I keep it?” Cody asked me.

“Of course, it’s all yours.” I said as I got up to hug him.

“I love it, thanks.” Cody replied as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I said to him, “I have one more gift that I want to give to you.”

“Is it wrapped up?” He asked happily.

“Why yes. I’ll be back. I have to get it ready.” I said to him as I went into my bedroom.

A few moments later, I came back to the living room, wearing a red velvet baby doll with a flyaway front, tie closure, and a matching g-string. My neck was adorned with a silver-plated diamond heart necklace. With my black satin-like hair down to my shoulders, Cody looked at me with such amazement.

“Wow, you look very pretty.” Cody said to me with a smile.

“Thanks. I wasn’t going to let this one go unused. Besides, my ex was naughty for cheating on and breakings up with me, but you’re nice for being here.” I said to Cody as I walked up to him and kissed his lips.

As I continued to kiss his lips, Cody then wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I gently pulled back and said to him, “I know I’m kissing you and all, it’s a shame I don’t have any mistletoe around.”

Cody smiled back at me and said, “It’s alright because it’s already getting special.”

He then returned my kiss with a deeper, passionate one as he gathered me in his strong arms and carried me to the bedroom. Once we made it to the bedroom, Cody put me down on top of my bed. He kissed my lips deeply and then he looked into my eyes.

He said to me, “You look very beautiful tonight. Can I unwrap you?”

I smiled back at him and said, “Of course.”

He kissed my lips some more as he carefully untied the front of my baby doll with one hand. His other hand touched up and down my leg; I moaned as his lips kissed both sides of my neck. My hands lightly touched his frontal body. I gasped as he kissed and licked both of my breasts while his hands caressed up and down my body. I felt his gradually hardening Dashing member against my pussy lips. I nearly melted when Cody started kissing my inner thighs. He laid his body on top of mine and deeply kissed my lips.

While we kissed, I lifted my hips and slowly took off my panties. Cody then let his tongue deliver a slow, hot lick to my chocolate pussy. His lips felt so warm tasting the wetness from my pussy.

“Mmmmm. That feels so good, Cody.” I loudly moaned as I held his head in place down there.

I got wetter when he licked me some more. After a few minutes, he came back up to my lips and kissed me. I tasted some of my wetness from his mouth.

Cody then said to me, “I have something for you. Hope you like it.”

He sat up on the bed, then slowly unzipped his dark jeans, and took them off before tossing them onto the floor. My fingertips gently touch his Dashing member that was getting harder by the minute. He was naked, all but his scarf around his shoulders. I slowly pulled it out from his dark blue boxers and gave his member a few slow, long licks like it was a candy cane before taking it to my mouth. I heard him deep moans as I tasted him down there, I felt his hands on my head as he stroked my hair. His hands then moved from my hair to my shoulders, back, and my breasts.

I got up and said to Cody, “You’re sweeter than any candy cane!”

He smiled at me and responded by passionately kissed my lips. I took a condom from a box in my nightstand and gave it to Cody. Once he properly put it on, he held me close as he slid his member into my sweet, tight pussy. I gasped as I felt him enter me bit by bit. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck while he moved in and out of my womanhood. His cock moved in and out of my pussy slow and deep. Cody and I simultaneously moaned, groaned, and called out each other’s names as he thrusted into me a little harder. He felt so good in and out of my womanhood. His hands held on to my body while he kissed my lips. Together, we had reached climax together as I let out one last passionate gasp.

Cody gently collapsed on top of my body. He stayed inside me a little longer as we passionately kissed each other on the lips.

“Cody, you’re the best present a girl could ever have on Christmas.” I happily said to him as our naked body rested beside each other.

“I really loved my gifts. Merry Christmas.” Cody said to me with a smile.

“Merry Christmas to you too, Cody!” I said to him as I pulled him close by his scarf and kissed him on the lips. We laid beside each other as we watched the snow fall from outside my window.


Snowed In

It was a really cold morning and Stephanie woke up to the sight of snow falling from the outside of her bedroom window. She then turned the TV on to the weather station and heard that there was a snowstorm coming to her area. She headed downstairs as she went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea. Then, she heard a knock on the door. She looked outside as she spoke, “Who could that be?”

She walked over to the door as she went and opened it. She felt the cold wind against her body as she opened the door.

“Hey Steph, can I come in?” Cody said to her.

Stephanie saw Cody in his winter gear as he stepped inside. She spoke, “Yes of course, oh my gosh…it must be terrible outside.”

“Yeah, it is. I just wanted to come inside where it’s nice and warm.” Cody said to her.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she quickly closed and locked the door after Cody went inside. “Well, it’s pretty warm in here. Can I make you some hot chocolate?” Stephanie spoke to him.

“Sure, I love some.” Cody said with a smile.

Steph smiled a bit as she spoke, “Make yourself comfortable, Cody.” She then went into the kitchen and started boiling water as she took out the instant powder. She made him and herself a cup She came back into the living room as she joined Cody and sat beside him on the sofa as she handed him a cup.

“Here, Cody.” Stephanie said as she gave him a cup.

“Thanks.” Cody said as he gently cooled down his hot chocolate with his mouth.

Stephanie smiled a bit as she sat beside him, wearing a light blue chemise with a matching silk robe as she put her cup down on the living room table as she spoke, “Um so what brings you here?”

“I just thought I come and see you.” Cody said as he took a sip of his hot chocolate.

Stephanie smiled as she took a sip of hers as she spoke, “Awwww that’s so sweet but don’t you have a cabin of your own?”

“I have an apartment even though that does sound nice.” Cody said.

“Well, I happen to have this cabin all to myself.” Stephanie said as she smiled and giggled.

“It’s very nice.” Cody replied.

“Thank you….” Stephanie smiled as she spoke.

Cody then drank up his hot chocolate and said, “It’s so nice and warm right here.”

“Yep it sure is…I should build a fire for us.” Stephanie said to him.

“Can I help?” Cody asked her.

Stephanie smiled as she got up from the sofa, “Sure. I can use a hand or two.”

“Of course.” Cody said as he got up from the sofa.

Stephanie walked up to the fireplace as she went to get some wood to light it. Cody helped carry the wood to her. Stephanie smiled as she went to the place the wood into the fireplace. Cody even gathered some old newspapers and put them into it. Stephanie then lit it up with a match.

Stephanie saw the fire building up in the fireplace as she spoke, “Ahhh, that’s a nice fire.”

“It is.” Cody said as he put the screen in front of the fireplace.

Stephanie smiled as she went and grabbed a blanket as she laid it on the floor in front of the fire.

“How about we warm up here?” Stephanie suggested.

“I love the idea.” Cody said as he sat with her on the blanket.

Stephanie smiled as she felt the fire warming up. “Wow…” She spoke.

“Yeah, it feels so nice sitting in front of a warm fire next to you.” Cody said to her.

Stephanie smiled as she looked into his blue eyes and said, “Yeah, it is.”

Cody then stroked her black hair and softly touched her face. Stephanie smiled as she looked at him as she wrapped her arms around his neck. Cody slowly moved closer as he softly kissed her lips. Stephanie kissed his lips so softly and gently as she pulled away and spoke, “Um wow.”

Cody smiled at her as he kissed her lips some more. Stephanie kissed him back a bit more as she gasped and moaned, “Cody….”

“Steph….” Cody softly moaned as he wrapped his built arms around her waist.

Stephanie ran her fingers through Cody’s short, dark brown hair as she slipped her hands under his dark blue long-sleeved sweater. His hot, ripped body rippled against her fingertips. Cody then softly kissed down her neck while slowly removing her silk robe and softly lowered one of the straps of her chemise. Stephanie softly sighed as he kissed her neck. She then took off Cody’s sweater while he kissed the other side of her neck. Cody gently lowered the other strap of her chemise, exposing both of Stephanie’s shoulders. He laid her down on the blanket as he kissed her lips again. His hands ran through her dark hair as he kissed her lips some more.

Cody softly kissed the tops of Stephanie’s breasts while his hands caressed her body through her chemise, which was just as silky as her skin. Stephanie slowly got herself up and kissed Cody’s body from his lips down to his abs. As she kissed his body, his hands stroked her silky black hair some more while she took her time getting him out of his jeans. She felt his member getting harder by the second as she kissed his lips; so she slipped one of her hands into his dark blue boxer shorts and softly touched him there. She even felt a few drops of precum from his member. While she touched him, his hands explored Stephanie’s entire body. Cody’s cock was nice and hard as Stephanie peeled off the boxer shorts from his body. She slowly licked and sucked his cock while stroking it with her hand.

“Oh, Steph….” Cody moaned out loud.

Cody stroked Stephanie’s hair and shoulders as she tasted him down there. Stephanie even gave his balls and underside cat-like licks. As much as he enjoyed being pleasured, he really wanted to pleasure her. After orally pleasuring Cody, Stephanie then kissed him on the lips. Even though Stephanie was still wearing her chemise, her hot and wet Asian express teased Cody’s now hardened member as she grinded her hips against his body. Cody gently laid her body back down on the blanket as he slowly lowered the chemise down to her waist. Stephanie gasped as Cody softly licked and sucked both of her breasts. She cradled the back of his head with one of her hands while her other hand rested on his hip.

Cody briefly looked into her dark, almond-shaped eyes and asked her, “Does it feel good?”

“Oh yes.” Stephanie sighed as Cody softly licked both of her nipples.

He softly kissed down to her stomach while his hands slowly caressed the rest of her body. Stephanie moaned at the feel of his hands and his mouth on her skin. Cody then licked her inner thighs before arriving at her Asian express. He carefully slipped a finger into her; she felt creamy between her thighs. She gasped when Cody delivered the first lick and she tasted so sweet to his tongue. Her Asian express tasted honey sweet and Cody tasted her some more. Stephanie stroked Cody’s dark brown hair as he tasted her downstairs. His hands rested on her lower back as he tasted her again and again.

After that, Cody kissed Stephanie’s lips; she tasted her own wetness on his mouth. The warmth of the flickering flames of fire made erotic shadows of each other’s bodies, pleasuring one another. Cody held on Stephanie as he slowly and deeply entered her; Stephanie gasped at the feel of his member getting inside of her. Cody’s member was slick with Stephanie’s wetness as he moved in and out of her. Cody kissed Stephanie’s neck as he slid his member in and out. Their passion-filled screams echoed against the living room walls. Their hands caressed each other’s bodies as Stephanie loved the feel of Cody’s body lustfully rubbing against hers.

After several minutes, Cody stayed inside her a while before he took himself out and sprayed his man milk onto her stomach. He deeply kissed her lips as their passion-perspired bodies rested next to each other. The warm fire made Stephanie’s afterglow even brighter. The snow was still falling outside, but with Cody by her side she was very warm.


The Viperess's Romantic Date with Randy

It had been three weeks since I’ve seduced and had sex with Randy. The morning after our first encounter, we have had hot morning sex all over my house and we even exchanged phone numbers so we can call each other. I was on my lunch break while at work when my cell phone rang. It was Randy on the other line and he greeted me with a sweet hello. God! Even hearing his voice sends shivers down to my spine.

“Hey, how you’re doing?” He said to me.

“I’m fine, thanks. How about you, Randy?” I said to him.

“Same here. Been busy doing my thing.” Randy replied.

“Same with me.” I said back.

“It’s been a while since we met and you seducing me, which I enjoyed the seduction at the nightclub. I was thinking maybe I can take you out on a very romantic date.” Randy added.

“Ooh, a romantic date! Please tell me more I’m listening.” I happily gushed.

“I would take you out to dinner to somewhere nice, then have it followed by dessert, a warm bath for two, and end it with romantic, passionate sex.” Randy said to me.

“That does sound very romantic.” I replied.

“Great! How about I pick you up at 8:30 tonight?” Randy asked me.

“I like that! I look forward to our date tonight.” I happily replied.

So after work, I went home and got myself ready for the date. I took a quick shower, styled my black neck-length hair, and looked through my closet to pick out my ensemble.

For my date outfit, I planned on wearing a reversible animal print patchwork/cobra print corset, black jeans with denim lace on the sides, and black lace stiletto heels. I sprayed Hypnotic Poison on my body and Midnight Poison in my hair. I got myself dressed once the fragrances dried on me. I put on a winged heart necklace on my neck and a rhinestone snake bracelet on left wrist. I was all dressed by 8 o’clock that night.

30 minutes later, Randy was at my door and I opened it. He had a long-stemmed bouquet of thorn less red, pink, and orange roses in his hand.

“You look very sexy tonight.” Randy said to me.

“Thanks and so do you.” I said as he gave me the lovely rose bouquet.

“Ready to go?” Randy asked as I got my purse, house keys, and cell phone.

“I’m so ready for our date!” I said happily as we left my house to go on our romantic date.

We left my house on Randy’s motorcycle. With our helmets on, we were off on our date. We first went to this upscale restaurant and dined on surf and turf. As we dined, we couldn’t help but look into each other’s eyes while Randy had one of his hands touching my thighs under the table, which I didn’t mind at all. I then placed my hand on top of his hand under the table as he stroked my thighs. After the very delicious dinner, we went to this upscale suite hotel where Randy got us a room. Our suite was on the 6th floor, room 624. We stepped into the room and then Randy scooped me up into his strong, tattoo-sleeved arms and softly kissed my lips. He then carried me to the bedroom with a full king-size bed covered with red rose petals and gently laid me down.

He kissed my lips some more while my hands went up and down on his back. Randy then gently broke the kiss when he asked me, “Ready for your dessert?”

“Mmmm, yeah.” I said in a sexy tone as I smiled.

Randy took out a container from the restaurant that contained the dessert, a slice of triple chocolate cake surrounded by a few chocolate covered strawberries. The indulgent dessert looked so delicious; it became even more delicious when he fed me a chocolate covered strawberry with his mouth. I took the strawberry and bit into it with my mouth. He then fed me a piece of the moist, luscious cake, which was so yummy that it made me have a choco-orgasm!

As much as I enjoyed my chocolate orgasm from my dessert, I was really ready for my real orgasm. Randy put the container with the dessert on the nightstand and then deeply kissed my lips as he held me close to his body. I smelled the Obsession, sweat, and musk on his skin. He smelled the Hypnotic Poison and Midnight Poison on my body and hair. Our scents turned each other on. While we kissed, he took off my shoes and started kissing the tops of my feet; he even kissed my toes and ankles. He then put my feet down back on the bed after he took his shoes off. I watched as he took off his shirt, showing that hot, tight, ripped body with those tattoo-covered arms that looked like sleeves. He laid on top of me and deeply kissed my lips. His hands went up and down my body while his lips continued kissing mine.

Next, we got up and went into the bathroom where a romantic, very warm bubble bath awaited us. Lit vanilla-scented candles gave light to the dark bathroom and scattered rose petals surrounded the scented, bubble-filled, bath oil-infused bathtub. As I looked at my surroundings, Randy stood behind me, kissing both sides of my neck as he slowly unhooked the back of my corset. I reached around to feel his cock slowly hardening through his jeans and underwear. I even felt some wetness down there as some precum started leaking from his boxer shorts. He then took off my jeans and slowly removed the g-string from my body. I returned his kiss as I unbuckled his belt and took off his jeans and boxer shorts. I even took off my jewelry and placed them beside the bathroom sink before getting into the tub with Randy. The light from the flickering candles gave off a very sexy glow along with our naked bodies. Randy’s naked body looked so sexy in the candlelight; he even told me the same thing about my voluptuous, womanly body. We then got into the tub and Randy sat behind me. We passionately kissed each other’s lips while his hands ran up and down my curvy, womanly frontal body.

“Mmmm, this feels so nice.” I moaned.

“It does. I just love the feel of your body in my hands. I can’t wait to feel you with both my hands and my mouth.” Randy said to me.

“I feel the same with you.” I said to him, looking into his blue eyes.

He kissed my lips some more as he slipped a hand down to my pussy, gently rubbing it. I moaned lightly as I said to him, “I got some sexy lingerie I want to slip on after this bath.”

“I can’t wait to see it.” Randy said to me as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

We got out of the bath and Randy rubbed some bath oil onto my body while I was wet from the bath. After that, he said, “I’ll be in the bedroom.”

As he went into the bedroom, I gently towel-dried my body, got out my lingerie bag, and took out a baby doll that I bought last weekend. It was a white georgette halter baby doll, sequined, beaded, and embroidered with a matching panty. I put on the baby doll and panty.

“I’m ready.” I said to Randy from the bathroom.

I slowly opened the bathroom and Randy was on the bed with an aroused look in his eyes. The sight of his hot, naked body on the bed gradually made me cream my panties.

Randy sexily smiled at me and said, “Baby, you look like a sexy goddess.”

I smiled at him and said, “Thanks.”

I walked up to him and passionately kissed his lips. Randy wrapped his arms around my waist as he then laid me down on the still petal-scattered bed. His hands caressed my womanly, curvy body as his lips kissed down to my neck. He kissed and licked both sides of my neck while his hands continued to manly caress my body. He looked at me with his blue “fuck me eyes” as he carefully lifted the baby doll from my body. I gasped as he kissed my soft, exposed belly while his hands softly squeezed my naturally endowed breasts. He carefully lifted the baby doll from my body and softly licked my nipples with his tongue. I moaned deeply as he sucked and licked both of my breasts. I moaned some more as he squeezed my breasts together and sucked them. My nipples hardened in his mouth. I felt myself getting wet between my thighs as his lips moved down to my belly. My hands held on to the pillow that my head was lying on as he kissed and licked my stomach. I shivered when I felt his hand brushed up against my inner thigh and felt my panties getting wetter by the minute. I moaned as he kissed up and down my thighs, I briefly watched he kissed my knees; his kisses on my legs sent shivers to the rest of my body. I then slipped my hand into my panties and slowly began rubbing my clit with my fingers.

I felt myself warm up downstairs as he softly and deeply kissed my lips. I continued to rub my pussy as he kissed both of my breasts. My wetness leaked as I moaned and groaned. My other hand stroked his large velvet viper between my fingers. The feel of his cock hardening against my fingertips made my chocolate pussy really wet, heat and wetness made me wetter by the minute. Randy moved himself lower to my stomach and kissed me there. His large hands rubbed up and down my body as he kissed and licked my belly. I watched as he licked and kissed my thighs and knees, my wetness increasing flowing like lava from an erupting volcano. I deeply moaned as he delivered to first lick to my warming hairless pussy. I moaned a little louder as the tip of his tongue licked the hard knob of my clit. I felt like I was to overflow my juices onto his mouth and tongue, especially when I felt his pink tongue inside my womanhood. I loudly moaned and groaned as licked my clit and inserted his fingers into my wet, hot pussy.

Randy looked at me and said, “You taste really sweet. I love it when you’re wet between your thighs.”

He slowly got on top of me and deeply kissed my lips. I tasted my own wetness from his lips. He kissed my lips some more as he gently pulled me up close to him. Once Randy was on his back, I returned his kiss. I delivered slow, soft kisses and licks down his hot frontal body. He sighed and moaned at the feel of my kisses while his hands stroked my back. I even licked his nipples and kissed his neck. When I reached to his vanilla viper, I softly stroked it with my hand as I gave it long cat-like licks with my tongue. As I tasted him, his hands stroked my hair. I just love it when he strokes my hair with his hands. I licked and sucked him slowly as he constantly stroked my hair and face.

After I finished tasting him downstairs, I started sliding his vanilla viper between my breasts. I even licked the tip of his cock as it slid in and out between my breasts. I heard his moans getting louder and deeper. I felt myself getting a little wet and slippery between my thighs, Randy was the same with his large cock.

“Ohhh, ohhhh God, Jana. Feels so good but I’m not ready yet.” He moaned and groaned as he slowly slid his cock from between my breasts.

Once Randy got all nice and hard, he pulled me up and kissed my lips. Randy was ready to get inside me. He got up from the bed, applied some warming lube on his bare cock, and I gave him a “her pleasure” condom from my purse. I laid on the bed on my back, anticipating him as I watched him properly put the condom on to his cock. He joined me on the bed, placed his hands on my hips, and deeply yet slowly entered me. I gasped and he groaned at the feel of his vanilla cock entering my sweet, tight, wet pussy. He held on to my body as he slowly thrusted into me. I moaned and groaned at the feel of my sugar walls squeezing his cock as he went in and out. His hands explored my body after he slowly pulled me up close to his body. I grinded my hips against his body, feeling his cock in and out of me.

Randy laid on his back as I got up, he slid still-condom covered cock into my pussy, and I rode him in a reverse cowgirl position. Both of my knees rested at both sides of his hips as I rode him slow and deep. My moans and groans were loud and passion-filled; I felt his hands caress me from my hair down to my back. I moaned with each thrust he made, especially when he massaged my breasts with his hands. I rode his cock a little faster while his hands still caressed my body. As I continued to ride him, I made the sensation even more intense by rubbing my clit. Randy then stayed inside me as he thrusted and wrapped his arms around my waist. He deeply kissed my lips as we laid back onto the bed. I rested my head on a pillow as I laid onto my side. With one arm wrapped around my waist, Randy entered my pussy once again. His other arm wrapped around my shoulder as he passionately kissed my lips. He kissed my lips, neck, and shoulders back and forth. His cock, which was still covered in a condom, felt really good sliding in and out of my still wet pussy. We called out each other’s names in such intense pleasure He constantly told me of how hot, beautiful, and sexy I was, making me feel like a sex bomb.

He slowly took himself out again, only this time when I laid on my stomach, he licked my pussy from behind. I was getting wetter by the second when he tasted me. Randy slowly pulled me up till my knees rested on the bed and my hips were up. He kissed and licked my pussy some more before he sat up on his knees when his cock entered my pussy once again. His hands held on to my hips as he slid in and out of me. He even kissed my shoulders, neck, and upper back as his cock continued going in and out. Our lust-induced moans and groans echoed against the bedroom walls. His hands continued caressing my frontal body as Randy thrusted in and out of me a little faster and harder.

“Ohhhhh, ohhhhh Jana, I’m ready to come.” Randy loudly moaned.

“Come with me, Randy.” I urged as we were heading toward our climax.

We simultaneously came together as Randy thrusted for the last time. He stayed inside me for a bit and then he took his cock out, took off the condom, and sprayed his male venom onto the small of my back and on my round bottom. I slowly laid on my stomach as Randy laid beside me and passionately kissed my lips. A few minutes later, he got out some pleasure wipes from my purse. He wiped the sticky, hot cum off my lower back and bottom and then his own cock. He threw out the wipe and intact condom into the trash, laid on the bed, and pulled me close to him. My kiss-and-lick covered, passion-perspired body laid close to Randy’s pheromone-and-Obsessed covered body as he deeply kissed me on the lips.

“How was it, baby?” Randy asked me as he stroked my black hair.

“Oh where do I begin? Hot, passionate, very romantic, amazing, great….there are so many words I can describe about the sex and the date and everything.” I replied to him with a smile on my face.

Our passion-perspired, pheromone-induced, bodies rested against the crisp, cool, soft cotton sheets. For a minute, from the really good sex we had, I thought we would break or melt or even rip and dampen the sheets. It was just that amazing! The sex was so good, I polished off the rest of the cake but fed Randy a few strawberries. The passion and romance was all there on that night; I looked forward to have more of both on the next date with Randy.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

World AIDS Day

December 1st is World AIDS Day. To all my readers and fans, I want to remind you please show support and awareness on finding a cure because it affects everyone worldwide. Aside from wearing a red ribbon and practicing safe sex, the best way bot to have it is of course abstinence. I believe that mainly because I'm 25 and a virgin. There are many AIDS organizations you can visit and/or donate to so this disease can eradicated. Just thought I make a special little PSA because I do care. Thank you.

Alcide is my werewolf boyfriend!!

Even though I'm all Team Jacob, this guy's a sweet, sexy beast! I wouldn't mind him fighting for me and making me howl between the sheets!