Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Preview: A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal: Texas Twins

Hey there, it’s Kristy Garrison. My assistant photographer and best friend Wendy Carson are back on a brand new photo assignment for Fantasies for Women magazine. Teresa Williams, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, has placed on a new assignment and it involves male twins. She called the new issue, “The Double Your Pleasure Issue” and it features sexy male twins from across the country. Teresa even found a pair of twins from Texas to be the cover boys. The twins’ names are Ethan and Evan Lockworth. They live in Houston; Ethan’s a real estate agent specializing in upscale properties and Evan works at an energy co-op. When they are not keeping real estate afloat in tough economic times or finding solutions for alternative energy, the Texas twosome love to socialize, travel, take care of the horses at their family’s stables, and also love to play as hard as they work. So Wendy and I packed up our equipment and flew on down to Houston. Once we arrived and checked in at the Hampton Inn Houston Galleria, we gathered our equipment and drove over to the Wild Horse Ranch, the Lockworth’s home. The mansion was Texas-style and palatial and the ranch in the back was spacious; the stables had several horses on the inside. We first met Evan on the ranch, getting one of the horses ready for a bath. “Hi, Evan. I’m Kristy and this is Wendy. We’re from Fantasies for Women magazine. We’re here to do a photo shoot on you and Evan for the magazine.” I said to him. “Pleased to meet you, ladies.” He said as he tipped his cowboy to us. Evan had short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a fit, medium build. He was in his cowboy gear, which consisted of a white t-shirt, blue jeans, brown chaps, and cowboy boots. “Let me give you ladies the tour of the stables and ranch.” Evan said with a dimpled smile and a Texas-style drawl. Evan gave us a guided tour of the ranch and the stables. Wendy and I even got to know some of the lovely horses and also saw a few colts and ponies. He then introduced us to a black stallion named Black Jack and gave us sugar cubes to feed to the horse. As Evan got one of the horses out of the stables and ready for a bath, Wendy and I got our equipment ready for the shoot. “I hope you don’t mind, but we would like take pictures of you washing one of your horses.” Wendy said to Evan. “I don’t mind at all, ladies.” Evan replied. For the first few pictures, we photographed Evan as he washed one of the horses, a white colt named Angel Heart. We took some more pictures as he took off his t-shirt and washed Black Jack. For a guy who works at the stables and works at an energy co-op, he had a nice body on him. He had strong arms, a firm chest, and a ripped eight pack. He told us that he likes to keep fit by cross fit, playing football and basketball in his spare time, and also borrows Ethan’s Bowflex machine every so often. Once Black Jack was all cleaned up, Evan took another horse from the stable and walked with him. We then got ready for the next set of photos. As Wendy changed into an outfit, Evan and I gathered our things and relocated to an area far away from the ranch. “This brown beauty is named Forest. He’s one of the many stallions we have at the stables and also one of our prized horses.” Evan said to me. Wendy met up with us a few minutes later. She wore an outfit that made her look like a historical Western romance novel heroine.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Original Black Dress Diva-Part Three

There were plenty of motorcycles at the front of the biker bar. The exterior had a wild western feel while the inside had biker attitude all over. The bar and a couple of tables were filled with bikers and bar hoppers. As soon as I entered the bar, I could hear AC/DC’s “Back in Black” playing in the background because the DJ played it from his IPod. Some of the young and cute bikers even checked me out and I smiled back at them. I even got a few stares from the biker babes and a few old school bikers. I found myself a vacant table and sat myself down. Then, a well-proportioned, chocolate brown-haired waitress named Rosalie stopped at my table and offered me two menus: a food menu and a drink menu. “Welcome to the Wild White Horse Saloon. My name’s Rosalie and I’ll be your waitress. Can I take your order?” She said to me. “It’s my first time at a biker bar and I’ll need a few minutes.” I replied. “Okay, I’ll be right here if you need me.” Rosalie said as she smiled and went to another table. I took a few minutes to look at both the food and drink menus as I took two Chasers from my purse. I made a decision about my order after a couple of minutes. Rosalie then came back to my table and asked, “Are you ready to order?” I said, “Why yes, I’d like the Double Mushroom Burger plate with sweet potato fries for my main course and for my appetizer, I like the 20 hot wings with ranch dressing.” “Great, would you like something to drink to go along with your meal?” Rosalie asked me. I replied, “I’ll have the Paradise Squared with a shot of tequila, a shot of Alize Red Passion, and two glasses of ice water.” “Coming right up.” Rosalie said as she took up both menus. I took a good look around the bar; the patrons ate, drank, and danced; having a good time and all. My drink order came a few seconds later, my Paradise Squared came with the two ice waters along with my shots of tequila and Alize Passion in shot glasses. My Paradise Squared was like an amped up rum and coke, it was Coca-Cola mixed with Malibu Red and Bacardi Vanilla rum and garnished with a lime slice. I took a small sip through a small straw and it was definitely paradise. Then, my hot wing appetizer came and Rosalie said, “Your burgers will be ready shortly.” I smiled and said, “Thanks, Rosalie.” I started eating a few of my hot wings and even dipped them in the ranch dressing; I also ate all the celery and carrot sticks. I slowly drank my tequila and Alize Passion shots and ate one or two more hot wings. Few minutes later, my burgers and fries have arrived. My plate looked scrumptious; it had two double mushroom burgers: the first one had two slices of melted Swiss cheese and the other one had two slices of melted cheddar cheese. Both burgers have grilled onions and sautéed Portobello mushrooms. The sweet potato fries were steakhouse style wedges and were very delicious. I savored my burgers and fries along with my Paradise Squared cocktail. Good thing I already took my Chasers before drinking, so I was set; I then drank the first glass of cold ice water. “Excuse me, is this seat taken?” a deep, smooth male voice asked me. I then looked up at him and there was this tall, white man with a shaved head and sparkling blue eyes. He wore a gray Affliction shirt with a black leather jacket, dark blue jeans, and black shoes. I said to him, “Sure, you can sit with me.” He then took a chair from an empty table behind us and sat across from me. “I couldn’t help but notice you when I first walked into the bar.” He said to me. “Well, it’s my first time at a biker bar.” I replied. “Can I get your name?” He asked me. “My name’s Kat as in Katherine. What’s yours?” I said. “My name’s Devin.” He said. “So Devin, what brings you to California?” I asked him as I took a big bite of one of my mushroom burgers. “I’m here on vacation, much needed time-off from my work. I built custom-made motorcycles on the east coast.” Devin replied. “Interesting, my late husband has a custom-made motorcycle, except it’s a Harley-Davidson. I’m a bit a novice rider since I just got my motorcycle license.” I said. “Good for you. Not only do I design motorcycles, but I also do repairs. Several years ago, I was honorably discharged from the Marines after a hostage situation overseas, saved a lot of lives there. I went through a lot of physical therapy after suffering a couple of injuries from that mission. Not to be nosy, but are you married?” Devin said. “I’m widowed, unfortunately. My husband was killed a few months ago, being at the wrong place at the wrong time.” I said to him. “Sorry for your loss.” Devin said to me. “I appreciated it.” I replied as I took a few small sips of my cocktail. I then called Rosalie for two take-out boxes and my check. I then put the wings, burgers, and fries into both take-out boxes and put them in a bag. I also put the cash and tip onto the table along with the check. Rosalie then gave me my change and I went into the ladies’ room with my food in tow. “Excuse me; I have to go freshen up.” I said to Devin. “I have to go to the guys’ room.” Devin said as we both went into the same direction. I went into the ladies’ room and washed my hands. As I washed my face and hands, I had thought of something. I led Devin into the ladies’ room as soon as I finished washing up. “Are you seeing anyone special at the moment? I just want to know.” I said to him. “I’ve just gone through a messy divorce with my first (and last) wife, no kids, and most of her family can’t stand me.” Devin replied as he looked into my chocolate brown eyes. “Well, Carl and I have been married for less than five years and were expecting our very first child together. Carl got killed while I was pregnant and then I miscarried months later.” I said. “You’re very gorgeous for a woman who has gone through a lot. I mean no offense when I say this; you’re the very first woman I’ve ever met that is widowed.” Devin said with a sexy smirk on his handsome face. “Thanks for noticing and none taken.” I replied. Without losing any focus on those blue eyes of his, I slowly unzipped my black leatherette jacket and walked up to him. “Can I see your body?” Devin asked me. I moved a few feet back so he could get a glance. His blue eyes traveled from my face down to my waist down to my legs. “I really like what I see. Can I touch you slowly?” Devin asked me. “You may.” I said. His large hands traveled slowly from my face, feeling the soft texture of my leatherette jacket to the lace of my bodysuit, the satin of my red bra, and down to my leather miniskirt. I responded with a soft, yet audible sigh. I felt shockwaves to every nerve ending on my body. “Let me show you mine.” Devin said as I watched him slowly take off his leather jacket and then lifted his shirt. “Would you like to touch?” He asked me. “You don’t have to ask me twice.” I replied as I softly touched his fit, ripped upper body. His chiseled, eight-pack abs rippled against my fingertips as my eyes scanned the rest of his body. I then looked at his muscular arms that were covered in various tattoos like sleeves. With Devin’s shirt still lifted, my body softly brushed against his. I slowly pulled away and said, “I have to go, it’s getting late. It was so nice to meet you, Devin.” “I’d like to see you again, Kat.” Devin said to me as he handed me my take-out. Don’t worry. You won’t be the first or last guy I meet. I thought to myself. I had left the Wild White Stallion Saloon with my food and my purse and rode home on the Harley. Once I got home, I put my leftovers in the kitchen and hang my purse on the hook. I looked on my cell phone and got a text from Jonathan. It said: “Still on for Saturday?” I texted back, “Yeah.” Then, I called Clarissa, asking about girls’ night out next Friday with her, Diana, Holly, Naomi, and Andrea. “Yeah, we’re still on for girls’ night next Friday. I’ve talked to the others and they’re still interested.” Clarissa replied. “I got an idea!” I happily exclaimed. “What’s that?” Clarissa asked me. “In addition to girls’ night on next Friday, we should also have a 4S Saturday, as in Salon, Spa, Shopping, and Snacks. We can even have it at Fashion Island in Newport Beach.” I responded. “That’s a great idea, Kat. I got two other S’s to add: Sleepover and Sunshine. I’ll tell the others! Good night.” Clarissa happily replied as we both hang up our cell phones. I then got a text message from Kwan: “Meet you at the firing range with DeMarcus on Tuesday.” Another message I got was from McKayla: “I’ll meet you at the gym for kickboxing, MMA combat, Krav Maga, and cage fighting on Monday.” I’ve already had phase one complete, now I had to be ready for phases two and three to complete my contract killer persona.

Friday, November 09, 2012


Kevlyn Adalira Drummond came home after a very busy day in the city one day. In the morning, she works as an office assistant; she takes classes at a culinary school at the afternoon, and goes home in the early evening. After a busy day of work and school, she went to the grocery store and brought plenty of items to make for dinner and dessert. As she walked up the stairs to her uptown apartment, she walked past her hot and handsome next door neighbor Brandon Green. They often see and talk to each when they walked past each other from their apartments or even the laundry room when doing laundry. Brandon’s a tall, dark blonde-haired, blue-green eyed, hottie of a guy who works as a barista at a coffeehouse downtown. Sometimes, he would see Kevlyn at the coffeehouse at mornings before going to work, her lunch break, or even early evenings when she gets off from school. He even knows some of her favorite coffee drinks at the coffeehouse; for instance, she would order a tall breakfast blend when she has a very busy day ahead or an iced vanilla caramel cappuccino with a chocolate chocolate chip muffin when she has a bad day. That evening, Kevlyn got started on cooking dinner. She first began seasoning two perfectly marbled rib eye steaks with her own special steak seasoning blend while she turned on the convection oven. Suddenly, her cordless phone rang on the kitchen table. “Hello?” She answered. “Hi. How’s my favorite busybody of a neighbor?” A male voice answered. “Hi, Brandon. I’m doing really well, thanks for asking. How’s my favorite barista doing?” Kevlyn asked him. “I’m doing fine, thanks. Just waiting on my girlfriend to get off from work and I’m really hungry.” Brandon replied. “So how’s Autumn?” Kevlyn asked. “She’s fine, working late as usual. She works at a law firm as a legal secretary and she’s also a health nut when it comes to food.” Brandon said to her. “Let me guess, she’s a vegetarian?” Kevlyn asked Brandon. “Not exactly, she’s not only a picky eater, but she also has a few food allergies.” Brandon explained. “Not trying to be in your business but what foods is she allergic to?” Kevlyn asked as she seasoned the steaks while the convection oven heats up. “She’s allergic to shellfish, nuts, dairy, and eggs; taking her out to dinner can be nightmarish because she asks the waiter a lot questions and we just end up having salad for dinner. Plus, she carries an epi-pen everywhere she goes, which I don’t mind at all. While I’m very considerate of her needs and all, her allergies just drive me crazy. Not only that, she works out constantly every day. She has this weekly habit of going to the gym after work and doesn’t come home till the next morning.” Brandon said. “Wow! That sounds extreme. Personally, I like to work out three times a week to counteract with the cooking I do.” Kevlyn replied. “I work out myself five days a week, but enough of that, I’m really hungry right now and I don’t feel like waiting on my girlfriend.” Brandon said. “Well, you’re in luck Brandon, because I’m cooking dinner right now.” Kevlyn said to him. With interest and enthusiasm, Brandon asked, “What are you making?” “Okay. I’m cooking rib-eye steaks with Oysters Rockefeller, which are east coast oysters topped with creamed spinach alfredo and bacon. You’ll be amazed of what I’ll be making for dessert.” Kevlyn answered. “Mmmmm, all that sounds so delicious! Can I come over for dinner?” Brandon said happily. “Please do.” Kevlyn replied. “I’ll be there shortly. See you there!” Brandon said as they hung up their phones. As Brandon got himself ready for dinner, Kevlyn took out the finished steaks out from the convection oven to let them rest and placed the oysters onto the plates. She then set the steaks on the plates beside the oysters and set the timer for the regular oven for her special dessert. She poured the batter into a square metal pan, put it in the oven, and timed it for 30 minutes. A few seconds later, Brandon arrived at her doorstep and Kevlyn let him into her apartment. “So glad you can make it. Follow me.” Kevlyn said as they went into the dining room. Once Brandon sat himself down at the dining room, Kevlyn brought still-hot plates to the table, sat beside him, and they ate together. They conversed about their jobs, daily lives, etc. while savoring the delicious dinner. “Oh my God! That was delicious and I was really starving!” Brandon said to her. “I’m really glad you liked it!” Kevlyn happily said. Then, the kitchen timer went off and Kevlyn said, “Oooh, dessert’s ready!” Kevlyn went into the kitchen and took out the dessert from the oven. As the blondies cool, she got out two bowls from the cabinet and two spoons from the drawer. She then got out a double boiler and half a bag of white chocolate chips. She turned on the stovetop, let the water boil in the bottom pot, and put the white chocolate chips into the top pot. “What’s for dessert?” Brandon asked her from the dining room. “I made some peanut butter and white chocolate blondies. I’m now melting some white chocolate to pour over them.” Kevlyn replied. Kevlyn stirred the white chocolate until melted smooth. She then turned off the stove, cut the warm blondies into squares, and put two of them into the two bowls. She took out a half gallon of double vanilla ice cream and put a big scoop onto the two warm blondies in their bowls. Once she put the ice cream back into the freezer, Kevlyn carried the two bowls into the dining room and gave one to Brandon. Using a ladle, she poured the smooth, melted white chocolate onto the desserts. Brandon watched in arousal as Kevlyn poured the chocolate on top of the ice cream and warm blondies. Kevlyn brought in the two bowls from the kitchen and into the living room. I joined Brandon in the living room and the two sat on the loveseat, enjoying their dessert. “Mmmm, this is a very delicious dessert you have made.” Brandon said to her. “Why thank you, Brandon.” Kevlyn replied. “I swear, you are like a culinary adventuress! I’m curious, what are you doing in culinary school?” Brandon said. “I’m studying three things: pastries, cooking, and restaurant management. Someday, I like to have a restaurant, a bistro/bakery/café/steakhouse. I would love to have it located somewhere like uptown, downtown, or even midtown. I also would like to have my own food truck to bring the restaurant to them, when the people can’t make for lunch or dinner. I like to cook when I’m not at the office.” Kevlyn said to Brandon. “That’s very amazing, Kevlyn. So what was the best thing you ever made at the culinary school?” Brandon asked. “To be honest, I think the best thing I ever made was peach cobbler that I made for my pastry class. The assignment was to make our own version of a fruit dessert. So I decided to have my own take on peach cobbler. Aside from using fresh peaches, I topped the cobbler with a brown sugar/cinnamon/granulated sugar topping on top of the crust. Plus, I even had a secret ingredient to my cobbler.” Kevlyn explained. “Oooh, what was the secret ingredient?” Brandon asked in excited curiosity. “I put in peach schnapps into the simple sugar and peaches mixture.” Kevlyn answered. “That must be the peachiest peach cobbler you have ever made.” Brandon replied. “It was. In fact, I made it for the class and everyone loved it! One of my classmates, Greta, said the cobbler made her feel right at home. She’s a Georgia import. I got myself an A+ on the spot. Even my professor wanted the recipe, she even wanted me to make the same dessert but in pie form for her barbeque in two months.” Kevlyn said to him. “Wow, you simply amaze me! I’m definitely coming over to your place for dinner because it sure beats sitting up in my place and waiting on my girlfriend.” Brandon said as he smiled at Kevlyn. “Also, I like to go on food-involved trips. One of my favorite places to go is Boston in September where this hotel has this chocolate buffet. It’s like a chocogasm for my sweet tooth.” Kevlyn added. After finishing their dessert, Brandon said to Kevlyn, “That was the most luscious, decadent dessert I ever had! You really outdid yourself with both the dinner and dessert. I think I’m ready for something even sweeter.” With that being said and having received a smile from Kevlyn, Brandon made the first move by pulling her close to him and softly kissing her lips. Kevlyn wrapped her arms around Brandon’s waist as they continued to kiss on the loveseat. A few minutes later, they got up and Kevlyn walked Brandon to her queen-sized bedroom. Brandon watched as Kevlyn slowly took off her long-sleeved olive green crew neck t-shirt. Her body was fit-yet-curvy in all the right places, she then freed her long ponytail and let her dark brown hair with caramel highlights fall down to the tops of her shoulders. She then slowly took off her shoes before taking off her black skinny jeans. Brandon slowly walked up to her, took off his shirt, and passionately kissed her lips. His fit arms gently wrapped around her waist as they moved over to Kevlyn’s queen-sized bed. Brandon planted soft kisses around her neck and down the outside of her throat, his hands rested on her upper back. Kevlyn gently broke the kiss as she said, “Be right back. I’m bringing something very sweet to the bedroom.” A few minutes later, she came back to the bedroom with a carton of ripe, red strawberries, the rest of the melted white chocolate, and a large can of Reddi-Whip in her arms. She then watched as Brandon softly licked his lips in response to what she had brought to the bedroom. Kevlyn placed the whipped cream and strawberries on the nightstand. After that, she slowly unhooked the back of her black lace bra; she then slowly poured some of the white chocolate on her breasts, took two strawberries, scooped up some of the chocolate with them, and fed one to Brandon. She watched as Brandon took a bite of the chocolate covered strawberry. “Mmmmmm…that was yummy.” Brandon said as Kevlyn fed him the other chocolate covered strawberry. He then softly licked the remaining white chocolate from Kevlyn’s body before kissing her lips. As they kissed, Brandon took off his jeans and slid one of his hands into his gray boxer shorts, getting his cock hardened. With his free hand, Brandon took the can of whipped cream from the nightstand and put some of the cream onto Kevlyn’s nipples. Kevlyn audibly moaned as Brandon licked the whipped cream off of them. After that, he laid on the bed flat on his back as he took off his boxer shorts; his cock was nice, hard, and just the right size for Kevlyn. Kevlyn opened the nightstand drawer and then opened a box of lubricated condoms. She offered Brandon a condom, she watched as Brandon properly slipped on the condom onto his hard vanilla cock. Once he was properly protected, Kevlyn pushed her black lace boy short panties aside, carefully slid her chocolate pussy onto his vanilla cock, and slowly rode on top of him. Brandon placed his hands on both of her hips, holding on to her as his blue-green fuck me eyes took in every square inch of her body. As Kevlyn rode on top of him, Brandon’s hands then moved up to her womanly breasts, giving them a gentle massage. He then sat up, wrapped his arms around her waist, and thrusted his cock into her deeper and a little harder. He even kissed her lips between thrusts and position changes. Brandon then laid Kevlyn on her back, took a strawberry, dipped it in white chocolate, and fed it to her with his mouth as his still-hard entered into her pussy once more. Kevlyn’s thighs quivered uncontrollably as Brandon went in and out of her pussy with his cock. Brandon made a trail of kisses from her lips all the way down to her neck. Their audible moans and groans gradually became screams of ecstatic passion as they were reaching climax. When Brandon was about to come, he took out his cock, removed the condom, and came onto Kevlyn’s stomach. In an unexpected move, Brandon took some of melted white chocolate onto his fingers. He spread the chocolate on Kevlyn’s pussy lips and licked it off her, making her have another massive orgasm. “Next to the white chocolate blondies, you’re an even sweeter dessert.” Brandon said to Kevlyn as he kissed her lips. “Thanks, Brandon. I’m already looking forward to making breakfast and having it with you in the morning.” Kevlyn replied as she wrapped his arms around Brandon and returned his kiss. THE END

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Original Black Dress Diva-Part Two

Kwan then introduced me to each member of the Elite League: Jetta Hendrich (Danish-American, reddish brown hair, blue-green eyes, and logistics specialist), Luis Milan Fernandez (Latin lover, born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, real estate expert), Thackery Patterson (San Francisco, technology specialist, MIT graduate, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes), Prentice Stewardson (auto expert and fanatic, frequently goes to auto shows and car expos, Detroit born and raised, and used to work at a luxury car dealership), Marissa (Las Vegas born and raised, former jewel thief, finance specialist). A few seconds later, two other people showed up at my doorstep. They were a male and a female. The male was tall and slim while the female had dark ash blonde hair and blue eyes. “Hey, Kwan. Sorry we were late, had a bit of a fender bender during a traffic jam. The traffic in L.A. can be brutal.” The guy said to Kwan. “I’m glad you two can make it. This is Katherine Franklin. Kat, I like for you to meet the two other members of the Elite League, DeMarcus Thomas and McKayla Dupree.” Kwan said. DeMarcus was the firearms and weapons expert and McKayla specialized in personal defense and physical combat. After I was introduced to everyone in the Elite League, I then asked everyone if they would like something to drink and they all said yes. A few seconds later, I came back into the living room and served everyone drinks. I then sat myself down on the sofa next to Luis Milan. “Que belleza.” Luis Milan said to me as he kissed my hand like a true Latin lover. “So tell us about yourself. What’s Kat like?” Jetta said. “I was an honor student from 2nd to the 12th grades, I worked several jobs after finishing high school because my unemployed mom dipped into me and my little brother’s college funds to support her vice, including meth, my little brother Jonathan is in UCLA on a scholarship, I went to community college and took some classes there, and I worked at an accounting firm where I met my would-be husband. Carl and I have been married for less than five years and were expecting our very first child together till Carl got killed. After having my husband buried, I had miscarried and then got laid off from my accounting firm job months later.” I replied. “Damn shame. You’ve been through a lot.” DeMarcus said in a comforting way. “Recently, I found out about my late husband’s life insurance policy.” I added. “How much was it worth?” Marissa asked me. “It was over a million dollars, four to five million to be exact. I also found out that he listed me as the sole beneficiary. Also, I found out that he had some automobiles hidden in a storage space.” I said. Fascinated, Prentice asked, “What automobiles did Carl have in that storage space?” “Other than a Ford Explorer that he drives to and from work, he had three luxury cars and two motorcycles in that storage space.” I replied as I showed him the pictures I took from the storage space. “Wow, Carl must have some deep pockets to have a Porsche, a Rolls Royce, a Mercedes-Benz, a Harley-Davidson, and a Yamaha.” Prentice replied with enthusiasm. “I also found a bunch of guns Carl hid in his tool closet downstairs. Lately, I have been going to the firing range and using them for practice. I even invested in a few handgun magazines and personal safety devices.” I said. “Having everything to protect yourself sounds like a very smart investment.” McKayla said. “Most of the contract jobs we do are at night and the pay’s very, very good.” Kwan said. “How about we all meet next week so I can demonstrate my skills so far? Maybe you all can give me a few pointers, because there’s always room for improvement.” I said. “That’s a great idea! We would love to see you in action.” Kwan agreed. “Would you need my assistance in getting all of Carl’s automobiles out of storage?” Prentice asked me. “Yes, I would.” I replied to him. “We must be going; we will keep in touch with you.” Kwan said as he and the rest of the Elite League were about to leave. I gave my cell phone number and house number so they could keep in contact with me. Once everyone left, I did some multitasking. I studied the driver’s manual while reading Personal Safety magazine. “Looks like I’m long overdue for a makeover.” I said to myself. I then got up, went to the bedroom, and looked into the closet. It was filled with Carl’s clothes, my maternity clothes, our shoes, and our accessories. I looked around the house and thought not only do I need a makeover, but so does this house. The next morning was my busiest day. I had to make a couple of stops at a home improvement superstore (I even got to flirt with a few handymen and attended a couple of free home improvement seminars!), then I stopped by a beauty supply store, the local pharmacy, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, the DMV, the firing range, and the gym. After running all those errands, I went over to Monterey to this boutique called Lace in Leather, which specialize in leather clothing for women. There, I befriended the boutique owner, a petite, top heavy brunette named Violet. She not only owned the boutique, she’s also a designer, I bought several leather pieces, which included jackets, leather pants, miniskirts, plenty of leather and lace lingerie, and of course boots. I even tried on a few pieces in the dressing room. Once I paid for my purchases, Violet even suggested that I check out her sister Jasmine’s boutique Satin in Silk next door. “Thanks, I’ll check it out sometime. Just curious, is Jasmine your only sister?” I said to Violet. “Oh no, me and Jasmine are two of six sisters, all of whom are designers. There’s Rose who designs jewelry and accessories, Lily who designs evening gowns, Camilla who designs swimwear, and Daisy the shoe designer. We all have boutiques here in California and all graduates of FIDM-San Diego.” Violet replied. “Somehow I’m sensing a theme with you and your sisters’ names.” I happily said. “Our mom loves flowers, has a green thumb, and she owns a flower shop downtown.” Violet said. “Very impressive! I’ll be sure to check your sisters’ boutiques and I’ll bring my wallet too!” I said as I left the boutique. I then went home and got started on my makeover. I got out a box of hair color that I got from the pharmacy. The shade was blue black and it was in foam, which is less messy than a liquid. I got a towel from the bathroom, put a pair of plastic gloves on my hands, and started coloring my longer-than-shoulder-length hair in the bathroom. After that, I washed my newly-dyed hair with a shampoo and conditioner specially tailored for color-treated hair; I even used a color sealant on my hair, which protects the color. As my hair color set in, I took my time and cleaned up the bathroom. I called Prentice on my cell phone and asked him if he could help me get Carl’s cars and motorcycles out of storage. I gathered the keys to the Boxster, E-Class, and the Phantom before calling to rent a U-Haul in order to transfer the cars and motorcycles from the storage space to my house. En route to the Lock & Stock, I then called Prentice and told him to meet me there with the rented U-Haul. After paying the storage fees to the manager, Prentice and I loaded the cars and motorcycles onto the truck. We left the storage; Prentice left in the rented U-Haul and I left in my Nissan Altima back to my house. I thanked Prentice for his help as he went and returned the U-Haul; I then put the motorcycles into the garage and parked the cars outside. I went inside and studied the driver’s manual. The next morning, I did some work on the garden at the front of the house. Later on, I went to the state DMV with documentation in a manila envelope. I completed and passed both the vision and written portions of the motorcycle test. With Carl’s Harley, I was ready to ride. I met my instructor who also had a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. “My name’s Gene and I’ll be your instructor. Are you ready to ride?” The blonde-haired, blue eyed, leather jacket-wearing instructor said to me. “I’m very ready.” I said eagerly as I put on my motorcycle helmet. For two hours, we had practiced traffic signals and everything else motorcycle-related. I officially passed my test, took my picture, and got my motorcycle license. Gene congratulated me and he even suggested a few biker bars to check out; he also gave me a few pointers on motorcycle maintenance, I even took notes. For example, do not ride a motorcycle in harsh weather (i.e. rain, severe storms, etc.). After my day at the DMV, I went home, freshened up and went out again, only this time in my Altima. I got a call from Marissa on my cell phone and placed my phone on a hands-free device. “Hi, Marissa. What’s up?” I said. “Hey, Kat. Can we meet somewhere and talk? It’s about Carl and his money.” She said. “Sure, let’s meet at Bette’s Oceanview Diner in Berkley.” I replied. “Great, I can use a good lunch.” Marissa replied. I then texted her directions to the diner and headed out to Berkley in my Altima. I arrived at Berkley several minutes later and went into Bette’s Oceanview Diner on Fourth Street. While I waited on Marissa, I then talked, I called Clarissa to discuss our plans for our Friday Girls’ Night out next week. We talked about going to Laguna Beach; having dinner at Asada Laguna Beach, dancing at Villa Sorriso in Pasadena, and back to Laguna Beach for dessert at Dolce Gelato. Marissa arrived at the diner a few minutes later. “Sorry for the delay. The drive from Anaheim can take a while, but I’m here now.” She said. “I’m glad you could make it. You said you wanted to talk to me about my late husband’s money?” I replied. “Yes, I know you said your husband had a life insurance policy worth over a million dollars. When did he take out the policy? And also how long has he been a bank manager?” Marissa asked me. “According to the insurance agent, Carl took out the policy several months before our wedding. Plus, Carl had been a manager at Bank of America for nearly ten years.” I said. “Other than his bank salary, has Carl made money other ways?” Marissa asked. “Well, I know that he has invested in a few stocks and bonds. He also donates to charity from time to time. We both pay the bills on time, sometimes ever early.” I said. “Do you know if he has any offshore accounts?” Marissa asked me. “To be honest, I’m not sure. But I do know he has both a checking and savings account with another bank, Wells Fargo.” I replied. As Marissa and I talked, we ordered lunch. She even asked me about my net worth. “Before I met Carl, I had worked five jobs. I was a hostess at IHOP, an office assistant at a law firm, a cashier at Claire’s, a pizza delivery person at Domino’s, and a librarian at the Culver City public library. Never have I been fired from any of those jobs. These were all jobs I had before my accounting firm job. As I have said, my parents set up college funds for me and Jonathan since we were babies, using their paychecks and of course U.S. Savings Bonds. But when our mom lost her job at a daycare center, she had dipped into our college funds for her vices along with groceries, clothes, and bills. I could only afford to go to community college and took three classes: Spanish, computer classes, and scrapbooking.” I said. After a very delicious lunch, I paid and left the waitress a generous tip. “What time does Wells Fargo close?” Marissa asked me. “Five o’clock, like any other bank. Why do you ask?” I said to Marissa. “We should go to Wells Fargo and find Carl’s safe deposit box.” Marissa replied. “Carl goes to the Wells Fargo in Fair Oaks and I have his safe deposit box key in my purse.” I said as we went into our cars. I went into my Altima while Marissa went into her silver Chevrolet Aveo. We arrived at the Wells Fargo in Fair Oaks. We went to the back and I unlocked Carl’s safe deposit box, #5298, with the key of the same numbers. I opened the box and Marissa and I looked into it. The safe deposit box had several sets of important papers, such as stock certificates, deeds to properties including two beach houses, eight sets of keys, and two strips of paper with keys attached to them. “Damn! Carl is like secretly rich. He even got several franchise papers and a passport.” I said to Marissa. I then looked at Carl’s passport, which had stamps from countries such as Bahamas, Barbados, Turks &Caicos, St. Lucia, Switzerland, and Cayman Islands. Marissa and I even looked at some of the pictures of the properties, some of which are time shares. I then called Luis Milan and have him meet us at my house in about thirty minutes. I took pictures of all the contents of Carl’s safe deposit box, took some of the property pictures with me, and put them into my purse. Once Marissa and I came to my house, Luis Milan arrived a few minutes later. We showed Luis Milan the various contents of Carl’s safe deposit box. “Ay Dios mio! These vacation homes are very upscale. What would Carl be doing with such amazing looking houses?” Luis Milan said as we all looked at the pictures of the properties. Some of these properties were vacation homes and they were painted in bright, vibrant colors. Not only that, they all have those designs from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. For instance, this picture of one vacation home in St. Lucia we saw was painted lime green and turquoise blue. All the vacation homes have verandahs and magnificent views of the beaches. On the back of each photo was a list of information such as number of bathrooms and bedrooms, number of square feet, and location. “They all look so lovely.” I said to Marissa and Luis Milan. “Look at these franchise papers Carl had. He’s got one for a Hilton Hotel, one for an Olive Garden, etc.” Marissa said. As I looked through the franchise papers, I then looked at the two strips of paper with attached keys and sets of numbers. I showed them to Marissa and Luis Milan. “I remember seeing some keys like those.” Marissa said to me. Surprised, I said, “Really?” Marissa said, “These keys are the ones to overseas accounts. The first key and set of numbers is to a Swiss bank account and the other is to a bank in the Cayman Islands. I know this because my dad’s father has a Swiss bank account.” “Sounds like we both have secretly wealthy men in our lives.” I said to Marissa. After Marissa and Luis Milan left, I put all the contents into a fire safe downstairs to keep them secured. I then went online and had a cyber threesome with Simon and Bianca while shopping online for sexy clothes, lingerie, and swimwear. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have a threesome with Bianca and Simon for real. After being online for nearly three hours, I decided to go out tonight. I went to the bedroom and planned out my outfit. I planned on going out to one of those biker bars that Gene had recommended to me. I laid out my outfit on the bed, which consisted of a black cropped leatherette jacket, a black lace bodysuit I bought online, a black pleated miniskirt I bought from Leather in Lace, red satin bra and panties, and a pair of black leather knee-high boots. I even gathered my accessories along with my outfit. I took a shower, styled my blue black-colored hair, and sprayed my size 10, hourglass-shaped body with Gucci Guilty. Once the perfume dried on my body, I got dressed and then put on my silver rose necklace. I then put the Chaser into my purse, put on my lip balm before putting on my red lipstick, got the keys to the Harley, and locked up the house. I opened the garage door, got out the Harley, closed the door, put on my motorcycle helmet, and then rode over to the Wild White Stallion Saloon.