Friday, April 18, 2014

Preview: Honey Escape (Asian male/black female)

Lilianna McGee is a brainy, sociable, beautiful, articulate, 22-year-old college student by day, majoring in law over at the Emory University of Law. She entered freshman year with a 4.0 GPA and kept it up ever since. She does have friends at school, but she often goes either to the library, the nearest coffeehouse, her apartment in Buford, or to her weekly full-time job at Chik-Fil-A. The only time she would have a bad day is when she forgets her glasses (because she’s nearsighted) and have eyesight headaches. She’s the kind of girl who much rather spend her leftover money on books (both for school and for pleasure) than a new pair of shoes, that and the kind who takes her school books and studies everywhere she goes. On Fridays and Saturdays after work, she takes pleasure into watching kpop videos because little do her friends know, she’s a kpopper. She gets excited when watching music videos from Korean boy and girl groups on YouTube; she loves the upbeat pop music and even learns the dance routines. She gets really turned on when watching Kpop boy band videos because she thinks all those Korean guys are so very sexy, the videos were like porn to her. Even if she didn’t understand one word in Korean, she enjoyed watching the videos. She gets hot and aroused watching the Korean boy bands with their body rolls, hip thrusts, moments of shirtlessness, sexy hair porn, eye staring, and lip licking/biting; she would have mental orgasms from both the music videos and the live performance videos. Other than her fellow classmates at Emory Law, Lilianna has friends at the Pedicure Palace nail salon. The girls who work there, who are from South Korea, are the ones who she can talk to about kpop while getting her nails and toes done. A few Sundays ago, she and Rosalie, a fellow classmate of hers who studies criminal law, went out to lunch at a local sports bar. “Lilianna, can I ask you a question?” Rosalie asked her. “Sure, ask away.” Lilianna replied. “Do you ever go out at night?” Rosalie asked. “Do you mean on weekends or weeknights?” Lilianna responded. “At any night.” Rosalie replied. “Well, to be totally honest, I would either go to my apartment, the Waffle House, or the 24-hour IHOP after working at Chik-Fil-A six days a week. Plus, I also go to work after school.” Lilianna responded. “Okay, okay. Do you ever go out on a date?” Rosalie then asked her. “No, I’ve always been busy whether it’s with work or school. Yet, I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA while working full-time at my job.” Lilianna said. “I’m just concerned about you, Lilianna. I want just you to have some fun in your life.” Rosalie said to her. “The only fun I like to have after school/work hours is watching Kpop music videos on YouTube.” Lilianna said. “That’s great and all; is there anything else you like to do that’s also fun?” Rosalie asked. “Every now and then, I like to have a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree over at Bath & Body Works at the Mall of Georgia.” Lilianna replied. “That’s always fun! I just don’t want you to be one of those people who are all work and no play. You got to have balance and fun in your life.” Rosalie replied. “Okay.” Lilianna said. “Here’s what I want for you to do: On any Friday or Saturday night, I want you to go out to a club and also meet a guy. I also want you to have some sexy outfits in your closet. Don’t get me wrong, your sweater-blouse-skirt/sweater & skirt with 2-inch heel combinations are great for school, but you also got to have some outfits for nights when you go out on dates with guys or even girls’ night outs.” Rosalie said. “I could use a little more fun in my life...” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “That’s the spirit!” Rosalie exclaimed happily. “Can we go shopping this week?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Absolutely yes! How about we go shopping right after school tomorrow?” Rosalie excitedly responded. “I’m game! Plus, I could always study later, I don’t report to work till three o’clock, and I just got paid two weeks ago.” Lilianna happily replied. When school ended for the day on Monday, Lilianna and Rosalie went over to the Mall of Georgia for a shopping spree. “Which store should we stop by first?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Let’s try Bebe!” Rosalie replied. “Okay, let’s go there!” Lilianna happily said. Lilianna and Rosalie made stops at Bebe and a few other stores at the mall, she made a few purchases. “Can I come over to your place when you get off work? I can’t wait to see what you bought at the mall today.” Rosalie said as they arrived at Lilianna’s apartment. “Sure, that would be great.” Lilianna replied. That night, Lilianna got off work for the night and went home to her apartment. She changed into her comfortable pajamas and relaxed for a bit before Rosalie came over. She went on YouTube and looked videos involving sexy K-Pop boy bands and she clicked on a video titled “Kpop ABS and sexy moves”, which she saved on her Favorites playlist. Every single time she watched that video, she would get turned on and sometimes she would even play with her woman bits while watching, even when she replayed it again and again. A few minutes later, Rosalie came over to see what she had bought from their shopping trip at the Mall of Georgia. Lilianna showed Rosalie all that she had bought at the mall: a few dresses, three pairs of shoes, five skirts (three of them pencil for her to wear to school), and two bottles of perfume. She even modeled the clothes for Rosalie, all of which fitted her body perfectly. After her mini fashion show, Lilianna put her pajamas back on and then said to Rosalie, “There’s a video on YouTube I really want to show you.” Interested, Rosalie replied, “Ooh, do show me!” “I’m about to show you something that will make you cream in your panties!” Lilianna happily warned her best friend. Lilianna and Rosalie walked over to her open area corner office as she clicked the replay button on the “Kpop ABS and sexy moves” video; she even had the video on full screen. Together, they watched a video that featured hot guys from Korean pop boy bands doing body rolls and showing off their hot bodies. Once the video was over, both females had to fan themselves because it was so hot. “So what do you think of Korean boy bands?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Damn!!! Those boys are hot! I can see why you like them so much!” Rosalie replied. “Oh yeah, they’re so sexy, that if their sex appeal was like the terrorism alert system, they would be classified as code red!” Lilianna responded. “I swear they should come with that whistle that college-age females have to wear in case of personal assault!” Rosalie said. “Their sex appeal should be illegal in this country; I mean they are walking talking porn on two legs!” Lilianna replied. “Lilianna, I think I know a place in Atlanta where you can find some sexy Asian men.” Rosalie said. “Really? Do tell.” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “There’s this new club called Escape, it’s a three-story club for black women only. This place has three floors: vanilla, caramel, and honey. I’ve heard of this club by way of Montana and her sister Francesca were talking about it at lunch, they plan on going there Friday night.” Rosalie replied. “This place sounds very hot! I would love to go there myself.” Lilianna said. “Great!’ Rosalie happily exclaimed. “In fact, I want to go there on Saturday night when I get off from work. I can even change into one of my new outfits before going to the club.” Lilianna replied. “Okay, be sure to give me all the details after your night out.” Rosalie said. That Saturday night, Lilianna got off work for the week as planned. She then went to her place and changed into one of her new outfits, a one-shoulder black dress with an overlapping lace pattern on a nude overlay and a sweetheart v-neckline; she even put on a pair of black lace high heels to go with her dress. After styling her hair and putting on her make-up, Lilianna got into her sliver metallic sedan and drove to Escape. She arrived at the three-story brick building and entered the red and black lobby. She signed up to the club mailing list, got her picture taken, and received her membership card. After that, she decided to check out the third floor, which was the honey floor. The honey floor had walls that were painted in two shades of yellow that made Lilianna think of honey and sunshine. She inhaled the amazingly intoxicating combined scent of honey, jasmine, and orchid, courtesy of the candles and incense. The candlelight gave a sensual, yet romantic glow to the entire floor; she took a look around the area, where there plenty of beautiful black women with gorgeous, exotic Asian men. Lilianna even made a few more friends and wrote down their names and phone numbers into her address book, for instance, she met this woman named Geraldine Hawkins, who works at Georgia Power. Tall, lean, 30-something, and chocolate-skinned Geraldine sat with Lilianna over at the bar/lounge area and had drinks together; Lilianna had a pina-coco spritzer (pineapple coconut vodka, club soda, and fresh orange juice) while Geraldine had the peaches and cream (whipped cream vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree, and sweet and sour); both females each got a glass of cold ice water and a plate of sliders. As they sipped their drinks, Geraldine and Lilianna had bonded over Kpop; Geraldine even told her about her recent trip to South Korea and her awakening as a Kpopper. “I’ve got to tell you about the time I met Big Bang!” Geraldine said excitedly. “OMG! You met them! Tell me all about it!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “Okay, I was at the lobby at this nice hotel I was staying in Seoul, I was about to get myself some lunch. Then, someone bumped into me; I looked at the other person and it was T.O.P.!” Geraldine said to her. “T.O.P. from Big Bang bumped into you? OMG! That man is definition of eye sex; he’s the kind of guy who can make you cream your panties just by looking at you with those eyes.” Lilianna replied. “I know right! He’s just dripping with charm as he helped me up. I then got to meet the rest of Big Bang. I would tell you my biases are when it comes to them, but I just love them all. Daesung is like the smiling angel and yet he has that hot body that’s built for sinful thoughts; he got those arms that I would love to feel in a hug, Taeyang is just as sexy, especially when he moves those hips; I swear he was a male stripper in another life, G-Dragon’s so fly and he has that swag, and Seungri is like sexy and sweet, and yet cute as a panda.” Geraldine said. “You are so damn lucky! You got to meet them while on vacation in South Korea of all places.” Lilianna replied. “I even took a picture with them and it’s in a safe place at my house. Oh, the fantasies I have of them; I could write plenty of erotic fan fics about all of them, separately of course. When I came home from my trip and watched their video for “Fantastic Baby” on YouTube, which was when I had my awakening as a Kpopper.” Geraldine responded. “That’s my favorite video from them! The two of us should hang out sometime and watch Kpop videos on YouTube over at my place.” Lilianna said to her. “Ooh, that would be great! Let me give you my phone numbers and you give me yours. I would love to hang out with you tonight, but I got some plans tomorrow. I’ll call you sometime.” Geraldine said as she and Lilianna exchanged phone numbers. After the exchange, Lilianna tipped the bartender and took a taxi home. Lilianna stayed around a little longer, drinking her glass of cold water after having a few small sips of her pina-coco spritzer. She then heard a male voice behind her saying, “Excuse me miss, would you mind if I sit with you?” Lilianna turned around and saw this tall, handsome, young Asian man with beautiful black hair and lovely almond-shaped eyes. “Sure, you can sit with me.” Lilianna replied as he sat next to her on the butter-soft sofa. The young, handsome Asian man introduced himself as Dae-Hyun Jung. He’s Korean-American, Korean on his mother’s side and American on his father’s side. He, his parents, and two siblings have just recently moved to Atlanta from New York City because his father got a job transfer at a Coca-Coca distribution center. “So, Dae-Hyun, what do you do?” Lilianna asked him. “I’m a culinary school student during the week, a modeling student at Barbizon on Saturdays, and I help my mom and siblings in anyway I can.” He said to her. “So you’re an aspiring chef/male model and loving older son/brother all in one?” Lilianna replied. “Indeed, I am. Plus, I also work full-time at Red Lobster six days a week. Can I ask what do you do, Lilianna?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m a law student at Emory, a full-time employee at Chik-Fil-A, a big sister to a younger sibling who lives in another state, and the bigger apple of my parents’ eyes.” Lilianna responded. “Wow, that’s impressive.” Dae-Hyun said to her. After conversing and looking deep into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna out to dinner that night. She accepted his invitation and they left Escape in her car to a brand-new restaurant in downtown Atlanta. A few minutes later, they arrived at the new restaurant called The Jade Dragon; this place had three kinds of Asian food: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The place not only had a big buffet, it had a sushi station and even a spot where patrons could create their own dumpling/pot sticker/dim sum plate by putting the already cooked dumplings, pot stickers, and dim sum into those wooden carrying crates which keeps them hot. Lilianna had two plates of food: the first plate had honey-glazed barbecued spare ribs, crispy shrimp with pepper salt, dungress crab spring rolls, and Maine lobster fried rice; the second plate had beef tenderloin with portabella mushrooms in black pepper sauce, honey glazed walnut prawns, and beef and broccoli. Dae-Hyun had a crate with a couple of dumplings and a plate with beef and broccoli and lo mein with sliced barbecued pork. Once they sat down at a booth, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun dined on delicious, exotic Asian food; they not only enjoyed the food, they also enjoyed each other’s company. “Would you like to try one of these dumplings?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna as he opened the crate filled with dumplings and dim sum. “Ooh, I would love to.” Lilianna happily replied. Dae-Hyun took out the chopsticks, gathered one of the shrimp and pork dumplings, and fed it to Lilianna’s lips. Lilianna savored the entire dumpling in one big bite. “What do you think?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “Wow, it’s so savory and so delicious.” Lilianna responded as she took two dumplings and put them onto her first plate. As they continued to enjoy the food and each other, Lilianna then asked Dae-Hyun, “What are you studying over at the culinary school?” “Aside from cooking, I’m also studying baking and restaurant management. I would like to have my food truck someday. I developed a love for cooking from my mother and my grandmother.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Oh, how nice is that.” Lilianna replied with a smile. “How about you? What are you studying over at Emory Law?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m studying in courses specializing in both white collar crime and divorce. It’s double duty, but I want to challenge myself all while maintaining my 4.0 GPA and sending resumes to all the law firms in Atlanta. That way, I can work my way up and have my own legal firm.” Lilianna replied as she took a bite of her food. “That is just astounding, impressive even.” Dae-Hyun said with interest. Lilianna briefly looked at Dae-Hyun’s soft, pink lips as he took a bite of his barbecued pork lo mein, it made her wonder if he’s a good kisser with those lips. She then got turned on when he discreetly licked his lips with his pink tongue. After dinner, they went on to the restaurant’s dessert bar. Lilianna had the fried banana Nutella wontons with coconut ice cream while Dae-Hyun had a scoop of green tea ice cream. Then and there, they sampled and enjoyed each other’s desserts. Lilianna was definitely enjoying herself that night; she wore a new dress, went out to a new nightclub, met a hot new guy, and ate at a brand new restaurant. After having dessert, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got eight to-go (four for each of them) boxes, Dae-Hyun paid for dinner, and packed them with food, including a couple of those dumplings they have had together. Both had left a tip to the server and went to her car; Dae-Hyun then said to her, “Before you ask about my living situation, I do have my own apartment and my own car. But my dad borrowed my car for tonight so he and my mom can go out for date night because his car’s getting fixed. I took a taxi when I went over to Escape.” Lilianna then responded, “I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but would you like to spend the night with me at my place?” Dae-Hyun replied with a smile, “That would be great.” With that being said, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got into her car and drove on over to her apartment; she had even gave Dae-Hyun a grand tour. “So what do you think of my place?” Lilianna asked Dae-Hyun after the tour. “You got a great place right here, it’s spacious, well-furnished, and everything.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Thanks.” Lilianna said as she went into the kitchen, put her leftovers in the fridge, and fixed two glasses of cold ice water for two of them. She then joined Dae-Hyun in the living room and sat on the soft, dark blue sofa; they even sat close to each other. “Dinner tonight at The Jade Dragon was incredible!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “I totally agree!” Dae-Hyun replied. “The food and atmosphere was just amazing and I got to enjoy it with you.” Lilianna said as she looked into Dae-Hyun’s almond-shaped eyes. “Likewise. I especially enjoyed feeding you those dumplings and sampling those fried Nutella banana wontons from your plate.” Dae-Hyun said as he smiled at her. “I liked that I got to try new things, the only Chinese food I would have would be at Panda Express at the Mall of Georgia on an every-now-and-then-basis.” Lilianna replied with a light laugh as she sipped her water. “What kinds of food do you like to eat?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna. “Aside from the Asian cuisine I’ve had tonight at The Jade Dragon, I also like to eat Italian, barbecue, Mexican, and seafood. I like soul food and fried chicken as much as the next black person, but when it comes to food, people, and ambition, variety is the spice of life.” Lilianna replied as she and Dae-Hyun put their glasses down on the coasters on the living room table. “Other than Korean food that my mom cooks, I also like barbecue because my dad’s a grill enthusiast and that summer is his favorite season to fire up the grill and surf and turf because of my mom, no matter what the combination. I have the same philosophy about variety and not just about food.” Dae-Hyun said as he looked into Lilianna’s dark brown eyes. He then softly cupped her face with his hands and kissed her lips. While they kissed, Dae-Hyun placed one hand and cradled the back of Lilianna’s head with it; his other hand rested on her upper thigh. Lilianna placed one hand on his chest and her other hand gently played with his hair.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Special Breakfast-a Louis Tomlinson fan fic/visual (FINISHED VERSION)

I woke up early one morning and went downstairs to my kitchen. I wanted to fix breakfast for me and Louis, who had spent the night and had hot, passionate sex in my spacious bedroom. I had a new box of Special K cereal, which I bought from the grocery store last week, on top of the refrigerator. Being the short girl that I was, I had to get a chair from the dining room table and reached up to get the cereal. Once I got the cereal from the top of the fridge, I then moved the chair to the cupboards and got out two bowls. After I placed the chair back to the dining room table, I got out two spoons from the kitchen drawer. I opened the box of cereal and poured the cereal into both of the bowls. I then walked over to the fridge, opened it, and got a gallon of whole milk from the door. Just as I was about to pour the milk onto the bowls of cereal, Louis quietly snuck up behind me and I felt his arms gently wrapped around my waist. I then put the cap back onto the milk and put it back into the fridge. “Morning, Louis.” I said to him. “Morning, babe.” Louis replied as he softly kissed my cheek. “I’m just fixing up some Special K and milk.” I said to him. “Mmmm, my favorite breakfast. I’m looking at you and I’m hungry already.” Louis as he gently turned me around till we were face-to-face and he smiled at me. Louis was just as sexy as he was on our date last night. We went to a movie and then to my place where we chatted and laughed. Next thing you know, we shared kisses in the living room before going into my bedroom. He helped me out of my black denim pencil skirt and my shoes. I watched as he gently lifted my gray and pink striped long-sleeved sweater; he even noticed my gray bra and panties with pink lace trim, which were the same colors as my sweater. I giggled as he said, “I’ve never expected your underwear to match your sweater.” Once I was in my underwear, I then helped Louis out of his button-down shirt, suspenders, and jeans. I felt his hands slowly touching and massaging my bra-covered breasts while my hands got a feel of his nicely shaped ass through his underwear. I swear he could be like Scott Disick’s best friend from across the pond who’s also a long lost Kardashian cousin. He does have a nice body; I even got a look and feel every inch of it of it when he was on top of me while having sex in my bed. I loved how he slowly grinded against my body before his young cock thrusted into my pussy. I also loved how he told me of how beautiful I looked in bed, how he kept kissing me all over my body while sexing me, and how sweet I tasted when he went down on me. The sex we had was hot and passionate; it was sheet-and-pillow clinch-worthy. His hands and mouth felt so good on my body, Louis felt the same about me. Back to this morning, Louis and I were in the kitchen making out with his arms wrapped around my waist. His hands caressed every inch of my body while his lips kissed my neck; my hands gently caressed and squeezed his nicely shaped, underwear-covered ass. He then sat me up on the dining room table as he kissed both sides of my neck; his hands slowly lifted my white nightshirt from my womanly body while his mouth pleasured both of my breasts. While he did that, I slid one hand into my white cotton panties and rubbed my opening till I was dripping wet, making myself moan with pleasure. He planted soft kisses up and down on my belly before he scooped me up into his toned arms and took me back to the bedroom. Once he laid me down on the bed, I lifted my hips as he removed my panties from my waist and I took off my nightshirt. He got turned on as soon as I was naked. I moaned some more as he kissed my inner thighs before reaching to my pussy. I let out a sensual moan as Louis delivered the first lick to my pussy; his pink tongue went from my hardened clit to my pussy lips. While he orally pleasured my woman cave, his hands massaged my breasts. Both of my hands held onto to my pillow as my moans and groans became pleasurable screams. After that, I sat up as Louis and I shared passionate kiss on the lips, I planted soft kisses and licks on his perfectly toned frontal body. Louis then gently took my hand, placed his hand on top of mine, and I felt his now-hardened manhood. He was nice and hard just for me; I laid on my stomach as I slowly lowered his underwear and kissed and licked his length before taking it into my mouth. As I went down on him, I listened to his moans and felt his hands caressing up and down my back; he even softly played with my hair. “Mmmm, babe. It feels so good. Let me see those beautiful eyes.” Louis moaned as I looked at him for a moment. Once I orally satisfied him, I opened up the bedside drawer, got out a condom, and gave it to him. I had watched in lustful anticipation as he properly put the condom onto his young cock. He then placed his hands onto my hips as his cock entered my pussy with deep and slow strokes, hitting my sweet spot just right. He planted kisses and licks on my neck as his strokes moved a little faster. I just love how he never skimps on the foreplay while pleasuring me. I took it to another level as I licked my fingers and rubbed my clit in circles, I continued to rub my clit as I wrapped my legs around his waist; I used my other free hand to hold on to my pillow. He then laid his body on top of mine as he continued with his thrusts in and out of my pussy; his strokes went back and forth from nice and slow to fast and deep and back again. I squeezed and held on to his nicely toned ass, which felt so nice in my hands Our bodies basked in the morning sunlight streaming through my two bedroom windows; our moans became passion-filled screams as we had reached climax. Once we climaxed together, Louis took himself out, removed the condom from his cock, and splashed his man milk onto my stomach. As I rubbed his man milk onto my body, Louis laid beside me on the bed, passionately kissed my lips, and slid two fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Oh, how I loved it when he made me come again after sex; not only did he finger my pussy, he did that and rubbed my clit with his thumb at the same time. I felt his kisses on my body as I came close to a full-blown orgasm. Louis deeply kissed my lips after I had my massive orgasm; we shared soft kisses as my heart slowed down. Then, we heard my stomach growled. Louis looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll bring the cereal and we can have breakfast in bed together.” As soon as Louis went to the kitchen, I looked at my front yard outside and enjoyed the sunshine from my bedroom window beside my bed. Louis came back to the bedroom with two bowls of cereal and milk and two spoons; he joined me at the bed and sat beside me as we ate our breakfast. “This is so nice.” I said to him. “Yeah, it is. You and I having breakfast in your bed, especially after having lovely morning sex.” Louis replied as he took a spoonful of cereal and milk into his mouth. Once Louis had finished his breakfast, he softly kissed my head, face, and neck as I finished up my cereal. I heard him say to me, “We should do this again sometime.” “Yes, we definitely should.” I said as I drank the milk from my bowl. THE END

Friday, March 28, 2014

PREVIEW: Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon-Part Two: My Date with Simon

Part Two: My Date with Simon Early that afternoon, I decided to chill by the Encore Beach Club for a while, maybe even take a swim at the pool. I was in my black two-piece swimsuit with a jeweled triangle top and bikini bottom, I even wore a black hat to cover my hair from the sun. I even got a couple of compliments on my swimsuit by fellow guests and pool loungers. I then went to my hotel suite, changed clothes, and went down to the casino; I even won thousands of dollars on the roulette table playing my lucky number. I even squeezed in a sixty-minute workout over at the fitness center. After that, I went over to the Encore Esplanade at the Encore Resort for some shopping; it’s like Las Vegas meets Beverly Hills with all those designer boutiques. I got myself a few pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes, some Oscar de La Renta gowns, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 for my mom, and two pairs of Alexander McQueen heels. I also went across the street to the Fashion Show Mall. While shopping, I even called and booked an appointment at The Spa at Wynn, so I can feel relaxed. My experience at the spa was very luxurious and the staff treated me like a VIP. It was so good that I offered a very generous tip to the staff. I had a few more hours before my date, so I washed and styled my long hair into an over-the-shoulder hairstyle with a deep side part and soft curls to go with my brand new dress; the black dress is a one shoulder number with a 26-inch split at the hem. After my hair was styled, I put on a black strapless padded bra and a high-waist body shaper before putting on my dress. I then sprayed my neck with some of that Midnight Poison that I got on my wedding day. I then got started on my make-up to complete my date night look with a subtle smoky eye, a thin sweep of eyeliner, and soft pink lipstick on my lips. Finally, I put on my black high heels and was all set for my date. I then heard a knock on the door. I walked up to the door, looked through the peephole, and there was Bianca. I opened up the door and she wanted to check me out. “OMG! You look so gorgeous, especially in that dress. I also love your hair.” Bianca said as I modeled my outfit for her. “Thanks so much!” I responded with a smile. Bianca got out her digital camera and took a picture of me. After having my model moment, she told me that Simon will be ready shortly and she wanted me and her husband to have a good time tonight. She also looked forward to hearing all the juicy details from him, so she could write it in her journal. A few seconds later, I heard another knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and there was Simon, I opened the door and let him in. He had on a white button down shirt with dark blue stripes, dark jeans, and black shoes. “You really cleaned up nice.” I said to him. “Wow, you look stunning! Divine, even.” He said to me. He then gave me a bouquet of flowers that were as beautiful as the ones he and Bianca left for me this morning. This bouquet was mostly orange roses, which mean desire, passion, and excitement, and orange lilies in a small glass vase. “Thanks for the lovely flowers.” I said as I put them on the nightstand by my bed. After that, Simon and I walked together arm-in-arm to dinner over at Lakeside at the hotel. The atmosphere at the restaurant was just beyond amazing; we were promptly seated at a table with a lovely view. We shared an appetizer, the very delicious chilled shellfish platter, while getting to know each other. Simon was born in London and raised in Chelsea, went to Oxford University, and began his stripping career at age 21 performing at hen parties to pay for his tuition; he even told about how he got his start over at L.A. Body Heat. In return, I told him a bit of my life, other than being a wealthy widowed woman, and also about my plans for a new beginning. “I’m already looking for a new house, probably in Los Angeles. But I’m also considering places like San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Torrance and San Jose.” I said. “All that sounds great. I’m sure whatever plans you do will be great.” Simon responded. Then came our entrees; I had the 20 oz. ribeye steak with the lobster macaroni and cheese on the side and Simon had the New York strip with the grilled green asparagus on the side. “Bianca and I really enjoyed the baskets you gave us; we enjoyed them so much that we didn’t fall asleep till four in the morning.” Simon said to me. “That’s great! I especially you and Bianca’s company last night.” I happily replied. “I really want to surprise her this weekend. I was wondering if you can help with me that.” He said as he smiled at me. “I’m flattered and I’d love to help with you with the surprise. I could ask the front desk where we can find a great sex shop to go to after dinner.” I excitedly replied. “I can’t wait to surprise her.” Simon responded. Simon and I then had dessert; I had the dulce de leche bread pudding and he had the nutella profiteroles from the rolling dessert trolley. We even got a taste of each other’s dessert while I felt his hand under the table as he touched my leg. After he paid for dinner and I left a tip for the waiter, Simon and I went out to this two-story, 24-hour place near The Strip called The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace, which was a sex shop with toys, lubricants, condoms, etc. The exterior was pink, black, purple, and red while inside the interior had black walls with what looks like red lace trim. We were approached by a perky, redheaded salesgirl named Felicia. “Welcome to The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. I’m Felicia and how can I help you today?” she said. “I’m helping him find something to please and surprise his wife because they’re celebrating their wedding anniversary here in Las Vegas.” I said to her. “How about you? Are you looking for something special for and your husband?” Felicia asked me. “Well, unfortunately, I’m widowed and I’ve just lost my husband a couple of months ago.” I replied. “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. You two should definitely check out the Lelo products at our luxury section upstairs, we have great stuff for men, women, and couples. If you need any assistance, you let me know.” Felicia said to me and Simon. “Okay, thanks.” Simon said to her. Simon and I went on over to the luxury section upstairs, the display was immaculate and sleek like an upscale boutique. We first checked out the Lelo products; not only am I helping Simon find something for Bianca, but I’m also looking for a few sex toys for myself. Good thing I bought my female sex supplements, condoms, and lubricants from home along with me on my trip. “Does Bianca use sex toys while you two have sex?” I asked Simon as I looked at a few intimate massagers. “Sometimes, but the sex would be so good that we wouldn’t need them.” Simon replied. I picked out a few items and put them in my shopping basket. In the basket, there were two massage oil candles, a tube of personal moisturizer (for the lady parts), a bottle of toy cleaner, three intimate massagers (a Nea intimate massager in deep rose, a Siri intimate massager in purple, and a Lily intimate massager in black), a purple dual-action rabbit vibrator called Ina 2, and I even picked up four OhMiBod music vibrators (two of them were wireless). I then recommended couples rings and those intimate massagers to Simon; I even showed him the massage oil candles in my basket. After a few minutes, we went to the front register and paid for our purchases. “Thanks for shopping at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. Hope to see you two again soon!” Felicia happily said. Before leaving the store with Simon, I said to Felicia, “If you’re not too busy tomorrow, you and I can hang out for a girls’ day while I’m in Las Vegas for the weekend.” “Wow, I would love that very much! It’s been a while since I went out with the girls.” Felicia replied. “Great, I’m staying at the Wynn and here’s my cell phone number if you want to chat.” I said as I wrote down my cell phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to her. Simon and I then came back to the hotel, took the elevator to the 4th floor, and walked up to my hotel suite. We went inside, sat on the sofa in the living room, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I didn’t mind Simon stroking my leg that was exposed by the slit of my dress as we talked. He then asked me, “Would you like to see me dance?” I replied, “Ooh, I’d love to see your moves. I got my MP3 player and speakers with me, I’ll get them.” I went to my get my MP3 player and wireless speakers from my duffle bag, hooked the two devices together, and set the MP3 player to my “Sexy Romantic” playlist. I sat back and watched as Simon looked through my “Sexy Romantic” playlist; he even found a song on the playlist that he wanted to dance to. The song he picked out was “Supersexual” by Blue. I sat on the sofa and watched in arousal as Simon moved his body to the song, he was extremely good. He moved his hips up and down as he unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. He then walked up to me, sat on my lap, and gave me a sexy lap dance as he took off the shirt, letting it fall to the floor. His body was like a picture of male perfection with his masculine features, he was fit in all the right places. I wondered if he was a male model in another life, I bet he even posed nude for a classroom full of female art students over at Oxford before becoming a stripper. He placed my hands onto his fit chest before letting them slide to his toned abs. I ran my hands up and down his frontal body as he took off his shoes and then his pants. Things got hot when he teased me by pulling down the waistband of his boxer briefs, showing me his V-line before pulling his boxer briefs up. He then got one of the roses from my bouquet and as he moved his body, he rubbed the rose from his neck down to his abs before the song was over. I applauded and said to him, “You’re amazing. Plus, it was very hot! I can see why you’re good at your job over at L.A. Body Heat.” “Thank you very much.” Simon replied as he smiled at me. He then walked up to me and wrapped one arm around my waist. I felt my female core gradually heat up as our bodies got close; we began to slow dance to the next song on the playlist, which was “Sweetest Sin” by Jessica Simpson. Even when he’s dancing normally, he’s good on his feet. “Wow, this night is just getting better by the minute. Having dinner and dessert at a gorgeous hotel restaurant, shopping at a sex toy shop, and getting treated to a sexy striptease and lap dance from you. I mean, what could make this night even better?” I said to him with a smile. Simon looked into my deep brown eyes, smiled at me, and said, “Having steamy, passionate, sensual sex with the most gorgeous widowed woman I’ve ever seen with a sexy music playlist playing in the background.” I looked at him and said, “Would you really want to have sex with me?” He replied, “Absolutely. I definitely enjoyed you with my wife last night.” I said to him, “I can totally see that, especially when you tell Bianca about it and see how really turned on she will be. I bet if she wrote it all down on pen and paper, the ink would melt and the paper would burn. Plus, I can even try out one or two of the sex toys I bought.” “How would I love to kiss and caress every inch of your body, take your pussy in so many positions, and make your orgasm as much as you like.” Simon said to me in a seductive, sensual tone in his British accent. After we had danced, Simon softly and sweetly kissed my lips. His hands explored up and down my back while my hands stroked his arms. I then whispered in his ear, “I’m going to go into the bathroom and slip into something a little more comfortable.” “Do take your time.” Simon said as he kissed my hand before I went to the bathroom.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Photo Shoot-a Taylor Lautner visual (FINISHED VERSION)

I was really excited about this shoot, especially because it's also a shoot for a new fragrance. My name's Jinelle Makenna Grant and I am a model. I'm a plus-size fashion model who does print and commercials. Modeling can be crazy and very busy at times, but it does have its perks. I especially looked forward to this photo shoot. This shoot's for a cologne and get this I got to model with a guy. My agent told me this shoot was a series of both print ads and TV commercials. It was for this cosmetics/fragrance company called Rowdy Rouge Cosmetics, which is female-owned and operated. I did my research about this company; they made such hot fragrances such as Heatstroke, Raging Hormones, Touching Temptation, and their popular dual fragrance Leather and Lace. This new fragrance I was to model for was a cologne that aims at younger men like 18-24. The cologne's titled Boy Toy. My agent also told about the guy I'm modeling with who's a famous actor. When she told me that the actor was Taylor Lautner, I was super ecstatic, thrilled even! I had the biggest crush on him since watching him in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. I've had several pictures of him, both fully clothed and shirtless. My crush on him became full blown when he officially turned 18. I even made a scrapbook with all of his pictures, including both the Rolling Stone issue and the pictures from New Moon. My agent and I met with the heads of Rowdy Rogue Cosmetics about the ad campaign two weeks ago. They even showed me some of the previous campaigns for their fragrances and cosmetics. I was also given a sample of their Boy Toy fragrance for men. It smelled hot; it had sandalwood, vanilla, cinnamon, musk, amber, leather, and ginger. Two weeks later, I arrived at the studio. Being a professional, I showed up on time and greeted everyone with a smile. We started working on the first commercial/print ad. I was officially introduced to Taylor. I was like "OMG! Here he is in person!" through my kind and professional demeanor. "Hi Taylor! I'm Jinelle, it's so nice to meet you." I said to him. "Very nice to meet you, Jinelle. I look forward to us working together." Taylor said to me as he flashed his sweet, perfect smile. My heart nearly melted when he looked and smiled at me. I was super excited about this shoot already. A few moments later, Taylor and I arrived on the set. The first shoot at the studio had a kitchen-like setup. I was dressed in this sexy black and white checkered dress with a white apron that said "Desperate Housewife". With my costume, I wore black fishnet stockings, a matching black and white checkered kerchief, black Mary Jane heels, and a white petticoat underneath my costume. I was supposed to be this Desperate Housewife-like female while Taylor's the hot gardener who comes into the kitchen when I offer him something sweet like vanilla cupcakes. "Jinelle, imagine yourself as the horny housewife that's lusting for the hot, young gardener while your workaholic husband is at work. Think of Taylor satisfying all your needs while you frost the cupcakes." The photographer instructed to me. We all got started on the shoot. I frosted the cupcakes while looking out the window for the first pose and then looked toward a shirtless Taylor as he came into the door. On my second pose, I walked up to him and pulled him close to me by the waistband of his jeans. As I held on to the pose, I suddenly felt his erection gradually getting hard underneath his jeans and underwear. Being around a half-naked Taylor got me turned on and I enjoyed it with each moment. For the next pose, I had to put frosting onto Taylor's body. So Taylor got himself laid out on the counter. Then, I take a piper bag filled with vanilla frosting and put some frosting on his chest and his abs. Next, I spread it with my fingers and made a pose like I was about to lick the frosting off of my fingers. I then leaned over Taylor like I was about to kiss him before licking the frosting off his body. The photographer then said, "That's a wrap on the first shoot. Taylor, Jinelle, great work! Get yourselves cleaned up and be ready for the next shoot." For the next photo shoot, Taylor and I went to the beach. I changed into a two-piece bikini that was pink with blue lace and mini bows. It had a padded triangle top with a string halter and back tie; it also came with matching pucker bottoms that gave my shapely bottom a lift. The warm, sunny weather was perfect for a day at the beach. Taylor entered the beach, wearing nothing but a pair of dark blue board shorts with yellow stripes which reminded me of his favorite football team, the University of Michigan Wolverines. He looked just as hot as he did on the first photo shoot, I felt myself getting hot just looking at him. For the first pose, I sat on my knees on the sand with my windswept long, dark hair as Taylor wrapped his arms around my waist. The photographer even wanted us to be playful with each other like we were on a beach date, so Taylor and I would splash ocean water on each other, roll around on the sand, and run around the beach like we were playfully chasing each other. The shoot wrapped as soon as the sun was about to go down. “And we are done on the second shoot of the day! Great work, everyone. Taylor and Jinelle, thanks for the amazing shots! I look forward to working with you two again.” The photographer said to us. “You’re very welcome.” Taylor and I said to him. Once the photographer and the crew left the beach, Taylor and I got into our regular clothes. As soon as I went into my apartment, I then showered, sprayed on some perfume, styled my hair, and changed into my date night clothes. I wore a black lace mini dress with black lace bra and panties and black jeans. For shoes, I had on a pair of black faux leather motorcycle boots. I looked out my window and there was Taylor on his motorcycle. I stepped out of my apartment, came down the stairs, and gave him a big, sweet hug. I hopped on to his motorcycle as we put on our helmets and rode over to a nearby diner. We had dinner; shared some laughs, and then we went up to my apartment. “You have a lovely place.” Taylor said to me. “Why thank you.” I happily replied. We sat on my couch all close and cozy, looking into each other’s eyes. I felt my heart flutter as he touched and kissed my hand. I moved a little closer as I then made my first move and kissed his lips. I’ve had many fantasies of Taylor of both the romantic and the sexual kind. As we kissed, I felt his hand resting on my knee and I placed both of my hands onto his shirt-covered chest. Next thing you know, I slowly took off Taylor’s leather jacket as I kissed his lips some more, only deeper and more passionate than the first one. I then gently broke the kiss and said to him, “I got a little turned on when I saw you at the beach today when you were in those board shorts.” “You looked so gorgeous in both of those photo shoots.” Taylor said to me. “Thank you.” I said as I resumed kissing his lips. I deeply and passionately kissed Taylor’s lips as I explored his body with my hands. I then took his hand and led him to my bedroom. Once we got there, Taylor wrapped one arm around my waist as he passionately kissed my lips while one of my hands softly played with his black hair. While we kissed each other’s lips, I took off my heels and slowly took off my jeans. I gently broke the kiss so I let him look at me with my mini dress and lingerie on. I watched as Taylor took off his shirt; his body looked so damn sexy and perfect. When I got to touch it with my hands, it felt hotter than in my dreams; I shivered and Taylor sighed at the feel of my touch. I got the chills when I felt the ripple of his abs against my fingertips. Taylor slowly and carefully took off my lace mini dress before kissing my lips again. He joined me on the queen-sized bed as he laid beside me, I moaned as he kissed my neck and I carefully undid his jeans with one hand. Once he was out of those jeans, I then got on top of him and planted a trail of soft kisses from his face down to his perfectly ripped abs. I then noticed his young erection rose slightly from his dark blue boxer shorts. I caressed his hot, ripped body with both of my hands as he then sat up on his knees; I felt his hands as he reached around and unhooked the back of my bra. I shivered and sighed as his hands fondled my womanly breasts, my sighs turned into pleasurable moans when he replaced his hands with his mouth onto them. As he orally pleasured my breasts, I slid my hand into my panties and softly stroking my clit; I was immediately wet between my thighs. Since I was already wet, Taylor planted soft kisses along my inner thighs. Once he reached my chocolate pussy, he licked my woman lips like a cat would lick up milk from a saucer. I moaned and groaned one of my hands ran through his dark hair while my other hand held onto my pillow. Things got intense when Taylor sat up on his knees and slid his hand into his boxer shorts. I watched intensely as he slowly stroked his young cock for a minute before looking into his deep brown eyes. Once he was nice and hard for me, I took out a lubricated condom from a box in my nightstand and gave it to him. I glanced in anticipation as Taylor put the condom onto his young cock. He took me into his arms and kissed my neck as he slowly and deeply entered me. I made an audible orgasm against his ear as I wrapped my legs around his waist. His young, ripped body felt hot against mine, his Native American skin felt smooth with my chocolate skin. Without messing up the flow, he laid me on my back and held onto my hips as he continued his thrusts in and out of my pussy, he even took the time to have my clit rubbed. My orgasms had gone from audible to loud enough to vibrate against the bedroom walls. Even the sight of Taylor’s naked body with drips of sweat made my arousal level go higher. We had reached climax when I helped him remove the condom from his cock and stroked him till his man milk extracted onto my stomach. Taylor gently pulled me close his body and passionately kissed my lips. “I hope you don’t mind, I’m about to take a shower in your bathroom.” Taylor said to me. “I don’t mind, the towels are in the linen closet if you need them.” I replied as he left the bedroom. While Taylor was in the shower, my cell phone rang and I answered it. My agent at the modeling agency was on the other line; we had talked for a few minutes and there was good news involved. A few minutes later, Taylor got out of the shower and came back into the bedroom with a white towel was wrapped around the waist. “Taylor, I’ve just got off the phone with my agent. The heads at Rowdy Rogue Cosmetics have looked at the pictures from our photo shoots and they are approved. In fact, they even want the two of us for commercial shoots.” I said to him. “Wow, this is great news!” Taylor happily exclaimed. “Yeah, it is. In fact, they want to have the commercial shoots set up for two weeks from now. We’ll get our checks in the mail soon.” I added. “I can’t wait to work with you again.” I said happily. “Likewise.” Taylor said to me. Once Taylor got dressed, he kissed my cheek and we said our goodbyes. I can’t believe I got to enjoy him on and off camera; I already looked forward to the commercial shoots with him. THE END

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Preview: 100 Percent Chance of Pleasure

My name’s Beverly Hollisworth and I’m a meteorologist. I’ve been a weatherwoman at WDES, a local NBC affiliate in Destin, Florida, for nearly four years. Weather has always fascinated me since I was in junior high, plus science is my favorite subject in school. In fact, I even entered a project involving weather in the school science fair and won first place. Always an excellent student, I made very good grades and graduated high school with honors. I went to college, studied meteorology, and took several courses certified by the AMS. I also took courses in speech and public speaking, which I’ve excelled in since I went to speech therapy. After all that, I even worked at a local public cable access TV studio before working at WDES, reporting weather. There was a time I boldly reported the weather outside during a category four hurricane. From there, I auditioned for and became the lead meteorologist for the WDES Morning News. The morning news would come on before The Today Show, so I had to wake up extra early each morning. I had to replace the previous meteorologist, a female named Marisa Paulsen, who moved for a meteorologist job over at an ABC affiliate in Fort Lauderdale. I was professional and presentable at informing the public at daily and weekly forecasts; I got along good with fellow anchors and station employees. I enjoyed making public appearances and speaking to kids at the schools. Things were great for the first three years until one morning. The 10-year veteran lead anchors for the morning show, Alyssa Grant and Kenneth Barlow, showed up in their usual moods. Normally on camera, they balanced each other perfectly; Alyssa was upbeat and chipper like 30-something version of Katie Couric and Kenneth was a straight, matter-of-factly, articulate version of Anderson Cooper. Everything was normal as usual on the air, but when we were about to sign off for the day, they had a big argument. Everyone in the studio heard it; the argument started when Kenneth found out that his wife Tabitha had been going out and possibly sleeping with Alyssa’s husband Cameron. Fred Underwood, the morning news sports reporter who looks like he could be Christopher Meloni’s younger twin brother, and I were treated to some daytime drama and it wasn’t even 12:30. When Tabitha and Cameron came by to visit the studio, the fight went from inside the studio to outside at the parking lot. The married spouse smackdown looked like something out of a Cheaters episode. Names and insults were thrown at each other; dirty laundry was aired out in public. Fred and I stayed inside the studio, away from the martial drama. The station owner had to talk to both Alyssa and Kenneth in his office. It seems that they both had some other problems going on, as if cheating spouses weren’t enough. After taping, I went out to the gym for my Zumba workout, which I do five to six times a week. I often go there with Vanessa Healy, who is a co-host on the station’s new hour-long afternoon show Good Day Destin, which comes on at noon before Days of Our Lives. Vanessa’s a cross between Jillian Barberie and Leann Tweeden, plus she’s a lot of fun both on and off camera. “Beverly, can I ask you something?” Vanessa asked me. “Shoot.” I replied. “How does a beautiful and smart girl like you be single?” Vanessa asked. “I’m just single. In high school and in college, I was the kind of girl you ask for homework help rather than on a date. I guess you can say I’m a walking, talking brain.” I responded. “Tonight’s is girls’ night out. Would you like join us?” Vanessa asked. “Count me in!” I happily exclaimed. That afternoon, I went to this stylish boutique called Style Profile and did some shopping. I wanted to get some pieces for when I’m going out with the girls and/or maybe (possibly) going out on a date with a guy. Majority of my own wardrobe, other than a few workout clothes and sneakers, were mostly clothes for work; there were blouses (mostly cotton), sweaters (both long and short-sleeved), a few blazers, a dark gray midi dress, plenty of pencil skirts (bright and dark colors), and shoes with one or two inch heels. The very first piece I saw and bought was this dress that had a dark grey heathered fabric top, a zipper closure in the back, and a black wet-look skirt with a blunt cut hem. I tried it on and it fitted me perfectly. I bought a lot of outfits from the boutique and had them categorized to two kinds of sexy: sexy and elegantly sexy; the very first outfit I bought was in the elegantly sexy category. Another piece I bought was a black sleeveless bodycon bandage dress a la Herve Leger with a zipper closure in the front; I put that in the sexy pile. After my shopping at Style Profile, I then went to the shoe store The Heels Are Real, which is next door to the boutique. I had bought several pairs of six-inch high heel shoes and some knee-length boots. After my shopping sprees, I went to my beachside condo and unpacked my shopping bags. Since girls’ night out was tonight, I had already picked out my outfit and got myself ready. I then got a text message from Vanessa, saying she’ll pick me up at 8:30 because she’s bringing a few more friends for girls’ night. I put on that dress that I first tried on at Style Profile and also put on a pair of black high heels. I gathered my purse, keys, cell phone, and pepper spray, all before stepping out of my apartment. At 8:30 on the dot, Vanessa arrived in her silver mid-size SUV, along with a few other females. I got into the car and sat in the front seat. The first stop on the girls’ night out was the local Mexican restaurant called La Hacienda Fiesta, which is in downtown Destin. At the restaurant, Vanessa introduced me to the other women. There was Alana Atkinson, the meteorologist over at Good Day Destin. I felt relieved to know that I’m not the only black meteorologist at the station. I was also introduced to the Perez-Ramirez sisters from Miami, whose first names are Marisol, Isabella, Elena, and Olivia. Marisol (the lead anchor) and Isabella (the meteorologist) are on Midday Miami over at WMIA-TV, an ABC affiliate in Miami. Elena’s an entertainment reporter on Univision and Olivia’s a meteorologist on Telemundo. All four sisters live in Miami, but are originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. They are a full package when it comes to beauty, brains, and bodies; I bet they all moonlight as telenovela actresses, beauty queens, and models and were probably Miss Universes in another life. “Wow, I love your dress, Beverly. Is that new?” Alana asked me as we all sat down at a booth in the restaurant. “Yes it is. I got it at this boutique here in town, among other things.” I replied as I smiled at her compliment. “I would love to see what else bought from the boutique, maybe you can put on a fashion show for us at your apartment.” Vanessa said happily. “I’d love to model my shopping haul for you girls!” I replied. “This has just given me an idea for next weekend. We all get together for a shopping spree, go to my place, and model our purchases.” I added. “That’s a great idea!” Vanessa happily agreed. “I’m in!” Alana agreed. “My sisters and I would love to see your closet, along with the rest of your apartment.” Elena said while her sisters agreed. A few minutes later, we were approached by this very cute, young white waiter with dark blonde hair and dark brown eyes. He then said, “Welcome to La Hacienda Fiesta. My name’s Alex and I’ll be your waiter tonight. Would you like something to drink?” “I’d like water with lemon and a sweet tea.” I replied as I looked into Alex’s brown eyes. “Great. How about you, miss?” Alex asked Alana. “I’ll have a Diet Coke.” Alana replied. “Agua con limon, por favor.” The Perez-Ramirez sisters responded in unison. “I’ll have a Diet Sprite with a lemon and lime.” Vanessa said. We each looked at our menus as we tried to decide on what to eat. As I looked at my menu, I briefly thought of our waiter Alex. I personally thought he’s really cute. “So Beverly, Vanessa told me that you’re single. Is that true?” Alana curiously asked. “Yes, it is true. I’m single and I’ve never ever dated, let alone hooked up with a guy.” I answered honestly. “I just wanna know, not trying to be matchmaker or anything.” Alana said. “I’ve never dated either in high school or in college.” I added. “There are plenty of fish in the sea; you got your cute, young, energetic boys and experienced, handsome, well-aged men.” Alana said to me. “You should visit Miami someday; they are plenty of hot, fit bodies there, especially the men.” Olivia said. “All are so interesting, yet I think I have my eyes set on our waiter Alex.” I replied to them.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon (FINISHED VERSION)

Part One: The Threesome It was the morning of Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I had packed my suitcase, my new bridesmaid dress and shoes I bought from the Wedded Bliss Bridal Boutique in San Diego, my gift basket for Bianca and Simon, and my purse all into my Altima, locked up my house, and drove to Las Vegas. Halfway there, I drove to the nearest convience store, loaded up my snack and beverage stash, and filled up my gas tank. I finally made it to Las Vegas a few hours later. As soon as I arrived, I drove to the Wynn Hotel & Casino, checked in, got my key card, and had the bellhop carry my bags while I carried my bridesmaid dress and shoes. Once I got into my hotel suite, I tipped the bellhop and unpacked my suitcase. Since I had a few hours to myself before Bianca and Simon’s vow-renewal ceremony, I wanted to get myself ready. I had showered, styled my hair, put on my dress and shoes, and perfectly applied my make-up. The ceremony was at 8 o’clock at The Little White Wedding Chapel; it’s a good thing the three of us have rooms on the same floor. (Simon and Bianca share a room together and my room’s four doors down from theirs.) At 7 o’clock, I met up with Simon at the wedding chapel. He was dressed to the nines in his dark gray Black by Vera Wang tuxedo. “You look very handsome, Simon.” I said to him. “Thanks, you look lovely as well.” Simon said in his sexy British accent. As soon as “Here Comes the Bride” started playing, Bianca entered the chapel with a radiant smile on her face. Her shoulder-length medium-brown hair was in a low ponytail, her veil was down to her waist, and her dress complimented her figure; Bianca had on a white satin strapless mermaid fit-and-flare gown with a draped rhinestone bodice and a crystal-encrusted satin ribbon. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the wedding vow renewal of Bianca and Simon Covington.” The ordained minister spoke. I stood beside the couple as they spoke their renewed wedding vows. I had a silent, emotional moment as I held the bridal bouquet, seeing them renew their vows made me think of my wedding with Carl. A single tear fell from my eye; good thing I wore waterproof mascara. My brief moment of sorrow turned into joy when Simon and Bianca finished the ceremony with a passionate kiss. The three of us then went back to the hotel. As soon as Bianca and Simon went back to their room, I went to Freed’s Bakery to pick up a cake, Walgreens for a wedding anniversary card, and to a liquor store to pick up some champagne. I then returned to the hotel, went into my room, signed the card, got the gift basket, and knocked on their door. “Happy anniversary!” I happily exclaimed to Bianca and Simon as I gave them the cake, champagne, card, and gift basket. Just when I was about to go back to my room alone, Bianca then said to me, “Thanks for the lovely gifts. Kat, would you like to celebrate with us?” “Why sure, I would love to.” I replied as Bianca and I walked into her and Simon’s room. “Kat, I’m so glad you could make it for our anniversary and vow-renewal ceremony. Simon and I really looked forward to meeting you in real life, especially after our Skype chats and instant messaging.” Bianca happily said as she offered me a slice of cake and a glass of champagne. Bianca and I sat on the bed while Simon changed clothes in the bathroom. Then, I said to her, “You looked so gorgeous in your wedding dress.” “Why thank you, Kat. I thought you looked lovely in your bridesmaid dress. When Simon and I renewed our vows and kissed, it’s like I fell in love with him all over again. I first met Simon when I was out with a couple of co-workers of mine. I manage a lingerie store, which I still do. My co-workers and I went to this male strip club in Los Angeles called L.A. Body Heat to cheer me up after a bad break-up; Simon’s one of the main male exotic dancers. He first caught my eye where he performed this routine dressed as a plumber and he even got his t-shirt under his costume wet. I was turned on by everything about him. His moves, body, his blue eyes, British accent, etc.” Bianca said as she poured the champagne into two glasses. “Wow, I bet the first very date was as hot as the first look.” I happily said. “I still remember our very first date and very first sexual encounter. It was on a Saturday night; Simon and I had dinner and then took a stroll down Main Street. He then took me to his place for a nightcap. I wore this dark blue turtleneck sweater, black pencil skirt with a small slit on one side, and dark blue ankle boots. Simon and I started making out on the kitchen counter; he’s a really, really good kisser. He took his time pleasuring my body, he never skimps on foreplay. When he found out I wasn’t wearing any panties underneath my skirt, he tasted my pussy like a slowly-melting ice cream cone. Great sex aside, he’s passionate, loving, supportive, handsome, and always there for me.” Bianca said. A few minutes later, Simon came into the bedroom in black silk pajamas. I got a sneak peek of his fit body through his unbuttoned pajama top. I swore he looked super sexy; he would put a soap actor to shame with that body. “I invited Kat to celebrate our anniversary with us. She even brought us a gift basket and everything.” Bianca said as she passed a glass of champagne to Simon. “That’s so nice of you, Kat. Thank you.” Simon replied with smile on his face. “I like to propose a toast to Bianca and Simon on their wedding anniversary. I wish you two many happy returns.” I said as I raised my glass to them. The three of us clink our glasses together and celebrated over champagne and cake. I then watched as Simon and Bianca shared another kiss. I didn’t get all emotional, but I was still happy for the couple. “Have you ever been in a threesome before?” Simon asked me. “To be honest, I’ve never ever been in one.” I nicely replied. I watched as Bianca kissed Simon’s lips as she was about to go to the bathroom and slip into something a little more comfortable. Simon then looked at me with a smile and said, “Wow, Bianca and I glad to see you in person. That was a lovely toast you made. I hope I didn’t offend you when I asked if you’ve had a threesome before, I was just curious.” “Like I said, I’ve never been in a threesome before, not even while I was married to Carl. He was more of a romantic, even in the smallest of gestures. I remember one Valentine’s Day that he made me breakfast in bed, consisted of sausage, scrambled eggs, fruit, orange juice, and three toasted Nutella and banana sandwiches. We feed each other the first two sandwiches and then eat the third one together; we’d even lick the Nutella off each other before having romantic morning sex. I don’t mean to be so emotional on your wedding anniversary; it’s just that I just miss him so much.” I said as I tear up. Simon passed me a tissue and I dabbed the tears before they fall down my face. He assuring said to me, “I’m so sorry about your husband, I’m sure he wants you to be happy.” “Well, I’m glad to be in Las Vegas celebrating you and Bianca’s anniversary.” I said with a slight smile. He gave me a small, sweet hug to console me; I suddenly felt better from that hug. Then, Bianca came back from the bathroom; she wore a red georgette babydoll with a handkerchief hem, a satin ribbon, and a matching g-string. She was as gorgeous as she was in her wedding dress at the ceremony. “Darling, you look just as gorgeous as the first time I met you.” Simon said as he kissed Bianca’s hand. “Thank you, baby.” Bianca said sweetly as she and Simon shared a small, sweet kiss together. I then felt Simon’s lips softly kissing my lips. I thought to myself, He’s a very good kisser. While Simon and I kissed, Bianca had one of her hands softly playing with my hair. I then softly touched his chest with one hand while my other hand rested between me and Bianca. I then turned to Bianca as she softly kissed my lips while Simon planted kisses on the side of my neck. Both Simon and Bianca are great kissers and they both have nice lips. Bianca reached for the back of my dress, carefully unzipped it, and gently untied the sash around my waist. I turned to Simon and softly kissed one side of his neck as I caressed his fit frontal body. After that, Bianca then looked at me and asked, “Can we see you out of your bridesmaid dress?” Intrigued, I took off my matching pink heels and I asked her, “Would you really want to see what’s underneath my dress?” “I bet you have a very nice body.” Simon said to me as he kissed my hand. I looked at them both and said, “Sure, I mean there’s a first time for everything.” I got up from the bed and slowly took off my bridesmaid dress in front of them till I was in my black lace strapless bra, a black Spanx waist cincher, and black allover lace boy short panties. I then carefully took off my waist cincher, took off my shoes, and gave the couple a good look at my size 10, hourglass-shaped body. “Wow, you have such an incredible body!” Bianca exclaimed in amazement. “Not bad for a widow?” I responded in flattery. “I must say Carl’s a very lucky man.” Simon said as I returned to the bed. Bianca then got up and sat beside Simon, she even stroked him on top of his pajama bottoms while he kissed my lips and neck. I felt his hands as they reached around to unhook the back of my bra. I moaned as he kissed and licked both of my breasts, I briefly watched Bianca, who was immediately aroused from both watching Simon pleasure me and ready to get him hard underneath his pajama bottoms. I got turned on when Bianca softly planted kisses on one side of my neck while Simon got up and slowly took off my panties; I even got surprised when he briefly smelled my female scent on them. I sensually moaned as Simon delivered the very first lick to my pussy. Bianca, on the other hand, started to arouse me as she slowly lowered the straps of her babydoll. I was immediately wet between my thighs from both Simon’s oral pleasuring and Bianca’s kisses on my upper body. Being in a threesome and pleasured by a hot, married couple was a brand-new experience for me. Simon then got up and briefly kissed my cheek as he sat up on the bed between me and Bianca. He laid on the bed with his back against the headboard; I watched in anticipation as she reached down his pajama bottoms and carefully took his awakened cock out. Not only did she stroke his cock with her hand, she even offered me to taste him while she stroked him. I licked and kissed Simon’s length as Bianca manually pleasured his cock. Simon enjoyed it because I could tell from his pleasured moans and his hands played with our hairs. After that, Bianca and I briefly looked at each other before we shared a kiss on the lips. I felt her hands as well as one of Simon’s hands caressed up and down my back while Bianca and I kissed. I then helped Bianca out of her babydoll and g-string; I got a look at her now-naked body, which was fit and toned in all the right places. She had bigger breasts than me but I didn’t mind that at all, especially when I felt them with my hands while we kissed some more. I shivered as Bianca kissed my neck while her hands gave my shapely ass a squeeze; I moaned some more as I felt Simon’s fingers rubbing my clit. Next thing you know, Simon sat up and planted soft kisses on the back of my neck. Simon and I laid beside each other while Bianca orally pleasured his cock; he softly kissed on my neck and lips while his fingers rubbed my warm, wet slit. I moaned in response to his touch and kisses. He continued to foreplay with me while Bianca got out a condom and put it on properly onto his now-erect cock. I then sat on Simon’s face while Bianca rode on his seven inch cock. I groaned at the feel of his mouth and tongue on my pussy. Bianca ran her hands all over my body as she softly kissed and licked both of my breasts. I held on to the sheets with one of my hands while I rubbed my clit with my other hand. After that, Simon and I laid on our sides as his cock delivered slow, deep strokes to my pussy. Bianca had rubbed Simon’s body with her hands while she kissed his neck and lips. The three of us then switched positions where I was on my back, Simon was in front of me with his knees resting on the bed, and Bianca placed her pussy onto my lips. I moaned as Simon thrusted into my pussy once more as I licked Bianca’s pussy lips; her pussy juices were sweet to the taste. While Simon’s strokes gradually increased in tempo, his thumb rubbed my hardened clit in circles. Bianca then laid beside me on the bed as I reached climax with Simon; he pulled himself out, removed the condom, and sprayed his man milk onto my stomach. Simon passionately kissed my lips as Bianca licked the seed from my body. I watched in arousal as Simon and Bianca had a hot, passionate kiss on the lips. I then got up from the bed and said to them, “I must say, this was the best first threesome I’ve ever had!” “We definitely enjoyed you, too.” Bianca said as she smiled at me. I cleaned myself up, got dressed, and the three of us exchanged goodnights as I left to go to my hotel suite, a deluxe suite with a panoramic view. Once I made it to the room, I took a shower and even played with myself as I thought about my very first threesome with Simon and Bianca. I slipped into a sexy black satin nightshirt, relaxed for a few minutes, and went fast asleep. The next morning, I got up early and got myself dressed for breakfast at The Buffet. Just as I opened the door, I noticed a bouquet of flowers in a gorgeous silver vase; the bouquet had pink, orange, and purple long-stemmed roses. I took my flowers inside my hotel suite, put cool water in the vase, fed them “flower food”, and put them by the window. There was even a card, I opened the envelope, and the card said: “We enjoyed your company and can’t wait to enjoy you more this weekend. Sincerely, Simon & Bianca” I then went on to The Buffet for breakfast. Once I got to a table, I took two plates and filled them both with delicious food. I swear everything tastes better after a night of hot, steamy sex, especially after a threesome like last night. As I savored each delicious bite of my breakfast, Bianca walked up and sat with me at the table. “Last night was just amazing!” Bianca happily exclaimed. “Yes, it was.” I agreed. “I got the flowers, they were gorgeous.” I added. “Just like you.” Bianca said to me. “OMG, Bianca! You’re making me blush all over, in addition to the post-orgasm blushing in my cheeks.” I replied with a smile. “Simon and I like to have threesomes to spice up our marriage every now and then. We once had sex with a younger couple; I had sex with the boyfriend and Simon had sex with the girlfriend. I like to write about the encounters we have into stories.” Bianca said as she forked a piece of fruit. “Wow, that’s great! I too keep a journal about my sex encounters, a sex diary to be precise. In fact, I even wrote about last night in my sex diary.” I replied. “Sounds like you have juicy stories in your diary. I just got an idea, how about you and my husband go out on a date tonight?” Bianca said to me. “You want me to go out with your husband?” I said in amazement. “Yes, this could be another new sexual experience for you like last night.” As I pondered on that idea, I sipped on my orange juice a few times. Then, I responded, “A date with Simon does sound very intriguing, we could even get to know each other a little better. Okay, I’m in!” “Great!” Bianca said happily. “Plus, I got a brand new dress to wear for such an occasion.” I said to her. “I can’t wait to see it!” Bianca exclaimed happily. Bianca and I raised our glasses, clinked them together, and said, “Here’s to our weekend in Vegas!” It was the second day of my weekend in Las Vegas and I was already looking forward to my date with Simon. THE END

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Widow-Part Ten

At seven o’clock, I was all dressed up, called Grayson to let him know I was on my way, and ready to go. I got into my Altima and I entered Grayson’s address into my GPS; I followed all the directions which led to me to Grayson’s house in Los Angeles. His house was a two-story condominium on Wilshire Boulevard. I walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell. Grayson opened the door for me and said to me, “Katherine, glad you make it. Please come right in.” “Your place is very spectacular.” I replied as we walked into the condominium. “Why thank you. Dinner will be ready shortly. You could make yourself comfortable in the living room while I set the table.” Grayson said to me. “Okay.” I replied as I sat on the brick red-colored sofa. While sitting down, I had a noticed a picture of Grayson and his family on the table next to the sofa. I said to Grayson, “What a lovely family picture you have there.” “Thanks, it’s a picture of me, my parents, and siblings. We had our picture taken while on vacation in St. Lucia last year.” Grayson replied. I smelled the aroma from the kitchen and said, “Dinner smells great.” “It’s ready. Join me at the dining room table.” Grayson said to me. I walked into the kitchen and sat at the nicely set dining room table. Grayson served up braised beef short ribs over mashed potatoes on two plates and served tomato slices sprinkled with olive oil, sea salt, and black pepper on a separate plate. He then took out a bottle of 2008 Benziger Cabernet from the wine fridge and poured it in two wine glasses. We savored our dinner and slowly sipped the wine as we talked. “So how long have you been a realtor?” I asked Grayson. “I’ve been working with Coldwell Banker for eight years.” Grayson replied. “I bet it must be very difficult to sell houses in a struggling real estate market.” I said to him. “The market’s struggling, but like other realtors, we’re doing our best to keep thriving under these circumstances. In fact, my family’s into the home business.” Grayson replied as he took a bite of his dinner. “Really? What does your family do in the home business?” I asked him. “My dad’s a contractor/builder/electrician and my mom’s an interior designer/decorator; I have four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. I’m the second of the five. My oldest brother Brent is an architect and my younger brother Tim is in construction. My two sisters, Darla and Janette, are in the business as well. Darla does landscaping and gardening; Janette does plumbing, remodeling, heat installation, and flooring. Plus, I have an aunt, uncle, and cousin who flip houses.” Grayson explained to me. “Wow! That’s very impressive; I swear, you and your family should have your own show on HGTV or DIY Network.” I said to him. “I’m flattered by your compliment.” Grayson replied with a smile. I smiled back at him as I took another bite of my dinner and took a few tomato slices onto my plate. “On the holidays, my family and I would get together to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. We also like to feed the hungry and the homeless because my mother and her family used to be homeless and poor, so we like to give back any way we can. When my mother was little, she had this dream about opening a hospital for the homeless and the poor.” Grayson said. “How very remarkable. I bet your mom does great work when it comes to decorating, especially with centerpieces like the one at the open house this morning.” I replied as I slowly sipped my wine. We stared into each other’s eyes as we ate our dinner and sipped the cabernet sauvignon. Then I said to Grayson, “Dinner’s very delicious, I enjoyed each bite. Plus, you’re a really good cook.” “Why thank you so much. I have the Hello Vino app on my smart phone, which helps me pick wine for whatever meal I’m cooking. Also, I got the braised short rib recipe from the Bon Appetite website. I keep plenty of recipes from websites, cookbooks, and cooking magazines.” Grayson said. We both finished our dinner and took a few sips of the wine. After dinner, Grayson said to me, “Why don’t you take a look around the place while I get dessert ready and clean the kitchen?” “Okay.” I said to him as I got up and walked around Grayson’s condo. I walked up the spiral staircase and even took a look at the balcony/patio area on the second floor, which had a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean; the balcony/patio even had sleek, yet comfortable furniture, a fire pit, and also a rectangular glass table. “Grayson, your place has the most amazing view of the ocean.” I happily said to him as I went back inside. “I know, those views of ocean are beautiful, relaxing, and calming all at the same time.” Grayson replied as he came from the kitchen with two bowls of ice cream in both of his hands. “I see you made dessert already.” I said to him. “I made two very delicious chocolate caramel banana splits. I figure we have dessert right on the balcony.” Grayson replied. The banana splits Grayson made consisted each of one banana cut in half, three scoops of double vanilla ice cream in the middle, two of the ice cream scoops were topped with chocolate sauce and the middle scoop was topped with caramel, and all three ice cream scoops were topped with whipped cream. Grayson and I relaxed at the balcony, eating banana splits, and all while enjoying the ocean view and of course each other. “I almost forgot to tell you that you look gorgeous tonight.” Grayson said as he looked at me with those chocolate brown eyes of his. “Why thank you very much.” I replied as I took another bite of my banana split. After dinner, wine, and dessert, Grayson walked me to my car because I was about to go home. I thanked him for a wonderful dinner date. “If ever you need to look for a new house, you have my business card.” Grayson said as I about to drive back to Fair Oaks. “Of course, I call you for when I need a new place.” I replied. Once I got home, my cell phone vibrated in my purse. I took the cell phone out from my and read a text message I received from The Elite League. It was from Kwan about my next kill assignment where the pay is seventy-five thousand for the kill and it was scheduled two weeks from today. I replied to Kwan, accepting the assignment. The next day, I called Orabella on the house phone and made several Slumber Party purchases for two big gift baskets I want to make for Simon and Bianca; I even made a few purchases for myself. I then went over to Good Vibes and a nearby pharmacy, both in San Francisco, for a condom/lubricant run. I wanted to both stock up my medicine cabinet and gather some more items for Simon and Bianca’s gift baskets. Once I got home, I read and filled out the Slumber Party Consultant Application and Agreement I received in the mail along with the product catalog before putting it in the mailbox. After that, I gathered my guns and went to the firing range for target practice; I especially want to keep my skills sharp for my assignments. I then went to the gym for my workouts for two or three hours. I came back home from my busy day out and took a hot shower, then I called Clarissa on my cordless phone. She had told me about this big divorce party she’s planning for Piper Newburg, who I recommended to her. Clarissa gave me some of the details about Piper’s divorce party. From what she had told me, Piper’s divorce party was going to be a very big shindig with plenty of food, drinks, activities, and even some entertainment. I then went into my bedroom and looked through my closet for something to wear for my date with Devin on Friday night. Since he’s taking me somewhere nicer than the biker bar where we first met, I thought about wearing a sexy black gown with my favorite pair of black heels. I found this gorgeous black dress that was in my closet; it was a short, black dress with a revealing black lace top and sleeves and a twisted panel overlay at the bust. I had bought the dress while I was pregnant for when I would lose the pregnancy weight, which I did since after my miscarriage. I took it out of the closet, tried it on, and it fit me like a glove. With my date night outfit selected, I got out of the bedroom and went online to my computer to Skype chat with Bianca and Simon. Their wedding anniversary’s the week after next week and three of us have got our travel plans finalized, especially since three of us each planned on going to Las Vegas by car rather than flying. Bianca and Simon were happy that I got a room booked at the Wynn Hotel & Casino on the same floor as their room, so that way we can see and meet up with each other at the hotel. Early Friday morning, I went to town to run a few errands. My first stop of the morning was to the bank, where I both made a withdrawal from my savings account and put my wedding and engagement rings into a safety deposit box for financial emergencies. Then, I went to the gym for my workouts, including two newly added classes to my workout repertoire: kettlebell and hot yoga. I even stopped by the nearest sporting goods store and bought a kettlebell for my own at-home workout sessions. Next, I went to a vitamin store and got myself some sexual wellness products such as female libido enhancement supplements, ginseng, and breast enhancement cream. Finally, I returned home to get ready for my date with Devin. I went into the bedroom, took out that black dress that I looked at yesterday from my closet, and laid it on the bed. Once I picked out my accessories, underwear, and shoes, I took a nice, warm shower in the bathroom: I finished my shower, slipped on my plush bathrobe, and styled my hair into a gorgeous half-up hairstyle. I got myself dressed and was ready for my date. I opened the door and there was Devin; he had a dark sweater, dark jeans, and a black leather jacket. “Devin, you cleaned up nice. I’m so glad to see you again.” I said to him. “You look very gorgeous in that dress, Kat. These are for you.” Devin said as he gave me a bouquet of flowers. “Thank you for the flowers, they’re lovely.” I replied. As soon as I put the flowers in a vase full of water, Devin and I left my house and went out on our dinner date. He had reservations at this local steakhouse/seafood restaurant over in Glendora. As we dined on surf and turf, we conversed on topics such as hobbies, interests, favorite foods, and even working out. “What made you interested in motorcycles?” Devin asked me. “My late husband had two motorcycles, but I mostly rode his Harley. I’ve been taking good care of it since I got my motorcycle license. I’ve never rode a motorcycle in the daytime before.” I replied. “One day, I’m thinking of having my own motorcycle repair shop. I can use another line of work. I personally have been interested in motorcycles since I was a teenager and I’m very good with my hands.” Devin said to me. “That sounds great. I’ve been thinking about starting on a couple of businesses for myself since my departed husband had left me a very large amount of money.” I said to him. After dinner was paid for, Devin then said to me, “Would you happen to know a good place for dessert?” I replied, “There are plenty of places in California for sweet treats. In fact, I know a place right here in Glendora that has the best doughnuts.” We then made a stop at The Donut Man and had doughnuts for dessert. The first one I picked from the dozen was a strawberry-stuffed donut. I took a big bite of the donut and slowly savored every juicy bite of the donut. Then, a strawberry fell off the donut and landed on my napkin. Once I finished eating the donut, I took the strawberry and fed it to Devin. “So what do you think?” I asked Devin. “It’s so delicious. Would you mind if I have the other strawberry-filled donut?” Devin said to me. I looked at Devin and said, “Go right ahead.” Once Devin got the other strawberry-filled donut, I then got two donuts from the box: a chocolate-frosted French cruller and an apple-stuffed cinnamon crumb donut. As I took a bite of one of the donuts, Devin said to me, “The strawberry-filled doughnuts are so damn good!” “They are! You should definitely try the peach-filled doughnuts; those are only available when the peaches are in season.” I responded. “That sounds yummy.” Devin said as he looked into my eyes. I briefly watched as Devin took a devil’s food chocolate cake donut dipped in chocolate frosting and covered with rainbow sprinkles from the box. He broke off a piece and then fed it to me with his fingers. “Delicious.” I said after I ate the piece of that donut. After a while, Devin and I drove back to my home in Fair Oaks. He then walked me to the door. I said to him, “I really had a great time with you tonight, Devin.” “I had a great time with you too, Kat.” Devin replied as he smiled at me. I then gave a sweet, deep goodnight kiss to Devin’s lips before unlocking my front door and getting into the house. “Goodnight, Devin.” I said. “Goodnight, Kat. We should go out again sometime.” Devin said. My date with Devin was just amazing, especially when we fed each other doughnuts for dessert. I had a great time and everything. The next morning, I checked my mailbox and got the mail. I received what looked like an invitation; it was the invite for Piper Newburg’s divorce party. The invitation shaped like a pink-and-purple butterfly. The party was slated for the last weekend of the month, it had a dual theme butterfly by day/naughty girl by night, and it had an agenda which included a spa day at Pampered To A Pulp and a striptease/lap dance/pole dance class at day and drinks at a martini bar and the main party at her house in Palm Springs. I haven’t been to Palm Springs since me and Carl’s wedding, but maybe this time I can make new memories at the party; I was definitely excited about it. Also, I received my premier kit from Slumber Parties in the mail so I can start my side business. I thought to myself, this could make me rich; maybe I can start a sale at Piper’s party. After going through my mail, I worked out, cleaned up, and had breakfast. I then thought about what to do today and then I had an idea: spending the weekend in Los Angeles. I even had my own itinerary of shopping, dining, club hopping downtown and in West Hollywood (or WeHo as the locals call it), and staying a super nice hotel. I went online and booked a reservation to The Ritz-Carlton Los Angeles. Once confirmed, I printed out the papers, packed my suitcase with clothes and necessities, got the keys to both my house and the Phantom, took my purse with my wallet, and drove out to the City of Angels.