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MCFOTM Feburary--Taylor Lautner (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!)

I recently posted about having Taylor Lautner being my new addition to my bang list and that day is finally here! My Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month for Feburary 2010 is the hot, newly single, (and now legal) Taylor Lautner!

I've been kind of obsessed with him since New Moon came out in theatres as you can see from my post about the movie. I have also recently made a video about him and even wrote a New Moon-inspired visual involving him. I had heard about the break up of him and girl Taylor (Taylor Swift, that is). My romantic side was sad to hear about the split but my sexual side wanted to take him. I had been having fantasies of him. I had two fantasies of Taylor. The first one with him as Jacob which had inspired me to write The Warmth of The Werewolf, my New Moon-inspired visual. The other one with Taylor as himself where me and him go out on a romantic date with roses, dinner, a steamy shower, and him carrying me in his strong arms to my bedroom where we made sweet, pass…

Preview of Donnie Klang visual/song fic-Doctor Love

Dr. Donnie aka Dr. Love came into the home of Corrina Hartley. She was suffering from a case of broken heart syndrome whose symptoms include sadness, inability to sleep or eat, loneliness, social isolation, and redness of the eyes from excessive crying. Also, she was love sick.

Dr. Love found her laid on the sofa with a sad gaze in her eyes and face. He got out his doctor's kit and checked her eyes with a mini flashlight. They were red and he carefully lifted her from the couch. He carried to her to his personal ambulance/car and drove her to the General Love Hospital.

Call me Doctor Love baby...

I'm Doctor Love (Love) [x2]
Come be my patient (patient),
I'll cure you without a drug
I'm Doctor Love

[VERSE 1:]
You could call me the love doctor
I'm a make you feel better
Sometimes pain is pleasure
Lay down on the stretcher
Love sick but I got the cure
So don't you panic, babe
You'll be beggin' me for more
After the surgery
Once they arrived, Dr. Love laid Cor…

A Different Kind of Heat-Eddie Cibrian visual

Gloria Summers drove over to her winter place, a luxury log cabin in the North Georgia mountains, one winter night. The snow was white and pure, the winds were cold, icy, and howling. The oustide looked like a perfect winter wonderland. She arrived at her log cabin in her silver car. It was a perfect escape from the cold nights in Atlanta.

Once she was inside her cabin, she took off her coat and went in to change into her warmest pajamas. She does love the city life and all, but sometimes even city girls like her need a break from the noise and traffic of the city. The interior and appliances in her cabin was a mix of the classic with the modern. She went to her kitchen and fixed herself a cup of hot cocoa. She started a fire in her fireplace and got very warm in an instant.

As she sipped her cocoa, she listened to the wind howl outside and watched the snow fall. She then turned on the radio for some romantic music and just relaxed. Then, the music momentarily stopped for a weather bul…

Preview of Pleasured By a Pirate

Rachel Morgan deserved a good, long vacation and traveled to the Florida Keys. After working so hard over the holidays at the office, she earned plenty of cash to use for her trip. She wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny, a change from the cold, hard winter in Cincinnati. Rachael also wanted to get away from her jerk ex-boyfriend Jack, who she dumped because he wasn't romantic, took her love for granted, their lovemaking was too routine, and their relationship had been in a rut. She got into her rental car and drove to her hotel room at the Coconut Beach Resort. Her room had a balcony with a very amazing view of the beach and the turquoise-colored waters. It was very much paradise to her. Rachael then unpacked her things and got herself ready to go out.

Rachael went out for a walk along the streets of Key West for some sightseeing and some shopping. She went inside the Pirate Soul Museum and checked it out for herself. She got a good look at the various exhibits and artifacts abo…

Strip For You-Brian vizzie/song fic

Hey baby...
What you doin'?
Well, stay there.
I got a surprise for you.
I'm on my way over.
Brian called Joanna on her cell phone one late afternoon. He wanted to see her while she was on her business trip downtown. Meanwhile at her hotel suite, Joanna came in and answered her phone.
"Hi, Brian." She said on to her phone.
"How are you? How's the conference?" Brian asked her.
"Fine, baby. Just exhausted. Had a really bad day that I don't want to talk about." Joanna replied.
"I was thinking I can come over, surprise you, and relax you." Brian suggested.
"Great. I can't wait to see you and your surprise." Joanna excitedly replied.
Suddenly I feel like I wanna break loose
Jump in my six and come and see you
Girl, I'm gonna do something that's brand new
Umm, I got a kinky surprise for you
So girl get ready cuz I'm on my way
Put your sexy body in some negligee
And if you feel me, let me know it right now
Baby, this is how it…

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:First Class Throwdown

Alias:Carlie Christina (C.C.) Sorenston, new flight attendant

Mission:To rescue a flight full of world leaders from terroist plot

Location:A flight en route to a world summit in San Francisco from New York City

For my new mission, I had to go undercover as a flight attendant for a new airline. The new airline I had been referred to is Fairway Airlines. The airline was developed and created by wealthy Canadian billionaire Steven St. John, who also runs a multilmillion dollar company that specializes in real estate and entertainment over in Nova Scotia. His net worth is the billions, 340 billion to be exact.

Fairway Airlines first debuted in Montreal five years ago. Right now, the airline hopes to expand the airline to the United States by opening up hubs in New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Miami, then expanding to other major U.S. cities later in the year. I had gone through the training for new flight attendants and such. I went to the hub at the LaGuardia where I was assigned. T…