A Different Kind of Heat-Eddie Cibrian visual

Gloria Summers drove over to her winter place, a luxury log cabin in the North Georgia mountains, one winter night. The snow was white and pure, the winds were cold, icy, and howling. The oustide looked like a perfect winter wonderland. She arrived at her log cabin in her silver car. It was a perfect escape from the cold nights in Atlanta.

Once she was inside her cabin, she took off her coat and went in to change into her warmest pajamas. She does love the city life and all, but sometimes even city girls like her need a break from the noise and traffic of the city. The interior and appliances in her cabin was a mix of the classic with the modern. She went to her kitchen and fixed herself a cup of hot cocoa. She started a fire in her fireplace and got very warm in an instant.

As she sipped her cocoa, she listened to the wind howl outside and watched the snow fall. She then turned on the radio for some romantic music and just relaxed. Then, the music momentarily stopped for a weather bulletin. It reported of some strong winds and heavy snow coming in her direction. Luckily, Gloria has a portable generator plugged up beside the cabin so she can have power in case of a snowstorm. The music went back on and Gloria went into the kitchen. She decided to fix dinner. She seasoned up a some thick ribeye steaks, chilled some red wine, cooked some portabello mushrooms in white wine, and baked a chocolate cake all at the same time. Once the mushrooms were done, she pan fried then broiled steaks in the toaster oven and put butter on top of them. She took the cake out of the oven as soon as the steaks were done.

The steaks rested as the cake cooled. She took out a can of chocolate frosting from the pantry and iced both even layers. Dinner and dessert were all ready. She then fixed her dinner plate when the doorbell rang. Gloria opened the door to find a tall, dark, and handsome man all bundled up.

He said, "Excuse me, Miss. My car had just broken down a few miles from here. Is it okay if I come in?"

Gloria replied, "Please come in. Let's get you out from the bitter cold. I'm Gloria and welcome to my cabin."

"Thanks, I'm Eddie. Your place is very nice." He replied.

She let him in as she closed the door. She then asked, "Are you hungry?"

"Why yes I am." He said as he flashed his perfect, dimpled smile.

"OK. Why don't you make yourself comfortable while I fix our plates?" Gloria replied.

As Eddie sat on the couch, Gloria fixed their plates and they ate together at the living room. "So what brings you to my neck of the woods?" She asked him.

"I was on my way to the city when all of a sudden my car broke down and I noticed the lights were on at your place." He said.

"Well, my cabin is a very cozy place in the winter, especially on very cold, blustery nights like this one." She replied with a smile as they both ate their dinner.

After dinner, Eddie helped Gloria wash and put away the dishes. They have dessert together. Both enjoyed the deliciously decadent chocolate cake she had made.

Eddie flashed his dimpled smile at Gloria as he said, "Dinner was fantastic, so was the dessert."

They heard the brisk, cold wind blowing outside and watched the pure, white snow fall. Gloria then had something in mind that could warm her and Eddie. She went into the bathroom and got the hot tub/whirlpool set up for a steamy, bubbly bath. She also lit a few scented candles around it.

"I'm about to take a very warm dip in the hot tub. Care to join me, Eddie?" I said to him.

"I'd love to." He replied.

Gloria and Eddie went into the spacious, decorated bathroom. They took their time, taking each other's clothes off. Once their bodies were bare naked, they stepped toward the hot tub. Gloria sat herself down on the edge of the tub. Eddie took in all of her inner and outer beauty. He walked up to her and deeply kissed her lips. With one hand, he stroked and played with her hair. The fingers on his other hand slid up and down her neck as his lips moved in the same direction. They kissed as Eddie's hands were sliding up and down her curvy body. He gently caressed her as they continued to make out. Their tongues touched inside each other's mouths. The bath became even more steamier as they rubbed vanilla cupcake-scented body wash all over their bodies. They rinsed and then slowly dried each other off. Once they were dried, they entered her spacious bedroom. Eddie gently laid her down on the queen-sized bed as he continued kissing her lips.

He got a bottle of strawberry and champagne-scented massage oil from the bathroom closet, poured the oil into his hands to warm it up, and began massaging it all over the front of her body. Gloria went from aroused to blissful as Eddie massaged her. He poured some more of the oil on to her knees and thighs. His still warm hands spread the oil on the rest of her body. Gloria slowly opened her eyes as Eddie sensually kissed her lips. She sat herself up on the bed as her oil-covered frontal body gently rubbed against his hot, ripped body. His hands ran through the silk-like texture of her cocoa chestnut brown, spine-length hair. His hands caressed every inch of her curvy body while he kissed and licked every inch of her neck. He then moved down to her sizable breasts. She moaned and groaned in intense pleasure. Her hands went up and down his back as his mouth traveled lower to her belly. He planted light kisses and licks on there.

"Mmmmmm, feels so good." Gloria moaned as he kissed up and down her body.

Eddie then lifted her bent legs and kissed both of her thighs. He slightly opened her legs as his fingers found her woman cavern, damp and hot. With the tip of his tongue, he softly licked her already hardened clit. His fingers then slipped into her pussy making it wetter. Her moans and groans became intense with each stroke. His mouth then tasted her. Gloria moaned loudly at the sensation of it. As Eddie orally pleased her, he stroked himself slowly with just one hand to get himself ready to go inside her. His other hand made feather-soft caresses up and down her stomach.

"You taste so sweet." Eddie said as he briefly looked into her eyes.

He got up and kissed her lips again. He then sat on the bed on his knees. Gloria then softly licked him. She tasted him while his hands gently stroked and played with her hair. Eddie deeply moaned at the feel of her lips. Her mouth felt so warm to the touch. Then, Eddie crawled up to her, kissed her lips again, and got out a condom from her nightstand. Once he slipped it on, he slowly entered her pussy inch by inch. His hands held on to her hips as he moved in and out of her. He kissed her face and neck while he was at it.

"Can you feel me inside you?" He whispered in her ear.

"Oh yes and I love it!" Gloria moaned loudly.

Eddie held her body close as they climaxed in each other's arms. Gloria kissed him deeply while her hands touched his body. Eddie took himself out of her and held Gloria while they watched the snow fall outside from her bedroom window. Despite a heavy snowstorm and very cold winds, the heat from Gloria and Eddie's bodies kept them warm all night.



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Awesome, I like the title of story:))...great job Jana.

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