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my Youtube channel

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People's Sexiest Men Alive issue

I have just picked up People Sexiest Men Alive issue with Hugh Jackman gracing the cover. He's definitely HOT for an Aussie! Also in the issue, there's these four pages where you can actually smell the sexy men's scents. I enjoy that particular feature especially b/c the scents made me imagine fantasies of them.

Christopher Meloni-his scent "A day at the beach"-my fantasy having sex on the beach with him with the scent of surf, sand, sex, sand, and skin.

Michael Phelps-his scent-YSL L'Homme-my fantasy:me and him having a romp in the hot tub

Taye Diggs-his scent-vanilla, chocolate, sandalwood,and musk oils-my fantasy-a steamy shower with him and then have him rub those oils in his hands and rub my body with them

Chace Crawford-his scent-freshly cut grass-my fantasy-rolling around, having sex on the fresh grass

Pleasure Times Two

Amy was by herself in her house. As she had stepped outside in the sunlight, her mind was occupied, not with something, but someone. She saw Nick coming up to her house. He was madly in love with her. He couldn't wait to take her in his arms and feel every inch of her creamy skin.
Nick smiled at Amy as he passionately, deeply kissed her super sweet, soft lips. Amy's hands were all over his back.

He broke the kiss and said to Amy, "Why don't we continue our little session at my place?"

Amy replied, "Sure, babe."

They got into his Phantom as they drove to his house. Everything about Nick turned Amy on. From his blonde hair to his sparkling blue eyes to his lean body, Amy can't get enough of him. Once they had arrived at his house, they continued to make out on his sofa.

His hands were massaging all over Amy's body as he slowly began taking off her clothes. His lips moved down to her neck and throat as he unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. He…