Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Seduction in Silk

One night, I was sitting in my home, listening to a mix CD of soft music on my CD player. The love songs made me think of my lover Brandon. I nearly fell asleep, listening to the music when I heard knocking on my door.

I opened the door and there was Brandon. He had a bag in his hand. I was so glad to see him. We sat down on the loveseat. He handed me a box from the bag and said to me “I bought you something.” I smiled as I opened to see what was inside. I opened the box and saw these three sashes. One was soft pink and the other two were lilac. All three of the sashes were made of 100% silk which made them very, very soft to the touch. The soft pink was the deluxe sash and it had a Swarovski crystal butterfly on it. “You like?” Brandon asked. I said, “I love them! But what are they?” I said with glee. He told me those were bondage sashes. I was astounded.

Brandon said, “I looked at and felt the silk and it made me think of you. Your soft skin and just the feel of your body makes want you so bad. Would you like to try it?” I replied, “I’ll try anything.” He smiled and looked at me with those baby blue eyes. Then, he softly and deeply kissed my lips. While we were kissing, Brandon blindfolded me with the soft pink deluxe sash, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. My hands were running through his short medium brown hair. His hands slowly unbuttoned my blue short-sleeved blouse button by button and unzipped my jeans. I was blindfolded and in my pink lace bra and panties. I felt his large hands covering my body with soft, slow caresses. My hands felt his six-pack abs as he was taking off his shirt. I had recognized his scent, his pheromones mixed with musk. Even though I was blindfolded, my four other senses (smell, touch, taste, and sound) were heightened. He sat me down and then laid me on the bed. He had the other two sashes in his hand. With them, he carefully tied them around my wrists while they were holding on to the bedpost. He unhooked the front of my bra, releasing my 42C breasts .I felt his lips kissing and lightly sucking my throat before moving down to them.

With his hands, he cupped them. His wet pink tongue began licking my nipples. I let out a soft moan as he sucked my breasts then gave them soft kisses. I heard him whisper, “I love how soft your breasts are, especially in my hands and mouth.” His hands were slowly caressing my hips, thighs, and legs. His lips moved lower to my belly, kissing me there. I slowly lifted my hips, giving Brandon access to take off my boy short panties. He said, “Let’s untie you.” Once the panties were off, he got up and untied my wrists from the bedposts. I managed to keep the blindfold on. His fingers were softly stroking my bare clit and pussy. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. I gradually moaned a little louder when his fingers were inside my pussy. My walls clamped on to his fingers, making him feel my wetness. Brandon then let his mouth and tongue take it from there. I moaned, groaned, and squeezed my breasts, as he tasted my sweet nectar. My hands held head down there. I nearly came at the feel of his mouth. He got up and said, “Are you okay, baby?” and I said, “Yes”

Brandon sat behind me on the bed. His hands were squeezing my breasts as he was kissing and licking my neck. He inhaled my feminine scent. His tongue licked from my neck up to my ear. He got up and took off his jeans. I felt his 8.5-inch cock hardening for me under his boxer briefs. I heard him moan from my touch. Brandon laid on top of my body and his cock slowly plunged inside me. I felt myself getting wet and I heard his moans. He buried his face in my neck. After our collective orgasms, Brandon gently collapsed, kissing my lips. He removed the blindfold from my eyes and asked, “How was it?” I smiled back and said, “It was wonderful, yet so mysterious. I loved my gift.” He smiled as he kissed my forehead while holding me in his arms.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal:Biker Boy

I love my job as the photographer for Fantasies For Women magazine. It’s like Playgirl meets Cosmopolitan, but with more photos and stuff. My name’s Kristy Garrison. I was so excited about to do photo work for the magazine’s debut issue. My first photo op was a photo shoot for the cover and centerfold with an up-and-coming male supermodel named Frederico Di Pellani from Italy. He was tall, dark, buff, and handsome. He had short, black hair, deep, soulful chocolate brown eyes, chiseled face, and a sexy little smile. When he arrived, he smiled at me and then kissed my hand. He was almost as sexy as either Fabio or Antonio Sabato Jr. For the photo shoot, Frederico was to be a biker on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He came out with a black leather jacket, no shirt, black leather boots, and black leather chaps over tight, dark jeans. I thought to myself I bet all the men in Italy are so fine; Michelangelo’s David would probably wear clothes. I got my 35 MM camera ready as he got on the motorcycle. First, he began leaning on the motorcycle like he was riding it.

While taking pictures of Frederico on the motorcycle, I began having a fantasy. I imagined myself on the motorcycle with him, holding on to his body. I took even more pictures of him while he took off the leather jacket, giving me and my assistant shutterbug Wendy Carson a long glimpse of his god-like body, ripped in all the right places. I’m telling you seeing a shirtless Italian man on an American motorcycle was making my engine running hot and heavy. Then, I took photos of him without the jeans and chaps, wearing only his underwear. But when he got out fully naked, I was afraid his well hung, Italian hotness would burn out my camera. After the shoot wrapped, I started to change cameras and Frederico put the outfit back on. Then, he slowly walked up behind me. He looked at me with those deep brown eyes, smiled at me, and asked in fluent English “Kristy, have you ever had kissed with a man on motorcycle?” I smiled and looked at him and replied, “Why, I’ve never done that before, especially with an Italian.” He giggled and then he softly kissed my lips. I put down my camera on the table and wrapped my arms around his neck. I asked Wendy to bring and use the digital camera while the film from the 35 MM gets developed. Wendy began taking the pictures. I was still making out with Frederico while sitting on the motorcycle with him. He slowly unbuttoned my denim jacket as it fell to the floor, revealing my olive brocade corset top and black stretch pants. I felt his hands running through my hair, lost in the silky strands in a shade of dark brown.

His hands moved all the way down to the small of my back. His lips began kissing my neck. My fingers felt his hair.

“You, Kristy, have a body of a voluptuous goddess.” Frederico said, looking at me. I was already blushing as he took his time unhooking my corset top while his lips were moving my neck to the tops of my breasts.

“Well, you’re my first.” I said, nicely.

“So are you.” He said, also nicely.

My hands stroked his smooth, ripped body as we sat back down. I got up to take my shoes off. Carefully, he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, sliding them down my hips and past my legs. He cupped my 44C breasts with his hands. He softly suckled, licked, and kissed them. I moaned softly, but loud enough for him to hear my enjoyment. I smiled as I watched moved a little lower to my stomach. I laid myself down on the seat of the motorcycle while he softly kissed me there. My fingers ran through his hair. All I had left on was my black boy short panties. He slowly pulled me up, deeply and passionately kissing my lips. We rested on the floor next to the motorcycle. I began taking off his leather chaps and dark jeans. I saw that he was wearing navy blue boxer briefs that hugged his 7-inch manhood. I felt his hands softly squeezing and caressing my round, soft behind under my panties.

He sat up and put hand down my panties. Softly, his fingers were stroking my woman lips. I felt my juices carefully coaxing his fingers as he smoothly plunged them inside and outside of me. I moaned and groaned against his mouth. Frederico stifled them with another passionate kiss. I laid down as he started kissing my knees and thighs. I smiled as I thought to myself Are all Italian men such good lovers? Because either there’s something in the water in Italy or they’re all romantic and passionate like Rudolph Valentino?

I arched my back, making it easier for Frederico to remove my panties. He did just that in one easy swoop. I felt my body burning when his mouth began kissing and licking on my womanhood. When it came lovemaking, he was doing everything right especially taking his time and having foreplay. I felt my juices slowly dripping to his mouth as he was sucking me. After sampling my sweet nectar, Frederico got up and took off his briefs. My hand felt his 7-inch manhood hardening my hand, which meant he was ready for me.

He got on top of me and deeply, slowly went in and out of me. His thrusts were deep and slow. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kept going. My moans became loud screams of passion. Frederico buried his face in my neck, calling my name. Once he spilled his seed inside me, he gathered me in his muscular arms and planted soft kisses on my face and neck.

After the shoot wrapped, Wendy and I gathered our photo equipment and we were done for today. We were ready to get the photos developed and ready to be put in the magazine’s very first issue. Frederico said to me, “Thank you. Grazi for the wonderful opportunity of working and playing with you. I look forward to doing it with you again soon.” I smiled and said, “Likewise, Frederico.” He kissed my hand and said to me and Wendy “Ciao.”

Wendy was stunned as she said, “Wow, that was like hottest photo shoot we ever had.” I agreed and said, “Yeah, especially with an Italian stud and a motorcycle. This is going to be really great, taking pictures of men for a women’s erotic magazine. This is the start of many encounters.” We laughed as were going to the darkroom, developing the pictures.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Denise Fallon:CIA Spy:Mob Girl

I’m on a new mission. My assignment was to go undercover, get information, and take down this mob called the Devil Rays. According to the case file, they reside in New York City. They’re not like any of the mobs in The Godfather movies or The Sopranos. They’re not Italian-American, they don’t have a lot of men, not everyone’s related in this mob, they don’t have nicknames, and they do more robbing than whacking. They were a small mob of five men. Plus, they’re an uptown mob.

I flew over to New York City. I was going by the alias Delilah Garrett who comes from Miami, Florida as a one-woman mafia and I was staying at the Doubletree Suites. Through my CIA contacts, I had managed to find more information on the Devil Rays. I found out that all five members are from upper- to upper-middle class families. Aside from living uptown, they do charity work and they had only committed one crime: robbing seven millionaires in the Hamptons at a country club benefit, stealing jewelry, cash, etc. But they had a plan for the next one and I got to hear it.

That night, I went to the Ritz Carlton because I was invited for a “business” dinner. I wore my “mob outfit”, consisting of a black pinstriped long-sleeved top with zip up front, big white collar and cuffs; a matching pleated miniskirt, long black suede knee-length boots, a rhinestone tie, and a black fedora hat. I wore a deep reddish brown long hair wig with big curls at the ends under my dark brown hair. I even wore 20-carat teardrop-shaped diamond earrings that have a built-in microphone and tape recorder in both of them. I met with all five of the guys. They were all handsome. I sat down next to the leader, Frank. He introduced me to Thomas, Kenneth, Donald, and Gerald. Their ages ranked from early to mid-20s. They all looked more like male models who should be in Playgirl than mobsters. I listened in as they were discussing their plan to rob this mega millionaire James La Salle who lives in Park Avenue, take his cash, and leave with clean hands. While they talk, I wrote a note and gave it to Frank before I left. While going to my hotel suite, I notified the head of CIA about the Devil Rays’ plan.

The note read: “Got an offer you can’t refuse. Meet me at the Four Seasons, Room 428. Delilah”. While waiting for Frank, I went into my suit and slipped into something a little more comfortable, a black/baby pink see-thru lace-up bustier ensemble with a garter skirt and black lace thigh high stockings. Frank arrived just in time. He sat down on a chair and got comfortable. I came in with my lingerie, boots, and my earrings still on. I gave him a look. He was one of the “tall, dark, handsome” types. Blue-green eyes, dark brown hair, clean-shaven face, everything about him were a turn-on to me. I sat on his lap and kissed his lips. I felt his hands resting on my backside. He noticed me and said in clear, plain English, “Delilah, you look very delectable. As delectable as a slice of New York-style cheesecake.” His hands went up from my butt to my back as we were still kissing each other’s lips. We moved over to my bed. I watched as Frank took off his button-down shirt. He had the kind of body that rivals that of any daytime drama actor, he had abs you could wash your clothes on, a hairless chest, and arms that can hug you in a tight embrace.

I sat on the bed as he took off my boots. He laid beside me while taking off his pants, wearing only tightie whities. His hands slid down my body, feeling every inch of my hourglass-shaped body. He deeply kissed my lips as his fingers explored my soft skin. He moved lower to my neck, kissing and softly sucking me there. Slowly, he unlaced the front of my bustier. His fingers felt the soft, full roundness of my breasts and then replaced his fingers with his mouth. I let out a sigh as he moved his lips down to my stomach. His hands were going up and down my hips, thighs, and legs. He unhooked the garters, carefully removed my stockings, and lifted the garter skirt from my waist. I felt his tongue softly licking my thighs. I moaned. He saw a wet spot on my thong. He pushed it aside. With his mouth, he dampened two of fingers and entered them inside my pussy and clit. I was hot and wet all at once. He smiled as he looked at me and said, “Are you always this wet?” I said to him “Not often.” I moaned and panted as my walls tightened around his fingers, covering them in my wet liquid silk. Frank got up to put on a condom. After that, he slowly removed my thong. My hand felt his cock hardening around my fingers. He removed his underwear and he deeply, slowly went inside me. I felt all 8 inches of him swell up. His hips were grinding against me, nice and slow. I hear his moans against my neck and I also heard him call my name. After our orgasms, our sweaty bodies were wrapped in a passionate embrace. While Frank was falling asleep, I got up, put my lingerie back on, and took out .9 MM from my purse. I quietly went back to my bedroom. I slowly woke up Frank by having my hand feel his cock. I watched him stir from his sleep, slowly opening his eyes. I whispered his name. He opened his eyes and noticed me pointing my gun to him. He jumped up and said “Whoa! What’s this all about, Delilah?” I said to him “Tell where are the other Devil Rays are and I won’t have to kill you while you’re naked in my bed.” He was singing like a canary, telling me about their plan to rob the millionaire who lives in Central Park. They wanted to rob him out of spite for two main reasons: 1) Kenneth, who looks a lot like Ricky Martin in the “Living La Vida Loca” video, was supposed to be engaged to La Salle’s daughter Veronica, but the father didn’t approve of him so the wedding and engagement were called off. 2) Donald was in a scandalous affair with La Salle’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Alexa and caught them in a compromising position while working for them as a pool boy and chef. I asked, “Are they are there?” Frank said “Not yet. They’ll be at the condo in 20 minutes. It’s on the fifth floor, room 5209.There’s even a safe hidden in his office.”

After hearing what Frank had to say, I told him to put his clothes on and come with me. I tied his wrists together with a silk scarf as we left the room. I slipped on my mob outfit and locked the door behind us. We went to my black Saturn Ion, gave the information to headquarters, and drove to the condominium on Park Avenue. I went up the stairs to the fifth floor with my .9MM in tote. I arrived at room 5209 before the other Devil Rays arrived. I went into James and Alexa’s bedroom. James was all alone in the bedroom, sleeping. There was a note on the nightstand saying that Alexa and Veronica went on a mother/daughter trip to the Caribbean. Then, I heard footsteps and it sounded like the other Devil Rays. I hid in the bathroom as they came in. They were all wearing black shirts and jeans with gloves and masks. I followed them to the office and hid outside the door. I heard them getting the safe open. I grabbed Frank, came in, and yelled, “Nobody move!”

“Delilah!” they shouted in unison. “Alright nobody move or Frank here swims with the fishes!” I shouted as I placed my gun on Frank’s temple. Donald, Thomas, Kenneth, and Gerald all dropped the cash. “Before you leave with the cash, Frank has something to share with you all.” I said to them. “She’s knows about our plan.” Donald said, “What?” Thomas said, “Was she going to kill you?” “Yes, because she’s a Fed.” Frank frantically yelled. Kenneth asked Frank “Does she work for the FBI?” Frank said “CIA”. “Uh-oh!” they all said. I grabbed Donald and spin-kicked him in the chest. I, then, punched and kicked Kenneth and hit him in the face with a book. I went after Gerald and then shot him once in the back, making him fall in pain. I let Frank go only to punch him in the back. I notified CIA and NYPD that the Devil Rays’ heist has been aborted and apprehended.

Cops arrived at the crime scene and took them away. I gave Frank one last long kiss before he was carried away. The head of CIA congratulated me on job well done before explaining to Mr. La Salle about what had happened that night. Mr. La Salle formally pressed charges against the young men. All 5 of the Devil Rays were arrested for and charged with robbery and breaking and entering. As for me, I’ve completed another one.

Until next mission, Denise.