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Kellan Lutz and hot guys with dogs

I had just seen this video on peta2's website features "Twilight" hunk Kellan Lutz talk about adopting animals and it shows his PETA ad with his dog Kota. A hot guy is great, A hot guy with a dog ever better. Usually, I'm all about Team Taylor and Team Jacob, but after seeing this video I'm starting to fall for Kellan. He's not only so hot, but he's also very sweet. Just seeing that video and the ad melted my heart. I say this to all my fans and Twlighters that if you see an abandoned dog or cat, please adopt them! Make a lonely dog (or cat) very happy!

Speaking of hot guys and dogs, I also made this video called "Hot Guys and Cute Dogs". You'll probably want to say "awwwww" a lot while watching it!

Watch Kellan's ad:

A Marine's First Taste of Chocolate (white male/black female interracial romance)

Jarard Jones, a 22-year old graduate fresh of the U.S. Marines, had celebrated his graduation with friends and family at the downtown Crowne Plaza hotel. His Marine friends, college and high school friends, family, and his parent's friends were all there. The banquet room got plenty of food and drinks. While Jarad was happy that he graduated from the Marines, lately he had been wanting to hook up with girl. Not just any girl, but a black girl.

Some of his Marine buddies have either dated them, had sex with them, fell in love with them, or all of the above. He wondered what it would like to be with a black girl in bed. As he was talking to all his friends, he then noticed a lovely black girl in her early 20s across from the banquet room. Her medium length black hair was in a curly updo. She wore a red and black bustier with red lace trim, black stretch pants, and red stiletto heels with red bows on them. Her neck was adorned with a five-strand faux pearl necklace and her right wrist…

Pleasured by a Pirate

Rachael Morgan deserved a good, long vacation and traveled to the Florida Keys. After working so hard over the holidays at the office, she earned plenty of cash to use for her trip. She wanted to go somewhere warm and sunny, a change from the cold, hard winter in Cincinnati. Rachael also wanted to get away from her jerk ex-boyfriend Jack, who she dumped because he wasn't romantic, took her love for granted, their lovemaking was too routine, and their relationship had been in a rut. She got into her rental car and drove to her hotel room at the Coconut Beach Resort. Her room had a balcony with a very amazing view of the beach and the turquoise-colored waters. It was very much paradise to her. Rachael then unpacked her things and got herself ready to go out.

Rachael went out for a walk along the streets of Key West for some sightseeing and some shopping. She went inside the Pirate Soul Museum and checked it out for herself. She got a good look at the various exhibits and artifacts ab…