A Marine's First Taste of Chocolate (white male/black female interracial romance)

Jarard Jones, a 22-year old graduate fresh of the U.S. Marines, had celebrated his graduation with friends and family at the downtown Crowne Plaza hotel. His Marine friends, college and high school friends, family, and his parent's friends were all there. The banquet room got plenty of food and drinks. While Jarad was happy that he graduated from the Marines, lately he had been wanting to hook up with girl. Not just any girl, but a black girl.

Some of his Marine buddies have either dated them, had sex with them, fell in love with them, or all of the above. He wondered what it would like to be with a black girl in bed. As he was talking to all his friends, he then noticed a lovely black girl in her early 20s across from the banquet room. Her medium length black hair was in a curly updo. She wore a red and black bustier with red lace trim, black stretch pants, and red stiletto heels with red bows on them. Her neck was adorned with a five-strand faux pearl necklace and her right wrist had on a diamond tennis bracelet. Jarard was amazed by her beauty.

He stepped out of the banquet room, walked up to her, and said, "Excuse me, I couldn't help notice how lovely you look tonight."

She said, "Why thank you,"

"I'm Jarard." He said.

"I'm Jana." She said to him.

"So nice to meet you." Jarard said as he kissed her hand.

"I noticed you were celebrating a graduation." She said.

"Yeah, I've just graduated from the U.S. Marines. I'm celebrating with all my friends and family." Jarard said.

"Congrats on graduating." Jana replied with a smile.

"Thanks so much. You look really good tonight. Plan on going out?" Jarard replied.

"I'm just waiting for some friends so we can go out to the club and then have dinner." Jana said.

"Sounds great." Jarard replied.

Then, Jana's cell phone rang in her red purse.

"Could you excuse me? I have to take this." Jana said as she excused herself to answer the call.

While she was on the phone, Jarard went back to the party. Jarard and Jana met again back at the hall.

"That was one of my friends calling from the hotel. She and the other girls couldn't make it But they said they will make it up to me over the weekend." Jana said,

"It's gonna be okay. How about we meet up later tonight after the party?" Jarard asked.

"Sure. Let me give you my number so you can call me." Jana replied as she wrote her cell phone number down on a Post-It note and gave it to him.

Later that night, Jarard called Jana on his cell phone after the party ended. He went out to meet with her at the Main Street 24-hour Diner. They had burger with fries and milkshakes for their dinner. As they were eating, Jarard couldn't help but look at her. His eyes studied her pink lips and then imagine kissing them.

After the dinner and dessert, the pair took a nighttime walk together and Jarard wrapped his arm around Jana's waist. He then looked into her dark brown eyes and said to her, "Do you know that you're the first black girl I've ever went out with?"

"Wow, I didn't know that." Jana said happily.

"Well, it's true. Some of my Marine buddies have been with black girls. Some have dated them, some are in love with them, and some even had sex with one." Jarard explained.

"You're the very first white guy I've ever been out with." Jana said, looking into his eyes. From the diner, they walked over to her Midtown apartment. Jana unlocked the door and turned on the lights while Jarard took a good look at her place.

"So what do you do?" Jarard asked her.

"I work at the cosmetic counter at Macy's and sell Avon in my spare time." Jana replied.

"That's great. Your place is very nice." Jarard said.

"Why thanks." She said.

Suddenly, Jarard slowly pulled Jana close to his body and deeply kissed her lips. He placed his on top of her head and took it down, letting it down to the tops of her shoulders. Jana carefully pulled herself away from Jarard.

"You look very sexy for a man in uniform." Jana said flirtatiously as she glanced at him from head to toe.

Jarard smiled at her and said, "Would you like to see what I look like without my uniform?"

"Love to." Jana replied.

In the back of Jana's mind, Jarard looked hotter in a Marine uniform than Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men. She watched as Jarard took off his uniform, one piece at a time. Jana was astounded by how fit and cut his body was, especially in the chest and abs. Jarard then walked up to her and carried her into his arms as though she was weightless. They entered her bedroom which was like a mix of Shabby Chic and uptown. Jarard continued kissing Jana's lips as he sat her down on the queen-size bed. He kneeled so he can take her shoes off. He then unbuttoned and unzipped her black pants before he pulled her close to his body.

Jana softly touched Jarard's short dark brown hair as they kissed again. Jarard then kissed down her neck while he unhooked her bustier. He continued kissing all around her neck while her hands explored his body. His hands were on her back as he unhooked her black strapless bra. Her lush 46C breasts were soft in his palms. Jana gasped as he started sucking on one of her quarter-sized nipples. He sucked and licked them, making her breasts sensitive to his mouth. As she laid down on top of the bed, his hands moved down from to her waist where her panties rested. He slowly pulled them off of her body as he started kissing her thick thighs. As he kissed up and down her thighs, he slipped one hand into his boxers and slowly stroked himself. His mouth moved lowered to her dampening pussy. He kissed and licked her juices while getting himself hard. Her pussy tasted sweet as if it were a ripe, sweet fruit. Jana's moans gradually went from piano soft to an increasing crescendo. After tasting her, he placed his fingers in and out of her pussy.

He fingered in and out of her pussy, feeling her tightness and her wetness. Jana became wetter and hotter by the minute. Jarard's cock was hard and ready to get inside her. Jarard took out a lubricated "for her" condom out from her nightstand and carefully slid it on to his already hardened cock.

He smiled as he looked into her chocolate brown eyes and said, "If this is your first time, I want it to be special. And Jana, you're very special."

"Jarard, not only are you my first white guy, you're the very first guy I've ever met." Jana replied.

Jarard kissed Jana's lips deeply and very passionately as his cock slowly entered her pussy. She loudly gasped and moaned while Jarard joined in the moment as he kissed and caressed her. He moved slow and deep inside her, making the moment even more intimate.

He gradually increased the pace as they reaced climax together. "Ooh, you feel so good. Come for me, my curvy chocolate queen. I love to hear your orgasm." Jarard said breathily.

Jana breathed, moaned, and groaned deep and heavily. She let out a loud, lust-filled scream as Jarard filled her again and again. Finally, he took himself out and came on her soft, large breasts. He then licked his own man milk from her breasts and passionately kissed her mouth while offering a taste of him.

"Was it good, baby? I hope I didn't hurt you." Jarard said.

"I've never been better. It was amazing beyond words." Jana replied, smiling at him.

Jarard kissed her again as their passion-and-sweat-covered bodies rested next to each other. He had been infatuated with her ever since they hooked up. There felt so much passion that night, color and race weren't a concern to either of them. Jarard had tasted chocolate for the first time, Jana tasted vanilla for the first time, and both loved it!



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