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PREVIEW: Ambassador's Ecstasy-an IR romantica story

I stepped out from my luxury apartment in Morningside Heights, my primary residence, with a suitcase in tow. My chauffer arrived in a black limo about to take me to JFK airport. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Georgina M. Appleton and I’m an US ambassador with the United Nations. I enjoy what I do; I travel the world, address serious global issues, interact with world leaders, and attend many fundraisers and social events.

I love to help make the world a better place for all people. While I enjoy my many humanitarian works, I am also a figure in the New York City social scene. I would be seen at many social parties, cultural events, and galas. My favorite cities are Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Miami, and of course New York City. I live in Morningside Heights, but I also have a place on East 54th Street where I can be closer to the United Nations. Aside from all that, my married life is another story. My husband Quentin of 7 years, a journalism professor at Columbia University…

Preview: Captain Kevin's Conquest

Captain Kevin was a brave, adventurous, handsome, and strong pirate, but he was also a romantic gentleman. He’s the kind of pirate who’s dashing to the ladies, yet fearsome to many other pirates when it comes to treasure. He was known was “The Seven Seas Thief” because he and his mighty crew would take the treasures before the other crews can get to it.

Beyond him being a pirate, he’s also a very handsome pirate. He was tall with dark green eyes, a goatee, and a tall, fit body. Aside from being a thief, he was also a charming, seductive romancer. He would also seduce and charm widows, maids, and wives while his crew searches the houses for treasures. One day, Captain Kevin and his crew had sailed into Jamaica, where this wealthy war captain named Andrew McVeigh lived in the summers. Captain McVeigh was on a voyage, leaving the house empty and the only person there was their upstairs maid named Kristina.

Kristina was straightening up the bedrooms while downstairs Captain Kevin and his …

Custom Made

My name is Alexandra Maria Evangeline Laurence and I love things that sparkle. Even though I came from a wealthy family, we’re also a hard-working family. My mom Lila owned a spa and has her own line of bath and body products, my dad Michael owned and operated a men’s suit shop, my older brother Anthony’s a pro-soccer-star-in-the-making/ physical therapist, and my younger sister Crystal’s studying to be an entrepreneur so she can start her own cosmetics/fragrance company, aspiring to become the next Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder. As for myself, I’m an aspiring fashion/jewelry/accessory designer, currently while I work at Saks Fifth Avenue as a sales associate and a cashier at American Eagle Outfitters. You’re probably wondering why a rich girl like me is working two jobs at two clothing stores. You see I go to design school and I make extra money for tuition, books, an apartment, etc. My siblings and I got trust funds which we can’t touch till we’re 30, but we don’t mind that at all…