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Taste of Victory

I was very excited about today. Today was my first official NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and my first as a rookie. My pit crew wishing me good luck, my fans in the stands were cheering for me and waving signs, my friends and family all supporting me. This was indeed my day. I wished the other NASCAR drivers good luck. Once the green flag dropped, I was ready to rev up my engines. I was passing the others throughout the race. Some of the drivers were either making pit stops or pulled out because of wrecks, I was still going strong and after 400 laps, I had won the race. I made history that day.

Not only winning my first ever NASCAR, but to also be the first ever female NASCAR driver. After I got out of my car, my pit crew and I had celebrated by splashing champagne and soda all around. I received and kissed my trophy. I had been interviewed by the race commentators and congratulated by the other drivers. Suddenly, Dale Earnhardt “Little E” Jr., Jeff “Northern California’s Great…