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Original Black Dress Diva-Part Four

On Saturday morning, I wanted to get myself ready for a day out with my little brother. But first, I had to change the sheets on the bed, work on the garden, and also gather all the necessary documents in order to get a passport. By noon, I showered and got dressed. I then took the keys to the E-Class convertible before I headed out the door. I texted to my little brother: “I’m on my way to pick you up.” With my purse in tow, I got into the car and drove over to the UCLA campus. Jonathan stays with two other guys, his best friends Stephen and Winston, at Morgan Hall. I made it to the parking lot at the front of the dormitory. This particular dorm was occupied with mostly biology, engineering, and physics students. I noticed a couple of geeks and nerds, especially some cute-looking ones, both guys and girls. I bet some moonlight as models to even out the looks with the book smarts. There was even a blonde physics student who not only nearly dropped his Physics 101 book, but also his…