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Extra Credit

It was a lovely Friday afternoon. Most of my students can't wait tohear the final bell and get ready for the weekend. The bell rang and school was out. But one student caught my eye.

He stood in front of my desk and he said, "Mrs. Daniel, I think you made a mistake with my grades?"

I looked at him and said, "What's the mistake Chris?"

"Well, I just really put a lot of effort into this essay and I think you marked me down because of you don't like the attention I get from other girls during your class."

I looked into his brown eyes and said, "I just really like you. I can give some extra credit work if you want to."

He saw my hurt look and said "Is everything ok with your husband...What's with the baby?"

Not only was I an English teacher, but a pregnant, unhappily married teacher. I was married to Fred for five years and he’s a lawyer with his own law firm. Ever since I got pregnant, he has been caught up with work and often t…

Friend With Benefits

I was at home, looking forward to seeing Nick, my friend with benefits. I was wearing a purple long sleeved shirt and a short dark denim skirt.

A minute later, Nick shows up,said to me "Hey baby.", smiled at me, and gave me big hug.

I said "Hi".

Nick looks at every inch of me and "I want you" with a sexy grin on his face.

I said "I want you too,Nick" and he kissed my lips slow and hard.

My hands were on his back, going up and down slowly. He said "Oh really." as he slowly pulled up my skirt, realizing that I'm not wearing panties.

I quivered as he was softly kissing my neck.

He said as he looked down "Mmm no panties. I like."

I smiled at him as he said "Part your legs."

I opened my legs. He rubbed me as I opened my legs. He got on his knees and started eating me out.

My hands were holding on to his shoulders. I softly said "Nick,I'm so glad you're here with me." as he went harder. I moaned and moaned.


Stolen Passion

It was an ordinary sunny, spring day. I began growing my flowers and watching my hot next-door neighbor Lance. He was tall, blonde-haired, brown-eyed and very sweet. He had just moved in from San Diegothree months ago, he's single, and is an aspiring model. In my mind, Iwant him for myself. Every day, I would watch him through my upstairsbedroom with either my own eyes or binoculars. I have watched himtake a shower, work out, and every now and then watch him talk on thephone. Often times, I would imagine myself with him with eroticthoughts. I had to take action and I got a plan. That night while he'ssleeping, I got out my black leather outfit which consisted of ablack leather and Lycra bustier with a hook-and-eye front, a thong, knee-high boots, and sheer stay- up thigh-highs, jacket, and gloves. I got dressed, put on a mask, andwas ready to spy. I walked over to his house. I noticed that his frontdoor was open. I went in. Slowly, I crept up the stairs to hisbedroom. I opened …