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My top 5 girl crush list

In addition to my men I want to bang list, I have a (very short) list of women I got crushes on.

1.Scarlett Johannson
2.Mariska Hargitay
3.Jennifer Anniston
4.Cameron Diaz
5.Megan Fox

A Photogrpaher's Erotic Fantasy Journal: Football Fantasy

Wendy and I were on another photo session. Tessa, the editor-in-chief of Fantasies For Women magazine, had us to do a photo op for the magazine’s football issue. We were taking lots of pictures of professional, college, and high school football players from all across the country. Tessa had the idea for the football issue because there are a lot of female football fans.

We even manage to do a shoot with three college football players for the cover. Today, we went out to the football field to photograph a few high school football players from Dallas, Texas. Wendy got out the 35MM camera and started taking pictures of them fully equipped, half-naked, and in action. They even sweated because of the heat. To make the photo shoot more interesting, we suggested that one of the players become a centerfold for the issue. His name was Jason Drake. He was a tall drink of water with deep brown hair and brown eyes. He was just as sweet as he was hot.

First, Wendy photographed him with football padd…