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Preview: A Food Affair

Kevlyn Adalira Drummond came home after a very busy day in the city one day. In the morning, she works as an office assistant; she takes classes at a culinary school at the afternoon, and goes home in the early evening. After a busy day of work and school, she went to the grocery store and brought plenty of items to make for dinner and dessert.

As she walked up the stairs to her uptown apartment, she walked past her hot and handsome next door neighbor Brandon Green. They often see and talk to each when they walked past each other from their apartments or even the laundry room when doing laundry. Brandon’s a tall, blonde-haired, blue-green eyed, hottie of a guy who works as a barista at a coffeehouse downtown. Sometimes, he would see Kevlyn at the coffeehouse at mornings before going to work, her lunch break, or even early evenings when she gets off from school. He even knows some of her favorite coffee drinks at the coffeehouse; for instance, she would order a tall breakfast blend when…

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