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Relaxing Elliot-a Law&Order SVU fan fic

Detective Elliot Stabler was extremely stressed after work. He was very tense and very sore, especially in the muscles. He along with his partner Detective Benson had a field day catching crooks, perverts, and everything, all the usual work in the Special Victims Unit division of the NYPD.

Elliot was walking home when he stopped by a coffee shop to gethimself some coffee. There, he noticed a beautiful redheaded woman sitting by herself.

"Is this seat taken?" Elliot asked smiling at her.

She looked at him and said, "I don't mind."

He sat himself across from her. He had a cup of coffee with sugar and cream. The woman had a french vanilla cappuccino and a chocolate covered cannoli.

"You look every tense, Detective." She said.

"Please call me Elliot. I'm off-duty." He replied.

She said,"Okay, Elliot. My name's Toni Ann. I'm a masseuse."

He replied,"You are? Could you help me relax?"

"Sure. I'm licensed and I work at home, mainly my apartment." Toni Ann said.

After having coffee, Elliot and Toni Ann went to her apartment. Once they were there, Elliot asked, "Can you do a full body massage?"

Toni Ann showed him her license. She said, "Yes, I can do a full body massage."

He looked at her and asked, "How much do you charge for one?"

She said, "Usually, I would charge fifteen dollars."

He said to her, "I'll give you fifty."

She said, "Sounds good."

Toni Ann put out her massage table and had everything set up in theliving room. She gathered her many massage oils in different scentsand all.

Once Elliot gave her the money, he then asked, "Do you want me to get naked for this?"

Toni Ann replied, "Yes, I would."

She went to the bathroom and got along towel for him. As soon as Elliot was naked, Toni Ann gave him a towel to wrap around his waist. He laid himself on the massage table. Toni Ann poured soothing massage oil in her hands and rubbed it all over his back and shoulders.He closed his eyes and moaned at the feel of her soft, skilled handskneading his tired, tense,irritated muscles.

"I'm sure it was be very hard being a police detective and all."Tori Ann said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, it's really hard. Protecting the city from perverts and everything. It's even harder for me, especially because I have four kids and I'm fresh from a seperation going on divorce." He said.

Toni Ann replied, "I'm sorry to hear about your divorce."

Her hands then rubbed some oil down his back and firm bottom under the towel.

"That's okay. I'll manage." He said.

Toni Ann then slid her hands down his legs and thighs. Elliot moaned some more, getting relaxed by minute. Once his entire backside was massaged and eased from tension, Elliot turned over on his back. Tori Ann was impressed with his frontal body work.

"Wow, you look very in shape for a New York cop." She said brazenly.

"Glad you took notice. I lift weights in the locker room." He said as he grinned at her.

Toni Ann poured oil on his shoulders and chest. She rubbed it allover him.

"Toni Ann, you're very good with your hands." He said with his eyes closed.

After the long massage, Elliot had finally relaxed and allhis tension melted from Tori Ann's magic hands.Toni Ann bought out Elliot's clothes and placed them on the sofa.

She said, "You can use my bathroom if you want to change your clothes."

As he sat up on the table, he took a look at Toni Ann. She had redhighlights in her hair and curves in the right places. Even thoughhe was fresh from a divorce, he wanted to see, feel, and taste her.Elliot got up to kiss her lips deep and hard.

"What was that for?" Toni Ann asked in amazement.

"My way of thanking you for helping me relax." He said with a sultry smile on his face.

She smiled back at him as she kissed him back. Once the kiss wasbroke, he lifted her black camisole over her head. They kissed again but with more passion. He started kissing her neck as he unbuttoned her stonewashed jeans. She moaned into his ear while kissing her neck. He slipped one of his hands into her black lace panties and inserted two fingers into her wet, hot pussy. She moaned louder ashis fingers moved in and out until her juices covered his fingers.Elliot carried her to her bedroom and laid her down. He took off her black lace bra and his mouth devoured them. With her hands, she heldon to his head as he sucked them. Toni Ann couldn't think straight with his mouth on her soft breasts. He moved lower to lick her stomach and belly button with his tongue. While kissing her stomach,Elliot took off her panties, revealing her bare slick pussy. Heremoved the towel from his waist. His cock was hard and ready to getinside her.In one thrust, he did just so. His hands were holding on to her hips as he went in and out of her. He moved slow and deep inside her.Hearing her moans and groans, Elliot kept moaning and telling her tolet it go.Toni Ann's moans and groans became intense, passionate sobs when he increased the tempo in his thrusts. As soon as they climaxed and reached orgasm, Elliot pulled himself out. He softly began kissing her pussy where his cock once occupied. They laid beside each other.Toni Ann's got up and woke Elliot.

She said, "I think you should go home. Don't want your kids to worry about where you were."

Elliot looked at her with his blue eyes. "I appreciate your concern and all, but they're with their mom for the weekend. Is it okay if Ikeep you company this weekend?"

She grinned and replied, "That would be great, Elliot."


My list of men I want to bang

1.GALEN GERING-sweet and sexy,hot body,those make-you-melt browneyes (romantic)
2.JUSTIN HARTLEY-sexy smile, how hot he looks in anything (both)
3.ERIC MARTSOLF-those arms of steel and those blue eyes (goes either way as long as I'm in his arms all night)
4.NICK LACHEY-hot body,hot voice,would definitely want him to serenade me before getting it on (romantic)
5.JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-sexy body,sexy voice,sexy moves,definitely wanna rock his body (both)

Christopher Meloni
Nick and Aaron Carter
John CenaOrlando Bloom
Prince William
Charles Divins
Jeff Timmons
Drew Lachey
AJ McLean
Kevin Richardson
Brian Littrell
Tom Brady
James Scott
Matthew McConaughey
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jude Law
Thad Luckinbill
All the guys at and
Derek Jeter
Brandon Beemer
Joshua Morrow
Jacob Young
Kasey Kahne
Jeff Gordon
Carl Edwards
Zeb Atlas
Julian Mchanon
Chippendales dancers
Blake Lewis
Adam Levine
Victor Webster
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
James Hyde
Raoul Bova
Andy Roddick
David Beckham
Shemar Moore
Jesse Metcalfe
Jesse McCartney
Rusty Joiner
Don Diamont
Mario Lopez
Brady Quinn
Reggie Bush
Adrian Bellani
Mark Cameron Wystrach
Eddie Cibrian
David Boreanaz
Brewer twins
Carlson twins
Julian Fantechi
and so on....
so many hot celeb men, so many fantasies, so little time

Ladies, I wanna know who are in YOUR top five men you would want to bang!

Your Body's Calling

Howie was at his house in Orlando, thinking about his girlfriend. He loves every thick inch of her.Not too far from his house, Jenna was at her place. She was yearning for Howie. She couldn't stop thinking of his touch on her body. Howie called Jenna on his phone.

"Jenna, I've been thinking about you all day." He said to her.

"Really, Howie? What was it about me you were thinking of?" Jenna asked.

"I've been thinking about what I would want to do you in bed. I thought about touching every inchof your soft, creamy skin. Kiss every part of your curvy body. Make love to you over and overand over again. I want you so bad, Jenna." Howie replied.

Jenna was feeling hot from hearing his voice and things he wanted to do to her. Her response tohim was a soft, audible moan. She too wanted Howie.

Yeah, I don't want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight, I'm gonna give you all the little things
I know you've been waiting for
So, brace yourself and listen
I hear you callin', "Here I come baby"
To save you, oh oh
Baby no more stallin'
These hands have been longing to touch you baby
And now that you've come around, to seein' it my way
You won't regret it baby, and you surely won't forget it baby
It's unbelieveable how your body's calling for me
I can just hear it callin' callin' for me

That night, Jenna came over to Howie's house. She wore a sexy little black dress that hugged her curvy body with a plunging neckline that showed her generous cleavage, sexy heels and her black with brown highlighted hair casaded down her shoulders. The living room was dim where the only light came from the candles surrounding the room. Soft, slow R&B music was playing from the stereo. Howie asked Jenna for a dance and she accepted. They slow danced as Howie's arm snaked around her waist. His other hand made a soft caress from her hair down to her hip. He looked deep into her brown eyes. His lips softly possessed hers in a kiss. His hand gently touched one of her thick thighs. His lips made a trail from her mouth to her neck and kissed her there.

Jenna whispered, "Howie, make love to me."

Tell me, what's your desire
Baby your wish is my deal
oh yes it is baby
Let me take you higher
Show you how you should feel, baby
Oh So we speak now and forever hold your body
Whatever it is you want from me, baby
You see you don't have to say nothing
Knowing your body wants something
And it's easy for me to see
That your body's callin' for me

Howie heard and carried her to the bedroom. Gently, he laid her down on the bed, surrounded with rose petals and scented candles. He unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants before layingon top of her. Jenna kicked off her heels, letting them fall off the bed. Slowly, he pulled down the straps of her dress, exposing her full, lush breasts. With his hands, he cupped them. She gasped atthe feel of his hands and mouth on them. Her fingers were deep in his dark hair, pulling him closer to her. His tongue circled her nipples as he was sucking her breasts.

His mouth then moved backup to her lips, kissing her deeper and passionately. Jenna's dress rested on her hips as his handswere holding on to her hips. He moved lower to her massive belly, kissing it as his hands kneaded her breasts.

His hands found her black lack thong covering her womanhood. Howie would always tell Jenna ofhow sexy she looks no matter what she wears. He then placed a pillow under Jenna's bottom as he carefully took off her thong. He kissed upward from her feet to her knees to her thighs. He heldon to her as his lips reached her womanhood. He was savoring Jenna as if she were honey. Like honey, she tasted sweet. Jenna moaned and groaned, increasing her desire for him. He opened herup, licking and sucking her again.

"Howie, I want you inside me! Right now!" Jenna moaned loudly.

Howie got up and took off his boxers. He gently pulled her up close to his body as he slowly entered her. He held on to her body as he moved in and out of her. He was calling her name as hemoved a little faster. She raked her nails down his back. Once they had reached orgasm together,he laid her back down on the bed as she let out one last passion-filled gasp.Howie kissed her lips and neck as they were calming down.

He looked into her eyes and said, "Don't worry, Jenna. I'm going to pleasure you all night long. I love you baby."

"I love you too, Howie." Jenna said as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he was kissing her.

Your Body's Callin' by R. Kelly

Hey! It's Jana

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I have been busy finding a new job and I've just finished tech school in June! I'm also working on new stories as well.

My Best Birthday

I was coming home after my friends and I went out to dinner and clubbing for my birthday. I noticed the lights were dim in my living room. I saw a Happy Birthday note from my blonde hottie Nick. As Iwas reading the note, Nick was standing behind me. I turned around and he gave me a birthday hug, a birthday kiss, and a fresh flower bouquet. He was semi-naked when I looked at him and touched his blonde hair. I kissed Nick before I went to the bathroom. When I was in there, I heard water running and saw my bathroom mirror getting fogged up. Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips.I heard a whisper saying 'Happy Birthday, baby'.Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips. I turned around and it was Eddie, my tall, dark, and handsome hunk. I smiled at him as he smiled at me when he kissed my lips.Eddie deeply kissed me as he slowly began taking off my clothes.Once my clothes were removed, I joined Eddie in the warm yet steamyshower. He was rubbing lavender-scented body wash and used a sponge to lather my entire body. While he was washing and rubbing my body,I began touching his hot, naked body. After the shower, I thought tomyself I got two good surprises in one night. What could be better? I went to my bedroom and changed into something a little morecomfortable, a black and raspberry double layer babydoll/cami with a sweetheart neckline, a front slit, and a handkerchief bodice. I entered the living room where I saw my other dark-haired hottieGalen. I sat on the sofa as I watched him slowly strip for me.I thought to myself A striptease for my birthday. How original!

I reached out to touch his ripped body. From behind his back, hebrought out a bouquet of blood red roses for me. He was in his boxers as he sat himself on my lap and we started making out. My birthday night was getting better and better! After the striptease and the make-out, Nick and Eddie brought out the birthday cake and the ice cream from the kitchen. Nick sang 'happy birthday' and tears were falling my eyes. I was just so happy though quite horny. Then, I closed my eyes, silently made a wish, and blew out the candles. All four of us had cake and ice cream and I gave each of the guys' passionate kisses. My birthday got more interesting when they were all touching and kissing me throughout the night. The guys were so happy to see me. Eddie then held me close to his body once he kissed my lips. Nick and Galen were both stroking my dark hair. I laid my head back so Galen could kiss my neck. Nick on the other hand touched my body with both of his hands.They slowly pulled down my cami, exposing my full, soft breasts.Eddie's hands were resting on my hips. Nick and Galen were fondling my breasts with their hands. I couldn't think straight with all three men pleasuring me at once.Nick and Galen then replaced their hands with their mouths on them.Eddie on the other hands carefully pulled off my panties. My naked pussy responded to his fingers lightly touching it. I couldn't decide which guy I wanted to start with. So I decided to make out with Nick first.

He pulled himself back from me and said, "Let's take all this to thebedroom."

We all smiled as we headed to my bedroom. Eddie first laid on hisback on the bed and I got on top of him while Galen and Nick werebeside me, playing with my body with their hands. I first began taking off my remaining clothes as the guys were down to their underwear. To be pleasure by all three hot men was to me the ultimate birthday gift. While I was on top of Eddie, Nick began kneading my natural 42C breasts while Galen had one of his hands going up and down my backside as his other hand caressed my hair. I leaned over to kiss Eddie's lips. As I was kissing him, Galen was kissing the back of my neck. Nick on the other hand was kissing and licking my bubble butt. Galen and Nick went into the bathroom whileEddie and I were alone in my bedroom. He returned my kiss as hishands were deliciously caressing my body. He took his time giving me foreplay. He kissed, licked and sucked every inch of me. When he gotto my bare, pink pussy, he savored my female juices as though it wasa fine wine like merlot.While tasting me, I ran my fingers through his black hair. As he slipped out of his underwear,I licked and kissed his eight-inch cock before he slowly entered my pussy. Once he entered me, he slowly rocked against my body. He was holding meclose while going in and out of me. As our bodies move in rhythm with each other, we looked into each other's eyes. We climaxed in unison and then he kissed my lips deeply. He smiled at me with his dimples and kissed my cheek before leaving my bedroom.Next was Galen. The dark-haired hunk with the Adonis body and sensual, deep brown eyes greeted me with an anticipated soft caress on my skin. His large hands gradually stroked up from my feet up tomy legs to my hips to my stomach to my breasts to my neck to my face. He caressed all over me before he passionately kissed my lips.His lips slid down to my neck, kissing every inch of it. He moved lower to my breasts, giving them soft kisses before sucking my nipples. Galen was always so sensual, especially in bed. He held onto my hips as he softly licked my belly button and stomach. He then began kissing my legs and thighs before moving down to my pussy and clit. I felt him suckling it while licking the labia. I moaned while my hands stroked his dark hair. He moved up to my face and kissed my lips again as his fingers gently stroked and finger my clit andpussy where his mouth was once occupied. He turned me over on mystomach and made a trace of my backside with his lips and tongue. I let out a sigh at the feel of his kisses down my spine. Before he would be inside me, I softly licked and sucked him as my way of returning the favor. Once I was on my back again, he slowly and deeply entered inside my pussy. He gently thrusted in and out of me.His hands were lusciously all over me while moving in and out. He also whispered sweet yet steamy nothings in my ear. Once I had climaxed and orgasmed, he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.Last but certaintly never least was Nick. My eager hot blonde, blue-eyed hunk. We were making out as if we were horny teens. While kissing my lips, he slowly put his tongue in my mouth. He started fingering me with two fingers as he was kissing my neck. He felt my wetness when he lowered his mouth to my breasts. His tongue circled my nipples while sucking and kissing my breasts. I let out a loud moan when he slipped his entire hand into my pussy. It felt strangely good though it hurts a little.Once his hand was out of me, Nick licked my cum off of his fingers.

He said, "Mmmmm, you taste really good, baby."

His hands moved down to my lower back, holding on to me while eating me. I shruddered and moaned as I rocked my hips against his face. My juices covered his lips. He licked them as I started kissing and licking his body. My hand felt his cock hardening from my touch. I slowly lowered his boxers revealing his cock. I licked and sucked him. I looked up and heard him moaning. His hands were running through my silky-feeling black hair.

He groaned, "Oh baby, not so hard. I want to cum somewhere else." as he looked at me with a sultry, naughty glance.

I sat on my knees on the bed as Nick was behind me as I felt hiscock easing into my pussy. He was entering in and out of me while his hands were squeezing my breasts. I loudly moaned and groaned as he went a little faster. After we reached orgasm, he sat me up on my knees as he entered my ass. I heard moan my name as he went in andout while holding on to my hips. I gave out one last lust-filledgasp as I laid back on Nick's body.

He smiled, kissed my forehead and said, "Enjoyed your birthday presents, baby?"

"I just LOVED them all. Thank you." I said to Nick as Galen and Eddie came back into my bedroom. We gathered around and had a four-way kiss to cap off my best and hottest birthday ever.