Relaxing Elliot-a Law&Order SVU fan fic

Detective Elliot Stabler was extremely stressed after work. He was very tense and very sore, especially in the muscles. He along with his partner Detective Benson had a field day catching crooks, perverts, and everything, all the usual work in the Special Victims Unit division of the NYPD.

Elliot was walking home when he stopped by a coffee shop to gethimself some coffee. There, he noticed a beautiful redheaded woman sitting by herself.

"Is this seat taken?" Elliot asked smiling at her.

She looked at him and said, "I don't mind."

He sat himself across from her. He had a cup of coffee with sugar and cream. The woman had a french vanilla cappuccino and a chocolate covered cannoli.

"You look every tense, Detective." She said.

"Please call me Elliot. I'm off-duty." He replied.

She said,"Okay, Elliot. My name's Toni Ann. I'm a masseuse."

He replied,"You are? Could you help me relax?"

"Sure. I'm licensed and I work at home, mainly my apartment." Toni Ann said.

After having coffee, Elliot and Toni Ann went to her apartment. Once they were there, Elliot asked, "Can you do a full body massage?"

Toni Ann showed him her license. She said, "Yes, I can do a full body massage."

He looked at her and asked, "How much do you charge for one?"

She said, "Usually, I would charge fifteen dollars."

He said to her, "I'll give you fifty."

She said, "Sounds good."

Toni Ann put out her massage table and had everything set up in theliving room. She gathered her many massage oils in different scentsand all.

Once Elliot gave her the money, he then asked, "Do you want me to get naked for this?"

Toni Ann replied, "Yes, I would."

She went to the bathroom and got along towel for him. As soon as Elliot was naked, Toni Ann gave him a towel to wrap around his waist. He laid himself on the massage table. Toni Ann poured soothing massage oil in her hands and rubbed it all over his back and shoulders.He closed his eyes and moaned at the feel of her soft, skilled handskneading his tired, tense,irritated muscles.

"I'm sure it was be very hard being a police detective and all."Tori Ann said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, it's really hard. Protecting the city from perverts and everything. It's even harder for me, especially because I have four kids and I'm fresh from a seperation going on divorce." He said.

Toni Ann replied, "I'm sorry to hear about your divorce."

Her hands then rubbed some oil down his back and firm bottom under the towel.

"That's okay. I'll manage." He said.

Toni Ann then slid her hands down his legs and thighs. Elliot moaned some more, getting relaxed by minute. Once his entire backside was massaged and eased from tension, Elliot turned over on his back. Tori Ann was impressed with his frontal body work.

"Wow, you look very in shape for a New York cop." She said brazenly.

"Glad you took notice. I lift weights in the locker room." He said as he grinned at her.

Toni Ann poured oil on his shoulders and chest. She rubbed it allover him.

"Toni Ann, you're very good with your hands." He said with his eyes closed.

After the long massage, Elliot had finally relaxed and allhis tension melted from Tori Ann's magic hands.Toni Ann bought out Elliot's clothes and placed them on the sofa.

She said, "You can use my bathroom if you want to change your clothes."

As he sat up on the table, he took a look at Toni Ann. She had redhighlights in her hair and curves in the right places. Even thoughhe was fresh from a divorce, he wanted to see, feel, and taste her.Elliot got up to kiss her lips deep and hard.

"What was that for?" Toni Ann asked in amazement.

"My way of thanking you for helping me relax." He said with a sultry smile on his face.

She smiled back at him as she kissed him back. Once the kiss wasbroke, he lifted her black camisole over her head. They kissed again but with more passion. He started kissing her neck as he unbuttoned her stonewashed jeans. She moaned into his ear while kissing her neck. He slipped one of his hands into her black lace panties and inserted two fingers into her wet, hot pussy. She moaned louder ashis fingers moved in and out until her juices covered his fingers.Elliot carried her to her bedroom and laid her down. He took off her black lace bra and his mouth devoured them. With her hands, she heldon to his head as he sucked them. Toni Ann couldn't think straight with his mouth on her soft breasts. He moved lower to lick her stomach and belly button with his tongue. While kissing her stomach,Elliot took off her panties, revealing her bare slick pussy. Heremoved the towel from his waist. His cock was hard and ready to getinside her.In one thrust, he did just so. His hands were holding on to her hips as he went in and out of her. He moved slow and deep inside her.Hearing her moans and groans, Elliot kept moaning and telling her tolet it go.Toni Ann's moans and groans became intense, passionate sobs when he increased the tempo in his thrusts. As soon as they climaxed and reached orgasm, Elliot pulled himself out. He softly began kissing her pussy where his cock once occupied. They laid beside each other.Toni Ann's got up and woke Elliot.

She said, "I think you should go home. Don't want your kids to worry about where you were."

Elliot looked at her with his blue eyes. "I appreciate your concern and all, but they're with their mom for the weekend. Is it okay if Ikeep you company this weekend?"

She grinned and replied, "That would be great, Elliot."



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