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Would You Mind? (Leather, Lace, and Satin)

AJ looked at his cell phone and wanted to call his girlfriend Jana, who was at a hotel suite in the city for a business conference. He dialed her number and wanted to talk to her. She was on his mind a lot. All he can think about was her in bed. Her soft skin, her sweet perfume, the lingerie she would wear, his hands caressing her, his mouth kissing her in all the right places. He wanted to see her and not just in his fantasies.

Jana answered her cell phone in her hotel room.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hi, baby girl. How's my beautiful, busy careerwoman doing?" He said to her.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just a little exhausted from the conference for a lot of reasons. How about you?" She said.

"Okay. I was thinking maybe I can come see you if you're not too busy." He replied.

"I'm not busy right now. I've been thinking of you while at the conference." She replied.

"I was thinking about you too, baby. Can I come over right away?…

my take on New Moon

I've recently been seeing New Moon, the Twilight sequel. At my job, I've seen crowds with either Team Edward or Team Jacob. Even though I'm no Twilight fan, I've already picked a side and I'm with the werewolves! TEAM JACOB BABY! The only parts of New Moon that interest me are the ones with Jacob (Taylor Launter) shirtless. I've had some thoughts in my mind while watching those parts such as "DAMN! Can a sistah get a rewind or slow-mo?", "I'm getting the vapors from watching this!",etc. I'm not gonna lie but Taylor's so hot! I was thinking of having him for this month's MCFOTM but I decide to reserve him for Feburary since he turns 18 next year. I would also consider writing a visual involving him, but I do not want to have a Law & Order:SVU-type case on my person. I want to write it with a clear conscious. IMHO, I think werewolves make better lovers in paranormal romances, especially after I have read Night Play by Sherr…

Extra Credit-Part Two

I was in my second trimester and my mind had been on Chris since our sexual encounter in my classroom after school before the summer break. I was now on maternity leave and resting at home. I've been eating right, taking my prenatal vitamins, and all that.

On the upside, my boobs have gotten bigger, I have better maternity clothes, and I have strange food cravings. On the downside, my feet are swollen, I get moody, and I get lonely when my husband's not there.

My husband Fred who's a lawyer had to go on another business trip. He had been trying to support and take care of me. But work had been demanding on him. He had been doing all sorts of cases these last couple of weeks. All this and family coming over to see and talk to me. Not that I mind of it. When I sleep at night, I had been dreaming of Chris and that encounter over and over.

I had been having sex dreams of Chris often. One night, I dreamt I was chained like an imprisoned princess from the ceiling when Chris was thi…

Romantic Romp on The Beach

Sandy and Nick went out on a romantic date on the beach. It was the perfect night with the full moon shining and the stars sparkling in the nightsky. They had a beachside picnic, feeding each other various foods while looking into each other's eyes.

The crashing waves of the ocean were set the scene for passionate lovemaking at the beach. Nick looked at every inch of Sandy's with lust and desire. Sandy did the same with him. Nick passionately kissed her lips while holding her in his arms. She then took off Nick's jacket and then his shirt. She was immediately turned on when his shirtless, ripped body glowed by the moonlight. They moved aside the picnic and the food, going into heavy makeout mode. Nick carefully lowered the straps of her black and white satin dress. He then unhooked her strapless bra and gently sucked her breasts. She let out a sigh. He moaned as he licked and sucked them while moving her dress lower to her waist. He then laid her down on the sand and took …

An Even Sweeter Surprise

I just came home from work, lunch, and shopping with my friend Natalie. We went into the living room and began talking. Natalie and I are very good friends and co-workers. Then, I had a very good idea for tonight and explained it to my good friend. Natalie became very interested in the idea.

"So what do you and Kevin have planned for tonight?" Natalie asked with enthusiasm.

"Well, Kevin and I going out to dinner and then come back to my place. That's where I bring you out and we'll surprise him then in the bedroom." I said excitedly.

"Oooh, I can't wait to surprise the two of you tonight!" Natalie happily replied.

That night, Kevin and I came over to my place after our dinner date. We were in total makeout mode once we stepped into my bedroom. We enjoyed each other's company as always.

"Kevin, baby. I have a surprise for you." I said to him in a sultry voice.

"I love a good surprise." He said with a slightly wicked smile on h…


I was outside at the backyard of my house, enjoying the sunshine, and reading a book. I loved the backyard because it's where I grow my garden of flowers and various plants, entertain friends and family with my grill and backyard kitchen, and take a swim in my large pool. The backyard is just as large as my large my Italian villa-style mansion. My cordless phone was ringing. I answered the phone. It was AJ on the other line. He wanted to come by and see me. I told him to meet me at the backyard.

Suddenly, I noticed there was an overcast in the sky. AJ came in to see me. "Hey babe, how have you been?" He said as he greeted me with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm fine. Just enjoying the weather." I said before noticing a few raindrops falling down.

AJ and I looked up as the overcast turned into a rainstorm. He looked at me and said, "Baby, have you ever had sex in a rainstorm?"

"I've never done anything like this." I replied.

Then, …