my take on New Moon

I've recently been seeing New Moon, the Twilight sequel. At my job, I've seen crowds with either Team Edward or Team Jacob. Even though I'm no Twilight fan, I've already picked a side and I'm with the werewolves! TEAM JACOB BABY! The only parts of New Moon that interest me are the ones with Jacob (Taylor Launter) shirtless. I've had some thoughts in my mind while watching those parts such as "DAMN! Can a sistah get a rewind or slow-mo?", "I'm getting the vapors from watching this!",etc. I'm not gonna lie but Taylor's so hot! I was thinking of having him for this month's MCFOTM but I decide to reserve him for Feburary since he turns 18 next year. I would also consider writing a visual involving him, but I do not want to have a Law & Order:SVU-type case on my person. I want to write it with a clear conscious. IMHO, I think werewolves make better lovers in paranormal romances, especially after I have read Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Crimson Moon by Rebecca York.

Six reasons werewolves are better lovers than vampires in paranormal romances:
1) They're strong
2) They can shift into both wolf and human forms
3) They are protective
4) They can fight
5) They're ripped
6) They take pleasure in a (human) mate's orgasm


MrsKP said…
just great! I can't wait to see the new moon. The pics of Jacob are great. Can't wait to Feb.when to write the story.
Destiny Blaine said…
Now I see why you're a Jacob fan, Jana!


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