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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and also Happy 3rd anniversary to my blog! Here's a toast to a fantastic new year! Cheers!

I'm a Passionate Lover

What kind of lover are you?

You're a very intimate lover who makes love rather than just has sex. You can't get going unless you are head over heels in love with the person you're with. For this, your lovemaking is very intense, producing multiple orgasms for both you and your mate. You are very tender and emotional when it comes to sex and are often praised for how good you can make it. It's very easy for you to feed off of what your mate wants and you never have a problem giving it to them.How do you compare?
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The Body That Loves You

Amy couldn't wait to see Howie. He was the only thing on her mind. She came home from work and went into her house. She noticed Howie's car was parked by her driveway. She wondered what was he doing at her house. Once she got in, she noticed there were candles lit all over the living room, a bottle of wine chilling in ice with two glasses nearby, and a trail of rose petals. Then, she saw Howie with a long-stemmed red rose bouquet in his hand.

"For my lady" he said to her,handing her the roses.

"Oh Howie, you shouldn't have." Amy said in amazement.

"Baby, you're all I think and dream about. I think of kissing you, touching every inch of your body, making love to you all night long, hearing you moan and groan." He said to her.

Sensual physical love
Is waiting here for you
Will you unleash my desire?
[CHORUS:]These are the hands that'll touch you
These are the lips that'll kiss you
These are the arms that'll hold you
So come get this bo…

Working With Mario

I was so thrilled to have written my very first screenplay and then have it being made into a movie. I can't believe it! Me and my actress friend Martina were working with none other than Mario Lopez! The movie is an action/romance about a female government agent named Serena Davenport played by Martina who goes undercover as a mob hitwoman to rescue Luciano Favoritti, son of crime mobster Stanley Favoritti, (Mario) from a rival rob family known as the Driscollis. I was so positive that this movie will make Mario a huge screen star, especially since I picked him for the part of the mobster's son. I hoped he doesn't mind that wrote a few scenes where he is naked, front and back. I'm sure he didn't mind doing three seperate love/sex scenes with Martina's character either.

Anyways, Martina and I were excited because Mario came to rehearse a scene with us. At my house, none the less! The scene Martina and Mario weree rehearsing was where after Luciano (Mario's c…

Well-Fed and Well-Fucked

My name's Gina. I'm 24 and I live in Panama City Beach,FL. I work at a business office as a receptionist by day. But after work at night I am ahomebody who likes to cook. On most nights, I can cook anything. I like going out to dinner as much as anyone, but nothing beats cookingyour own meals. I would cook for family and friends, especially on special occasions like birthdays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would have lots of cookbooks and cooking magazines in my kitchen. I constantly watch the Food Network every day. I also make sure my pantry, cupboards, fridge,and freezer are well stocked with my favorite foods and everything to cook with.

Tonight, I have just gotten home from work and I felt like having spaghetti for dinner. So I went to the grocery store to gather my ingredients and evenbrought home a bottle of red wine, merlot mostly. As soon as I got home to my condo, I got started making the spaghetti. I browned the ground beef,then chopped up onions, green bell peppers,…