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Preview of Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Simon & Bianca

(First story in a new series inspired by The Widow) It was the morning of Simon and Bianca’s wedding anniversary. I had packed my suitcase, my new bridesmaid dress and shoes I bought from the Wedded Bliss Bridal Boutique in San Diego, my gift basket for Bianca and Simon, and my purse all into my Altima, locked up my house, and drove to Las Vegas. Halfway there, I drove to the nearest 7-Eleven, loaded up my snack stash, and filled up my gas tank. I finally made it to Las Vegas a few hours later. As soon as I arrived, I drove to the Wynn Hotel & Casino, checked in, got my key card, and had the bellhop carry my bags while I carried my bridesmaid dress and shoes. Once I got into my hotel suite, I tipped the bellhop and unpacked my suitcase. Since I had a few hours to myself before Bianca and Simon’s vow-renewal ceremony, I wanted to get myself ready. I had showered, styled my hair, put on my dress and shoes, and perfectly applied my make-up. The ceremony was at 8 o’clock at The Lit…