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Do What We Do - Jay Park Lyrics

Preview: Special Breakfast-a Louis Tomlinson visual/fan fic

I woke up early one morning and went downstairs to my kitchen. I wanted to fix breakfast for me and Louis, who had spent the night and had hot, passionate sex in my spacious bedroom. I had a new box of Special K cereal, which I bought from the grocery store last week, on top of the refrigerator. Being the short girl that I was, I had to get a chair from the dining room table and reached up to get the cereal. Once I got the cereal from the top of the fridge, I then moved the chair to the cupboards and got out two bowls. After I placed the chair back to the dining room table, I got out two spoons from the kitchen drawer. I opened the box of cereal and poured the cereal into both of the bowls. I then walked over to the fridge, opened it, and got a gallon of whole milk from the door. Just as I was about to pour the milk onto the bowls of cereal, Louis quietly snuck up behind me and I felt his arms gently wrapped around my waist. I then put the cap back onto the milk. “Morning, Louis.”…

Preview of new story Double Indulgence

Mariana Franklin needed a much-deserved vacation, a good two-to-three week vacation from work, a bad break-up, and her family. Her dream destination was Paris, France; she had always wanted to visit there since she was president of her high school’s French club and also an A student her French class. She had finally arrived in Paris after a long flight from Atlanta, her hometown. She arrived with her stamped passport and drove her rental car to a five-star hotel, which she had booked reservations online. As soon as she checked into her hotel suite on the fourth floor and unpacked her suitcase, she checked out the magnificent view of The City of Light; she even checked out the view of The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and The Louvre. She also thought of what she would like to do while in Paris. There was shopping, sightseeing, the art museums, night clubs, and wine tasting, all of which she liked to do. But what Mariana really wanted to do in Paris was to eat French cuisine and enjoy…

[English Sub] Jay Park- Welcome (Welcome To My Bed) MV

Jay Park can welcome me to his bed ANYTIME!!! Shoot, I would love to welcome him to my queen-sized bed!

Jay Park Sexy Dance

This has to be the sexiest male belly dance I've ever seen!!!

Jay Park sexy dance at Witch-party (How hot is his dance??? So hot!!!)

The Ultimate Garbage Men - Hefty Ultimate Commercial