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The End of a Very Bad Week

Kirri had just left from her office job for the week. She went to a nearby coffeehouse to pick up her usual tall vanilla iced latte. As she paid for it and picked up to take a sip, a man distracted by his cell phone conversation ran into her, causing her latte to spill on to her white cotton button down blouse. He managed to apologize and offered to wipe up the spill on her blouse though he felt like his cell phone was stuck to his head.

It felt like her day had gotten worse, but her whole week had been much worse. Then, a strawberry blonde-haired, blue-eyed guy walked up to Kirri.

"Are you okay, miss?" He asked as he wiped off the coffee spilled on her work clothes with a napkin.

"I'm fine, thanks. Just having a rough day." she said.

"Mind if I buy you whatever drink you have?" he offered with a smile.

"That would be great. Tall vanilla iced latte."Kirri said to the mysterious saint.

Kirri sat down at a table by the window as she put down her br…

My Secret Passion

My name's Annie. I'm 22 and I live in Coral Gables, FL. By day, I'm a girly girl who loves to shop and wear make-up. But by night, I'm a Mixed Martial Arts fan. The fighting may be crazy and violent, but it's one part of the reason I like watching it. The other part would be seeing the cute, ripped guys in those board shorts they wear.

On most Friday nights, me and my girls would go to the clubs and then go out to dinner. But this Friday night, they had other plans. So I drove to the H-Spot, a local nightclub that hosts MMA fights on the second Friday of each month. The matchup for this month is between the local favorite Andy "Red Hot" Reynolds against Juan Miguel Pablo Martinez. Andy's currently undefeated by 6-0. Some of the matches he has won are either by default or by an illegal move from an opponent, such as eye gouging.

But other than that, Andy has a great chance of getting into the National MMAL (Mixed Martial Arts League) Championship. Right …

A Rapturous Rhapsody

Amy was playing on her piano in her living room. Playing the piano is her hobby. The piece she was playing Beethtoven's Fur Elise. As she played, Kevin quietly walked into the living room with a bouquet of roses that were lavender (love at first sight), orange (heart's desire), and red (romance and love).

He softy placed the rose bouquet on her lap. Then, he sat behind her on the piano as he watched and listened. He imagined touching and kissing her, playing with her body like a delicate instrument, and hearing her moans, groans, and sighs that were music to his ears. He gently felt the tight curls on her long dark auburn hair. Once she finished playing, he softly kissed and then applauded her. She then looked at him and smiled.

"Kevin, I didn't hear or see you come in." She said.

"You look so beautiful playing the piano." Kevin replied as he gave her the roses.

"They're lovely, Kevin. Thank you." She said, looking at her rose bouquet.