Friday, February 18, 2011

Preview: My Very First White Girl

This girl I know named Stephanie’s a cool chick. Me and her got things in common. For example, we both like going out to strip clubs where the men take it off. We also like to travel and go on trips. On one trip, me and her went to Las Vegas with a few our gal pals for a girls-only trip where we shopped, club hopped, dined, and checked out a couple of male strip shows. That was a blast and I couldn’t wait for the next trip.

Other than the obvious difference of me being black and her being white, we also have different preferences when it comes to men. Stephanie likes the black men and I preferred white men. Her liking and banging black men doesn’t bother me not one bit. One day, I invited her over to my house after a day of shopping, guy watching, and of course guy flirting.

Stephanie and I sat on the sofa as we talked about our day at the mall. We not only talked about what we bought at the mall, but we also talked about the guys we had flirted with.

“I saw how those brothas were checking you out over at Foot Locker.” I said to Stephanie as I giggled.

“I know right, but those hot white guys at Abercrombie & Fitch were ready to hit on you when stepped out of Frederick’s of Hollywood. Even the blonde-haired cutie at Baskin-Robbins over at the food court wanted to tempt you when you were getting ice cream.” Stephanie as she gushed.

As I said, it didn’t bother me that a white girl like Stephanie was into black men; I wasn’t even offended at the fact that she liked to have sex with black men. Yet I wondered if she had ever been with a black girl before. One day, me and her chatted online and she even showed me some pictures of herself. The first picture she showed me was one with her bare, freshly waxed pussy; it was so pink and pretty. Another picture she showed me was one which she took a picture of herself in the mirror, lifting her shirt up and revealing her tiny perfect tits and her flat stomach. I’ve never had an encounter with another girl before, but I was to have one, she would be my first.

I then asked her, “Stephanie, have you been pleasured by another female?”

Stephanie looked at me as she said; I’ve never been with another girl before.”

“Not even black girl?” I asked her.

“Not even one.” Stephanie said bashfully.

“What if I told you that you have a sexy little body and if I were to have my first time with a girl, you would be my first.” I said as I moved a little closer to her.

“Oh?” Stephanie replied.

“And also that you look hot in those pics you sent me online.” I added as I glanced up and down her body.

Once we sat close, I softly touched her dark brown hair and then I softly kissed her pink lips.

Her lips were soft, smooth, and tasted sweet because she wore some vanilla flavored lip balm. As I softly kissed her lips, my hands sneakily went under her gray baby tee and gently fondled her small, perky breasts that were covered by a white bra.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

After a Long Day-an IR threesome story

It was 5 o’clock my work week had just ended. I clocked out and stepped out of the office building, where I work as an office/administrative assistant. I got into my car silver sedan and drove downtown to the diner where my best friend Cianna works. I parked my car at the front of the diner and waited on her. A few minutes later, Cianna came out of the diner in her waitress uniform. She was really happy that day because I saw the smile on her face.

“Hey Cianna, how are you today?” I asked her as I started the car.

“Great, I just got paid today and got a lot of tips also.” Cianna said as she let down her shiny dark auburn red hair.

“Good, I got paid too. Working that overtime really does pay.” I said happily as we drove over to her place.

A couple of minutes later, we had arrived from at Cianna’s house, a two-story split level. Once we got inside, we sat ourselves down on the sage-colored living room sofa and took off our shoes.

“So how’s Talan?” I asked her.

Talan’s a construction worker who happens to be Cianna’s boyfriend. He’s tall with dark brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a very built body on him, got muscles on top of muscles.

“Talan’s doing very well. He’s getting a bonus at work from building on the new office building across from the downtown hotel. He’s working very hard and we’re still dating and all.” Cianna replied.

“That’s very good to hear.” I said to her.

“Yes, it is. He’s going to be a little late getting off work tonight. Would you mind staying here to keep me company?” Cianna asked of me.

“Sure, I can keep you company.” I replied.

Cianna then smiled at me as she sat a little closer beside me. She brushed my black hair aside and softly kissed my lips. Her pink lips were soft like petals and she was a really good kisser. I slowly took off her waitress uniform and then took off her shoes as she continued to kiss my lips. After the kiss, she took me to her bedroom. Once we were there, we sat on the bed facing each other. I returned her kiss that time and I slowly took off her white cotton bra and panties. Her naturally endowed breasts had peaches-and-cream-hued nipples. I heard her gasp as my tongue softly circled both nipples before I sucked them. Her moans and groans were high and soft as she lightly played with my black silk-like hair. I then softly licked and kissed her neck. While I kissed her there, I slowly rubbed her bare womanhood. She moaned and groaned as I pleasured her body.

I felt her woman lips getting wet with each rub and stroke I delivered to her pussy. Her womanly juices had leaked into my mouth and tongue. Cianna then got up and kissed my lips some more. She slowly unbuttoned my black jacket as I took off my black heels. We continued kissing as I unzipped my white, long-sleeved blouse and I took it off. Cianna smiled as she looked my ample cleavage peeking from my black and red ruffle demi bra. I unhooked my bra from the back and my endowed breasts were freed. Cianna cupped my breasts into her hands. I gasped as she suckled and licked both of my breasts; I was turned on by her breast play. While she played with my twins, I then unzipped my black skirt and let it fall to the floor. We kissed each other’s lips some more as we squeezed and fondled each other’s breasts. I felt Cianna’s fingers as she rubbed my pussy lips I loudly moaned as my juices were leaking from my pussy.

After that, Cianna and I kissed each other’s lips again. I slowly took off my matching panties while we kissed. I sat up on the bed as Cianna placed kisses up from the tops of my feet to my inner thighs. I then softly stroked her medium auburn hair which hanged loosely around her shoulders. I loudly gasped as she delivered the first lick to my already wet pussy. I moaned as her tongue gave my pussy a couple of cat-like licks. I felt myself slowly cumming into her mouth as she continued to lick me.

Then, I positioned myself on top of Cianna’s body and orally played her breasts some more. As I kissed and licked her breasts, I slipped two of my fingers into her wet pussy. I heard her moaned my name as her hands stroked my silky black hair. Suddenly, I felt a large hand stroking up and down one of my thighs. I slowly lifted my head from Cianna’s chest and looked to see Talan, who was happy to see the both of us.

“Baby, I’m so glad you here. She’s just keeping me company because we both got off from work.” Cianna said to him as Talan kissed her lips.

I got up from Cianna’s lightly hair-covered pussy and said hi to Talan. He then looked at me and said, “Hi, how are you?”

“I’m good, thanks.” I said to Talan with a smile.

“Good to hear.” Talan said as he gently cupped my face with both of his hands and kissed my lips, tasting the sweet nectar from his girlfriend’s woman lips.

Cianna and I watched as Talan took off his wife beater tank top. His body hot and ripped in the right places with muscles on top of muscles. He then joined us on the bed and deeply kissed Cianna’s lips. Talan and I then softly licked and sucked her full, lush breasts as I slid my fingers down to Cianna’s wet pussy, gently rubbing it. She was still very wet from me licking her down there. As I rubbed her pussy, Talan gently pulled me close as he kissed my lips. The man can kiss like nobody’s business, his lips were soft and the kisses were warm and sensual. As we kissed, my hand brushed against Talan’s crotch and felt his cock that was gradually hardening in his jeans.

Talan then caressed and kissed every inch of Cianna’s body as he moved lower to her pussy. She still tasted sweet down there as Talan unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. While Talan tasted Cianna’s nectar, Talan began stroking his cock through his boxers with one hand while his other hand was on her stomach.

Cianna then looked at me and said, “Let me taste your pussy.”

I then positioned myself, placing my pussy onto Cianna’s mouth. I loudly moaned and groaned as she licked my pussy. Her tongue felt so good on my pussy. I felt myself my juices dampening my sugar walls as she licked me again and again. Then, Talan got back and walked around to one side of the bed. He slowly took off his dark gray boxer shorts and freed his nearly hardened cock from them. I gave his cock one long lick before taking it into my mouth. Talan let out a deep, guttural moan as I took my time sucking his cock. His hands ran through my black, silk-like hair while I moaned from Cianna constantly licking my pussy.

After tasting Talan’s cock, I softly kissed Cianna’s lips. Talan had gotten himself ready to get inside Cianna’s pussy. I placed my body on top of hers while Talan opened a condom wrapper and put the condom onto his hard cock. Before getting inside Cianna, Talan gave each of our pussies a few licks.

Then, he slipped his hard condom-covered cock first into Cianna’s pussy. Cianna gasped as she felt Talan’s cock inside her. My breasts and Cianna’s rubbed against each other as I kissed her neck on both sides. Talan thrusted into Cianna deep and hard as I held Cianna close to me. While he was fucking Cianna’s brains out, I felt his fingers rubbing my clit, getting me all nice and wet, which I already was.

“Oh, Talan……ohhhhhh……mmmmmmm.” Cianna constantly moaned and groaned as Talan was still moving in and out of her pussy.

At the same time he’s fucking Cianna with his cock; his fingers were still slipping in and out of my pussy, mutually satisfying the both of us.

Talan and Cianna came together in one last, passionate-filled gasp as Talan slowly took his still condom-covered cock out from her pussy. Cianna then moved to one of side of the bed as Talan was getting ready to pleasure me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deeply kissed my lips. Cianna watched as Talan kissed every inch of my voluptuous body. As Cianna watched, she began touching herself. She started touching her body; she squeezed one of her breasts with one hand and rubbed her pussy with the other hand. I constantly moaned and groaned at the feel of his hands and mouth on my breasts. Cianna then moved on over to the bed and sat behind Talan as he moved lower to my wet chocolate pussy. I loudly gasped as he delivered the first long lick to my pussy while Cianna was on top of Talan, planting licks and kisses up and down his back.

With his cock still hard and Cianna’s body on top of me, Talan slowly slipped his hard, condom-covered cock into my chocolate pussy and I gasped at the feel of him inside me. His hands rested on my hips while Cianna and I squeezed each other’s breasts. Talan thrusted into me deep and fast. Cianna leaned back as she kissed Talan’s lips.

As she kissed him, Cianna said to Talan, “I want you to make her come, baby. Fuck her sweet chocolate pussy.”

Talan fucked my pussy, deeper and faster, making me moan and groan louder than expected. Our collective orgasms were spent within moments. After a few more thrusts, he took his vanilla cock out, removed the condom, and came onto Cianna’s firm, round backside. His vanilla man milk dripped from her backside to my pussy lips. Talan gently rubbed his wet cock onto her backside as Cianna kissed my lips and neck before Talan got to kiss me.

The three of us playing together was great way to end a busy day and a start to a new weekend.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Criminal Couture trailer

This is a trailer for my new Denise Fallon story in progress, Criminal Couture

Friday, February 04, 2011

Ambassador's Ecstasy-an IR romantica

I stepped out from my luxury apartment in Morningside Heights, my primary residence, with a suitcase in tow. My chauffer arrived in a black limo about to take me to JFK airport. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Georgina M. Appleton and I’m an US ambassador with the United Nations. I enjoy what I do; I travel the world, address serious global issues, interact with world leaders, and attend many fundraisers and social events.

I love to help make the world a better place for all people. While I enjoy my many humanitarian works, I am also a figure in the New York City social scene. I would be seen at many social parties, cultural events, and galas. My favorite cities are Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Miami, and of course New York City. I live in Morningside Heights, but I also have a place on East 54th Street where I can be closer to the United Nations. Aside from all that, my married life is another story. My husband Quentin of 7 years, a journalism professor at Columbia University, had been wheelchair-bound because of an auto accident a few years. Sometimes, I feel like more like a caretaker than a wife when it comes to him. We had a good sex life before the accident, but now it’s just nonexistent. Quentin had been working very late hours at Columbia. Even though we were both busy, we tried to make time for our relationship. On our last anniversary, we had went to Vermont and stayed at a cozy bed-and-breakfast. Other than problems in the marriage, I had to deal with my family as well. My older sister Jordana, a fitness instructor, had been living with me because she had just escaped a very bad marriage to a former professional football player, who had been abusive and depressed because his career had ended because of injury. I love and adore my sister and all, but she can drive me crazy.

I had just been invited to attend a fancy diplomats’ ball in Washington D.C. and I got my invitation a month ago; I had booked a flight two weeks in advance. Several minutes later, I arrived at JFK airport with my suitcase and carry-all. I went to the Delta Air Lines terminal with my ticket and boarding pass. I got onto the plane and went into the Business Elite section. Once everybody on the plane got into their seats and the flight attendants went over the instructions, the plane was ready for takeoff. I got comfortable on the flat bed seat as I waited on my lunch and drink. I even enjoyed some music courtesy of the noise-cancelling headphones while on my flight. After an hour and 25 minutes, I had arrived in the nation’s capital. I got into my rental car, a silver luxury SUV, and drove over to the Hay-Adams Hotel in Lafayette Square.

Once I checked in, I went into my superior room with a queen bed on the third floor. My room was luxurious and very well-decorated. I then went out to downtown and did some shopping. I had already got my fancy designer gown and shoes for the ball, I just needed a sexy dress and heels for afterwards. Since it was the day before the ball, I decided to go the Red Door Spa for some pampering, so I can look my best for the ball.

While at the spa, I talked to Jordana on my cell phone. She was telling about her day and what she did. After being pampered and relaxed, I went back to my hotel room at Hay-Adams. I talked to Jordana some more on my hotel room phone before having lunch over at Cuban Libre. Being an ambassador and all, traveling the world has its benefits, such as trying new foods, speaking several languages, and interacting with various cultures. My favorite cuisines are Cuban, Mexican, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian, Caribbean, and Mediterranean, but I do love my American food.

The next morning which the ball’s hours away, I woke up early to work out with some jogging and yoga before breakfast. I had some delicious breakfast at the Lafayette Room after my workout; then afterwards I took a shower and called Le Salon at Tysons Corner Center for a hair appointment. I usually look more different when I travel on my many humanitarian trips with my hair in a ponytail and plain, comfortable clothes. But when it comes to social and cultural events, I want to look my very best.

Three hours later, with my black shoulder-length hair in a relaxed updo, I went into my hotel room, slipped on my black lingerie and stockings, and put on my gorgeous evening gown. My gown was a teal, strapless, floor-length number with a corset lace-up closure, a full skirt, and a crystal-encrusted bust. Once my gown was on, I then put on my teal, closed toe satin high heels. I spritzed on some perfume on my neck, put on my diamond-and-pearl cluster necklace and diamond earrings, put on some make-up, gathered my teal clutch among my other things, and was already out the door before 7 PM; the ball was at 8 PM. I had called a limousine service and a black stretch limo picked me up from the hotel on my way to the fancy ball.

The ball was at the Washington Convention Center in Downtown D.C. As soon as I got there, the limo driver opened the door for me as I stepped out of the limo, invitation and clutch in hand. Secret Service was on full alert at the convention center to keep terrorists and party crashers away. I showed them my ID and invitation at the front door and they let me in. As soon as I entered the conference center, the host announced my name.

“Now entering Ambassador Georgina Appleton.” The host announced.

There were plenty of diplomats, DC elite, power players, and socialites in attendance. Buffet tables and refreshment stations were at both sides of the center, classical and jazz music ensembles were on the stage entertaining the crowd with music, and tables in a U-shaped formation. I was greeted by fellow diplomats and social scene makers alike, all with my composure intact. I even got compliments from most of the society ladies about my gown and all. I even talked to a few fellow diplomats about many things going on in the world. After talking for a good 45 minutes or so, I was a little parched. So I went to one of the refreshment stations and got myself a glass of sparkling white wine. Then, I went and got myself a few appetizers so I won’t drink on an empty stomach. I sat myself down at a table, took my time nibbling on my snacks, and sipped on some of my sparkling white wine.

Then, I heard a male voice in a British accent speak to me. He said, “Excuse me, Miss. Would you like to dance?”

I looked at him and said, “Yes, I would.”

He was tall and white with dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked very handsome in his black and white tuxedo.

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name’s Michael St. Christopher.” He introduced himself as he kissed my hand.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. St. Christopher. My name’s Georgina Appleton.” I said to him as we started dancing to the classical music.

We talked as we danced to the music along with the others on the dance floor. “So tell me, Miss Appleton, what do you do?”

I replied, “I’m an ambassador with the United Nations and I live in New York City. How about you?”

“I’m a barrister from London, I specialize in human rights.” He said to me.

“Fascinating. In my work as an ambassador, I support and work with various causes such as human rights, the environment, global poverty, and worldwide healthcare to name a few.” I said back to him.

“You look very lovely tonight, Miss Appleton.” He said as he smiled at me.

“Thanks, but please call me Georgina. You look handsome yourself, Michael.” I replied.

Michael and I had talked and danced for several minutes. We then sat down at a table so we could talk sitting down. We had talked about a lot of things such as our work, hobbies, home lives, etc. Michael was a good speaker and even better listener. As we talked, I suddenly felt a spark between us, a spark which had died out with my husband for the last couple of months. I loved how Michael had been complimenting me, which was very nice. A few minutes later, we were about to leave.

“As much as I enjoy a lovely ball, I’m ready for some real food. Wanna go somewhere a little more lively?” I said to him.

“Sounds like a great idea.” Michael said as we got up and left the ball together.

“But I have to stop by my hotel room and change clothes.” I said to him as we got into my limo.

We had talked for several minutes as the limo took us to the hotel. A few minutes later, I went into the Hay-Adams hotel and into my room. Michael accompanied me to my room and waited in the living room as I changed. I quickly changed my clothes, shoes, and hair. I hang up my fancy gown and put it in a protective cover, so it won’t get wrinkled.

I stepped out of the bedroom, wearing a black stretch charmeuse strapless short dress with a sweetheart neckline, my shoes black with black satin bows at the vamp, still had my black lace floral stockings on, I wore my hair down, and kept the jewelry on my neck and ears.

“I’m ready.” I said to Michael.

“Wow, you look very gorgeous. Very sexy even.” Michael said to me as we left the hotel with his arm wrapped around my waist.

We got into my limo and went to an upscale seafood restaurant. Michael and I conversed as we dined on steak, lobster, and shrimp and drank red wine. We then went to The Melting Pot for some chocolate fondue for dessert. As we fed each other berries and cheesecake dipped in milk chocolate, I felt his hand softly brushed against my bare thigh.

“I couldn’t help but admire at how lovely you looked tonight, both at the ball and right now.” Michael said as he looked into my deep brown eyes.

“You seem like a very handsome and intelligent Brit yourself, Michael.” I replied as I looked into his eyes.

“Not trying to get into your personal side, but how’s life when you’re not addressing the many issues of the world?” Michael asked me.

“My home life in New York City is very different and crazy. The marriage bed feels cold because my wheelchair-bound husband works late at Columbia University and I travel worldwide. My sister Jordana lives with us because she’s on the verge of divorcing her husband, a now former football player. He’s been abusive to her because of his career-ending injury and not being able to play again. I love both my sister and husband, but they make my life hell. My work is my escape, one of many escapes to be exact.” I said to Michael.

“What are your other escapes?” Michael asked me.

“Beside my work as an ambassador, I like to escape by shopping, eating at restaurants, getting pampered at spas, and giving to charity.” I replied with a smile on my face.

Michael smiled back at me as he sat a little closer to me. “So how about you? What’s your life in London like when you’re not in court?” I asked him as I dipped a pineapple chunk into some chocolate.

“I work as a barrister and I would have a medium to large case load when I’m in my office. In my free time, I like to watch football i.e. soccer and I play rugby from time to time.” Michael said to me.

“Brains and brawns, I like that.” I replied with a smile.

Michael then dipped a piece of pound cake into the chocolate fondue and fed it to me. I softly licked the chocolate from his fingers. I enjoyed the chocolate fondue, but I really enjoyed Michael’s company. After dessert, we went into my limo and drove back to my hotel.

We arrived at my hotel, took the elevator, and went to my room. I looked at Michael and said to him, “Care to join me for a nightcap?”

“Love to.” Michael said as we both went into my hotel room.

We went into the living room as I poured us some cabernet sauvignon into two wine glasses. I joined him onto the living room as we sat on the sofa. We slowly sipped on our wine as we talked and flirted with each other. He softly touched one of my legs and I softly touched his face.

“You’re a lovely woman to be going through some bad things in your life. I admire how you handle them without going off the handle.” Michael said to me.

“When you have a lot to go through like I have, sometimes you just need to escape.” I replied.

Then, Michael slowly moved in close as he gently kissed my lips. I had to admit for a British gent, he can really kiss. He kissed my lips again, only the second kiss was a little deeper than the first. I gently broke the kiss as I took his hand and we walked into my bedroom. I returned his kiss on the lips as I rested my hands onto his back. While we kissed, one of his hands slowly unzipped the back of my dress. I slowly took off his tuxedo jacket, untied his bow tie, and unbuttoned his shirt. Michael then sat me down on the bed as he gently took off my shoes. He softly kissed the tops of my feet up to my ankles. I softly moaned as Michael kissed up my legs as he removed the stockings from them.

He looked into my dark brown eyes and said, “For a smart, worldly woman, you’re also very sexy.”

I ran my hands up and down his masculine, fit body and then replied, “For a barrister who likes to play rugby and soccer, you’re pretty fit and also hot.”

Michael passionately kissed my lips while he gently removed the already unzipped dress from my body. He got a look at my black, 5’6, curvy-in-the-right-place, lace lingerie-clad body. I moaned softly as his hands ran from my shoulders down to my thighs. Michael passionately and deeply kissed my lips as he laid his body on top of me. His kisses had sent shockwaves to my nervous system. It had been a long while since I felt such passion, which I have been missing ever since Quentin was in that car accident. My hands went up and down Michael’s built arms as he kissed my lips some more before moving down to my neck. I arched my back as Michael reached around and unhooked my strapless bra. Once my breasts were freed, he cupped them with his hands. I let out an audible moan as he softly sucked and licked my naturally endowed breasts. I softly stroked his hair as he planted kisses down to my stomach. I anticipated him to go lower to my chocolate womanhood.

As he kissed my stomach, his hands carefully took off my panties. I moaned at the feel of his fingers rubbing against my bare, hairless chocolate pussy. I watched as he licked me downstairs. He had licked me like a cat lapping up milk from the saucer.

“Ohhhhh…..ohhhhhh……mmmmmmm….” I loudly moaned as Michael continued licking me.

He briefly looked into my eyes as he licked me some more. His hands held on to my hips as tasted my wet nectar. It felt so good being pleasured again, especially a hot, British barrister. I nearly came into Michael’s mouth as he pulled me close and kissed me on the lips. Before I got on top of him, I let my hair down and took off my jewelry, placing them on my nightstand. I laid him on his back as I returned his kiss; I planted kisses down from his neck to his fit chest, abs, and stomach. I then took his pants and underwear in smooth sweep. I heard him moan as I delivered the first lick his large English vanilla cock before taking it into my mouth.

As I tasted him, his large, gentle hands stroked my black satin-like hair. After going down on him, I came back up and kissed his lips as I gently guided my wet pussy onto his hard British cock. I rode him deep and slow as I looked at him. His hands stroked up and down my body while I was on top of him. Our loud moans made a sensuous harmony as I bounced up and down his cock some more. Michael wrapped one of his arms around my waist, making the sensation intense.

Then, we had changed positions as I lay on my side and Michael spooned me with his cock entering my pussy. As we moaned and groaned, Michael gently squeezed one of my breasts as he deeply kissed my lips. My sugar walls squeezed his cock with each thrust he made.

“Michael, I want you on top of me. I want to see your sexy body.” I said to him.

Michael positioned himself on top of me and he thrusted into my pussy again. His thrusts were deep and fast. He was turned on by the sight of my body quivering and my breasts bouncing each time his cock entered my pussy. Both of my legs rested at his hips as he went in and out of me. He passionately kissed my lips as he pulled me up close to his body. Michael sat with his knees on my bed as I slid my pussy into his cock, riding him gently. We kissed each other’s lips between breathy moans. I kissed down to his cock, giving it another taste while Michael kissed my lower back while his fingers felt my wet pussy.

I then turned around with my backside facing him. Michael was still sitting on his knees as his cock entered my busy from behind again. His thrusts were deep and fast as he laid his body on top of mine. As he thrusted in and out of my wet pussy, Michael kissed my lips, neck, and shoulders. We moaned and groaned again and again and again as he thrusted into me a little faster. With his cock still inside me, Michael laid on his side causing me to lay on my back. He thrusted in and out of me, fast, deep, and hard. We had a loud, unified orgasm as Michael pulled out and creamed on my stomach while I felt some of his cream dripping from my pussy. Michael deeply kissed my lips while his fingers rubbed my cream-filled pussy, making me moan even louder. We passionately kissed as our passion-perspired bodies rested close to each other.

“So, Miss Appleton, how long is stay in Washington?” Michael asked me.

“Two, maybe three weeks.” I replied.

“I look forward to getting to know more about you, Miss Ambassador Appleton.” He said as he smiled at me.

“Likewise, Mr. St. Christopher.” I said happily as we laid close to each other.