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PREVIEW-Stephana's Sugar Fix

Stephana Stevens was a very curvy chick with a huge sweet tooth. Though she eats healthily for a plus-size chick, Stephana had a pension for anything and everything sweet. Every now and then, whether it’s during her lunch break at work or after work, she would have a sweet craving. Sometimes she would go to the nearby bakery Sweet Sensations for some cookies or pastries, the cupcake shop called Cupcake Inc. for a cupcake fix, the Cold Sweet Treat ice cream parlor for an ice cream craving, or even the downtown chocolate boutique known as Cocoa Addiction for some Godiva, Lindt, or Ghirardelli. The sweeter the sugar fix, the better.

This time, she had a craving for candy. She stopped by the Sugar Rush Sweets shop on a Friday after work. The inside of the shop would make Willy Wonka jealous. It had candy of all types: sweet, sour, retro, crispy, crunchy, fruity, sticky, chewy, and nutty. Every delicious display made Stephana’s mouth water with temptation. Her sweet tooth was on high alert…