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My top 5 girl crush list

In addition to my men I want to bang list, I have a (very short) list of women I got crushes on.

1.Scarlett Johannson
2.Mariska Hargitay
3.Jennifer Anniston
4.Cameron Diaz
5.Megan Fox

A Photogrpaher's Erotic Fantasy Journal: Football Fantasy

Wendy and I were on another photo session. Tessa, the editor-in-chief of Fantasies For Women magazine, had us to do a photo op for the magazine’s football issue. We were taking lots of pictures of professional, college, and high school football players from all across the country. Tessa had the idea for the football issue because there are a lot of female football fans.

We even manage to do a shoot with three college football players for the cover. Today, we went out to the football field to photograph a few high school football players from Dallas, Texas. Wendy got out the 35MM camera and started taking pictures of them fully equipped, half-naked, and in action. They even sweated because of the heat. To make the photo shoot more interesting, we suggested that one of the players become a centerfold for the issue. His name was Jason Drake. He was a tall drink of water with deep brown hair and brown eyes. He was just as sweet as he was hot.

First, Wendy photographed him with football padd…


I was having a really bad day after work. I wanted to go out with my friends but they all had plans. I had finished up a lot of paperwork and I missed my lunch break. The only thing I wanted to was to take off my shoes and clothes and just relax.

As soon as I got out of my work clothes and my shoes, I went upstairs into the bathroom and I heard water running.

"Hello. Is somebody in there?" I said.

I stood behind the bathtub only to feel a wet, slippery hand slipping under my white crop top. I softly gasped at the feel of the hand. I turned around to find Nick in the shower. Knowing Nick, I knew he loves the water. He loves it no matter what he's feeling.He sinfully smiled as I looked at me.

"Oh my God Nick, I'm so glad to see you." I said to him.

"Me too, baby. I love seeing you." He replied.

He pulled my clothed body close to his dripping wet, naked, soapy body and deeply kissed my lips as we stood under the warm spray of water. My medium-length black …

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:The Heir Hostage

LOCATION: Athens, Greece

ALIAS: Kendra St. James, former UCLA student/L.A. Times journalist.

MISSION: To rescue a shipping heir and his girlfriend from kidnappers seeking ransom.

I had arrived in Athens on an early morning flight from LAX. Once I was there, I took in on the scenery. As usual, I have my weapons, wardrobe, and gadgets with me. For my weapons, I had a stun gun with 10,000 watts and a .38 caliber with bullets. My gadgets are silver and
turquoise video camera earrings with matching necklace that has a digital recorder in the pendant, a lipstick that doubles as a laser pointer, and a book with a built-in camera.

For my wardrobe, I have five outfits: a white halter and long skirt set with turquoise and silver- adorned sandals and matching big belt, a khaki-colored cargo shirt with light blue camisole and brown shoes, a turquoise and chocolate tankini, a black Grecian-style gown with a 22-carat white diamond necklace with matching dangling earrings and black Manholo Blahniks, and …

Relaxing Elliot-a Law&Order SVU fan fic

Detective Elliot Stabler was extremely stressed after work. He was very tense and very sore, especially in the muscles. He along with his partner Detective Benson had a field day catching crooks, perverts, and everything, all the usual work in the Special Victims Unit division of the NYPD.

Elliot was walking home when he stopped by a coffee shop to gethimself some coffee. There, he noticed a beautiful redheaded woman sitting by herself.

"Is this seat taken?" Elliot asked smiling at her.

She looked at him and said, "I don't mind."

He sat himself across from her. He had a cup of coffee with sugar and cream. The woman had a french vanilla cappuccino and a chocolate covered cannoli.

"You look every tense, Detective." She said.

"Please call me Elliot. I'm off-duty." He replied.

She said,"Okay, Elliot. My name's Toni Ann. I'm a masseuse."

He replied,"You are? Could you help me relax?"

"Sure. I'm licensed and I work …

My list of men I want to bang

1.GALEN GERING-sweet and sexy,hot body,those make-you-melt browneyes (romantic)
2.JUSTIN HARTLEY-sexy smile, how hot he looks in anything (both)
3.ERIC MARTSOLF-those arms of steel and those blue eyes (goes either way as long as I'm in his arms all night)
4.NICK LACHEY-hot body,hot voice,would definitely want him to serenade me before getting it on (romantic)
5.JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-sexy body,sexy voice,sexy moves,definitely wanna rock his body (both)

Christopher Meloni
Nick and Aaron Carter
John CenaOrlando Bloom
Prince William
Charles Divins
Jeff Timmons
Drew Lachey
AJ McLean
Kevin Richardson
Brian Littrell
Tom Brady
James Scott
Matthew McConaughey
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jude Law
Thad Luckinbill
All the guys at and
Derek Jeter
Brandon Beemer
Joshua Morrow
Jacob Young
Kasey Kahne
Jeff Gordon
Carl Edwards
Zeb Atlas
Julian Mchanon
Chippendales dancers
Blake Lewis
Adam Levine
Victor Webster
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Brad Pitt
Matt Damon
James Hyde
Raoul Bova
Andy Roddick

Your Body's Calling

Howie was at his house in Orlando, thinking about his girlfriend. He loves every thick inch of her.Not too far from his house, Jenna was at her place. She was yearning for Howie. She couldn't stop thinking of his touch on her body. Howie called Jenna on his phone.

"Jenna, I've been thinking about you all day." He said to her.

"Really, Howie? What was it about me you were thinking of?" Jenna asked.

"I've been thinking about what I would want to do you in bed. I thought about touching every inchof your soft, creamy skin. Kiss every part of your curvy body. Make love to you over and overand over again. I want you so bad, Jenna." Howie replied.

Jenna was feeling hot from hearing his voice and things he wanted to do to her. Her response tohim was a soft, audible moan. She too wanted Howie.

Yeah, I don't want you to hold back any longer baby
Cause tonight, I'm gonna give you all the little things
I know you've been waiting for
So, brace yourself…

Hey! It's Jana

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I have been busy finding a new job and I've just finished tech school in June! I'm also working on new stories as well.

My Best Birthday

I was coming home after my friends and I went out to dinner and clubbing for my birthday. I noticed the lights were dim in my living room. I saw a Happy Birthday note from my blonde hottie Nick. As Iwas reading the note, Nick was standing behind me. I turned around and he gave me a birthday hug, a birthday kiss, and a fresh flower bouquet. He was semi-naked when I looked at him and touched his blonde hair. I kissed Nick before I went to the bathroom. When I was in there, I heard water running and saw my bathroom mirror getting fogged up. Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips.I heard a whisper saying 'Happy Birthday, baby'.Then, I wiped the mirror as I felt a pair of hands on my hips. I turned around and it was Eddie, my tall, dark, and handsome hunk. I smiled at him as he smiled at me when he kissed my lips.Eddie deeply kissed me as he slowly began taking off my clothes.Once my clothes were removed, I joined Eddie in the warm yet steamyshower. He was ru…

At Her Rescue

Amelia Donovan was going through some very difficult times. She had just lost her husband James who was killed in war and she's been in battle with her family who were pressuring tomarry under arrangement. She lived in New England with her mother, father, two sisters, and a younger brother.

Then one morning, she decided to take a walk to the beach. She loved the smell of the oceanair and the feel of the soft sand under her shoe-covered feet. So she went to the boat and went rowing. A storm was heading her way. Once she was far from land, the storm and the ocean were getting rougher.

Without warning, her boat was capsized in the rough ocean. While holding on the boat and haning on for her dear life, Ameliawas nearly drowning. Meanwhile, a strong, tall pirate swung down from his ship and rescued Amelia before she was sinking tothe bottom of the ocean. While holding her, the pirate laid her down on the deck saving her life. She started coughing out water,waking up to find herself on a …

My birthday

Hey, it's Jana. Monday, April 9 is my birthday. It would mean so much if you can send me birthday wishes and all.

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Rapture in Rio

LOCATION: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MISSION: To go undercover as a sexy Russian assassin in order to stop an assassination attempt of the president.

I arrived at Rio de Janeiro on my newest SECTION A mission. I went undercover as an assassin from Moscow, Russia named Elena Muskyaya. My mission to infiltrate and stop an assassination attempt on El Presidente, Miguel Fernando Hernandez. According to my SECTION A contacts, a political group being led by Lisa ”La Intrusa” Sanchez and Cisco “El Cobra” Canseco are planning to assassinate Hernandez at the start of Carnaval this week. As with any mission I do, I have my weapons, gadgets, and a hot wardrobe. My weapons and gadgets for this mission are a Smith & Wesson with a silencer, a .22 caliber, a stink bomb disguised as eye shadow, a silver necklace with a pendant that doubles as recorder, a smart phone with GPS, bullets, and a grappling hook that doubles as a hair clip.

As for my wardrobe, I had four outfits: a sexy red dress and heels for…

Chocolate and Caramel

I was at a dance club where they dance the salsa and all kinds of Latin dancing. I thought about trying something new that night. I wore my favorite dress, a red baby doll dress with a neckline that showed my cleavage and a skirt shows off my legs and red stiletto heels. My medium-length black hair had volume with curled ends.

The Latin music playing was lively and everyone’s dancing, enjoying themselves. I was standing at the bar, listening to the music. Then, I heard a male voice behind me.

I turned around and there was this sexy, tall, dark, handsome Latino man standing in front of me. He looked at me with those deep, soulful brown eyes.

He asked “Would you like to dance?” I accepted his invitation as he led me to the dance floor.

He introduced himself to me as Carlos. Once we were on the dance floor, we were dancing the salsa. I never thought that a fine, hot Latino like Carlos would be very interested in me, a black BBW. But then again, I find him very sexy, about as sexy as either G…

Impulsion-CSI fan fic

(Based on the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation episode “Compulsion” from Season Five)

After he and his colleagues wrapped up the murder investigation, forensic geek Greg Sanders went to his place to shower and changed clothes. Once he did that, he decided to return to the Hogs N Heifers Convention at the Tropicana, only this time as a guest. He wore a black turtleneck under a black leather jacket with dark blue jeans and black shoes.

He walked into the hotel where there he meets this big beautiful angel walking into the hotel. She had long, flowing, straight, black hair and had incridescent blue eyes that could melt a freezer full of frozen Snicker bars that went with her peaches-and-cream complexion. She was wearing a red dot rhinestone button top and Baby Phat jeans with a very dark rinse that fitted her 5-foot-4, 220 lb. frame. On her feet were black platform buckle boots.

She said, “Fancy meeting you here.”

Greg turned around and saw her. “Wow, you look great. I’m Greg as in Greg Sander…

Car Trouble

I was driving my car, a silver SAAB Convertible, to my cousin’s engagement party in the city one fine day. On my way there, my car started having trouble and then broke down. I began panicking and freaking out as soon as I got out of my car.

Then, I saw a tow truck driving my way. Driving the tow truck was a good-looking guy with dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He smiled and then said to me “Having a little car trouble?”

I looked and said, “Why yes I am.”

He said, “I’ll be glad to have your car fixed. The shop’s a few blocks down.”

The tag on his blue jumpsuit said Tom. He got out of the tow truck and began placing the hook on to my car. After that, Tom then opened the door for me. He said, “Hop in”.

I got into the truck and then Tom got in after me. We drove over to the mechanic shop/garage. In an instant, Tom began work on my car. I got out my cell phone and called my mom who was the hotel along with my numerous relatives and friends and told her that I was in the city and my ca…

Honey Love

I walked on over to my boyfriend AJ’s house, ready to spend a very romantic evening with him.

“Hey baby. How are you doing?” He said as opened the door and let me in.

“I’m doing just fine, baby.” I said to him.

He was wearing a blue tank top that showed off his tattooed arms and wore jeans and sneakers. He looked at me with those brown eyes of his.

I sat on the couch and relaxed while he went into the kitchen. Not long, he came back and offered me a glass of ginger ale and he got himself the same thing being sober and all. Once we drank our ginger ales, AJ had a look of passion in his eyes as he carefully put down our glasses when he started to kiss my lips. His hands rested on the sides of my face then slowly fell to my hips. I felt his tongue slip inside my mouth while still kissing me. We continued to kiss as he lifted me from the couch and we made our way to the bedroom. My arms were wrapped around his neck.

Once we were in the bedroom, AJ unsnapped my blue blouse while he was kissing …

The Nightcap

Brian and I were on a date. We went out to dinner, then window shopped, and talked. After our date, we went over to his place for a nightcap.

He asked, “Would you like a glass of wine?”

I said, “I would love some. Thank you.”

To me, Brian seems like the sweetest and most romantic guy I ever known. I thought the same thing to myself while Brian was in the kitchen.

Brian came out of the kitchen and came back with two glasses of white wine. He first offered me a glass and got himself one. We both had a few small sips. He couldn’t believe how stunning I had looked tonight, especially in my little black dress with stockings and heels. We were looking into each other’s eyes.

“You’re the most beautiful woman in the world in my opinion.” Brian said smiling at me.

I took one small sip and then he was looking into my brown eyes with passion burning in his blue eyes. He gently took my free hand and led me to the dining room. I sat on the dining room table. Brian stood in front of me. He carefully put …

A disclaimer

All stories that I have writtern are entirely FICITIONAL! Same goes for my fan fics. Just thought you should know.

Jana, the authoress