Car Trouble

I was driving my car, a silver SAAB Convertible, to my cousin’s engagement party in the city one fine day. On my way there, my car started having trouble and then broke down. I began panicking and freaking out as soon as I got out of my car.

Then, I saw a tow truck driving my way. Driving the tow truck was a good-looking guy with dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. He smiled and then said to me “Having a little car trouble?”

I looked and said, “Why yes I am.”

He said, “I’ll be glad to have your car fixed. The shop’s a few blocks down.”

The tag on his blue jumpsuit said Tom. He got out of the tow truck and began placing the hook on to my car. After that, Tom then opened the door for me. He said, “Hop in”.

I got into the truck and then Tom got in after me. We drove over to the mechanic shop/garage. In an instant, Tom began work on my car. I got out my cell phone and called my mom who was the hotel along with my numerous relatives and friends and told her that I was in the city and my car’s getting fixed at the mechanic shop.

While Tom was fixing my car, I was reading one of my books from my overnight bag. I even brought my suitcase along. Tom and I were talking while he was fixing my car. The car repair took almost three hours. After that, I paid for the repairs with my own cash.

I got in and tried it out. The car was working perfectly. I got out and thanked Tom for everything by hugging him. He flashed the movie star perfect smile at me as he wiped some of the grease from his hands and face with a towel, being the grease monkey that he is. Then, he looked into my eyes and kissed my lips. His semi-greasy hands were on my face when he was kissing me. As he broke the kiss, I unzipped and removed his jumpsuit, letting it rest on his waist. His body was well built with a six-pack stomach. My hand felt and patted his rock-hard stomach. He took my hand and began kissing it. He began to unbutton my dark purple button-down blouse. As he slowly slid the blouse down my body to the floor, he started kissing my neck, smelling my scent.

Tom whispered, “You smell really good.”

He gently squeezed my black satin bra-covered breasts. They were so soft in his large hands. He sat me down on a chair and began taking off my shoes. His hands moved back up to my breasts and unhooked my bra. Once my breasts were freed, he fondled them over and over before his hands slid down to my dark green knee-length skirt. He gently spread my legs and began kissing my knees and legs. Tom came back up to my lips and kissed me again. His lips moved lower to my neck where he kissed and nibbled and his hands were resting on my hips. With one of his hands, he cupped my breast and took the nipple into mouth, softly sucking it. I lightly moaned as he did the same thing to my other breast. His other hand managed to lift my skirt up to my waist. He noticed my black bikini panties. He slowly pushed them aside to find my wet slit and felt my wetness. He went on his knees while carefully taking off my panties. He slowly and softly started licking me down there. My moans began increasing in tempo. Tom not only licked me there but he also sucked me. He was doing the same with my clit. His mouth and tongue felt so good on me. My hands were holding on to his head while stroking his dark brown hair.

Then, he got up and took off his jumpsuit and underwear in front of me. He looked hot with his jumpsuit around his waist, but he was even hotter naked. My hand gave one long caress down his body and gently padded his rock hard abs. I wrapped my legs around his waist and shuddered the minute he went inside me. He slowly and deeply thrusted in and out of me. His hands were stroking my hair and his lips were kissing my lips, neck and shoulders. One of my hands was in his hair while the other was on his back. As we approached the climax, he softly licked one of my ears. I gave out one long, passionate cry and he came inside me. After all that, he kissed my lips again.

He asked, “So what time’s the engagement party?

I said, “At 6. Why you asked?”

He smiled and said, “I was wondering if you need a date for the party.”

I replied, “Sure, I could use a date for the party. We got three hours before the party begins which gives us plenty of time to get ready.”

He said, “We can go to my place. I can do the laundry and all.”

I happily responded, “That’s great! I got my overnight bag and suitcase full of extra clothes and stuff.

So we drove to his apartment in my car and got ourselves ready for the party. An hour and a half later, Tom and I were dressed up and ready to go. I may have had car trouble today, but having Tom fix it for me was well worth it.



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