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Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Rapture in Rio

LOCATION: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

MISSION: To go undercover as a sexy Russian assassin in order to stop an assassination attempt of the president.

I arrived at Rio de Janeiro on my newest SECTION A mission. I went undercover as an assassin from Moscow, Russia named Elena Muskyaya. My mission to infiltrate and stop an assassination attempt on El Presidente, Miguel Fernando Hernandez. According to my SECTION A contacts, a political group being led by Lisa ”La Intrusa” Sanchez and Cisco “El Cobra” Canseco are planning to assassinate Hernandez at the start of Carnaval this week. As with any mission I do, I have my weapons, gadgets, and a hot wardrobe. My weapons and gadgets for this mission are a Smith & Wesson with a silencer, a .22 caliber, a stink bomb disguised as eye shadow, a silver necklace with a pendant that doubles as recorder, a smart phone with GPS, bullets, and a grappling hook that doubles as a hair clip.

As for my wardrobe, I had four outfits: a sexy red dress and heels for…

Chocolate and Caramel

I was at a dance club where they dance the salsa and all kinds of Latin dancing. I thought about trying something new that night. I wore my favorite dress, a red baby doll dress with a neckline that showed my cleavage and a skirt shows off my legs and red stiletto heels. My medium-length black hair had volume with curled ends.

The Latin music playing was lively and everyone’s dancing, enjoying themselves. I was standing at the bar, listening to the music. Then, I heard a male voice behind me.

I turned around and there was this sexy, tall, dark, handsome Latino man standing in front of me. He looked at me with those deep, soulful brown eyes.

He asked “Would you like to dance?” I accepted his invitation as he led me to the dance floor.

He introduced himself to me as Carlos. Once we were on the dance floor, we were dancing the salsa. I never thought that a fine, hot Latino like Carlos would be very interested in me, a black BBW. But then again, I find him very sexy, about as sexy as either G…