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Her Sexy Wake-Up Call

Sabrina was sound asleep in her bed in house one morning. She had her boyfriend Nick come over the night before and they had made passionate, sweet love that had lasted almost the entire night.

To Nick, she was always looked beautiful and so sweet, even in sleep. He was awake and had a plan to give Sabrina a sexy wake up call. Knowing that she was asleep on her stomach, Nick started with soft caresses on top of her head, stroking her shoulder-length blonde hair that felt like silk through his fingers. He smoothed the hair to the side as he softly kissed the back and the sides of her neck.

His fingers made soft traces down from her nape to her spine down to her perfect, shapely bottom once he slowly removed the sheet from her skinny, naked body. His hands cupped her bottom while planting soft kisses on it. Then, his tongue made soft licks up to her neck and down her back. He could hear Sabrina slightly stirring.

Nick said, “Shhhhh. Just keep your beautiful blue eyes closed, baby.”

Nick mov…