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A Nanny's Secret Affair-Kevin vizzie/fan fic

I had just recently been by hired by Brian and Leighanne to look after their adorable son Baylee. So far, I was doing real well, especially when it comes to bonding with him. One day,when I was getting Baylee ready for his afternoon nap, Brian introduced me to his handsome cousin Kevin. We talked and I gave him my phone number. After work, I went to my apartment and took a bubble bath. My phone rang and Kevin was talking to me.

We talked about ourselves and I was brazen enough to ask him,"Have plans on joining me in my bath?"

Kevin said "I woud love to."

I softly chuckled not sure if he was kidding.

Then, he said "I bet the water's very warm and your skin is soft.""Well, the water is warm."I responded with a smile."Just kind of lonely in here though."

Kevin said "I can imagine my hands touching and holding you in the bath and my lips kissing your neck."

I held back a moan as my hand skimmed the surface of the water.

He added &qu…

Night Play vs. Desire of The White Wolf

I recently had some very scathing comments on my story Desire of The White Wolf over at Literotica. One comment thought I ripped off Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon, another said I need to take another English class, etc. Now, I'm defending my story, proving that I did NOT copy Night Play.

Both involve a big beautiful woman and man who's part wolf.
Both take place in Louisiana.
Both heroines were dumped in the beginning and they own shops in New Orleans.

Heroes-Night Play (Vane Kattalakis-tall, dark, brooding), Desire of The White Wolf (Landon Fredrickson-blonde hair, dark brown eyes)
Heroines-NP (Bride McTierney),DTWW(Leslie Amberton)
How the hero and heroine met-NP(Bride and Vane met at her shop), DTWW(Leslie and Landon met after Leslie was attacked by a brown wolf and her car broke down)
How the heroine was dumped by lousy boyfriend-NP (Bride was dumped by Taylor way of FedEx),DTWW (Leslie and her boyfriend Brad had a fight at the shop and then Brad dumped …

Gabriel's Perfect St. Patrick's Day

Annabelle Stevens, an American woman , has a new boyfriend named Gabriel O'Sullivan. Gabriel's half-Irish on his mother's side and one-quarter British on his dad's side even though he's born in the United States. They had been dating for almost three years. Annabelle had an idea since St. Patrick's Day is coming soon. She thought of surprising him with something special. So she called Gabriel on his cell phone and invited him over to her house.

On St. Patrick's Day, Gabriel came over to her split-level house, waiting for his surprise from Annabelle's surprise. Gabriel was 6'4, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and had a lean body on him.

"Annabelle?" He called.

Annabelle came down the steps, wearing the first of two very special outfits. Her first outfit was a black t-shirt with green shamrocks that said, "my lucky ta-tas" with a pink ribbon in the middle, green twill skinny-leg pants, and kelly green patent heels.

"Hey, my Irish-bred…

Desire of The White Wolf

Inspired by (and NOT copied from) the novel Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Leslie Amberton closed up her New Orleans-based plus-size lingerie store, Lush Pleasure, for the night. She had gone through a very tough day. Her self-centered, narcisstic boyfriend Brad had a fight while at work and then was dumped her by way of a text message on her cell phone, saying she was bad for his up-and-coming celebrity image. Brad's an aspiring actor/model trying to get himself discovered. She knew he was wrong for her, because he had been trying to change her appearance and all that. He wanted her to be superskinny, trying to get her on every diet imaginable, etc. She was so mad at him, called him a selfish, egotisical, douchebag. She never wanted to compromise herself for anyone.

Even her friends and family wanted her to dump him. He was no good for her for every reason. That night, she decided to go see her family in Tulane. Though she is 25 and works and lives in New Orleans on her own, Tulan…

A Rush of Ecstasy

Amy Saunders was getting herself ready for the race at the Texas Motor Speedway. She was in her hot pink, black, and white Victoria’s Secret racing uniform. Her shoulder-length, coffee-colored hair was in two pigtails. She felt an adrenaline rush whenever she goes to a race. Her #44 car was all ready for her. Amy and her pit crew were ready while her friends and family enter the speedway. Racing fans from all over the country were came to cheer on their fave drivers.

Once the national anthem was sung and the T-Birds flew over the Texas Motor Speedway, all the drivers including Amy got in to their cars and were ready to race. Her friends and family were cheering Amy on. The green flag flew and the race began. She was speeding past Jeff Gordon and the others. Her car was then bumped by Tony Stewart but she managed to get back in the race and in the lead. After 100 laps, the Amy was still in the lead. There had been some cautions including a 6-car pile up which involved Jimmie Johnson, Da…

Softest Place on Earth

Amy was thinking about AJ all day. She loved the way he makes her feel. Sometimes, the steamiest of her fantasies about him make her blush all over. One night after work, she got out of her work clothes and took herself a long bubble bath. Once she got out of the bath, she slipped on her sexiest, silkiest nightgown. She then called AJ inviting him to come over.

It's a glowing little feeling,
Like a summer sun that slowly rises,
On a new horizon of love.A
nd it's more exotic than Jamaica,
Or the rain that falls in Costa Rica,
Like a waterfall to the sea,
So tell me baby...

AJ loved talking to Amy. He often imagined himself holding her in his arms or even kissing every square inch of her. He arrived at her house and they started kissing each other with such passion. His large hands felt the silk of her gown as he smelled the perfume of her skin.

“I’ve thinking about you all day.” Amy whispered in his ear.

“Baby, the only thing I’ve wanting is you. I wanna make love to you, Amy. All night …