Softest Place on Earth

Amy was thinking about AJ all day. She loved the way he makes her feel. Sometimes, the steamiest of her fantasies about him make her blush all over. One night after work, she got out of her work clothes and took herself a long bubble bath. Once she got out of the bath, she slipped on her sexiest, silkiest nightgown. She then called AJ inviting him to come over.

It's a glowing little feeling,
Like a summer sun that slowly rises,
On a new horizon of love.A
nd it's more exotic than Jamaica,
Or the rain that falls in Costa Rica,
Like a waterfall to the sea,
So tell me baby...

AJ loved talking to Amy. He often imagined himself holding her in his arms or even kissing every square inch of her. He arrived at her house and they started kissing each other with such passion. His large hands felt the silk of her gown as he smelled the perfume of her skin.

“I’ve thinking about you all day.” Amy whispered in his ear.

“Baby, the only thing I’ve wanting is you. I wanna make love to you, Amy. All night long.” He said as he was kissing her face.

Do you wanna fly,
I can take you high,
Come ride on these midnight skies.
If you're looking for Heaven's only door,
You've got the key baby open me.

Baby won't you come inside,
I'll take you on a fantasy ride.
Take a journey through my universe,
My love's the softest place on earth.
You don't have to pull the blinds,
Let the neighbours lose their minds.
Baby you can be the first,
Inside the softest place on earth.

They continued to kiss each other’s lips when they went into her bedroom. They couldn’t wait to have each other. With one of his hands, he stroked up her thigh and moved upward to her leg. He laid her curvy body down on her bed. He took off his shirt and his shades. His hands were placed on her back. His fingers found the straps to her gown and gently lowered them. His lips were kissing her neck. She sighed against his ear. AJ lowered his lips down to her breasts. His hands softly cupped them as he gently began sucking and kissing them with his mouth. She was moaning as her hands were stroking the back of his head and his nape. She loved the feel of his mouth and hands on her body.

Overflowing with emotion,
I can will you feel so sensual,
When I touch you,
you will lose all control.
Come on baby, kiss me all over,
From my mountains to my valley low,
There's an ocean of love just for you,Just for you.

Amy began taking off his jeans while his mouth was still on her breasts. She felt soft and sensual under his hands. Her curves were lush, her skin soft and cool like silk. To AJ, every inch of her is tempting.

Half of Amy’s gown rested on her shapely hips. His tongue licked circles around her belly button. He slid the skirt of her gown up to her hips and slowly began fingering her hot and wet woman lips. She passionately screamed as he felt her wetness.

He then replaced his fingers with his lips and tongue. Amy felt wetter and wetter by his touch. As he tasted her, Amy’s fingers clinched to the bed sheets, trying not to rip them. She moaned and moaned wanting him not to stop.

So no more dreaming,
Your body's steaming,
You want it baby, this is your night.
I keep arising,
I'm fantasising,
I want it so bad
I'll do what you like.
We can do it in the movies,
Or in my jacuzzi,
Or maybe Central Park.
So if there's any doubt,
To what I'm all about,
So tell your friends I'm turning you out.

“Amy, I want to pleasure you. I want to be inside you.” He said staring into her eyes.

Then, he took off his jeans and underwear. He held on to her body in his arms as he went inside her womanhood deep. As he moved in and out of her, his hands were touching her hair and face before sliding them down her body. After her massive orgasm, AJ deeply kissed her lips as they laid in each other’s arms, body-to-body before going at it again.

Softest Place on Earth by Xscape



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