Night Play vs. Desire of The White Wolf

I recently had some very scathing comments on my story Desire of The White Wolf over at Literotica. One comment thought I ripped off Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon, another said I need to take another English class, etc. Now, I'm defending my story, proving that I did NOT copy Night Play.

Both involve a big beautiful woman and man who's part wolf.
Both take place in Louisiana.
Both heroines were dumped in the beginning and they own shops in New Orleans.

Heroes-Night Play (Vane Kattalakis-tall, dark, brooding), Desire of The White Wolf (Landon Fredrickson-blonde hair, dark brown eyes)
Heroines-NP (Bride McTierney),DTWW(Leslie Amberton)
How the hero and heroine met-NP(Bride and Vane met at her shop), DTWW(Leslie and Landon met after Leslie was attacked by a brown wolf and her car broke down)
How the heroine was dumped by lousy boyfriend-NP (Bride was dumped by Taylor way of FedEx),DTWW (Leslie and her boyfriend Brad had a fight at the shop and then Brad dumped her by way of a text message on her cell phone)
Hero's shapeshifting abilities-NP (Vane's part human, part werewolf), DTWW (Landon's part human, part white wolf)
The sex between hero and heroine-NP (Vane and Bride first had sex at her shop), DTWW(Leslie and Landon had sex at his place in Alexandria)
The heroine's shops-NP (Bride's store sells jewelry and other female trinkets), DTWW (Leslie's store sells plus size lingerie including her own designs)
Heroes' occupation-NP(Vane's occupation-unknown), DTWW(Landon's a doctor)


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