Desire of The White Wolf

Inspired by (and NOT copied from) the novel Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Leslie Amberton closed up her New Orleans-based plus-size lingerie store, Lush Pleasure, for the night. She had gone through a very tough day. Her self-centered, narcisstic boyfriend Brad had a fight while at work and then was dumped her by way of a text message on her cell phone, saying she was bad for his up-and-coming celebrity image. Brad's an aspiring actor/model trying to get himself discovered. She knew he was wrong for her, because he had been trying to change her appearance and all that. He wanted her to be superskinny, trying to get her on every diet imaginable, etc. She was so mad at him, called him a selfish, egotisical, douchebag. She never wanted to compromise herself for anyone.

Even her friends and family wanted her to dump him. He was no good for her for every reason. That night, she decided to go see her family in Tulane. Though she is 25 and works and lives in New Orleans on her own, Tulane is where she calls home. She called her mom and dad to let them know she's coming to see them before she went into her silver Cadillac CTS. She put on her London Fog off-white jacket just in case it rains. As she drove past city limits, the engine of her car then breaks down in the middle of the road and it started raining outside. She got out of her car, took out her cell phone from her purse, and called her parents to let her know about her car breaking down. While talking to them, an average brown wolf slowly crept on her, deeply growling behind her. She closed her phone, put it in her pants pocket, and began fighting off the wolf. She screamed as she fought him off. He scratched the side of her stomach with one of his claws. Suddenly, a large white wolf comes to her defense and attacked the brown wolf. The brown wolf ran away in fear. The white wolf came to Leslie's aide as he softly licked her face. She woke up and saw the white wolf. She then thanked him by petting him.The white wolf then changed into a human. He was tall as in 6'2 with blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes.

"Miss, are you alright?" The handsome stranger asked.

"I'm a little shaken but I'm fine." Leslie said to him.

He noticed the scratch on the side of her stomach. He got out the first aid kit from her car and bandaged her wound.

"Thank you for your help." Leslie said.

"You're welcome. Can I take you home?" He asked.

"Well, my car's broken down and I was on my way to my parents' house in Tulane." Leslie replied to him.

"'I'll contact OnStar in your car and also call a mechanic to get your car fixed." He said.

The stranger went into her car and contacted OnStar. After that, he called a mechanic on his cell phone.

"Where's your car?" Leslie asked.

"I parked a few miles behind you. We can wait for the mechanic in my car." He said.

They walked to his car, a Toyota Matrix, and waited there. It was still raining hard outside. He took off his jacket and then wrapped it around her shoulders.

"I'm so glad you helped me. By the way, I didn't catch your name." Leslie said.

"My name's Landon. Landon Fredrickson. I'm a doctor and I work at the hospital in Alexandria. I also live there. Me, my mother, my father, and my brother live there. We moved there from New Haven and lived there since I was 9. I have my own place and all." He said.

"Nice to meet you, Landon. I'm Leslie. Leslie Amberton. I own a lingerie shop and I live in New Orleans. I own, operate, and also design a few pieces for the shop. I'm originally from Tulane." She responded.

While they talked, the mechanic arrived and towed her car to get it fixed. Landon even made sure the mechanic called him once the car is fixed. After that, they drove to his place in Alexandria. Leslie was comforted to be helped by Landon, yet was still wondering about the white wolf who rescued her from the brown wolf who tried to attack her. Once they arrived to his Tudor-styled home in Alexandria, Landon opened the door for her. She was amazed at his spacious town house. She stepped inside the house, impressed by the modern-meets-classic interior.

"Let me take your coat." Landon said to Leslie as she took off her jacket.

"Thanks. I think I forgot something. My overnight bag. I hope I didn't leave it in my car?" Leslie wondered.

"You mean this? I got it and your purse out of the car while talking to OnStar." Landon said to her as they went into the living room.

"You do so much." Leslie said while putting her purse and overnight bag in the bathroom.

"Still a little shaken from the wolf attack?" He asked her.

"I was." Leslie said as she came back to the living room.

"There's something I should tell you. That white wolf you saw attacking the brown wolf was me." Landon said.

Leslie gasped and said, "That was you? Oh my God!"

"You see I was born wolf but I maintained human form because my father's both a wolf and a human when he met my mom who is all human."Landon explained.

"You mean you're a shapeshifter?" Leslie asked Landon.

"Sort of. I inherited from him and my brother Gerald has it too. I hope I didn't scare you from what I've just told you." Landon said to her.

"I'm somewhat startled, but I'm definitely not scared of what you just told me." Leslie replied.

They sat down on the sofa and Landon looked into Leslie's dazzling hazel-green eyes. While they talked, Landon had imagined what it would feel like to pleasure a mortal woman. Both sides of him wanted her. His wolf side wanted to take her in every position known and ravish her yet his human side wanted to take his time and be gentle with her. With his hand, he softly touched her face. Leslie felt the warmth of his touch and wondered how it would feel to have that touch all over her body. He softly kissed her lips. She softly moaned inside his mouth as they kissed.

He stopped and stared at her body. "You're so beautiful, Leslie."

He said as he scooped her up in his arms. Leslie was impressed with his strength. He didn't complain about how heavy she was or grunted from the strain of it. They went into his spacious bedroom and there he put her down till she was on her feet. Landon had a hot, hungry look into his eyes as he kissed her with hunger and passion. Leslie placed her hands on his shoulders. He then let down her reddish-brown hair, framing her soft face. His hands slowly moved down to feel her very voluptuous frame. He carefully and slowly unbuttoned her burgundy blouse then unzipped dark gray stretch pants. He never laughed or ran away from looking at her size 20, 225 lb. body. Still having that hot and hungry look in his eyes as he stared at her, he slowly slid the pants off from her body. He hands moved up from her hips to under her shirt as he slid it off of her body. Leslie stood in her baby pink lace underwire padded push-up bra and matching boyshort panties. He deeply kissed her lips while his hands ran though her hair. His lips then moved down to her neck, kissing it all over. Leslie held his body close to hers. Landon then took Leslie's hand, kissed it, and led her to the bed. As she sat up on the bed, he sat on his knees on the bed and reached around to unhook her bra.

Leslie took a sharp breath as her breasts were freed. Landon cupped them in his hands. They were a lush bounty overflowing in his hands. He closed his eyes and suckled her. She blissfully moaned at the feel of his mouth on them. She ran her fingers through his blond hair. To Landon, kissing her breasts was like tasting divinity. His hands caressed and gently squeezed her generous, curvy bottom that was still covered by her lacy panties. His lips moved from her breasts to her massive belly, kissing it up and down. His fingers found the waistband of her panties. He slowly dipped his hand into the elastic and intimately touched her. His fingers softly dipped into her folds, caressing her.

"Oh, Landon" Leslie moaned in pleasure.

She felt so warm and so wet on his fingers. He then softly licked his fingers, anticipating to fully taste her. He pulled off her underwear with his fingertips. Landon looked up at Leslie with an intensely hot, devouring glance. He was still in his clothes while she was entirely naked. Then, Landon took off his dark green Ralph Lauren sweater. Leslie was quickly aroused by the sight of his slightly tanned, ripped body. He had strong, nearly muscular arms, a defined chest, and chiseled cut abs that would rival any male model. Landon smiled as pulled her close to him and kissed her lips. As they kissed, Leslie noticed the deep, large scars from the claws and bite marks on his back as she glanced at the mirror by his nightstand. Her fingers made a trace of them from his underarms to the top of his shoulder blades. She found that part of him dangerous yet he had a soft, gentle touch. Her eyes were half-closed as he kissed down her body. When he got down to her love triangle, he nudged her legs apart. He wanted to taste her, savor her like a full-bodied wine. Leslie hissed as she felt his breath burned her thighs. He licked and teased her pussy, making her hiss in desire. Landon growled at the sound of her being pleasured as he felt her juices leak into his mouth. He kissed up her body as he took her hand, leading it to to his throbbing cock. Leslie sank her hand into his black jeans and his briefs. He growled deeply as she wrapped her hand around his hardening length.

As Leslie stroked him, Landon cupped her face and kissed her passionately. The idea of feeling his hard cock deep inside her enticed her. He got up and took off his shoes. Leslie held her breath as he unzipped his fly. He slowly removed his briefs and jeans at the same time. She was in a desire-numbed daze from seeing him in all his glory. He brushed the hair from her neck and then nibbled on the sensitive flesh there. Landon cupped her supple breasts as he joined her on the bed. He held on to her body as he slowly and deeply entered her. She let out a deep, passionate as he filled her. Landon took his time as he pleasured her. He looked at every inch of her body quivering sexually. Without breaking his hold, Landon laid himself down on the bed having Leslie on top of him. She moaned and groaned in desirable urgency as she rode him. He held on to her while his hands caressed every inch of her lush body and super soft skin.

"Leslie, you feel so good. Come for me, baby." Landon whispered to her.

She rode him harder and faster until she was over the edge. Her orgasm was so primal, so powerful, and yet so wonderful all at once. Every stroke he delivered made Leslie's body even more sensitive. Landon had quickened his strokes as her orgasm was spent. He held her tight in his lap, leaned his head on her neck, and reveled in her scent as his body spent itself. He deeply buried himself in her, rocked her gently in his arms while his orgasm washed over him with a sense of peace and calmness. He didn't take his eyes off of Leslie as his body peacefully, slowly relaxed. She laid down on top of his body as she gave him the sweetest, deepest kiss on the lips ever imagined.

"Leslie, you're everything I have imagined in a woman. You're a lush, full goddess in my eyes and in my arms." Landon said as he looked into her eyes.

Landon was everything Leslie wanted in a man, even though he's part wolf. He was everything that Brad wasn't. She smiled at Landon as they wrapped themselves in each other's arms in a post-coital cuddle under the supersoft Egyptian cotton covers. She inhaled his masculine scent as she fell asleep in his embrace as the rain pounded against the window.


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