Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kat's Sex Diary: Vegas Fling with Bianca & Simon: Part Two-My Date with Simon (FINISHED VERSION)

Part Two: My Date with Simon Early that afternoon, I decided to chill by the Encore Beach Club for a while, maybe even take a swim at the pool. I was in my black two-piece swimsuit with a jeweled triangle top and bikini bottom, I even wore a black hat to cover my hair from the sun. I even got a couple of compliments on my swimsuit by fellow guests and pool loungers. I then went to my hotel suite, changed clothes, and went down to the casino; I even won thousands of dollars on the roulette table playing my lucky number. I even squeezed in a sixty-minute workout over at the fitness center. After that, I went over to the Encore Esplanade at the Encore Resort for some shopping; it’s like Las Vegas meets Beverly Hills with all those designer boutiques. I got myself a few pairs of Manolo Blahnik shoes, some Oscar de La Renta gowns, a bottle of Chanel No. 5 for my mom, and two pairs of Alexander McQueen heels. I also went across the street to the Fashion Show Mall. While shopping, I even called and booked an appointment at The Spa at Wynn, so I can feel relaxed. My experience at the spa was very luxurious and the staff treated me like a VIP. It was so good that I offered a very generous tip to the staff. I had a few more hours before my date, so I washed and styled my long hair into an over-the-shoulder hairstyle with a deep side part and soft curls to go with my brand new dress; the black dress is a one shoulder number with a 26-inch split at the hem. After my hair was styled, I put on a black strapless padded bra and a high-waist body shaper before putting on my dress. I then sprayed my neck with some of that Midnight Poison that I got on my wedding day, along with a pheromone body spray. I then got started on my make-up to complete my date night look with a subtle smoky eye, a thin sweep of eyeliner, and soft pink lipstick on my lips. Finally, I put on my black high heels and was all set for my date. I then heard a knock on the door. I walked up to the door, looked through the peephole, and there was Bianca. I opened up the door and she wanted to check me out. “OMG! You look so gorgeous, especially in that dress. I also love your hair.” Bianca said as I modeled my outfit for her. “Thanks so much!” I responded with a smile. Bianca got out her digital camera and took a picture of me. After having my model moment, she told me that Simon will be ready shortly and she wanted me and her husband to have a good time tonight. She also looked forward to hearing all the juicy details from him, so she could write it in her journal. A few seconds later, I heard another knock on the door. I looked through the peephole and there was Simon, I opened the door and let him in. He had on a white button down shirt with dark blue stripes, dark jeans, and black shoes. “You really cleaned up nice.” I said to him. “Wow, you look stunning! Divine, even.” He said to me. He then gave me a bouquet of flowers that were as beautiful as the ones he and Bianca left for me this morning. This bouquet was mostly orange roses, which mean desire, passion, and excitement, and orange lilies in a small glass vase. “Thanks for the lovely flowers.” I said as I put them on the nightstand by my bed. After that, Simon and I walked together arm-in-arm to dinner over at Lakeside at the hotel. The atmosphere at the restaurant was just beyond amazing; we were promptly seated at a table with a lovely view. We shared an appetizer, the very delicious chilled shellfish platter, while getting to know each other. Simon was born in London and raised in Chelsea, went to Oxford University, and began his stripping career at age 21 performing at hen parties to pay for his tuition; he even told about how he got his start over at L.A. Body Heat. In return, I told him a bit of my life, other than being a wealthy widowed woman, and also about my plans for a new beginning. “I’m already looking for a new house, probably in Los Angeles. But I’m also considering places like San Diego, Orange County, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Torrance and San Jose.” I said. “All that sounds great. I’m sure whatever plans you do will be great.” Simon responded. Then came our entrees; I had the 20 oz. ribeye steak with the lobster macaroni and cheese on the side and Simon had the New York strip with the grilled green asparagus on the side. “Bianca and I really enjoyed the baskets you gave us; we enjoyed them so much that we didn’t fall asleep till four in the morning.” Simon said to me. “That’s great! I especially you and Bianca’s company last night.” I happily replied. “I really want to surprise her this weekend. I was wondering if you can help with me that.” He said as he smiled at me. “I’m flattered and I’d love to help with you with the surprise. I could ask the front desk where we can find a great sex shop to go to after dinner.” I excitedly replied. “I can’t wait to surprise her.” Simon responded. Simon and I then had dessert; I had the dulce de leche bread pudding and he had the nutella profiteroles from the rolling dessert trolley. We even got a taste of each other’s dessert while I felt his hand under the table as he touched my leg. After he paid for dinner and I left a tip for the waiter, Simon and I went out to this two-story, 24-hour place near The Strip called The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace, which was a sex shop with toys, lubricants, condoms, etc. The exterior was pink, black, purple, and red while inside the interior had black walls with what looks like red lace trim. We were approached by a perky, redheaded salesgirl named Felicia. “Welcome to The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. I’m Felicia and how can I help you today?” she said. “I’m helping him find something to please and surprise his wife because they’re celebrating their wedding anniversary here in Las Vegas.” I said to her. “How about you? Are you looking for something special for and your husband?” Felicia asked me. “Well, unfortunately, I’m widowed and I’ve just lost my husband a couple of months ago.” I replied. “Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss. You two should definitely check out the Lelo products at our luxury section upstairs, we have great stuff for men, women, and couples. If you need any assistance, you let me know.” Felicia said to me and Simon. “Okay, thanks.” Simon said to her. Simon and I went on over to the luxury section upstairs, the display was immaculate and sleek like an upscale boutique. We first checked out the Lelo products; not only am I helping Simon find something for Bianca, but I’m also looking for a few sex toys for myself. Good thing I bought my female sex supplements, condoms, and lubricants from home along with me on my trip. “Does Bianca use sex toys while you two have sex?” I asked Simon as I looked at a few intimate massagers. “Sometimes, but the sex would be so good that we wouldn’t need them.” Simon replied. I picked out a few items and put them in my shopping basket. In the basket, there were two massage oil candles, a tube of personal moisturizer (for the lady parts), a bottle of toy cleaner, three intimate massagers (a Nea intimate massager in deep rose, a Siri intimate massager in purple, and a Lily intimate massager in black), a purple dual-action rabbit vibrator called Ina 2, and I even picked up four OhMiBod music vibrators (two of them were wireless). I then recommended couples rings and those intimate massagers to Simon; I even showed him the massage oil candles in my basket. After a few minutes, we went to the front register and paid for our purchases. “Thanks for shopping at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. Hope to see you two again soon!” Felicia happily said. Before leaving the store with Simon, I said to Felicia, “If you’re not too busy tomorrow, you and I can hang out for a girls’ day while I’m in Las Vegas for the weekend.” “Wow, I would love that very much! It’s been a while since I went out with the girls.” Felicia replied. “Great, I’m staying at the Wynn and here’s my cell phone number if you want to chat.” I said as I wrote down my cell phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to her. Simon and I then came back to the hotel, took the elevator to the 4th floor, and walked up to my deluxe panoramic corner suite. We went inside, sat on the sofa in the living room, and just enjoyed each other’s company. I didn’t mind Simon stroking my leg that was exposed by the slit of my dress as we talked. I showed Simon what I had bought at The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace; Simon even showed me some pheromone products he bought for him and his wife to use, especially on each other. He then asked me, “Would you like to see me dance?” I replied, “Ooh, I’d love to see your moves. I got my MP3 player and speakers with me, I’ll get them.” I went to my get my MP3 player and wireless speakers from my duffle bag, hooked the two devices together, and set the MP3 player to my “Sexy Romantic” playlist. I sat back and watched as Simon looked through my playlist; he even found a song on there that he wanted to dance to. The song he picked out was “Supersexual” by Blue. I sat on the sofa and watched in arousal as Simon moved his body to the song, he was extremely good. He moved his hips up and down as he unbuttoned his shirt, one by one. He then walked up to me, sat on my lap, and gave me a sexy lap dance as he took off the shirt, letting it fall to the floor. His body was like a picture of male perfection with his masculine features, he was fit in all the right places. I wondered if he was a male model in another life, I bet he even posed nude for a classroom full of female art students over at Oxford before becoming a stripper. He placed my hands onto his fit chest before letting them slide to his toned abs. I ran my hands up and down his frontal body as he took off his shoes and then his pants. Things got hot when he teased me by pulling down the waistband of his boxer briefs, showing me his V-line before pulling his boxer briefs up. He then got one of the roses from my bouquet and as he moved his body, he rubbed the rose from his neck down to his abs before the song was over. I applauded and said to him, “You’re amazing. Plus, it was very hot! I can see why you’re good at your job over at L.A. Body Heat.” “Thank you very much.” Simon replied as he smiled at me. He then walked up to me and wrapped one arm around my waist. I felt my female core gradually heat up as our bodies got close; we began to slow dance to the next song on the playlist, which was “Sweetest Sin” by Jessica Simpson. Even when he’s dancing normally, he’s good on his feet. “Wow, this night is just getting better by the minute. Having dinner and dessert at a gorgeous hotel restaurant, shopping at a sex toy shop, and getting treated to a sexy striptease and lap dance from you. I mean, what could make this night even better?” I said to him with a smile. Simon looked into my deep brown eyes, smiled at me, and said, “Having steamy, passionate, sensual sex with the most gorgeous widowed woman I’ve ever seen with a sexy music playlist playing in the background.” I looked at him and said, “Would you really want to have sex with me?” He replied, “Absolutely. I definitely enjoyed you with my wife last night.” I said to him, “I can totally see that, especially when you tell Bianca about it and see how really turned on she will be. I bet if she wrote it all down on pen and paper, the ink would melt and the paper would burn. Plus, I can even try out one or two of the sex toys I bought.” “Oh, how would I love to kiss and caress every inch of your body, take your pussy in so many positions, and make you have plenty of orgasms all night.” Simon said to me in a seductive, sensual tone in his British accent. After we had danced, Simon softly and sweetly kissed my lips. His hands explored up and down my back while my hands stroked his arms. I then whispered in his ear, “I’m going to go into the bathroom and slip into something a little more comfortable.” “Do take your time.” Simon said as he kissed my hand before I went to the bathroom. After using the bathroom, putting on my lingerie, and taking my sex supplements (along with a few aphrodisiac-infused chocolate peppermint-flavored mints), I walked into the bedroom wearing a stretch lace and satin corset with detachable garters and black stockings; the corset was light pink with black lace and light pink bows, it had underwires, a hook and eye back closure, and ruffle and satin bows details at the bottom. I even put my black high heels back on to complete the look. For an ounce of extra sex appeal, I had on a black stretch lace robe with a completely open neckline, ruffle details, and a stretch satin under bust band with a hook and eye closure hidden under a satin bow. “Damn! You look absolutely gorgeous tonight. You’re just as sexy in lingerie as you were in that black dress you wore on our date.” Simon said to me with a sexy smile on his handsome face. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and passionately kissed my lips, I rested my hands on to his toned chest. I must say his kisses were sweeter than a basket full of Cadbury eggs on Easter, him being British and all. I felt his hands on my waist as he gently laid me down on the bed. Simon continued to deeply and passionately kiss my lips; I felt his hands rubbing up and down my body as we kissed. I ran my hands all over his back and shoulders. I moaned as he started kissing my neck as I wrapped my arms around his neck. We then rolled on the bed till I was on top of him. Simon looked at me with those blue fuck-me eyes and asked, “Can I help you out of your gorgeous robe?” “Yes, please.” I replied as he carefully took off my robe. Once my robe was off, I lay on top of his body and passionately kissed his lips as we slowly grinded against each other’s bodies. Simon sat up and gently laid me back down on the bed; I watched as he lifted both of my legs, took off both of my heels, placed them by the bed, and unhooked the garters before taking off my stockings. I moaned in response as he planted a trail of kisses from the soles of my feet all the way up to my knees. “I want to try something with you.” Simon said as he got up from the bed and went into the living room. A few seconds later, he came back with a black down feather teaser that he had bought from The Pleasure Seeker’s Palace. I laid on my side as he sensually stimulated my body with the feather, stroking the curve my body while he kissed on my earlobe, neck, and shoulder. Simon then switched from the feather to one of the roses from my bouquet on the nightstand; the velvety petals against my body made me moan in response. He then sat behind me and kissed both sides of my neck while his hands stroked up and down my arms. I tilted my head back as he kissed on one of my shoulders. “You’re a very beautiful woman, Kat.” Simon moaned into my mouth before kissing it. While he passionately kissed my lips, I felt his hands as they unhooked the back of my corset. I sensually moaned as he softly fondled my womanly breasts once he had removed the corset from my body. Simon then sat beside as he started orally pleasuring on one of my breasts; he softly licked from under my breast up to my nipple. He squeezed, licked, and sucked both of my breasts; he even flicked his tongue on both of my nipples. “And you’re a very sexy man, Simon.” I said as he kissed down to my stomach till he reached the waistband of my stretch lace thong panty. He then removed my panties with one smooth movement; I looked as he took a sniff of my panties, he smelled it the same way he smelled the perfume/pheromone mix on my body. “I bet you taste as sweet as you smell.” Simon said to me as he sexily smiled at me. I felt one of his hands slowly rubbing on my pussy, I moaned in response while he kissed on my neck. He then kissed his way down my body till he reached my hairless pussy; he stopped, took two pillows from the head of the bed, had one placed under my hips, and placed the other pillow below my head. Once I got comfortable, I then watched as he slid a finger into my pussy and his tongue began licking my clit at the same time. I moaned, groaned, and held onto the pillow as he added another finger. I gradually got wet between my thighs; this man definitely knew how to please a woman in and out of bed. Then, he replaced his fingers with his mouth on my pussy; I softly bit my lower lip and ran one of my fingernails over my upper lip as he went down on me. He licked and tasted my pussy as if it were melting ice cream. I asked a question that I never ever thought to ask, “What do I taste like down there?” Simon then looked up at me, softly licked his lips, and said, “You taste so sweet, you taste like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberries.” He rubbed his finger against my warm, wet slit till it was coated with my wetness. He then offered me a taste and I playfully licked the wetness from his finger; I must admit that I really did taste sweet between my thighs. I sat up as I deeply and passionately kissed his lips. Simon gently broke the kiss and said to me, “Oh, Kat. I’m hard and ready for you.” I slid my hand down his boxer briefs and felt his hardness down there; he was definitely ready for my pussy. I said to him, “The condoms are in my suitcase by the sofa. There’s also some lubricant in there, too.” Once he got the condoms and the lubricant, he rejoined me on the bed. I watched as he took off his boxer briefs, which joined the rest of our clothes on the bedroom floor. Body wise, David Beckham’s got nothing on him and his seven-inch erection was fully awake; his naked body was just as sexy as last night. With such lustful eagerness, I looked as he took out a condom from the box, properly put it onto his hard British cock, and rubbed a few drops of water-based lubricant on it. I sat up on the bed as he gently pulled me close to his body and slid his condom-covered cock into my wet pussy. I let out a groan as Simon slowly and deeply thrusted into me, we held and touched each other while in the lotus position. Our bodies rubbed together while my legs were wrapped around his waist while Simon kissed my lips and neck. My pussy lips squeezed his cock with each stroke he delivered, making my moans and groans pleasurably intense. We then switched into another position where I was on top; I leaned back as Simon held on to my hips as I rode his cock. While on top of him, I even rolled my hips, squeezed my breasts with my hands, and rubbed my clit with my fingers. “You’re so sexy, Kat.” Simon moaned as he spoke to me. OMG! This man is an orgasm to all five of my senses: his compliments and his British accent gave me eargasms, his blue fuck-me eyes and his hot body gave me eyegasms, his hands gave me touchgasms, his kisses and licks gave me tastegasms, and the smell of his cologne gave me scentgasms. Simon not only kept pleasuring my g-spot with his still-hard cock, he also kept the foreplay going as we switched positions. He passionately kissed my lips as he laid me on my back; I moaned as he planted kisses on my neck, breasts, and stomach. He even kissed my knees, legs, one of my arms, my upper thighs, and one of my wrists. I felt every nerve ending on my body burn up from his kisses and caresses, I was wet all over again as he kissed my inner thighs before tasting my pussy. I softly touched his dark blonde hair as he went down on me; he licked and tasted me out so good. I even got wet from him telling me how beautiful, sexy, and hot I am; I was flattered by his compliments even though he didn’t have to tell me while in bed. After that, he deeply kissed my lips while still-hard, condom-covered cock entered my pussy again. He entered me deep and slow before gradually increasing the speed in his thrusts; he hit my g-spot just right with each stroke he delivered to my pussy. I moaned and groaned as loud as I can while he rubbed my clit in tempo with his cock sliding in and out of my pussy. I ran my hands up and down his fit back, my thighs quivered in response as they fluttered like butterfly wings. I moaned intensely while he softly kissed on my ear and neck. We switched positions to where I was on all fours, I then held on to the sheets as he held my hips and entered my pussy from behind. As we were in doggy style position, Simon had one between my thighs manually stimulating my clit while his other hand fondled one of my breasts. Our moans synced in sexual harmony as we approached climax, he held on to one of my shoulders as he increased the tempo. “Ohhhhh, Kat. I’m gonna cum…” Simon moaned. “Come on my back.” I responded as I pushed my long hair to the side. With that being said, he took off the condom and splashed his man milk on my middle and lower back. I then turned around and got a look at his naked, perspiring body, which gave me a major eyegasm. Simon held me close in a post-coital embrace as he passionately kissed my lips, our naked, lust-perspired bodies were close and our rapid heartbeats had gradually slowed down. “How about we have second round in the living room on the sofa?” Simon suggested. “Oh, I don’t mind going another round with you. Also, bring the pillows from the bed.” I replied as I kissed his lips before going to the bathroom to refresh myself. A few minutes later, I came back into the bedroom and resumed kissing Simon’s lips. As we kissed, Simon carried me into the living room, which was in the same area as the bedroom. He then took two of the pillows from the bed and bought them to the living room. I laid beside him and kissed on one of his ears and his neck while I stroked his cock with my hand. I could tell from his moans that he enjoyed it as I kissed and licked his frontal body. I then looked into my suitcase and took out a bear-shaped bottle of crème brulee-flavored, water-based lubricant. I poured some of it onto his cock and took my time orally pleasuring him; I mean one good turn deserves another. I felt Simon’s hand stroking my back and playing with my hair as I tasted him; his other hand kissed the palm and fingers of my free hand. Once he got nice and hard for me again, I softly and sensually kissed his lips. “Can I try one of those flavored lubes on you, Kat?” Simon asked me. “Sure.” I replied. I watched as he looked into my suitcase and got out another bear-shaped bottle of water-based lubricant, which was chocolate and strawberry flavored. He poured some of the lubricant on his fingers and spread it onto my pussy lips; he even rubbed some on my breasts and my mouth. He passionately kissed my lips while his hands explored every inch of my body. I moaned as he moved his mouth down to my breasts, I was turned on from his licks and kisses. He then held both of my hands as he tasted my pussy with his lips and tongue, the flavored lubricant made me enjoy it a lot more. After that, he kissed his way up to my body before kissing my lips. He even cupped the back of my head before placing one of the pillows on the living room table; he then placed the other pillow beneath my hips on the sofa. I watched as he opened up a brand- new condom from the box and properly put it onto his hardened cock. We were in the arch position as his hands held on to my hips. Once again, my pussy lips squeezed his cock; he got strokes better than a golf game on Sunday. While his cock went in and out of my woman cave, he gently laid on top of me, planting kisses on my neck, lips, and breasts. He then wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to his body on the sofa. I looked into his blue fuck-me eyes as I rubbed my clit with one hand while I planted my other hand on the sofa. I bounced up and down on his cock, which felt so good. I moaned as his large hands traveled from my back all the way down to my upper thighs. I then got out one of my clitoral massagers from the sex shop, turned it on, and placed it on top of my clit as I rode his cock in reverse cowgirl position. The combined erotic sensation of the massager on my clit and riding his cock made it pleasurable. Simon’s caresses on my body made it even more pleasurable. I moaned and groaned very loudly as Simon moved in and out of my pussy a little faster. Then, Simon sat up on the sofa as he kissed one side of my neck and on my earlobe. He took one of the pillows from the living room table and placed it on one end of the sofa. I laid my head on the pillow as Simon planted kisses on my stomach and both of my inner thighs before tasting my pussy. I briefly bit my lip before letting out a loud, sensual moan; I was still using my clit massager while my pussy was being licked. After that, he cupped my face in his hands and deeply kissed my lips before sliding his cock into my pussy. I held onto to the pillow as I moaned and groaned in response to his thrusts. “Kat, let me those gorgeous eyes because I want to watch you come.” Simon said to me. I opened my eyes and looked into his as we were reaching climax. His thrusts went from slow to fast and deep. The thrusts, along with the massager on my clit, made my moans into screams of passion. “Ohhhh, ohhhhhh….” I loudly moaned. “Come for me, Kat. Come for me.” Simon moaned. As we moaned and groaned together, we had reached climax. Finally, Simon took the condom off of his hard cock and splashed his man milk onto my lower stomach, some of it even landed in the valley between my breasts. He then kissed my lips and wrapped his arms around me in a blissful, post-coital cuddle. “Simon, that was just so amazing.” I said to him as I softly kissed around his neck. “I totally agree. Plus, you look so sexy with an afterglow.” Simon replied as he took one of my hands, intertwined it with his, and kissed it. “I’m gonna go take myself a shower.” I said as I was about to go to the bathroom. “I got an idea. How about I fix you a nice, warm bubble bath and I can bathe you?” Simon said to me. “Ooh, that does sound so relaxing. My bath stuff is in my suitcase.” I replied, being impressed by his kind gesture. I relaxed in the bedroom while he got my bath ready, basking in the afterglow. If he made me any wetter and sweatier on the bed, the sheets and mattress would have been flooded. Shoot, my pussy would’ve felt like Niagara Falls; I’m surprised that the windows hadn’t fogged up after the first round. A few minutes later, Simon came back in the bedroom and told me that my bath was ready. He took my hand and led me to the bathroom; I put my hair up into a ponytail and stepped into the bathtub. Simon was beside me, rubbing my body with a sweet-smelling sugar body scrub and rinsing it off with the warm bath water. “It’s getting kind of late, I got to get back to Bianca and tell her all about tonight. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your MP3 player, because I want to enjoy the “Sexy Romantic” playlist with her.” Simon said to me. “I don’t mind that at all.” I replied as I got out of the tub and Simon handed me my plush bathrobe. Once Simon got redressed, he kissed my hand and said to me, “I absolutely enjoyed you tonight.” “I really enjoyed you too, Simon” I replied. He then gave me a good night kiss on the lips before leaving my hotel suite. After my bath, I put on my black satin nightshirt which felt smooth against my freshly-bathed, naked skin and put the bathrobe over my nightshirt. I then took the ice bucket from the bathroom and filled it with plenty of ice. After that, I went out to the car and took out my snack and beverage stash I got from the convenience store en route to Las Vegas. I came back to my room, put the drinks in the ice bucket, and bought the snacks with me to the bedroom. Sex with Simon was like multiple orgasm overload, but worth the sweating, loss of breath, rapid heart beat, wetness between my thighs, possible overheating in body temperature, and sore muscles. He has sex game that would make college boys jealous; he’s a British gentleman in public and a sexually passionate, endorphin-inducing, multi-sensory orgasm causing g-spot pleasuring, well-endowed sex god between the sheets. I bet Bianca has a t-shirt that says “Happy life, happy wife” because she’s so lucky to have a man like Simon. I had a few snacks and sipped on one of my drinks before falling asleep with a smile on my face.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Preview: Honey Escape (Asian male/black female)

Lilianna McGee is a brainy, sociable, beautiful, articulate, 22-year-old college student by day, majoring in law over at the Emory University of Law. She entered freshman year with a 4.0 GPA and kept it up ever since. She does have friends at school, but she often goes either to the library, the nearest coffeehouse, her apartment in Buford, or to her weekly full-time job at Chik-Fil-A. The only time she would have a bad day is when she forgets her glasses (because she’s nearsighted) and have eyesight headaches. She’s the kind of girl who much rather spend her leftover money on books (both for school and for pleasure) than a new pair of shoes, that and the kind who takes her school books and studies everywhere she goes. On Fridays and Saturdays after work, she takes pleasure into watching kpop videos because little do her friends know, she’s a kpopper. She gets excited when watching music videos from Korean boy and girl groups on YouTube; she loves the upbeat pop music and even learns the dance routines. She gets really turned on when watching Kpop boy band videos because she thinks all those Korean guys are so very sexy, the videos were like porn to her. Even if she didn’t understand one word in Korean, she enjoyed watching the videos. She gets hot and aroused watching the Korean boy bands with their body rolls, hip thrusts, moments of shirtlessness, sexy hair porn, eye staring, and lip licking/biting; she would have mental orgasms from both the music videos and the live performance videos. Other than her fellow classmates at Emory Law, Lilianna has friends at the Pedicure Palace nail salon. The girls who work there, who are from South Korea, are the ones who she can talk to about kpop while getting her nails and toes done. A few Sundays ago, she and Rosalie, a fellow classmate of hers who studies criminal law, went out to lunch at a local sports bar. “Lilianna, can I ask you a question?” Rosalie asked her. “Sure, ask away.” Lilianna replied. “Do you ever go out at night?” Rosalie asked. “Do you mean on weekends or weeknights?” Lilianna responded. “At any night.” Rosalie replied. “Well, to be totally honest, I would either go to my apartment, the Waffle House, or the 24-hour IHOP after working at Chik-Fil-A six days a week. Plus, I also go to work after school.” Lilianna responded. “Okay, okay. Do you ever go out on a date?” Rosalie then asked her. “No, I’ve always been busy whether it’s with work or school. Yet, I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA while working full-time at my job.” Lilianna said. “I’m just concerned about you, Lilianna. I want just you to have some fun in your life.” Rosalie said to her. “The only fun I like to have after school/work hours is watching Kpop music videos on YouTube.” Lilianna said. “That’s great and all; is there anything else you like to do that’s also fun?” Rosalie asked. “Every now and then, I like to have a spur-of-the-moment shopping spree over at Bath & Body Works at the Mall of Georgia.” Lilianna replied. “That’s always fun! I just don’t want you to be one of those people who are all work and no play. You got to have balance and fun in your life.” Rosalie replied. “Okay.” Lilianna said. “Here’s what I want for you to do: On any Friday or Saturday night, I want you to go out to a club and also meet a guy. I also want you to have some sexy outfits in your closet. Don’t get me wrong, your sweater-blouse-skirt/sweater & skirt with 2-inch heel combinations are great for school, but you also got to have some outfits for nights when you go out on dates with guys or even girls’ night outs.” Rosalie said. “I could use a little more fun in my life...” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “That’s the spirit!” Rosalie exclaimed happily. “Can we go shopping this week?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Absolutely yes! How about we go shopping right after school tomorrow?” Rosalie excitedly responded. “I’m game! Plus, I could always study later, I don’t report to work till three o’clock, and I just got paid two weeks ago.” Lilianna happily replied. When school ended for the day on Monday, Lilianna and Rosalie went over to the Mall of Georgia for a shopping spree. “Which store should we stop by first?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Let’s try Bebe!” Rosalie replied. “Okay, let’s go there!” Lilianna happily said. Lilianna and Rosalie made stops at Bebe and a few other stores at the mall, she made a few purchases. “Can I come over to your place when you get off work? I can’t wait to see what you bought at the mall today.” Rosalie said as they arrived at Lilianna’s apartment. “Sure, that would be great.” Lilianna replied. That night, Lilianna got off work for the night and went home to her apartment. She changed into her comfortable pajamas and relaxed for a bit before Rosalie came over. She went on YouTube and looked videos involving sexy K-Pop boy bands and she clicked on a video titled “Kpop ABS and sexy moves”, which she saved on her Favorites playlist. Every single time she watched that video, she would get turned on and sometimes she would even play with her woman bits while watching, even when she replayed it again and again. A few minutes later, Rosalie came over to see what she had bought from their shopping trip at the Mall of Georgia. Lilianna showed Rosalie all that she had bought at the mall: a few dresses, three pairs of shoes, five skirts (three of them pencil for her to wear to school), and two bottles of perfume. She even modeled the clothes for Rosalie, all of which fitted her body perfectly. After her mini fashion show, Lilianna put her pajamas back on and then said to Rosalie, “There’s a video on YouTube I really want to show you.” Interested, Rosalie replied, “Ooh, do show me!” “I’m about to show you something that will make you cream in your panties!” Lilianna happily warned her best friend. Lilianna and Rosalie walked over to her open area corner office as she clicked the replay button on the “Kpop ABS and sexy moves” video; she even had the video on full screen. Together, they watched a video that featured hot guys from Korean pop boy bands doing body rolls and showing off their hot bodies. Once the video was over, both females had to fan themselves because it was so hot. “So what do you think of Korean boy bands?” Lilianna asked Rosalie. “Damn!!! Those boys are hot! I can see why you like them so much!” Rosalie replied. “Oh yeah, they’re so sexy, that if their sex appeal was like the terrorism alert system, they would be classified as code red!” Lilianna responded. “I swear they should come with that whistle that college-age females have to wear in case of personal assault!” Rosalie said. “Their sex appeal should be illegal in this country; I mean they are walking talking porn on two legs!” Lilianna replied. “Lilianna, I think I know a place in Atlanta where you can find some sexy Asian men.” Rosalie said. “Really? Do tell.” Lilianna said to Rosalie. “There’s this new club called Escape, it’s a three-story club for black women only. This place has three floors: vanilla, caramel, and honey. I’ve heard of this club by way of Montana and her sister Francesca were talking about it at lunch, they plan on going there Friday night.” Rosalie replied. “This place sounds very hot! I would love to go there myself.” Lilianna said. “Great!’ Rosalie happily exclaimed. “In fact, I want to go there on Saturday night when I get off from work. I can even change into one of my new outfits before going to the club.” Lilianna replied. “Okay, be sure to give me all the details after your night out.” Rosalie said. That Saturday night, Lilianna got off work for the week as planned. She then went to her place and changed into one of her new outfits, a one-shoulder black dress with an overlapping lace pattern on a nude overlay and a sweetheart v-neckline; she even put on a pair of black lace high heels to go with her dress. After styling her hair and putting on her make-up, Lilianna got into her sliver metallic sedan and drove to Escape. She arrived at the three-story brick building and entered the red and black lobby. She signed up to the club mailing list, got her picture taken, and received her membership card. After that, she decided to check out the third floor, which was the honey floor. The honey floor had walls that were painted in two shades of yellow that made Lilianna think of honey and sunshine. She inhaled the amazingly intoxicating combined scent of honey, jasmine, and orchid, courtesy of the candles and incense. The candlelight gave a sensual, yet romantic glow to the entire floor; she took a look around the area, where there plenty of beautiful black women with gorgeous, exotic Asian men. Lilianna even made a few more friends and wrote down their names and phone numbers into her address book, for instance, she met this woman named Geraldine Hawkins, who works at Georgia Power. Tall, lean, 30-something, and chocolate-skinned Geraldine sat with Lilianna over at the bar/lounge area and had drinks together; Lilianna had a pina-coco spritzer (pineapple coconut vodka, club soda, and fresh orange juice) while Geraldine had the peaches and cream (whipped cream vodka, peach schnapps, peach puree, and sweet and sour); both females each got a glass of cold ice water and a plate of sliders. As they sipped their drinks, Geraldine and Lilianna had bonded over Kpop; Geraldine even told her about her recent trip to South Korea and her awakening as a Kpopper. “I’ve got to tell you about the time I met Big Bang!” Geraldine said excitedly. “OMG! You met them! Tell me all about it!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “Okay, I was at the lobby at this nice hotel I was staying in Seoul, I was about to get myself some lunch. Then, someone bumped into me; I looked at the other person and it was T.O.P.!” Geraldine said to her. “T.O.P. from Big Bang bumped into you? OMG! That man is definition of eye sex; he’s the kind of guy who can make you cream your panties just by looking at you with those eyes.” Lilianna replied. “I know right! He’s just dripping with charm as he helped me up. I then got to meet the rest of Big Bang. I would tell you my biases are when it comes to them, but I just love them all. Daesung is like the smiling angel and yet he has that hot body that’s built for sinful thoughts; he got those arms that I would love to feel in a hug, Taeyang is just as sexy, especially when he moves those hips; I swear he was a male stripper in another life, G-Dragon’s so fly and he has that swag, and Seungri is like sexy and sweet, and yet cute as a panda.” Geraldine said. “You are so damn lucky! You got to meet them while on vacation in South Korea of all places.” Lilianna replied. “I even took a picture with them and it’s in a safe place at my house. Oh, the fantasies I have of them; I could write plenty of erotic fan fics about all of them, separately of course. When I came home from my trip and watched their video for “Fantastic Baby” on YouTube, which was when I had my awakening as a Kpopper.” Geraldine responded. “That’s my favorite video from them! The two of us should hang out sometime and watch Kpop videos on YouTube over at my place.” Lilianna said to her. “Ooh, that would be great! Let me give you my phone numbers and you give me yours. I would love to hang out with you tonight, but I got some plans tomorrow. I’ll call you sometime.” Geraldine said as she and Lilianna exchanged phone numbers. After the exchange, Lilianna tipped the bartender and took a taxi home. Lilianna stayed around a little longer, drinking her glass of cold water after having a few small sips of her pina-coco spritzer. She then heard a male voice behind her saying, “Excuse me miss, would you mind if I sit with you?” Lilianna turned around and saw this tall, handsome, young Asian man with beautiful black hair and lovely almond-shaped eyes. “Sure, you can sit with me.” Lilianna replied as he sat next to her on the butter-soft sofa. The young, handsome Asian man introduced himself as Dae-Hyun Jung. He’s Korean-American, Korean on his mother’s side and American on his father’s side. He, his parents, and two siblings have just recently moved to Atlanta from New York City because his father got a job transfer at a Coca-Coca distribution center. “So, Dae-Hyun, what do you do?” Lilianna asked him. “I’m a culinary school student during the week, a modeling student at Barbizon on Saturdays, and I help my mom and siblings in anyway I can.” He said to her. “So you’re an aspiring chef/male model and loving older son/brother all in one?” Lilianna replied. “Indeed, I am. Plus, I also work full-time at Red Lobster six days a week. Can I ask what do you do, Lilianna?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m a law student at Emory, a full-time employee at Chik-Fil-A, a big sister to a younger sibling who lives in another state, and the bigger apple of my parents’ eyes.” Lilianna responded. “Wow, that’s impressive.” Dae-Hyun said to her. After conversing and looking deep into each other’s eyes for a few minutes, Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna out to dinner that night. She accepted his invitation and they left Escape in her car to a brand-new restaurant in downtown Atlanta. A few minutes later, they arrived at the new restaurant called The Jade Dragon; this place had three kinds of Asian food: Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. The place not only had a big buffet, it had a sushi station and even a spot where patrons could create their own dumpling/pot sticker/dim sum plate by putting the already cooked dumplings, pot stickers, and dim sum into those wooden carrying crates which keeps them hot. Lilianna had two plates of food: the first plate had honey-glazed barbecued spare ribs, crispy shrimp with pepper salt, dungress crab spring rolls, and Maine lobster fried rice; the second plate had beef tenderloin with portabella mushrooms in black pepper sauce, honey glazed walnut prawns, and beef and broccoli. Dae-Hyun had a crate with a couple of dumplings and a plate with beef and broccoli and lo mein with sliced barbecued pork. Once they sat down at a booth, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun dined on delicious, exotic Asian food; they not only enjoyed the food, they also enjoyed each other’s company. “Would you like to try one of these dumplings?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna as he opened the crate filled with dumplings and dim sum. “Ooh, I would love to.” Lilianna happily replied. Dae-Hyun took out the chopsticks, gathered one of the shrimp and pork dumplings, and fed it to Lilianna’s lips. Lilianna savored the entire dumpling in one big bite. “What do you think?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “Wow, it’s so savory and so delicious.” Lilianna responded as she took two dumplings and put them onto her first plate. As they continued to enjoy the food and each other, Lilianna then asked Dae-Hyun, “What are you studying over at the culinary school?” “Aside from cooking, I’m also studying baking and restaurant management. I would like to have my food truck someday. I developed a love for cooking from my mother and my grandmother.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Oh, how nice is that.” Lilianna replied with a smile. “How about you? What are you studying over at Emory Law?” Dae-Hyun asked her. “I’m studying in courses specializing in both white collar crime and divorce. It’s double duty, but I want to challenge myself all while maintaining my 4.0 GPA and sending resumes to all the law firms in Atlanta. That way, I can work my way up and have my own legal firm.” Lilianna replied as she took a bite of her food. “That is just astounding, impressive even.” Dae-Hyun said with interest. Lilianna briefly looked at Dae-Hyun’s soft, pink lips as he took a bite of his barbecued pork lo mein, it made her wonder if he’s a good kisser with those lips. She then got turned on when he discreetly licked his lips with his pink tongue. After dinner, they went on to the restaurant’s dessert bar. Lilianna had the fried banana Nutella wontons with coconut ice cream while Dae-Hyun had a scoop of green tea ice cream. Then and there, they sampled and enjoyed each other’s desserts. Lilianna was definitely enjoying herself that night; she wore a new dress, went out to a new nightclub, met a hot new guy, and ate at a brand new restaurant. After having dessert, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got eight to-go (four for each of them) boxes, Dae-Hyun paid for dinner, and packed them with food, including a couple of those dumplings they have had together. Both had left a tip to the server and went to her car; Dae-Hyun then said to her, “Before you ask about my living situation, I do have my own apartment and my own car. But my dad borrowed my car for tonight so he and my mom can go out for date night because his car’s getting fixed. I took a taxi when I went over to Escape.” Lilianna then responded, “I hope you don’t mind me asking you this, but would you like to spend the night with me at my place?” Dae-Hyun replied with a smile, “That would be great.” With that being said, Lilianna and Dae-Hyun got into her car and drove on over to her apartment; she had even gave Dae-Hyun a grand tour. “So what do you think of my place?” Lilianna asked Dae-Hyun after the tour. “You got a great place right here, it’s spacious, well-furnished, and everything.” Dae-Hyun replied. “Thanks.” Lilianna said as she went into the kitchen, put her leftovers in the fridge, and fixed two glasses of cold ice water for two of them. She then joined Dae-Hyun in the living room and sat on the soft, dark blue sofa; they even sat close to each other. “Dinner tonight at The Jade Dragon was incredible!” Lilianna happily exclaimed. “I totally agree!” Dae-Hyun replied. “The food and atmosphere was just amazing and I got to enjoy it with you.” Lilianna said as she looked into Dae-Hyun’s almond-shaped eyes. “Likewise. I especially enjoyed feeding you those dumplings and sampling those fried Nutella banana wontons from your plate.” Dae-Hyun said as he smiled at her. “I liked that I got to try new things, the only Chinese food I would have would be at Panda Express at the Mall of Georgia on an every-now-and-then-basis.” Lilianna replied with a light laugh as she sipped her water. “What kinds of food do you like to eat?” Dae-Hyun asked Lilianna. “Aside from the Asian cuisine I’ve had tonight at The Jade Dragon, I also like to eat Italian, barbecue, Mexican, and seafood. I like soul food and fried chicken as much as the next black person, but when it comes to food, people, and ambition, variety is the spice of life.” Lilianna replied as she and Dae-Hyun put their glasses down on the coasters on the living room table. “Other than Korean food that my mom cooks, I also like barbecue because my dad’s a grill enthusiast and that summer is his favorite season to fire up the grill and surf and turf because of my mom, no matter what the combination. I have the same philosophy about variety and not just about food.” Dae-Hyun said as he looked into Lilianna’s dark brown eyes. He then softly cupped her face with his hands and kissed her lips. While they kissed, Dae-Hyun placed one hand and cradled the back of Lilianna’s head with it; his other hand rested on her upper thigh. Lilianna placed one hand on his chest and her other hand gently played with his hair.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Special Breakfast-a Louis Tomlinson fan fic/visual (FINISHED VERSION)

I woke up early one morning and went downstairs to my kitchen. I wanted to fix breakfast for me and Louis, who had spent the night and had hot, passionate sex in my spacious bedroom. I had a new box of Special K cereal, which I bought from the grocery store last week, on top of the refrigerator. Being the short girl that I was, I had to get a chair from the dining room table and reached up to get the cereal. Once I got the cereal from the top of the fridge, I then moved the chair to the cupboards and got out two bowls. After I placed the chair back to the dining room table, I got out two spoons from the kitchen drawer. I opened the box of cereal and poured the cereal into both of the bowls. I then walked over to the fridge, opened it, and got a gallon of whole milk from the door. Just as I was about to pour the milk onto the bowls of cereal, Louis quietly snuck up behind me and I felt his arms gently wrapped around my waist. I then put the cap back onto the milk and put it back into the fridge. “Morning, Louis.” I said to him. “Morning, babe.” Louis replied as he softly kissed my cheek. “I’m just fixing up some Special K and milk.” I said to him. “Mmmm, my favorite breakfast. I’m looking at you and I’m hungry already.” Louis as he gently turned me around till we were face-to-face and he smiled at me. Louis was just as sexy as he was on our date last night. We went to a movie and then to my place where we chatted and laughed. Next thing you know, we shared kisses in the living room before going into my bedroom. He helped me out of my black denim pencil skirt and my shoes. I watched as he gently lifted my gray and pink striped long-sleeved sweater; he even noticed my gray bra and panties with pink lace trim, which were the same colors as my sweater. I giggled as he said, “I’ve never expected your underwear to match your sweater.” Once I was in my underwear, I then helped Louis out of his button-down shirt, suspenders, and jeans. I felt his hands slowly touching and massaging my bra-covered breasts while my hands got a feel of his nicely shaped ass through his underwear. I swear he could be like Scott Disick’s best friend from across the pond who’s also a long lost Kardashian cousin. He does have a nice body; I even got a look and feel every inch of it of it when he was on top of me while having sex in my bed. I loved how he slowly grinded against my body before his young cock thrusted into my pussy. I also loved how he told me of how beautiful I looked in bed, how he kept kissing me all over my body while sexing me, and how sweet I tasted when he went down on me. The sex we had was hot and passionate; it was sheet-and-pillow clinch-worthy. His hands and mouth felt so good on my body, Louis felt the same about me. Back to this morning, Louis and I were in the kitchen making out with his arms wrapped around my waist. His hands caressed every inch of my body while his lips kissed my neck; my hands gently caressed and squeezed his nicely shaped, underwear-covered ass. He then sat me up on the dining room table as he kissed both sides of my neck; his hands slowly lifted my white nightshirt from my womanly body while his mouth pleasured both of my breasts. While he did that, I slid one hand into my white cotton panties and rubbed my opening till I was dripping wet, making myself moan with pleasure. He planted soft kisses up and down on my belly before he scooped me up into his toned arms and took me back to the bedroom. Once he laid me down on the bed, I lifted my hips as he removed my panties from my waist and I took off my nightshirt. He got turned on as soon as I was naked. I moaned some more as he kissed my inner thighs before reaching to my pussy. I let out a sensual moan as Louis delivered the first lick to my pussy; his pink tongue went from my hardened clit to my pussy lips. While he orally pleasured my woman cave, his hands massaged my breasts. Both of my hands held onto to my pillow as my moans and groans became pleasurable screams. After that, I sat up as Louis and I shared passionate kiss on the lips, I planted soft kisses and licks on his perfectly toned frontal body. Louis then gently took my hand, placed his hand on top of mine, and I felt his now-hardened manhood. He was nice and hard just for me; I laid on my stomach as I slowly lowered his underwear and kissed and licked his length before taking it into my mouth. As I went down on him, I listened to his moans and felt his hands caressing up and down my back; he even softly played with my hair. “Mmmm, babe. It feels so good. Let me see those beautiful eyes.” Louis moaned as I looked at him for a moment. Once I orally satisfied him, I opened up the bedside drawer, got out a condom, and gave it to him. I had watched in lustful anticipation as he properly put the condom onto his young cock. He then placed his hands onto my hips as his cock entered my pussy with deep and slow strokes, hitting my sweet spot just right. He planted kisses and licks on my neck as his strokes moved a little faster. I just love how he never skimps on the foreplay while pleasuring me. I took it to another level as I licked my fingers and rubbed my clit in circles, I continued to rub my clit as I wrapped my legs around his waist; I used my other free hand to hold on to my pillow. He then laid his body on top of mine as he continued with his thrusts in and out of my pussy; his strokes went back and forth from nice and slow to fast and deep and back again. I squeezed and held on to his nicely toned ass, which felt so nice in my hands Our bodies basked in the morning sunlight streaming through my two bedroom windows; our moans became passion-filled screams as we had reached climax. Once we climaxed together, Louis took himself out, removed the condom from his cock, and splashed his man milk onto my stomach. As I rubbed his man milk onto my body, Louis laid beside me on the bed, passionately kissed my lips, and slid two fingers in and out of my wet pussy. Oh, how I loved it when he made me come again after sex; not only did he finger my pussy, he did that and rubbed my clit with his thumb at the same time. I felt his kisses on my body as I came close to a full-blown orgasm. Louis deeply kissed my lips after I had my massive orgasm; we shared soft kisses as my heart slowed down. Then, we heard my stomach growled. Louis looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll bring the cereal and we can have breakfast in bed together.” As soon as Louis went to the kitchen, I looked at my front yard outside and enjoyed the sunshine from my bedroom window beside my bed. Louis came back to the bedroom with two bowls of cereal and milk and two spoons; he joined me at the bed and sat beside me as we ate our breakfast. “This is so nice.” I said to him. “Yeah, it is. You and I having breakfast in your bed, especially after having lovely morning sex.” Louis replied as he took a spoonful of cereal and milk into his mouth. Once Louis had finished his breakfast, he softly kissed my head, face, and neck as I finished up my cereal. I heard him say to me, “We should do this again sometime.” “Yes, we definitely should.” I said as I drank the milk from my bowl. THE END