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MCFOTM-May-Andrew Walker

For my Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month for May, I have someone really new. His name is Andrew Walker. For those of you Lifetime addicts, he's the hot guy in the movies, "Wicked Minds" and "Abducted" which in my opinion he's really good in both. My fantasy about him involves me as a doctor/nurse and Andrew was my patient. I administered TLC (Tender Loving Care) and once he's all better he thanks me with passionate, romantic sex. That fantasy became the inspiration for my recently written story, "A Doctor's Desire, A Patient's Passion".

Art of Pleasure-Chapter One

My name is Lynette Adler. I'm 26 and I live in New York City. I'm a curator at the Guggenheim Museum of Art. I love doing what I do and all, even though it has gotten kind of boring.

My home life was also boring; my husband Derek, a Xerox salesperson, and I had a very large rift in our 6-year old marriage. All that plus my overprotective, overbearing mother lives with us. My life with my mother had been volatile since my father had died. He died when I was 13. I managed to do extremely well in my school years, both academically and socially. Post-high school, I had dreams of being a fashion designer and wanted to go to FIDM in California. But my mom had feared being all alone if I went to college in another state. So I went to community college and got my current job, putting aside all my design adreams. There are times I wish I would leave my job, mother, and husband behind and pursue my dreams.

I have been working at the museum for approximately four years, yet I still want to…