Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Her Sexy Wake-Up Call

Sabrina was sound asleep in her bed in house one morning. She had her boyfriend Nick come over the night before and they had made passionate, sweet love that had lasted almost the entire night.

To Nick, she was always looked beautiful and so sweet, even in sleep. He was awake and had a plan to give Sabrina a sexy wake up call. Knowing that she was asleep on her stomach, Nick started with soft caresses on top of her head, stroking her shoulder-length blonde hair that felt like silk through his fingers. He smoothed the hair to the side as he softly kissed the back and the sides of her neck.

His fingers made soft traces down from her nape to her spine down to her perfect, shapely bottom once he slowly removed the sheet from her skinny, naked body. His hands cupped her bottom while planting soft kisses on it. Then, his tongue made soft licks up to her neck and down her back. He could hear Sabrina slightly stirring.

Nick said, “Shhhhh. Just keep your beautiful blue eyes closed, baby.”

Nick moved his hands and himself lower to her legs and thighs, softly touching them with his fingertips. Sabrina silently shivered. He was placing soft kisses and licks on them. He moved back up to her backside and began kissing her shoulders. Then, he took one of her hands and began kissing and sucking her fingers. Sabrina let out a light sigh. She always did love the feel of his hands and mouth on her body.

Without waking her, Nick carefully and slowly turned Sabrina on her back. She was breathing but silently. He began lightly sucking and licking her ear. He moved to her lips and kissed her there. His tongue was softly roaming in her mouth. He could hear her moan. His lips moved lower to her neck where he then licked and kissed. His hands were feeling and cupping her big breasts. Nick softly licked her nipples before sucking and kissing them.

Sabrina had a mild orgasm from feeling Nick’s mouth and hands on her breasts. Not long before his tongue lowered to her stomach, licking her belly button. While kissing her stomach, his fingers found Sabrina’s womanhood, hot and very wet. He lightly circled it with his fingertips before plunging in. With two of his fingers, he went in and out of her, feeling her liquid silk on his fingers. He then replaced his fingers with his tongue and mouth. He opened her woman lips and began licking her. Sabrina slowly wakes up, crying and moaning passionately as her boyfriend was making her wet. Once Nick was done licking her, he was sucking her, feeling her bud throbbing in his mouth. His erection was hardening against her leg, he was ready to be inside her. He carefully spread her legs as he entered her slowly. His hands held on to her hips. While going in and out of Sabrina, he was kissing her neck while she was reaching orgasm.

Nick began calling her name as he was making her cum. Their combined orgasms had washed over them like a tidal wave of passion. He pulled her body close to his and kept going in and out of her. His seed spilled inside her once they laid back on the bed with Sabrina wrapped in his arms.

He smiled as he asked “Did you enjoy your wake-up call, baby?”

Sabrina smiled back and said, “I enjoyed every moment of it. Thanks, baby!”


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Soldier's Rescue

LOCATION: Somewhere in the Middle East, mainly Iraq

ALIAS: Dana Fairweather a.k.a “Desert Fox” of US ARMY Search and Rescue

My newest mission had me crossing enemy lines. With help from the U.S. Army, I had to go undercover to rescue an Army Reserve soldier, Capt. Doug Miller, who was kidnapped and attacked by a terrorist group similar to Al-Quaeda, the Al-Fraida. My boss at headquarters thought it would one of my best missions, especially because I’m rescuing a soldier while our country’s military are still fighting with Iraq in the war.

According to files, Miller was last seen trying to deliver supplies and aid to victims when Al-Fraida attacked and kidnapped him on the spot. Now they want to kill him. So I had to go undercover, find and destroy the Al-Fraida, and rescue Capt. Miller.

My alias is Dana Fairweather of the US ARMY Search and Rescue Division a.k.a “Desert Fox”. According to files, Miller has been in the Army Reserve for 3 years and lives in San Diego, California. He also has 3 siblings: 2 sisters (Heather and Jenny) and 1 brother (Austin). Their mom Anne’s a pharmacist and dad Samuel owns a restaurant. When Doug’s not serving his country or volunteering, he does triple duty as an aspiring romance novel cover model, and an entertainer at a ladies’ club in Los Angeles. Not only was I given information on Miller, but also on Al-Fraida. The Al-Fraida is similar to Al-Quaeda. While Al-Quaeda has Osama Bin-Laden leading a very large group of terrorists from all over Iraq targeting only America as a result of 9/11, the Al-Fraida’s led by Rajiv Reniakah whose 40 plus members came from both Iran and Iraq who target the U.S. military and militaries from other countries.

For this mission, I wore a dark green body-hugging jumpsuit with a zipper in the front down to my belly button, bulletproof body armor under the jumpsuit, and black boots all under a large white veil. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a sleek ponytail under the veil. My weapons and gadgets for this particular mission are a .38 Smith and Wesson handgun, a flicker knife, a pair of night vision goggles, a digital camera disguised as a belt, and a smart watch with GPS.

Later that night, I spotted the Al-Fraida entering their secret desert hideout with my night vision goggles. I decided to follow them. I was still wearing a veil under my jumpsuit and everything else. The Al-Fraida’s secret hideout turns out to be an abandoned building, which turns out to be an abandoned two-story apartment complex. I noticed most of the Al-Fraida left the building. With my night vision goggles still on, I walked right into the building once they had left. First, I went upstairs. I looked into the rooms to find Miller. Then, I heard noises from one room, so I kicked the door open to find Capt. Miller, tied up, bruised, and blindfolded.

I camp up to and said “Capt. Miller, I’m Dana Fairweather with the US ARMY Search and Rescue a.ka. “Desert Fox”. I’m here to rescue you.”

With the flicker knife, I quickly cut the ropes from his wrists and ankles and then removed the blindfold from his eyes. Without being distracted I noticed his dark brown eyes. Doug and I began leaving the abandoned building before the terrorists came back. Once the captain and me escaped, trouble came early when Reniakah and his terrorist gang were about to come in. Reniakah spoke to his crew in his native Iraqi tongue to attack us. I was ready to fight when I took out my Smith and Wesson and shot two of them once in the chest each. Then, I clothes pinned and body slammed one into another. Doug on the other hand, punched one very hard in the torso while another got body slammed. I got out my flicker knife and stabbed three of them: one got stabbed in the stomach, another stabbed in the leg, and one just ran right into my knife. Reniakah was next. I threw him down, kicked him the stomach very hard, stomped on him, and then shot him three times in the chest and stomach with my Smith and Wesson. Once the terrorists were dead or fatally wounded, I contacted the boss who contacted the Army, telling them that Miller was found alive though wounded.

I asked Miller “Are you okay, Captain?”

He held on to his side and said “I’m okay, a little bruised, but ok. Thank you. Thank you for rescuing me and kicking terrorist ass.”

I laughed and said “Just doing my job.”

Once the Army Reserve arrived, I followed them as they carried the Captain onto a helicopter to take him to a hospital back in the USA. The boss at headquarters congratulated me on another successful mission. Once we were all back home, Miller was taken to a hospital in Virginia. My CIA boss and I visited Miller while he was there. My boss introduced me to him. The doctor said to us that Captain Miller had suffered minor injuries such as three broken ribs, a mild concussion, and some bruises on his stomach, chest, and right leg. The doctor also said Miller had to stay there overnight for observation and he’ll be ready to go home in a day or two. The army contacted Miller’s family who were relieved to hear the news that he’s alive and well.

Hours later, I too, went home to San Diego, where I live, work, and also go to school when I’m not on CIA spy missions. I work at a boutique and I go to school at FIDM hoping to become a fashion designer. I went into my sweet house, checked my messages on my answering machine and cell phone, and slipped into something more comfortable. So far, my best friends (Allison, Gabrielle, Megan, Shanna, and Brianna), my sister Natasha, my parents (mom Deana and dad Thomas in San Francisco), and aunts Maryanne and Yolanda all have called while I was away. I talked to everyone on the phone while helping myself to a pint of Haagen-Dazs caramel cone ice cream from the freezer. After that, I watched some TV and went to bed.

The next day, I went to school, hanged out with my best friends, went to work, went shopping and then ate. After all that, I went back home. I was relaxing when I heard a knock on the door. I opened to see who it was and there was Doug with short-stemmed white roses in his hand.

He said, “Are you Denise Fallon?”

I said “Yes I am.”

He replied, “It’s me Doug.”

I was very glad to see him. He wasn’t in uniform anymore mainly because he was honorably discharged from the Army Reserve and he got just gotten out of the hospital early this morning and when he came back to San Diego this afternoon his family and friends threw a welcome home party.

I got a look at Doug. He was tall (6’2), dark (black hair and deep brown eyes), and extremely handsome. He wore a dark gray sweater, a black leather jacket, black jeans, and deep brown shoes. We sat in the living room on the sofa and began talking while I put the roses in a vase full of water. We’ve been talking about each other and everything that had happened since the rescue from Iraq. We began looking into each other’s eyes.

Then Doug said “Thank you for rescuing me, my angel in dark green, black and white.”

As his hand slowly moved up from my knee to my inner thigh, I placed my hand on his chest and steadily moved down to his feel his erection hardening against my fingertips. With one hand, he cradled the back of my head as I leaned back. His lips slowly kissed my lips as his tongue softly touched mine inside my mouth. His hands were caressing every curve of my fully clothed body. I looked at him as I took the sweater off of his body. We continued kissing as he unzipped deep purple blouse and his hands moved lower to the waistband of my jeans. His lips moved lower from my lips to my neck.

With his strong arms, he lifted and carried me to my bedroom.

He asked, “Where’s your bedroom?”

I said “Straight ahead.”

We went into my bedroom. As he laid me down on my bed, he removed the unzipped blouse from my body. His hands unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them off of me. I was left in my baby pink satin and lace bra and boy short panties. My fingers caressed his ripped abs up to his chest and to his arms and shoulders and short black hair. Doug smiled at he looked at every inch of my body. He kissed my lips again; inserting his tongue in my mouth while his hands were unhooking the back of my bra. My perfect, not-touched-by-plastic-surgeon, 44C breasts were released, giving Doug access to them with his hands. His lips slid down to my neck down to my breasts where he was cupping them and his tongue lightly flicked them before sucking them.

Doug took his time orally pleasing them, making me sigh and moan softly and deeply. With one hand, he gently stroked my fit, tight stomach. I moaned against his ear. He moved lower to where my panties are. His fingers felt a wet spot there, then rubbed where my clit was in soft circles. He pushed my panties aside, feeling the wetness of my clit and pussy lips. In a second, he slipped a finger inside me. I let out a loud gasp as my female walls were closing in around his finger. He slid in and out of me. My breathing was rapid.

He took his finger out and began taking off his jeans and underwear. I got wetter when I look at Doug entirely naked. He was built and ripped in all the right places. I even got a glimpse of his 7-inch cock. He slid the panties off of my hips. He placed a kiss on top of my belly button before his mouth moved lower to my bare pink clit and pussy.

He began licking my pussy lips up and down. I heard him moan while licking and sucking my clit. He then opened my pussy lips and began licking me down there.

I moaned loud and my breathing was heavy and fast. After his oral assault on me, Doug sat on the bed, pulled me close to him as I felt him enter my pussy deeply. He started slowly as his hips were rocking against me. His breathing and panting were in sync with mine. I leaned my head back as he was kissing my neck again. My body moved against his as I reached into orgasm. My climax was loud, breathy which was the same for my orgasm.

I gave out one last passion-filled moan as Doug and I collapsed on my bed, catching our breaths. He laid his head on my chest while his hands were on my legs. He looked up at me and smiled while I smiled back at him. Doug crawled up and held me in his arms.

“You’re just amazing in bed as you were when you rescued me” Doug happily said.

I replied “Coming from an ex-Army Reserve, I take it as a compliment.”

We kissed each other’s lips one more time before Doug had put his clothes back on, as he was getting ready for his modeling job.

“I’ll call you tonight” he said.

“OK” I responded.

Having sex with Doug was amazing. I really wanted to see him as much I can though even though I’m busy with everything. Somehow I knew we got something going between us.

Until next mission, Denise.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

How Does It Feel?

Girl it's only
UHave it your way
And if U want U can decide
And if you'll have me
I can provide everything that U desire
Said if U get a feeling
Feeling that I am feeling
Won't U come closer 2 me baby,
You've already got me right where U want me baby
I just wanna be your man
How does it feel
How does it feel
Said I wanna know how does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel

It was a calm, cool night. I was inside my house, all warm and toasty under a blanket on the sofa in my living room while watching a movie on TV. Then, I heard a knock on my door. As I opened the door, AJ came in with white roses in his hand.

I looked at him and said, “AJ, what are you doing here in my house?”

He looked at me, gave me the flowers “I got these flowers for you. I came here because I want to talk to you.”

I said, “Thanks for the flowers. They’re lovely.”

He said, “They’re lovely just like you.”

We moved over to the sofa and AJ sat next to me. He was looking into my deep brown eyes while talking.

“I’ve been developing some strong feelings for you for a while. Feelings of desire, passion, love, and a little lust. I know we’ve been friends and I would imagine myself making love to you, loving you and everything.” He said.

I was overwhelmed from what he had just said. Here’s AJ, my male friend has been having feelings for me for some time and I wasn’t aware of it.

I said, “AJ, I had no idea you had feelings for me.”

“Let me show you.” he said as he softly kissed my lips. As he was kissing me, I felt his hands in my hair as they slowly moved down to my back. I softly moaned in his mouth.

How does it feelHow does it feelTell me how it feels YeahHow does it feelSaid it's been on my mindHow does it feelHow does it feelBaby close the doorListen girl I have something I wanna Show UI wish you'd open up causeI wanna take the walls down with u

I tore myself away as I got up from the sofa. He also got up and I took his hand, leading him to my bedroom. When we got there, AJ kissed my lips again, but this time more passionately and his tongue was in my mouth. His hands were under my pink stretch lace long gown, feeling my thighs and backside. His lips moved lower to my neck. I felt his erection harden against my thigh as he sat me down on the bed. I watched as he took off his shirt and then his pants, showing off his lean body. He was in his underwear and he slowly sat himself down on my lap. Carefully, he lowered the straps of my gown.

With his hands, he cupped as he lightly licked my nipples. Then, he suckled and kissed my breasts. I was immediately turned on. His hands were resting on my hips as I laid down on the bed. I felt his lips kissing my knees and thighs before moving to my womanhood. He removed my panties and his tongue was tasting me down there.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I moaned over and over from him tasting my feminine juices.

He moved up to kiss me again as he took off his boxers and his erection entered me. He rocked his hips against me, thrusting into me hard, deep, and slow. As I reached orgasm, I gave one last passion-filled gasp as AJ gently collapsed, holding me tight. We laid in each other’s arms and caught our breaths. He gave one last long, passionate kiss before we fell asleep.


(Untitled) How Does It Feel? By D’Angelo

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

A Seductive Slumber

Tasha was asleep in her large bed one night. She was very exhausted from a long, hard day at work. All she wore in her bed were a white satin nightshirt and matching lace bikini panties. Her shoulder-length brown hair rested on the pillow as she was sleeping on her side. Even though she was asleep, Tasha heard footsteps. It was her boyfriend Victor. He slowly and quietly walked into her bedroom. With his hand, he began caressing her foot and then up to her thigh.

He felt the soft, smooth, sweetly scented skin of her body. Carefully, he laid her on her back. His lips softly began kissing her face down to her neck. He caressed and then unbuttoned her satin nightshirt. His hands had caressed every inch of her hourglass-shaped body.

With his tongue, he softly licked her belly button before planting light kisses of her stomach. His hands were touching her thighs, hips, and legs. With his tongue, he lightly licked both of her thighs. Victor touched her upward from her stomach to her breasts. He cupped and squeezed them with his hands. He replaced his hands with his mouth, sucking and licking them. He could hear her stirring from her slumber, letting out a soft moan.

Victor began taking off his clothes. Once he was naked, he let his mouth move lower to her wet woman lips and began to softly lick them as if he was licking slightly melted ice cream. Tasha let out another soft moan. She softly opened her eyes to find Victor licking her. He looked up at her and smiled. He kissed her lips once more, deeper and more passionate. She touched Victor all over his body with her hands. He pulled her body up close to him as he deeply, slowly went inside her. As he went in and out, she could feel him swell inside her womanhood.

Her moans were louder and after her orgasm Victor laid down beside her, giving them both room to breathe. Tasha was so glad to see him; she hugged as they fell asleep in a warm embrace.


Denise Fallon-CIA Spy: Royal Desire

LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia

ALIAS: Miranda Davenport, sex historian from New York City

MISSION: Find and retrieve a stolen sex journal belonging to Catherine The Great and catch the thieves.

For this mission, I traveled to St. Petersburg. When I arrived there, it was really cold. I came out of the plane, wearing a long black wool coat, a red peasant blouse, and a black knee-length stretch cotton skirt with a three-inch slit on the side and red knee-length faux suede boots. Under my dark brown hair was a black wig with hair down to my neck. According the case file, someone has stolen a sex journal that once belonged to Catherine The Great two nights before. The journal was to be part of an exhibit on Russia’s royalty at the city’s art and history museum. The last time I heard of a robbery in Russia was when someone stole a massive collection of Faberge eggs that once belonged to the Romanovs.

I got to my hotel room after leaving the airport. I even had a dress to wear to the museum gala later tonight, a white, halter-style backless dress with a jeweled brooch in the back with white Aldo sandals. I also got a beautiful multi-colored, butterfly-shaped rhinestone barrette that doubles as digital video and photo camera. But first I had to find out more about the stolen item in question. I went to the museum and talked with the five-foot-four, blonde curator Gina Herzekova.

“So tell me about what is special about this stolen sex journal.” I said.

“The sex journal you’re talking about had once belonged to Catherine The Great. In it, she would write down about all her sexual encounters. Her lovers were the best fighters in the Russian-Prussian war and during her reign. She even wrote about the night she seduced Peter The Great before he was murdered.” Gina said.

From what I’ve heard of Catherine The Great, I found her fascinating, being that she was an empress and a seductress. Who knew that powerful women could be such great leaders and lovers. Gina showed me to the where the journal when it was stolen two nights ago. The journal was said to be on display under a bulletproof glass case and protected by Russian police.

After talking with Gina, I went back to my hotel room to get ready for the museum gala. I put my hair up in a fancy, high up do, keeping the hair away from my face. I put on my dress and heels, but kept the barrette on. At the museum gala, there were plenty of rich people, history enthusiasts, culture seekers, and art admirers. I gazed at the amazing art while eating fresh, expensive caviar on a cracker and sipping champagne.

Then, a tall gentleman stood behind me and said in his Russian accent fluent English, “Excuse me miss, I couldn’t help but notice the lovely brooch on the back of your beautiful dress.”

I turned around and there was tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed Russian man in a black-and-white tuxedo. He introduced himself as Sergei Demsakov. He works as a Russian diplomat working at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Sergei and I shared a conversation. He even talked about his family, career, and interests.

Sergei smiled as he said to me, “So you’re a sex historian and you live in New York City?”

I said, “Yes, I am. I work at the History of Sex Museum in New York.”

Then, Sergei had introduced me to his brother Eric and his wife Irena who had just walked in. Eric looked a lot Sergei but shorter than him by two inches and he works as a chemical engineer at a power plant. His wife Irena was tall and slender with deep brown eyes and chocolate brown hair down to her shoulders. She was also a model-in-training who planned on going to New York so she could start her modeling career. She wore a black, strapless gown with a floor-length skirt.

I gave Sergei an invitation to a nightcap at my hotel room after the gala. Later that night, I was still in my dress when I sent information about the journal and Eric and Irena to headquarters. I heard a knock on the door. Sergei arrived with flowers in hand and he wore button-down shirt and jeans because he had changed clothes before coming over. I loved the flowers he gave me.

“When I saw you in that white dress, I couldn’t help but bask in your aurora. You’re even hotter than Anna Kournikova. You’re very sexy, Miranda.” Sergei said.

Slowly, I kissed his lips before changing into my nightclothes. Minutes later, I came back, wearing a blue satin under bust corset exposing my breasts with a matching thong. I even wore a blue feather boa around my shoulders. Sergei got up and unbuttoned his shirt. He revealed his sculptured body to me. He told me he would work out and was once an Olympic gymnast. Sergei was a diplomat and a former gymnast with a male model body. He had washboard abs and strong shoulders and arms. He stood behind me and touched my body with his large, gentle hands while kissing my neck. I turned around to face him and with my hands I touched his body. He cradled my head and stroked my hair with one hand while he felt one of my breasts with the other.

“Miranda, you have a body that is so tempting.” Sergei said as he started kissing my breasts.

I was so aroused I let my boa fall to the floor. His tongue licked my nipples while he laid me down on the bed. My fingers were running through his dark hair. His fingers were unhooking my under bust corset. His lips moved lower to my belly button, circling it with his tongue. He took off his jeans and underwear. Once he saw my thong, Sergei pushed it aside. My clit and pussy were glistening with juices. With his mouth, he was kissing them the same way he was kissing my lips while licking them.

My moans were at a screaming level. Then, he replaced his mouth with his fingers. My juices were coaxing them, as I was nearly cumming. He laid me on my back as removed my thong. I held on to him while his 9-inch cock went in and out of me. My legs were wrapped around his waist. His thrusts were deep and fast until he spilled his seed inside me. After the orgasm, Sergei laid on top of me as we collected our breaths.

“Miranda, I just remembered something about the journal.” Sergei said.

“What about the journal?” I asked.

“Before I was talking to you at the gala, I overheard Eric talking about it. He was there at the museum the night it was stolen. He heard if it were to be sold, it would be worth millions.” He said.

I thought and then said, “He was there? Where was Irena?”

“Getting headshots for her portfolio.” He said.

Sergei and I put our clothes back on and stepped out of the hotel. As we went for a walk, we saw Eric with the journal in his hand and we ran after him. When we got caught up to him, I gave Eric a very hard kick and punch in the back and he fell to the ground in pain. Sergei held Eric down while I found the journal in his jacket pocket. Sergei called Irena and Gina while the police were called.

At the police station, Eric was explaining to them why he stole and tried to steal the journal. He told him he wanted to sell the journal for as much as 40 grand and wanted to use to money to support Irena’s career and medical bills. Eric was a chemical engineer at a power plant in Moscow, but had gotten sick because of chemical exposure from a small explosion that was nothing like Chernobyl back in the 1980s. Many of the employees including Eric were sick but none had died. He was also once a member of the KGB before he was a chemical engineer, but left under “suspicious circumstances” which no one knew. The Russian police and Gina thanked us for returning the journal.

So Catherine The Great’s sex journal was back in the museum and remained intact. Irena divorced Eric, who’s now serving 10 years in jail, and has since moved to New York to pursue a modeling career. After leaving my hotel and saying goodbye to Sergei, I had a martini before going on a flight to my next destination.

Until next mission, Denise


A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal:Fireman Fantasy

After the huge success of the premiere issue of Fantasies for Women, the magazine had thrown a big party to celebrate the joyous occasion. Tessa Williams, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, was amazed at the photos Wendy and me took. She was so impressed she wanted us to take photos for the next issue.

Tessa said the next issue will feature men in (and out) of uniform and Wendy and I will get to take pictures of firemen, policemen, and military men (sailors, army men, navy SEALS, air force men, etc.) while the magazine interviews them. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to take photos of men in uniform.

The next week, we went to work on the shoot. We first went to a firehouse and started taking photos of this sexy fireman named Ryan. Under his fireman’s uniform lies a hunky, sexy, brave, All-American guy. First, I photographed Ryan in his fireman uniform; jacket, helmet, pants, suspenders, and all. He even told Wendy and I of how he stripped and lap danced for charity the week before. Ryan had the sexiest smile. Next, he took off his helmet, boots, and pants. He had short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes that are like little blue pools you can drown into, and a smoking hot body that of a hetero male porn star. Taking pictures of him and his body was so hot, I was afraid my camera would either break or melt. We walked over to the fire truck was he was making sexy stares and poses while standing next to it. Wendy, my assistant photographer and best friend, couldn’t help but stare at Ryan. She almost began drooling at the sight of his ink-free physique. She told me of her fascination with firemen since she would buy a NYFD calendar every year since after 9/11, watch reruns of the show Third Watch, and would have fantasies of being rescued by a fireman and then make hot, steamy, passionate love.

We watched as Ryan slowly took off his underwear, a pair of white boxer briefs. We had finally got to see all of him, including his 8-inch manhood. After that, the three of us took a little 15-minute break. I was reloading my camera.

Wendy said to me “Kristy, Ryan is the most hottest fireman I had ever seen. He’s almost as hot of those New York firemen in the calendar. Can you help make my fantasy come true?”

I looked at her and said, “Let’s make it happen.”

After the break, Ryan was back in his fireman’s uniform and Wendy was ready to be rescued. Once I reloaded the camera, I was ready to take more pictures.

Ryan smiled and said to her, “Ready to be rescued, Wendy?”

Wendy replied, “I’m very ready.”

I started snapping photos when Ryan scooped Wendy in his strong, muscular arms and carried her into the firehouse. He laid her down on the big brown leather sofa and deeply, passionately kissed her lips. He then took off his helmet and rested it on the floor. He unbuttoned her stretch cotton green shirt one by one, revealing a black lace bra underneath. Ryan continued kissing Wendy’s lips while his hands felt every inch of her body. Wendy softly licked his throat as she began taking off his shirt and suspenders. Ryan began kissing both sides of her neck while one hand was running through her shoulder length strawberry blonde hair and the other was resting on her back.

Ryan moaned softly as Wendy his front body with her hands. He looked at her body while unzipping her jeans. His lips moved lower to the tops of her voluptuous breasts and kissed her there. Ryan unhooked the front clasp of her bra, releasing them. Wendy moaned and groaned as she felt him licking, sucking and kissing them. He was still doing that once he took off her jeans, leaving her in only a black lace thong. Then, Wendy laid Ryan on his back as she began to leave a trail of baby soft kisses from his face down to his abs. She took off his pants, so he too would be in his underwear.

Wendy stared into Ryan’s blue eyes and said, “Ryan, you’re very hot for a fireman.”

He smiled and then said, “Wendy, you’re so irresistible. Let me make you hot.”

Wendy felt herself getting wet, dampening her thong. Ryan began to finger her pussy with two of his fingers when he pushed the thong aside. Her screams of pleasure increased as his fingers were covered in her juices. Once he took off her thong, Ryan replaced his fingers with his mouth.

He kissed her clit and pussy the same way he kissed her mouth. Wendy moaned loudly as she was getting from feeling his mouth on her, tasting her wetness. It was so steamy, I thought my camera lens would fog up, but I kept on taking pictures. Ryan, then, took off his boxers. He was ready to get inside Wendy.

Ryan slightly opened her legs with his hand and deeply entered her pussy. Wendy’s woman lips clamped his manhood as he was swelling up inside her. He grinded his hips against her while moving in and out of her, slow and deep. His hands held on to her body as she groaned and moaned against his neck. Ryan was calling her name as they were near orgasm. She laid on top of him as he came inside her.

I said to them while smiling and fanning myself, “Wow, that was very hot! Great job, Ryan and Wendy.”

Ryan pulled himself out of Wendy and kissed her on the cheek. Wendy said to him, “You were amazing, Ryan. Thanks to you, my fantasy has been fulfilled.”

He grinned and replied, “I’m glad I can help, Wendy. I would to love to see you again sometime.”

Wendy gave Ryan her phone number as he gave her his once they got back into their clothes. After the red-hot photo shoot, Wendy and I went to lunch at a deli. We talked the fireman shoot all day, but we didn’t stop there because we had more pictures of men to take in and out of their uniform.


Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Roman Carnival Caper

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

MISSION: To seduce and catch a jewel thief and to stop another jewel heist from happening.

I arrived at Rome. Other than the mission, I thought of so many things about Rome, like the architecture, the history, the romance, the food, the wine, and the art. I even liked the language. My alias was Alyssa Solomon, a jewelry buyer/designer from Los Angeles. I was staying at a suite. I even got a costume to wear for the carnival coming up, a big, flowing, black satin dress with red satin trim with a corseted-bodice, long, floor-length ballroom skirt with red tulle over it, black 6-inch stilettos with rhinestones, long, flowing peasant sleeves, and a black mask with red lace trim around to match my costume.

The jewel thief in question is named Simon Weatherton. According to the CIA files, he’s an expert jewel thief who goes by the name of Harold Felton claiming to own and operate an upscale jewelry boutique in the UK, hailing from London. He was last seen stealing extremely valuable jewelry all over Europe. While other jewel thieves steal from wealthy women who marry old money millionaires and wear Tiffany’s, Kay, JCPenney, and Zales, Weatheron prefers to the likes of Harry Winston, Movado, Carlyle & Co., and Cartier from movie stars, singers, heiresses, supermodels, and even royalty. He’s not only a jewel thief, but a charmer as well. He’ll even steal crowns, wedding sets, and tiaras and has never seen a gem he didn’t like. He takes jewels, no matter the material, cut, number of carats, piece, color, or even maker. He even stole some valuable jewels from the queens of Sweden, Denmark, and Turkey. Everyone began posting lost or missing signs and even promised rewards to anyone who finds them.

My mission is to seduce and catch Weatherton before someone else’s jewels are stolen. That day, I ran into Harold Felton a.k.a Simon Weatherton at the Spanish Steps. He was a strapping 6-foot-5, brown-haired, brown-eyed, British gentleman. We went to an Italian café, sipped cappuccino, and talked of jewelry. I even showed some of my jewelry pieces, one of them being a voice recorder and another being a tracking device. I asked him to meet me for dinner at my hotel suite tonight and he accepted my invitation. That night, I ordered room service before my dinner date arrives. I wore a long, black lace dress with high slits on both sides that were up to my hips and black strappy Jimmy Choo sandals and for accessories, a pearl necklace with a heart-shaped diamond worth 25 carats. Underneath my dress was a black micro fiber bra with matching bikini panties. Ten minutes later, Harold arrived nicely dressed with fresh flowers in his hand. We sat down, ate Italian pasta, and drank some fine wine. We stared into each other’s eyes while sharing conversation and enjoying the food. Then after dinner, I made my move. I deeply kissed his lips. My hands began stroking his hair.

He pulled back and took a long look at me.

He said, “Alyssa, you look absolutely stunning, especially in black lace.”

I watched, as he took off his suit, piece by piece until he was in his underwear. His body was mostly muscle but lean.

I told him “Wait right here. I have to slip into something more comfortable.”

Minutes later, I came back into the room, wearing a long, red silk nightgown with a V-neckline. I was still wearing the necklace.

I said to him in a seductive voice, “So tell me what do you do.”

His hands were resting on my hips as he was planting baby kisses down my neck.

He replied, “I own and operate a jewelry boutique in London, specializing in fine jewelry. I hope to open it soon.”

Carefully, he pulled down the straps of my nightgown as he began kissing my breasts. Then, his watch began going off and got up from the bed.

He said, “As much I want to stay and admire your body, I have to go. I have business to tend to tomorrow. I hope to see you at the Carnival.”

I looked and said, “I’ll be there.”

Once he left my suite, I listened in to his conversation from the tracking device and voice recorder through a pair of headphones. I listened in. Harold was on his cell phone talking to his soon-to-be-fiancee, Susan. He was talking about a plot involving stealing jewelry from the Countess Isabella Alexa Drivolia at the carnival tomorrow. The Drivolias are one of many non-title royal families in Italy. They consist of father Count Reginald; mother Countess Tessa Gina, Countesses Isabella Alexa and sisters, Francesca Olivia, Natalia, and brothers Counts Anthony and Tomas. After hearing the conversation, I sent the info to CIA headquarters before turning in for the night. I received a photo of Countess Isabella. She was a long, raven-haired beauty with an infectious smile and curvaceous figure.

The following night was the first night of the Carnival. I arrived by gondola wearing my black and red satin number with mask, black rhinestone heels, and jewels. The scene was wonderful. Lanterns lit up the almost dark sky and people were wearing fancy costumes and masks like it’s a huge masquerade party. I got a view of Countess Isabella and her family while keeping an eye out for Harold. My mask doubles as a camera so I can take pictures. I watched as Harold, who was wearing a dark-green-and-black costume with mask, talk or dare I say flirt with Countess Isabella. I had watched as he was about to take the Countess’s pink-and-blue diamond Harry Winston necklace that was about more 60 carats and costs about 20 grand. I began to run, following Harold. I took out my gun, a .20 caliber, and ran after him. After going through the crowd, I had cornered Harold and shot him on the side. He fell as he held on to side while bleeding. I took the necklace from his hand and I alerted headquarters. Undercover agents and Interpol had caught Harold Felton also known as Simon Weatheron. He confessed to doing all the jewel thefts all over Europe. “Susan”, the soon-to-be-fiancee he was talking on the phone with was an undercover Interpol agent. They found all the stolen jewelry in Simon’s hotel room, which were in his luggage. I returned the necklace to Countess Isabella. The Drivolias thanked me for returning the necklace. Simon was carried away to Italian police. I guessed the only jewelry he can take are the silver bracelets. The Carnival continued on and everyone was having a good time. Count Tomas even asked to dance with him and I accepted.

Within weeks, all the jewelry were returned to the rightful owners. After being caught and recovering from the wound, Simon got 15 years in prison. As for me, I stayed in Italy for two weeks and checked out all of Rome and Italy before going on my next mission. I even received a gift basket and a bottle of fine Italian wine from the Driviolas.

Ciao until next mission, Denise.


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Seduction in Silk

One night, I was sitting in my home, listening to a mix CD of soft music on my CD player. The love songs made me think of my lover Brandon. I nearly fell asleep, listening to the music when I heard knocking on my door.

I opened the door and there was Brandon. He had a bag in his hand. I was so glad to see him. We sat down on the loveseat. He handed me a box from the bag and said to me “I bought you something.” I smiled as I opened to see what was inside. I opened the box and saw these three sashes. One was soft pink and the other two were lilac. All three of the sashes were made of 100% silk which made them very, very soft to the touch. The soft pink was the deluxe sash and it had a Swarovski crystal butterfly on it. “You like?” Brandon asked. I said, “I love them! But what are they?” I said with glee. He told me those were bondage sashes. I was astounded.

Brandon said, “I looked at and felt the silk and it made me think of you. Your soft skin and just the feel of your body makes want you so bad. Would you like to try it?” I replied, “I’ll try anything.” He smiled and looked at me with those baby blue eyes. Then, he softly and deeply kissed my lips. While we were kissing, Brandon blindfolded me with the soft pink deluxe sash, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. My hands were running through his short medium brown hair. His hands slowly unbuttoned my blue short-sleeved blouse button by button and unzipped my jeans. I was blindfolded and in my pink lace bra and panties. I felt his large hands covering my body with soft, slow caresses. My hands felt his six-pack abs as he was taking off his shirt. I had recognized his scent, his pheromones mixed with musk. Even though I was blindfolded, my four other senses (smell, touch, taste, and sound) were heightened. He sat me down and then laid me on the bed. He had the other two sashes in his hand. With them, he carefully tied them around my wrists while they were holding on to the bedpost. He unhooked the front of my bra, releasing my 42C breasts .I felt his lips kissing and lightly sucking my throat before moving down to them.

With his hands, he cupped them. His wet pink tongue began licking my nipples. I let out a soft moan as he sucked my breasts then gave them soft kisses. I heard him whisper, “I love how soft your breasts are, especially in my hands and mouth.” His hands were slowly caressing my hips, thighs, and legs. His lips moved lower to my belly, kissing me there. I slowly lifted my hips, giving Brandon access to take off my boy short panties. He said, “Let’s untie you.” Once the panties were off, he got up and untied my wrists from the bedposts. I managed to keep the blindfold on. His fingers were softly stroking my bare clit and pussy. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. I gradually moaned a little louder when his fingers were inside my pussy. My walls clamped on to his fingers, making him feel my wetness. Brandon then let his mouth and tongue take it from there. I moaned, groaned, and squeezed my breasts, as he tasted my sweet nectar. My hands held head down there. I nearly came at the feel of his mouth. He got up and said, “Are you okay, baby?” and I said, “Yes”

Brandon sat behind me on the bed. His hands were squeezing my breasts as he was kissing and licking my neck. He inhaled my feminine scent. His tongue licked from my neck up to my ear. He got up and took off his jeans. I felt his 8.5-inch cock hardening for me under his boxer briefs. I heard him moan from my touch. Brandon laid on top of my body and his cock slowly plunged inside me. I felt myself getting wet and I heard his moans. He buried his face in my neck. After our collective orgasms, Brandon gently collapsed, kissing my lips. He removed the blindfold from my eyes and asked, “How was it?” I smiled back and said, “It was wonderful, yet so mysterious. I loved my gift.” He smiled as he kissed my forehead while holding me in his arms.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal:Biker Boy

I love my job as the photographer for Fantasies For Women magazine. It’s like Playgirl meets Cosmopolitan, but with more photos and stuff. My name’s Kristy Garrison. I was so excited about to do photo work for the magazine’s debut issue. My first photo op was a photo shoot for the cover and centerfold with an up-and-coming male supermodel named Frederico Di Pellani from Italy. He was tall, dark, buff, and handsome. He had short, black hair, deep, soulful chocolate brown eyes, chiseled face, and a sexy little smile. When he arrived, he smiled at me and then kissed my hand. He was almost as sexy as either Fabio or Antonio Sabato Jr. For the photo shoot, Frederico was to be a biker on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He came out with a black leather jacket, no shirt, black leather boots, and black leather chaps over tight, dark jeans. I thought to myself I bet all the men in Italy are so fine; Michelangelo’s David would probably wear clothes. I got my 35 MM camera ready as he got on the motorcycle. First, he began leaning on the motorcycle like he was riding it.

While taking pictures of Frederico on the motorcycle, I began having a fantasy. I imagined myself on the motorcycle with him, holding on to his body. I took even more pictures of him while he took off the leather jacket, giving me and my assistant shutterbug Wendy Carson a long glimpse of his god-like body, ripped in all the right places. I’m telling you seeing a shirtless Italian man on an American motorcycle was making my engine running hot and heavy. Then, I took photos of him without the jeans and chaps, wearing only his underwear. But when he got out fully naked, I was afraid his well hung, Italian hotness would burn out my camera. After the shoot wrapped, I started to change cameras and Frederico put the outfit back on. Then, he slowly walked up behind me. He looked at me with those deep brown eyes, smiled at me, and asked in fluent English “Kristy, have you ever had kissed with a man on motorcycle?” I smiled and looked at him and replied, “Why, I’ve never done that before, especially with an Italian.” He giggled and then he softly kissed my lips. I put down my camera on the table and wrapped my arms around his neck. I asked Wendy to bring and use the digital camera while the film from the 35 MM gets developed. Wendy began taking the pictures. I was still making out with Frederico while sitting on the motorcycle with him. He slowly unbuttoned my denim jacket as it fell to the floor, revealing my olive brocade corset top and black stretch pants. I felt his hands running through my hair, lost in the silky strands in a shade of dark brown.

His hands moved all the way down to the small of my back. His lips began kissing my neck. My fingers felt his hair.

“You, Kristy, have a body of a voluptuous goddess.” Frederico said, looking at me. I was already blushing as he took his time unhooking my corset top while his lips were moving my neck to the tops of my breasts.

“Well, you’re my first.” I said, nicely.

“So are you.” He said, also nicely.

My hands stroked his smooth, ripped body as we sat back down. I got up to take my shoes off. Carefully, he unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, sliding them down my hips and past my legs. He cupped my 44C breasts with his hands. He softly suckled, licked, and kissed them. I moaned softly, but loud enough for him to hear my enjoyment. I smiled as I watched moved a little lower to my stomach. I laid myself down on the seat of the motorcycle while he softly kissed me there. My fingers ran through his hair. All I had left on was my black boy short panties. He slowly pulled me up, deeply and passionately kissing my lips. We rested on the floor next to the motorcycle. I began taking off his leather chaps and dark jeans. I saw that he was wearing navy blue boxer briefs that hugged his 7-inch manhood. I felt his hands softly squeezing and caressing my round, soft behind under my panties.

He sat up and put hand down my panties. Softly, his fingers were stroking my woman lips. I felt my juices carefully coaxing his fingers as he smoothly plunged them inside and outside of me. I moaned and groaned against his mouth. Frederico stifled them with another passionate kiss. I laid down as he started kissing my knees and thighs. I smiled as I thought to myself Are all Italian men such good lovers? Because either there’s something in the water in Italy or they’re all romantic and passionate like Rudolph Valentino?

I arched my back, making it easier for Frederico to remove my panties. He did just that in one easy swoop. I felt my body burning when his mouth began kissing and licking on my womanhood. When it came lovemaking, he was doing everything right especially taking his time and having foreplay. I felt my juices slowly dripping to his mouth as he was sucking me. After sampling my sweet nectar, Frederico got up and took off his briefs. My hand felt his 7-inch manhood hardening my hand, which meant he was ready for me.

He got on top of me and deeply, slowly went in and out of me. His thrusts were deep and slow. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he kept going. My moans became loud screams of passion. Frederico buried his face in my neck, calling my name. Once he spilled his seed inside me, he gathered me in his muscular arms and planted soft kisses on my face and neck.

After the shoot wrapped, Wendy and I gathered our photo equipment and we were done for today. We were ready to get the photos developed and ready to be put in the magazine’s very first issue. Frederico said to me, “Thank you. Grazi for the wonderful opportunity of working and playing with you. I look forward to doing it with you again soon.” I smiled and said, “Likewise, Frederico.” He kissed my hand and said to me and Wendy “Ciao.”

Wendy was stunned as she said, “Wow, that was like hottest photo shoot we ever had.” I agreed and said, “Yeah, especially with an Italian stud and a motorcycle. This is going to be really great, taking pictures of men for a women’s erotic magazine. This is the start of many encounters.” We laughed as were going to the darkroom, developing the pictures.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Denise Fallon:CIA Spy:Mob Girl

I’m on a new mission. My assignment was to go undercover, get information, and take down this mob called the Devil Rays. According to the case file, they reside in New York City. They’re not like any of the mobs in The Godfather movies or The Sopranos. They’re not Italian-American, they don’t have a lot of men, not everyone’s related in this mob, they don’t have nicknames, and they do more robbing than whacking. They were a small mob of five men. Plus, they’re an uptown mob.

I flew over to New York City. I was going by the alias Delilah Garrett who comes from Miami, Florida as a one-woman mafia and I was staying at the Doubletree Suites. Through my CIA contacts, I had managed to find more information on the Devil Rays. I found out that all five members are from upper- to upper-middle class families. Aside from living uptown, they do charity work and they had only committed one crime: robbing seven millionaires in the Hamptons at a country club benefit, stealing jewelry, cash, etc. But they had a plan for the next one and I got to hear it.

That night, I went to the Ritz Carlton because I was invited for a “business” dinner. I wore my “mob outfit”, consisting of a black pinstriped long-sleeved top with zip up front, big white collar and cuffs; a matching pleated miniskirt, long black suede knee-length boots, a rhinestone tie, and a black fedora hat. I wore a deep reddish brown long hair wig with big curls at the ends under my dark brown hair. I even wore 20-carat teardrop-shaped diamond earrings that have a built-in microphone and tape recorder in both of them. I met with all five of the guys. They were all handsome. I sat down next to the leader, Frank. He introduced me to Thomas, Kenneth, Donald, and Gerald. Their ages ranked from early to mid-20s. They all looked more like male models who should be in Playgirl than mobsters. I listened in as they were discussing their plan to rob this mega millionaire James La Salle who lives in Park Avenue, take his cash, and leave with clean hands. While they talk, I wrote a note and gave it to Frank before I left. While going to my hotel suite, I notified the head of CIA about the Devil Rays’ plan.

The note read: “Got an offer you can’t refuse. Meet me at the Four Seasons, Room 428. Delilah”. While waiting for Frank, I went into my suit and slipped into something a little more comfortable, a black/baby pink see-thru lace-up bustier ensemble with a garter skirt and black lace thigh high stockings. Frank arrived just in time. He sat down on a chair and got comfortable. I came in with my lingerie, boots, and my earrings still on. I gave him a look. He was one of the “tall, dark, handsome” types. Blue-green eyes, dark brown hair, clean-shaven face, everything about him were a turn-on to me. I sat on his lap and kissed his lips. I felt his hands resting on my backside. He noticed me and said in clear, plain English, “Delilah, you look very delectable. As delectable as a slice of New York-style cheesecake.” His hands went up from my butt to my back as we were still kissing each other’s lips. We moved over to my bed. I watched as Frank took off his button-down shirt. He had the kind of body that rivals that of any daytime drama actor, he had abs you could wash your clothes on, a hairless chest, and arms that can hug you in a tight embrace.

I sat on the bed as he took off my boots. He laid beside me while taking off his pants, wearing only tightie whities. His hands slid down my body, feeling every inch of my hourglass-shaped body. He deeply kissed my lips as his fingers explored my soft skin. He moved lower to my neck, kissing and softly sucking me there. Slowly, he unlaced the front of my bustier. His fingers felt the soft, full roundness of my breasts and then replaced his fingers with his mouth. I let out a sigh as he moved his lips down to my stomach. His hands were going up and down my hips, thighs, and legs. He unhooked the garters, carefully removed my stockings, and lifted the garter skirt from my waist. I felt his tongue softly licking my thighs. I moaned. He saw a wet spot on my thong. He pushed it aside. With his mouth, he dampened two of fingers and entered them inside my pussy and clit. I was hot and wet all at once. He smiled as he looked at me and said, “Are you always this wet?” I said to him “Not often.” I moaned and panted as my walls tightened around his fingers, covering them in my wet liquid silk. Frank got up to put on a condom. After that, he slowly removed my thong. My hand felt his cock hardening around my fingers. He removed his underwear and he deeply, slowly went inside me. I felt all 8 inches of him swell up. His hips were grinding against me, nice and slow. I hear his moans against my neck and I also heard him call my name. After our orgasms, our sweaty bodies were wrapped in a passionate embrace. While Frank was falling asleep, I got up, put my lingerie back on, and took out .9 MM from my purse. I quietly went back to my bedroom. I slowly woke up Frank by having my hand feel his cock. I watched him stir from his sleep, slowly opening his eyes. I whispered his name. He opened his eyes and noticed me pointing my gun to him. He jumped up and said “Whoa! What’s this all about, Delilah?” I said to him “Tell where are the other Devil Rays are and I won’t have to kill you while you’re naked in my bed.” He was singing like a canary, telling me about their plan to rob the millionaire who lives in Central Park. They wanted to rob him out of spite for two main reasons: 1) Kenneth, who looks a lot like Ricky Martin in the “Living La Vida Loca” video, was supposed to be engaged to La Salle’s daughter Veronica, but the father didn’t approve of him so the wedding and engagement were called off. 2) Donald was in a scandalous affair with La Salle’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Alexa and caught them in a compromising position while working for them as a pool boy and chef. I asked, “Are they are there?” Frank said “Not yet. They’ll be at the condo in 20 minutes. It’s on the fifth floor, room 5209.There’s even a safe hidden in his office.”

After hearing what Frank had to say, I told him to put his clothes on and come with me. I tied his wrists together with a silk scarf as we left the room. I slipped on my mob outfit and locked the door behind us. We went to my black Saturn Ion, gave the information to headquarters, and drove to the condominium on Park Avenue. I went up the stairs to the fifth floor with my .9MM in tote. I arrived at room 5209 before the other Devil Rays arrived. I went into James and Alexa’s bedroom. James was all alone in the bedroom, sleeping. There was a note on the nightstand saying that Alexa and Veronica went on a mother/daughter trip to the Caribbean. Then, I heard footsteps and it sounded like the other Devil Rays. I hid in the bathroom as they came in. They were all wearing black shirts and jeans with gloves and masks. I followed them to the office and hid outside the door. I heard them getting the safe open. I grabbed Frank, came in, and yelled, “Nobody move!”

“Delilah!” they shouted in unison. “Alright nobody move or Frank here swims with the fishes!” I shouted as I placed my gun on Frank’s temple. Donald, Thomas, Kenneth, and Gerald all dropped the cash. “Before you leave with the cash, Frank has something to share with you all.” I said to them. “She’s knows about our plan.” Donald said, “What?” Thomas said, “Was she going to kill you?” “Yes, because she’s a Fed.” Frank frantically yelled. Kenneth asked Frank “Does she work for the FBI?” Frank said “CIA”. “Uh-oh!” they all said. I grabbed Donald and spin-kicked him in the chest. I, then, punched and kicked Kenneth and hit him in the face with a book. I went after Gerald and then shot him once in the back, making him fall in pain. I let Frank go only to punch him in the back. I notified CIA and NYPD that the Devil Rays’ heist has been aborted and apprehended.

Cops arrived at the crime scene and took them away. I gave Frank one last long kiss before he was carried away. The head of CIA congratulated me on job well done before explaining to Mr. La Salle about what had happened that night. Mr. La Salle formally pressed charges against the young men. All 5 of the Devil Rays were arrested for and charged with robbery and breaking and entering. As for me, I’ve completed another one.

Until next mission, Denise.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Murderous Affair

I was on a mission. My name is Denise Fallon and I'm a spy for the CIA. My mission was to get information. I was driving my black BMWconvertible and I had to enter this house with many guards. There were two in the garden, one near upstairs, and one in the first floor where the computer is with the information and maybe a surprise.I was dressed in stealth mode for this mission, wearing a black leather corset and pants, black boots, and leather gloves. I not only looked dangerous, but I also feel dangerous because I was armed with a .32 caliber, pepper spray, and a stun gun. To men, I'm sexy,elegant, and a really good lover.

I arrived at the house and a guard was inside who was armed with a machine gun. In order to get in the house, I had to seduce him. I did just that by unhooking my corset and whisper dirty talk to his ear. While doing that, I got my gun and hit him in the back of the head with it. The other guard heard me so I shoot him twice and he fell to the floor.My surprise was waiting for me upstairs who is also the lover of the boss. I go upstairs and I found a nude, pretty, small blonde woman in the bed in the room where the computer is. She saw me holding my gun and was scared. I go to the bedroom, see her, and touched her naked body with my gloved hands. She has never made love with another woman, but the mix of danger and my hands could really do amiracle for her. She touched my legs. Her scent was good for me. I felt her fingers unhooking my corset, releasing my tits. My corset was in the door. I slip my tongue in her mouth while we locked lips.Then, she started kissing my breasts. I take off my pants and boots,but kept my gloves and thong on and placed my gun beside the nightstand. I felt her tongue in my mouth as we played with each other's breasts. My hands were running through her silky blonde hair. Her body was perfect, small with good curves, and she was a kissing expert. We were in bed and she was on top of me. I was hot when her lips moved lower to my belly and down to my pussy after she took off my thong. Her breath was warm and her tongue was wet andpink against my pussy. Not only she was hot, she was also dangerous because she had a little gun with a silencer under the pillow. Shewas thinking of her next move and was in control.She said, "It's my turn, dear" I got my gun and hid it behind myback while I was licking her pussy. Now, she was aiming her gun atme and said, "Don't move, babe." and stand up. She couldn't see my gun. I thought quick and shot her. As she lay on the floor, Isaid, "Nothing personal. Just business." I put my clothes back on,got my weapons, leave the bedroom and go to the computer where theother surprise beckons. I got the information from the computer while the constable was hiding under the table. I see him, reached for him, and leave the room. We were now in the garden where one ofthe guards was alive but in pain. I kicked him twice until he's knocked out. But there was a problem; the constable was following my steps with his gun. He was at my back like a traitor. I saw him andI hit him with the krav maga and combined it with kickboxing. I kicked him in the nuts, made a fly kick to his head, and hit him with the stun gun.I load my .32 caliber and shot him in the heart. He was dead because he was a traitor. Both the constable and the female were dead and so were the guards. The other guards were in pain. They were waiting for the final now. They can feel my steps. One guard was trying to catch his knife, but I hit him with stun gun in the neck. He was dead. I made sure no one else was alive. He was at my feet, opening his eyes, and imploring me .The other guard was incorporated and shot over my leg. But I turned and shot him. They were all dead. I sent the info to the head of CIA. My mission was complete.THE END

Monday, July 17, 2006

Private Picnic

Tasha was looking forward to seeing AJ for a private picnic. They have been best friends for such a long time, at least ten years. AJ met with Tasha at the beach. They sat on a big, red and white blanket and began feeding each other different foods from the basket.

AJ said to her “This was a great idea, having a picnic.” Tasha replied, “Yeah, especially with a best friend.” They were just smiling at each other. Lately, AJ has been having feelings for her. He was always there for her. He was her rock and her shoulder to cry on. He was even there for her when she got stood up at the altar because her fiancé Gerald had an affair at the bachelor party on the day before the wedding.

While Tasha was eating, AJ looked into her eyes and said, “Tasha, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I’m starting to have feelings for you.” Tasha had finished eating to look at AJ. She asked, “You have feelings for me?” AJ said, “I know we’ve been best friends for such a long time, but I have been having very deep feelings for you.” AJ moved a little closer to Tasha. He gently pulled her close and softly kissed her lips. It was a long time Tasha had ever felt a kiss from a man.

Tasha pulled back, looked deep into his eyes, and said, “AJ, make love to me.” AJ put the food in the picnic basket and moved it aside. He kissed her lips again, only this time the kiss more passionate and intense as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. He slowly laid her down on the blanket. His lips were still on hers. Their tongues were in a passionate battle in their mouths. Tasha’s hands found his white t-shirt and pulled it over his head. He made soft, open-mouthed kisses from her mouth to her and down to her neck. He sucked and kissed her neck while unbuttoning her blouse, finding her while lace bra-covered breasts. AJ looked up at her and said, “You look very beautiful.” Tasha responded, “You don’t look too bad either.” looking at his body. He made a soft trail of kisses on the tops of her breasts. She softly moaned. He pulls her up and cuddled her, unhooking and removing her bra. Tasha laid back down as he began to softly lick her nipples. Her hands felt his head while he was suckling her breasts. His hands found the waistband of her jeans. He unzipped them and carefully removed them. His lips moved lower to her stomach, French kissing her belly button and licking around her stomach.

She leaned her head back, letting out a moan. He was still kissing her stomach. AJ looked up at her and looked into her eyes as he slowly pushed a finger inside her wet female center through her panties. She moaned against his mouth. “Do you like that, baby?” he asked. Tasha smiled and said “Oh yes.” He inserted two fingers into her, making her have spasms that were almost orgasms. She was very wet down there. “Damn, baby girl, you’re so wet. I really have to taste you.” With his free hand, he parted her legs. Tasha took off AJ’s jeans, leaving him in his boxers. He began kissing up to her knees and softly licked down to her thighs. In one sweep, he removed her panties. While her thighs were still open, AJ lowered his head down to her womanhood to taste her nectar. He was licking her like an ice cream cone. Her orgasms were gradually increasing in tempo as she moved her hips against his mouth. He was savoring her while kissing her down there.

While losing her breath, Tasha passionately cried “AJ, I want you inside me.” He got up and took off his boxers. He slowly and deeply went inside her. As he was going in and out of her, AJ touched every inch of Tasha’s body with his hands. She began calling his name while sucking her neck. They were screaming as loud as they want being that they were alone. With one last thrust, AJ laid on top of her, held her tight in his arms. As Tasha rested, AJ took out a basket full of strawberries, some whipped cream, and melted chocolate. He spread the chocolate and whipped cream on her breasts, stomach, and tops of her thighs. He got out a strawberry, scooped the cream and chocolate from her body, and fed it to her mouth. She licked the chocolate from his finger. Tasha loved the sweet surprise. With his tongue, he licked the chocolate and cream off her body. She licked her lips. He spread a little chocolate on her womanhood and softly tasted her there. The mix of her cream with the chocolate was inevitable and it made her cum even more. After the sweet dessert, AJ pulled her close and kissed her lips, slowly and deeply.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Double Fantasy

I was enjoying a quiet night at my home, reading a romance novel, and listening to the rain outside. I love to relax after a crazy, hectic day at work this week. Then, my cell phone was ringing. I got it and answered.

“Hello?” I said. I was talking to my boyfriend Kevin, who lives a few blocks from me.

“Hi, baby. How are you doing?” Kevin asked.

“I’m fine, just relaxing by the rain, reading a book. And you?” I responded.

I heard another voice saying “Hi” to me. It was Nick, Kevin’s friend. I said “Hi, Nick.”

“That’s great. Nick and I were wondering if you would like to spend the night with us. We couldn’t help but think about you. You’re sexy, beautiful, funny, and just thinking about you makes us hard.” Kevin added.

After talking with Kevin and Nick, I packed my overnight bag and got in my car. Even though it was raining outside, I was excited about tonight. While driving, I began thinking about the really good sex I had with both men, at separate times. Kevin’s not only the tall, dark, and handsome man, but a very romantic, chivalrous, kind-hearted man as well. When Kevin and I have sex, there’s foreplay and romance. He would always put my sexual needs before his and we would do it nice and slow. Plus, he treats me like a queen and worships me and my body like the plus-size sex goddess that I am. He loves to whisper in my ear. He’s also very caring; sometimes whenever I have a headache and don’t feel like making love, he would get me an aspirin.

Then I thought of me and Nick. Nick’s a tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed hunk with a boyish face and a round ass. When Nick has sex with me, he wouldn’t stop kissing my lips, especially when we take off our clothes. He loves my scent and taste. Like me, Nick’s very playful in and out of bed. He loves to go down on me and he would also kiss all parts of my body. While kissing, he likes to lick me all over. He loves all of me, my body included. A lot of times after sex, he would smile and look into my eyes. He likes to compliment me on everything.

I arrived at Kevin’s house. Kevin greeted me with a smile and his arms were wide open. I heard him say, “I’m so glad you’re here. I just love seeing you.” I looked deep into his green eyes and said “Me too, Kevin”. In a heartbeat, he deeply, passionately kissed my lips. His large hands were resting on my back. He took my hand and we walked to his bedroom where Nick was sitting on the bed. He was looking at me with that sultry stare and that sexy but sweet grin. I kissed his lips and my fingers were running through his blonde hair. I turned to Kevin and kissed him again. I felt his large hands carefully unwrapped my pale purple wrap sweater and Nick began helping me take off my jeans with his hands on my waist and hips, leaving me only in my white satin bra and matching panties. I watched as Kevin took off his sweater, showing me his well-toned body. He wrapped his arms around me as he laid me down on the bed. Nick was lying beside me, nibbling on my ear.

Kevin was on top of me, kissing my neck. Nick was doing the same thing. Their hands were caressing me all over. Kevin pulled me up and cuddled me while Nick slid down the straps of my bra while planting light, feathery kisses on my cleavage. Once my bra was removed, both men began sucking on my breasts and cupping them with their hands. Nick moved aside, giving Kevin and me some breathing room.

Nick stood by the nightstand, took off his t-shirt, and then touched himself. Meanwhile, Kevin was moving his lips lower to my belly. My fingers were running through his hair. I shivered feeling his rough facial hair against my skin. He was taking his time like he always does. His hands found my panties and I arched my back, making it easier to remove them. He started to softly kiss my knees and thighs. Then, he said, “I have to taste you.” before moving down to my clit and pussy. My hands rested on his shoulders as he was lapping up my juices with his tongue. He replaced his tongue with his lips and began sucking me. I was getting hot and wet the minute he began tasting me. My moans were loud yet soft. Nick got back on the bed, sat beside us, and gave me kiss. I could Kevin’s fingers sliding in and out of my hot, wet womanhood. While Kevin took off his navy blue boxers, he was laying on top of me. His hands cradled my face, kissing my lips again. As we kissed, his manhood slipped into my womanhood in a smooth thrust. As he was going in and out of me with each thrust, Kevin wrapped his arms around while kissing my lips and neck. My hand was holding on the covers and the other was touching Nick’s body.

Our intense orgasms had washed over Kevin and me like a tidal wave of passion. After that, Kevin laid himself down on the bed once I got myself up. I was on top of Kevin, giving him kisses on his face and neck while my hands were repeatedly touching his body. I moved my lips to his abs and chest, planting soft kisses there. I could hear him softly moan. His fingertips were tangled in my silky strands of my almost-waist-length dark brown hair. My lips found his erection and I slowly began sucking him. Kevin has always treated me good in and out of bed, now I was returning the favor.

I could hear Kevin moaning as I gave his erection one long lick. His hands were still roaming through my hair. Amazed by my oral assault, he asked “Baby girl, what you did was so good. What made you do it?” .I got him out of my mouth and replied “Kevin, you’ve always treated me good in and out of bed. I thought that maybe I would treat you for once.” “Thank you. Thank you for getting me off.” Kevin hoarsely whispered as he kissed my forehead and face. Then, I turned to Nick, touched his face, and said, “Don’t worry, Nick. I didn’t forget about you.”

I started kissing Nick’s lips. His tongue slipped into my mouth and his hands were cupping my 42D breasts. I was taking off his jeans as I began kissing and licking his neck, his weak spot. Kevin sat up and played with himself for a while and then his hands caressed my body, feeling my soft skin while softly kissing my neck. Nick was doing the same thing and his hands were resting on my hips. He moved his lips lower to my breasts, kissing them all over. My hands were tangled in his blonde hair as he moved lower, kissing my spots. Suddenly, I felt his fingers inside me deep, covering them in my liquid silk. Nick told me to lie down and relax. I did just that. He opened my woman lips and he and Kevin were licking, tasting, and sucking them. Heat was surging through my body at the though of feeling two tongues licking and tasting me there. After my extreme orgasm, Nick got up and sat behind me while Kevin was sitting in front of me. First, I felt Nick entering me nice and slow from behind. Next, Kevin kissed my lips as his erection was entered my womanhood. Feeling their penetration was making me hot. It felt so erotic. After having a collective orgasm, both men took themselves out of me. I laid back on Nick’s body as Kevin laid on top of mine. Our bodies were covered in sweat, burning with very intense passion and ecstasy. While I was in the afterglow, both men held me in their arms, catching our breaths.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

Heroine of the Night

I was driving home after a night out of clubbing and eating Mexican food with my friends. After dropping them off, I noticed a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guy about to be mugged by these two black guys. I ran up and began fighting them. I had kicked, punched, spin-kicked and even head-butted them. After that, they ended up apologizing to the guy almost mugged and started running.

I looked at him and asked “Are you okay?” He looked at me with those blue eyes, grinned and said “I’m fine. Thanks for saving my life.” I said “It’s no trouble at all. My name’s Felicia. And you are?” He said “I’m Matt.” After our introductions, we went into my car and I offered to drive him home. Matt said “I was walking home after hanging out with the guys at the bar when all of a sudden these two black guys in street clothes were about to mug and rob me. But luckily, you got there in time.” We arrived at my place, an apartment. Matt looked around and said “What a nice place you have.” I said “Thanks”. Then, he looked at me. I was wearing a black leather and lace bustier, black leather low-rise jeans, lace-up gloves and black strappy sandals. My entire outfit fitted every curve of my curvaceous, womanly, cotton candy soft body and my dark brown hair was down to my shoulders.

He said to me, smiling “Wow, you look really hot.” I said “Thanks” and then my made my move by kissing his lips. I felt his arms wrapping around my waist. Softly, my lips moved lower to his neck. My hand was under his green tank top, my fingers made a trace of his chiseled stomach. I moved back and heard Matt say “When I saw you in your leather outfit, you look so hot when you kicked the muggers’ asses. Felicia, let me personally thank you for saving me tonight.” In no time, he was kissing my lips. While kissing, we moved to the sofa in the living room. Matt took off his tank top, showing off his lean, ripped body. His lips moved lower, giving access to my neck. He got up and slowly unzipped my bustier. Underneath, I wore a black lace bra. Matt carefully pulled down the straps and bra, leaving my voluptuous 38DD breasts exposed. His hands were cupping and his thumbs were rubbing my nipples. I moaned and nearly came as I felt his mouth softly sucking them. My fingers were running through his dark brown hair.

He then unbuttoned and unzipped my leather pants as his lips and tongue moved lower to my big, round belly. He noticed my leather thong that went with my bustier. I could feel him licking my thick thighs with his tongue. Then, he took off his dark stonewash jeans, wearing only dark blue boxers. I smiled at what I saw. As he got back to pleasing me and worshipping my body, I felt his cock slowly hardening against my thigh. His hands were caressing every inch of my skin. He bent down on his knees and removed my thong in one sweep. I was naked with only my lace-up gloves on. His tongue was licking my clit and pussy. It was sending me over the edge, making me hot and wet. I let out a long moan as he was licking me faster and then started sucking me. My hands began playing with and squeezing my breasts. I couldn’t handle it any longer. Matt got up and took of his boxers. I looked up at every inch of him. My hands explored his entire body and my fingers felt his 8-inch cock. He got on top as his cock went inside my pussy. I felt it swelling up inside me. He was making slow, steady thrusts. His hips were rocking against mine. My hands were going down his back, feeling his firm ass while increasing tempo.

I felt his tongue licking up from my belly to my breasts. My orgasms were getting intense. Then, I had a large orgasm. After he was done, Matt laid his sweaty body on top of mine. He kissed my lips once again. He looked into my eyes and said “Felicia, I’m glad you came to my rescue. You can save my life anytime”. I smiled and said “I don’t mind rescuing you from any serious danger, it’s way better than the other way around.” I was his heroine, a heroine of the night.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bellydancer Next Door

Today was a really bad day for me. My friend and I got into a fight and my boyfriend has just dumped me. Whenever I have bad or stressful day, I turn to belly dancing. I find it very sensual and somewhat erotic.

I changed into my belly-dancing outfit, but kept my jeans on. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a high ponytail. My belly dancing costume consisted of a bra and a skirt with the colors baby blue and purple, decorated with sequins. My bra was baby blue with purple decoration and gold sequins while my skirt had slits on both sides and I wore a gold belly chain. I put on my belly dance mix CD, which consisted of songs by Sting, Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears, and played on the stereo. When the music started, I began dancing. I was moving my arms and then began moving my hips. As my hips moved, so did my belly, legs and feet. My body was moving with the music. While dancing, I noticed a man who lived across from me who was also my neighbor. He could see me through my mini-blind less windows.

My male neighbor was handsome and hot. He was also half-naked and a little wet because he had just gotten out from a shower. He had dark blonde hair, bright blue-green eyes, and his body was like a work of art. He had a ripped torso and abs and strong arms. He had a long, white towel wrapped around his waist. I saw him seductively smile at me, enjoying my performance. The music was loud enough for him to hear.

When I finished dancing and the music stopped, I saw him applaud as I took a bow and he blew a kiss. I heard my phone ring. I answered it and I heard his voice over the phone. He said to me “I’m not crazy or anything, but I really loved the way you danced tonight.” His name was Dylan and he wanted to get to know me a lot better, besides being the belly dancer next door.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lust in the Rain

It was early in the afternoon and I woke up from my nap, hearing the sound of rain against my window, which was making me sleepy in the first place. The rain was very heavy outside. At the same time while I was having my nap, I began masturbating. While playing with myself between my thighs, I was thinking about my sexy, blonde boyfriend Nick. I love how he makes my body feel. Everything about turns me on: his smile, his blue eyes, his soft blonde hair, his round, squeezable ass, his kissable lips. I was close to cumming myself wet as I heard a knock on my door. I look to see Nick, dripping wet from the rain. I opened the door and let him in. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Everything about you makes me want you.” I said to him. Nick looked at me with those baby blue eyes with nice and naughty gaze and said to me “Same thing about you. My God, you’re so beautiful.” Then, he pulled me close to his body and gently kissed my lips.

We walked outside to the pool area in the rain. It was pouring down hard. We looked into each other’s eyes while his hands were under my wet white t-shirt, fondling my breasts. My lips moved to his neck, his weak spot, while I unbuttoned and unzipped the fly of his jeans. My hand felt him getting hard in his underwear. Nick kissed me again, but this time it was with much passion and intense desire. My mouth welcomed his tongue. His hands were still fondling my breasts under my shirt. My legs were wrapped around his waist. I watched as I feel his hands slowly lifting up my wet shirt, revealing a white lace bra. We continue to kiss once I sat him down on my lounge chair. My hands began running through his silky blonde hair. He pulled me gently to him and I feel his kisses and licks on my neck. I watched as he took off his shirt. He looked so hot, even when wet.

I began licking his upper body with my tongue. I even licked his tattoos. I got up and pulled off my shirt. Then, Nick got up and laid me down on the chair. He got on top of me and began kissing the tops of my size 38D breasts. He smiled as he slowly unhooked my bra. He licked my nipples and sucked them. I nearly had an orgasm from that. His lips and tongue moved lower to my round belly. I helped him by taking off my jeans, leaving me in my white lace boy shorts.

I smiled at him and he smiled back when he noticed a wet spot on my panties. “You must’ve had a good dream.” He said smiling. I said, “I did”. In one slow sweep, he removed them from my lower body. I was wet from my own touching and the rain, but I was about to get even wetter. I felt his tongue licking my woman lips. I began moaning. My hands were running through his hair. He inserted two fingers in my wet womanhood while licking my clit. I began moving my hips when he starting sucking me. He lapped up my feminine juices. He got up to remove his jeans and boxers and laid on top of me.

I could feel his manhood sliding into me. He was going in and out of me while kissing my neck again. While I was in my orgasm, I began calling his name over and over. He multiplied the thrusts as he was sucking my breasts. After he came inside me, we had a massive orgasm that had washed over us. It was still raining outside when Nick said, “Let’s get inside before we catch a cold”. We got up and went inside to my house. After our encounter, I was really wet. THE END

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Taste of Victory

I was very excited about today. Today was my first official NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and my first as a rookie. My pit crew wishing me good luck, my fans in the stands were cheering for me and waving signs, my friends and family all supporting me. This was indeed my day. I wished the other NASCAR drivers good luck. Once the green flag dropped, I was ready to rev up my engines. I was passing the others throughout the race. Some of the drivers were either making pit stops or pulled out because of wrecks, I was still going strong and after 400 laps, I had won the race. I made history that day.

Not only winning my first ever NASCAR, but to also be the first ever female NASCAR driver. After I got out of my car, my pit crew and I had celebrated by splashing champagne and soda all around. I received and kissed my trophy. I had been interviewed by the race commentators and congratulated by the other drivers. Suddenly, Dale Earnhardt “Little E” Jr., Jeff “Northern California’s Greatest” Gordon, and Kasey “The Cutie” Kahne not only congratulated me, but they were also flirting with me after the race. I took pictures with fans and the press. Then, my family and friends celebrated my first win with dinner. After the dinner, I went to my luxe apartment where my sexy, college football playing boyfriend David greeted me a big smile on his face, along with pink roses and white champagne. He walked up to me and gave a big hug. He was telling me of how proud he was of me. He was not only happy about that, but he was also still happy that his team, the Texas Longhorns, had won the Rose Bowl three months ago.

David slowly unsnapped and unzipped my black, turquoise, and pink racing uniform, revealing a black satin under wire bra and matching satin bikini panties as he carefully pulled it down my body. In an instant, his lips met mine in a gentle, long kiss. After the kiss, he helped me slip out of my uniform as his hands were exploring my body. I told him all about the race and then told him that I was getting ready to take a bath. He said, “Wait. Let me get ready.” I was in the bathroom, taking off my lingerie and uniform. I was already naked and in the tub, though the water is not running. David came in the bathroom, holding the still-cold bottle of champagne with glass flutes in his hand.

He poured the champagne into the flutes. We toasted, clinked our glasses together, and drank. David kissed my lips again, only the kiss was deeper and passionate and I tasted the champagne in his mouth. With his glass, he poured some champagne on my neck, shoulders, and some on my back and began kissing me on those spots that make me weak in the knees. When I got up, I felt his slippery tongue going up and down my spine. I turned around and David took off his shirt, showing off his six-pack abs and well-built arms. He was admiring every inch of my body. He smiled as he poured some more champagne on my breasts and stomach. He was licking it off of me while sucking my breasts. I love the feel of his warm mouth on my body. His lips moved lower to my belly. I began moaning. I got up from the tub and laid myself down on the bathroom floor.

I could feel the cold champagne being poured on my thighs. His hands held on to my hips as he started licking me there. He sipped some of the bubbly liquid from his glass and began licking and sucking my pussy and clit. I was turned on the fizzy bubbles and his wet tongue. My moans were instantly orgasms, sending me off the edge. While he tasted me, my fingers were playing with his short, dark blonde hair. I watched as he took off his jeans and underwear. I gasped when I felt his manhood swell up inside me. He was going in and out of me, slow and deep. After we had came, David looked at me and said, “Baby, I’m so proud of you. I love you so much. How about we take a shower together?” I responded, “I’d love that.” We got up and got ready for a soapy, steamy shower. Today, I had won and victory has never tasted this good before.

This story is dedicated to all the male and female NASCAR fans out there!

Monday, March 27, 2006

A Nanny's Secret Affair

I had just recently been by hired by Brian and Leighanne to look after their adorable son Baylee. So far, I was doing real well,especially when it comes to bonding with him.One day,when I was getting Baylee ready for his afternoon nap, Brian introduced me to his handsome cousin Kevin. We talked and I gave him my phone number. After work, I went to my apartment and took a bubble bath.

My phone rang and Kevin was talking to me.We talked about ourselves and I was brazen enough to ask him,"Have plans on joining me in my bath?"

Kevin said "I woud love to."

I softly chuckled not sure if he was kidding.

Then,he said "I bet the water's very warm and your skin is soft."

"Well, the water is warm."I responded with a smile."Just kind of lonely in here though."

Kevin said "I can imagine my hands touching and holding you in the bath and my lips kissing your neck."

I held back a moan as my hand skimmed the surface of the water.

He added "My hands rubbing soap all over you."

By now, my hand had moved toward my chest moving my hand down lower on my body.

"My hands make a trace of every inch of your skin. My hands softly cup your breasts." Kevin said.

I softly moaned as my hand slipped under the water.

He added "I caress your body and I take my time kissing you all over."

I responded "I don't know if I can take it anymore"wishing he was there instead of making ,me hot over the phone.

He continued "I would love to feel you, touch, kiss, and lick you."

I asked him "When would you like to be able to do this?"

He said "How about tonight?"

"Where are you right now?" I asked.

He said "I'm in a hotel room. If you want, I can come over."

I said "T-That's fine with me.",feeling the water getting warmer.

Twenty minutes later,Kevin arrived. I answered the door in my robe. I let him in and closed the door behind him. He softly, slowly kissed my lips. I was a little surprised, I couldn't think straight.

I said "Kevin, I'm so glad you're here. Would you like to take a bath with me?"

Not waiting for his response, I stepped back and dropped my robe in front of him before heading back into the bathroom getting back into the tub. We went back into the tub and I watched Kevin undressed in front of me. My breath was caught in my throat as I watched him remove every item of clothing, revealing a well-toned body. My skin suddenly felt warm. Kevin climbed into the tub with me and his hand caressed my body from the neck down. I almost sprang out of the tub in shock at the feel of his touch. I felt both of his hands softly fondling my breasts as his kiss went deeper in my mouth. I wondered if this was really happening as I was moving onto his lap facing him. I leaned back, giving his lips access to my neck. That felt erotic and hot as I felt his rough facial hair brushing against my hot and sweaty skin.

My hand went under the water feeling his chest and abs.He felt real as I started to press myself against his body.His lips moved lower to my breasts. I gasped once as I felt his mouth closing around one of my nipples. My hands ran through Kevin's dark hair. I felt a tight knot in the pit of my belly as he continued to nurse on my breasts. After that,his lips found my belly button and started kissing all over my stomach.

"Mmmm,Kevin.What are you planning on doing?"I asked as my voice seemed a little shakey.

"Making love to you all night long" he whispered in a prayer soft voice.

I moaned leading his head down lower using my hands on the back of his head. Kevin placed his hands on my back. I was moved up onto the edge of the tub as my legs were slightly pushed apart. I felt his slippery tongue licking me down there as his hands were lower from my back to my hips and bottom. I moaned as I felt the tip of his tongue brushing against my clit and folds. I closed my eyes as I felt his tongue moved faster against me and then he began sucking me.

"Kevin" I whimpered as my head fell back as he continued going faster with his mouth and tongue.

I was getting hot and wet at the same time. I was close to exploding as my legs started to feel like Jello. I could feel Kevin licking and kissing my thighs and his tongue in my clit. I couldn't take it anymore as the knot became tighter in my stomach. I was going to come after one more flick of his tongue. I wanted Kevin inside me.

I pulled myself long enough to slip out of the tub. I walked into the other room stopping at my black leather couch. He got out a towel and dried me off. I laid down on the couch once I was dry looking at him, waiting to see what he wanted to do next. He sat beside me and his fingers found my womanhood, hot and wet.

"Kevin" I moaned not sure if I could stand the teasing anymore.

Kevin replaced his fingers with his manhood, waiting to get inside me. I moaned as I felt how big he felt inside me. Slowly, he was going in and out of me. While doing that, he was whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I moaned as my hands rested flat against his chest. He was whispering of how beautiful, sexy, and sweet I was. I felt close to the edge as my fingers were brushing against his shoulder blades and down his back. My orgasm got louder and louder. I screamed as my walls were closing around him fast. I felt Kevin cummed inside me and he kissed me was he was still inside me. I sat up a little bit as I grabbed a blanket that was on top of the couch and quickly unfolded it, resting it on his hips and legs. Kevin took himself out of me and held me in his stong arms. I lifted my head up, towards his the column of his neck. I started to slowly place kisses down his throat. I softly caressed his abs while kissing his lips. I moved my kisses down to his chest, placing soft butterfly kisses there before I moved my kisses to along his jaw line. I could feel his hands stroking and running through my hair. I moved my attention to his lips before I slowly rested my head on his chest. I was in a total state of romantic, sexual bliss.

Kevin whispered "I'm so attracted to you. I like making love to you." as I wrapped my arm around his, pressing me closer against him.


Monday, March 13, 2006


AJ and I have been seeing each other for quite a while, months since
I had lost my husband. David, my husband, was in car wreck on his
way home and his car was totaled. He died from his injuries. AJ was
at the hospital with me when my husband died and he comforted me.
Right now, we're officially dating. We went out to dinner and danced
and he gave me my favorite flowers, pink roses.
After our date, we went to my place. I was wearing my black mesh
long gown with butterfly cutouts and black high heels. He said to
me "God baby, you look very sexy." I said "Thank you." I swear this
dress was made for me because it fits all of my curves. I guess you
can say I'm a sizeable woman and I'm also petite. He looked at every
inch of me, pulled me close, and deeply kissed my lips. I pulled
myself back and I said, with tears rolling down my face, "Oh AJ, I
missed being kissed or touched by a man since I lost David." AJ
looked at me and wiped the tears from my face. "I'm falling for you,
Jana. Let me show you how much I want to love you." He kissed my
lips again, this time it was more passionate and hungrily. We
continued kissing as went into my bedroom. Our tongues were in a
passionate duel while we were kissing. When we got to the bedroom,
he said to me "You have such a pretty face." I smiled and said, "You
should see how beautiful my body is."
Don't say a word
Just come over here
I got somethin' I gotta do tonight
Ain't never been a man wantin' anything much as I want you (you)
The sun don't come up til' mornin' so tonight theres no excuse...mmm
Just like the rain outside I'll make your love come down so baby now
it's time (time)
Just can't wait no more (just can't wait no more)
I'm gon' give you what your body's been cryin' for (cryin' for)
And if you tell me yes I'll lay you down
Girl we ain't gotta rush let's play around
We'll do it like we never done before so go and lock that door
Baby don't worry cus I'll be gentle
I took off my shoes and slowly took off my dress, letting it fall to
the floor. AJ was completely amazed when he was watching taking my
clothes off. Then, I removed my panties. I was naked and my body was
glowing in the moonlight, which was turning him on. "Oh baby, your
body is soft, like cotton candy." Then, AJ began taking off his
clothes. He had a ripped, well-built body when he took off his shirt
and jeans. I said, "You don't look too bad yourself."
Come on baby turn the lights off let's get naked (ooh come on)
Come on babygirl you know I just can't take it (I can't take it no
Let your panties hit the floor (floor)
Let your body steal the show right now (right now)
It seems like you're ready
So come on girl I just can't wait to see us naked (us naked yea)
I know you want this girl I see it in your eyes (eyes)
Don't be ashamed of what you got between those thighs oh (oh)
You know I'm gon' try not to be so exited
But I can't help it feels so good to be invited
So baby get ready cus here I go ooh (here I go ooh)
Take off your shoes I wanna see them toes
Slip off that skirt and that shirt gotta go
Come off them draws girl you won't be needin' those
Now you're wearin' what I like baby let's go
Come on
Now somethin' 'bout that sexy skin you in
Your clothes don't do you justice so come out of them
So baby take that off so I can break you off
And give you love love love (uh huh oh)
Now its time to enjoy yourself
If you need assistance babygirl I'm here to help
Cus its time for us to start this love makin' (let's make love)
But first we gotta get butt naked
Damn girl
You look so good
Won't you come over here
Slip off that skirt
You know that shirt gotta go
baby baby baby
You lookin' kinna right
Take your time (take your time)
Now you know its time
Lets get naked
If you tell me yes I'll lay you down
We'll do it like you never done before
If you tell me yes I'll lay you down
AJ laid me down on the bed. My body was hot when I laid down on the
cool, cotton sheets. He laid on top of me and his lips began kissing
my neck. Under the covers, I could feel his large hands caressing my
skin and squeezing my large breasts. I watched as his lips moved
lower to my breasts, sucking and licking them while his hands were
squeezing them. I let out a few soft moans as he was kissing my
stomach. I felt his tongue circling around my bellybutton. Then, he
took off his boxers and whispered in my ear "Touch me." My hand was
feeling his length under the covers. Our eyes never left each other.
Suddenly, he spread my legs and his fingers found my womanhood, hot
and wet. My moans were increasing in tempo. "Damn Baby, you're wet.
I want to taste you!" he said while kissing and licking my thick
thighs. Then, his head was between my legs and his mouth was
covering my womanhood. My hands were on his head as I was screaming
with pleasure. My hips were moving with his tongue. My legs were
quivering, letting AJ know I'm about to have an orgasm. My hips were
moving with his tongue. My legs were quivering, letting AJ know I'm
about to have an orgasm. Next, he positioned himself to put his
erection in my hot, wet opening. He went inside me with a slow, deep
thrust. He slowly continued to be inside me. My moans were passion-
filled screams. He held me in his arms after we collapsed on the
bed. He whispered, "Baby, I love you. I would love you no matter how
much you weigh. I also love holding on to you." and I whispered, "I
love you too, AJ."
Naked by Marques Houston