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Her Sexy Wake-Up Call

Sabrina was sound asleep in her bed in house one morning. She had her boyfriend Nick come over the night before and they had made passionate, sweet love that had lasted almost the entire night.

To Nick, she was always looked beautiful and so sweet, even in sleep. He was awake and had a plan to give Sabrina a sexy wake up call. Knowing that she was asleep on her stomach, Nick started with soft caresses on top of her head, stroking her shoulder-length blonde hair that felt like silk through his fingers. He smoothed the hair to the side as he softly kissed the back and the sides of her neck.

His fingers made soft traces down from her nape to her spine down to her perfect, shapely bottom once he slowly removed the sheet from her skinny, naked body. His hands cupped her bottom while planting soft kisses on it. Then, his tongue made soft licks up to her neck and down her back. He could hear Sabrina slightly stirring.

Nick said, “Shhhhh. Just keep your beautiful blue eyes closed, baby.”

Nick mov…

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Soldier's Rescue

LOCATION: Somewhere in the Middle East, mainly Iraq

ALIAS: Dana Fairweather a.k.a “Desert Fox” of US ARMY Search and Rescue

My newest mission had me crossing enemy lines. With help from the U.S. Army, I had to go undercover to rescue an Army Reserve soldier, Capt. Doug Miller, who was kidnapped and attacked by a terrorist group similar to Al-Quaeda, the Al-Fraida. My boss at headquarters thought it would one of my best missions, especially because I’m rescuing a soldier while our country’s military are still fighting with Iraq in the war.

According to files, Miller was last seen trying to deliver supplies and aid to victims when Al-Fraida attacked and kidnapped him on the spot. Now they want to kill him. So I had to go undercover, find and destroy the Al-Fraida, and rescue Capt. Miller.

My alias is Dana Fairweather of the US ARMY Search and Rescue Division a.k.a “Desert Fox”. According to files, Miller has been in the Army Reserve for 3 years and lives in San Diego, California. He also ha…

How Does It Feel?

Girl it's only
UHave it your way
And if U want U can decide
And if you'll have me
I can provide everything that U desire
Said if U get a feeling
Feeling that I am feeling
Won't U come closer 2 me baby,
You've already got me right where U want me baby
I just wanna be your man
How does it feel
How does it feel
Said I wanna know how does it feel
How does it feel
How does it feel

It was a calm, cool night. I was inside my house, all warm and toasty under a blanket on the sofa in my living room while watching a movie on TV. Then, I heard a knock on my door. As I opened the door, AJ came in with white roses in his hand.

I looked at him and said, “AJ, what are you doing here in my house?”

He looked at me, gave me the flowers “I got these flowers for you. I came here because I want to talk to you.”

I said, “Thanks for the flowers. They’re lovely.”

He said, “They’re lovely just like you.”

We moved over to the sofa and AJ sat next to me. He was looking into my deep brown eyes while talking.

“I’ve be…

A Seductive Slumber

Tasha was asleep in her large bed one night. She was very exhausted from a long, hard day at work. All she wore in her bed were a white satin nightshirt and matching lace bikini panties. Her shoulder-length brown hair rested on the pillow as she was sleeping on her side. Even though she was asleep, Tasha heard footsteps. It was her boyfriend Victor. He slowly and quietly walked into her bedroom. With his hand, he began caressing her foot and then up to her thigh.

He felt the soft, smooth, sweetly scented skin of her body. Carefully, he laid her on her back. His lips softly began kissing her face down to her neck. He caressed and then unbuttoned her satin nightshirt. His hands had caressed every inch of her hourglass-shaped body.

With his tongue, he softly licked her belly button before planting light kisses of her stomach. His hands were touching her thighs, hips, and legs. With his tongue, he lightly licked both of her thighs. Victor touched her upward from her stomach to her breasts. …

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy: Royal Desire

LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia

ALIAS: Miranda Davenport, sex historian from New York City

MISSION: Find and retrieve a stolen sex journal belonging to Catherine The Great and catch the thieves.

For this mission, I traveled to St. Petersburg. When I arrived there, it was really cold. I came out of the plane, wearing a long black wool coat, a red peasant blouse, and a black knee-length stretch cotton skirt with a three-inch slit on the side and red knee-length faux suede boots. Under my dark brown hair was a black wig with hair down to my neck. According the case file, someone has stolen a sex journal that once belonged to Catherine The Great two nights before. The journal was to be part of an exhibit on Russia’s royalty at the city’s art and history museum. The last time I heard of a robbery in Russia was when someone stole a massive collection of Faberge eggs that once belonged to the Romanovs.

I got to my hotel room after leaving the airport. I even had a dress to wear to the museum ga…

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal:Fireman Fantasy

After the huge success of the premiere issue of Fantasies for Women, the magazine had thrown a big party to celebrate the joyous occasion. Tessa Williams, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, was amazed at the photos Wendy and me took. She was so impressed she wanted us to take photos for the next issue.

Tessa said the next issue will feature men in (and out) of uniform and Wendy and I will get to take pictures of firemen, policemen, and military men (sailors, army men, navy SEALS, air force men, etc.) while the magazine interviews them. We were very excited and couldn’t wait to take photos of men in uniform.

The next week, we went to work on the shoot. We first went to a firehouse and started taking photos of this sexy fireman named Ryan. Under his fireman’s uniform lies a hunky, sexy, brave, All-American guy. First, I photographed Ryan in his fireman uniform; jacket, helmet, pants, suspenders, and all. He even told Wendy and I of how he stripped and lap danced for charity the week before. …

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:Roman Carnival Caper

LOCATION: Rome, Italy

MISSION: To seduce and catch a jewel thief and to stop another jewel heist from happening.

I arrived at Rome. Other than the mission, I thought of so many things about Rome, like the architecture, the history, the romance, the food, the wine, and the art. I even liked the language. My alias was Alyssa Solomon, a jewelry buyer/designer from Los Angeles. I was staying at a suite. I even got a costume to wear for the carnival coming up, a big, flowing, black satin dress with red satin trim with a corseted-bodice, long, floor-length ballroom skirt with red tulle over it, black 6-inch stilettos with rhinestones, long, flowing peasant sleeves, and a black mask with red lace trim around to match my costume.

The jewel thief in question is named Simon Weatherton. According to the CIA files, he’s an expert jewel thief who goes by the name of Harold Felton claiming to own and operate an upscale jewelry boutique in the UK, hailing from London. He was last seen stealing extremel…

Seduction in Silk

One night, I was sitting in my home, listening to a mix CD of soft music on my CD player. The love songs made me think of my lover Brandon. I nearly fell asleep, listening to the music when I heard knocking on my door.

I opened the door and there was Brandon. He had a bag in his hand. I was so glad to see him. We sat down on the loveseat. He handed me a box from the bag and said to me “I bought you something.” I smiled as I opened to see what was inside. I opened the box and saw these three sashes. One was soft pink and the other two were lilac. All three of the sashes were made of 100% silk which made them very, very soft to the touch. The soft pink was the deluxe sash and it had a Swarovski crystal butterfly on it. “You like?” Brandon asked. I said, “I love them! But what are they?” I said with glee. He told me those were bondage sashes. I was astounded.

Brandon said, “I looked at and felt the silk and it made me think of you. Your soft skin and just the feel of your body makes want y…

A Photographer's Erotic Fantasy Journal:Biker Boy

I love my job as the photographer for Fantasies For Women magazine. It’s like Playgirl meets Cosmopolitan, but with more photos and stuff. My name’s Kristy Garrison. I was so excited about to do photo work for the magazine’s debut issue. My first photo op was a photo shoot for the cover and centerfold with an up-and-coming male supermodel named Frederico Di Pellani from Italy. He was tall, dark, buff, and handsome. He had short, black hair, deep, soulful chocolate brown eyes, chiseled face, and a sexy little smile. When he arrived, he smiled at me and then kissed my hand. He was almost as sexy as either Fabio or Antonio Sabato Jr. For the photo shoot, Frederico was to be a biker on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. He came out with a black leather jacket, no shirt, black leather boots, and black leather chaps over tight, dark jeans. I thought to myself I bet all the men in Italy are so fine; Michelangelo’s David would probably wear clothes. I got my 35 MM camera ready as he got on the mot…

Denise Fallon:CIA Spy:Mob Girl

I’m on a new mission. My assignment was to go undercover, get information, and take down this mob called the Devil Rays. According to the case file, they reside in New York City. They’re not like any of the mobs in The Godfather movies or The Sopranos. They’re not Italian-American, they don’t have a lot of men, not everyone’s related in this mob, they don’t have nicknames, and they do more robbing than whacking. They were a small mob of five men. Plus, they’re an uptown mob.

I flew over to New York City. I was going by the alias Delilah Garrett who comes from Miami, Florida as a one-woman mafia and I was staying at the Doubletree Suites. Through my CIA contacts, I had managed to find more information on the Devil Rays. I found out that all five members are from upper- to upper-middle class families. Aside from living uptown, they do charity work and they had only committed one crime: robbing seven millionaires in the Hamptons at a country club benefit, stealing jewelry, cash, etc. But …

A Murderous Affair

I was on a mission. My name is Denise Fallon and I'm a spy for the CIA. My mission was to get information. I was driving my black BMWconvertible and I had to enter this house with many guards. There were two in the garden, one near upstairs, and one in the first floor where the computer is with the information and maybe a surprise.I was dressed in stealth mode for this mission, wearing a black leather corset and pants, black boots, and leather gloves. I not only looked dangerous, but I also feel dangerous because I was armed with a .32 caliber, pepper spray, and a stun gun. To men, I'm sexy,elegant, and a really good lover.

I arrived at the house and a guard was inside who was armed with a machine gun. In order to get in the house, I had to seduce him. I did just that by unhooking my corset and whisper dirty talk to his ear. While doing that, I got my gun and hit him in the back of the head with it. The other guard heard me so I shoot him twice and he fell to the floor.My surp…

Private Picnic

Tasha was looking forward to seeing AJ for a private picnic. They have been best friends for such a long time, at least ten years. AJ met with Tasha at the beach. They sat on a big, red and white blanket and began feeding each other different foods from the basket.

AJ said to her “This was a great idea, having a picnic.” Tasha replied, “Yeah, especially with a best friend.” They were just smiling at each other. Lately, AJ has been having feelings for her. He was always there for her. He was her rock and her shoulder to cry on. He was even there for her when she got stood up at the altar because her fiancĂ© Gerald had an affair at the bachelor party on the day before the wedding.

While Tasha was eating, AJ looked into her eyes and said, “Tasha, I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I’m starting to have feelings for you.” Tasha had finished eating to look at AJ. She asked, “You have feelings for me?” AJ said, “I know we’ve been best friends for such a long time, but I hav…

Double Fantasy

I was enjoying a quiet night at my home, reading a romance novel, and listening to the rain outside. I love to relax after a crazy, hectic day at work this week. Then, my cell phone was ringing. I got it and answered.

“Hello?” I said. I was talking to my boyfriend Kevin, who lives a few blocks from me.

“Hi, baby. How are you doing?” Kevin asked.

“I’m fine, just relaxing by the rain, reading a book. And you?” I responded.

I heard another voice saying “Hi” to me. It was Nick, Kevin’s friend. I said “Hi, Nick.”

“That’s great. Nick and I were wondering if you would like to spend the night with us. We couldn’t help but think about you. You’re sexy, beautiful, funny, and just thinking about you makes us hard.” Kevin added.

After talking with Kevin and Nick, I packed my overnight bag and got in my car. Even though it was raining outside, I was excited about tonight. While driving, I began thinking about the really good sex I had with both men, at separate times. Kevin’s not only the tall, dark, an…

Heroine of the Night

I was driving home after a night out of clubbing and eating Mexican food with my friends. After dropping them off, I noticed a tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guy about to be mugged by these two black guys. I ran up and began fighting them. I had kicked, punched, spin-kicked and even head-butted them. After that, they ended up apologizing to the guy almost mugged and started running.

I looked at him and asked “Are you okay?” He looked at me with those blue eyes, grinned and said “I’m fine. Thanks for saving my life.” I said “It’s no trouble at all. My name’s Felicia. And you are?” He said “I’m Matt.” After our introductions, we went into my car and I offered to drive him home. Matt said “I was walking home after hanging out with the guys at the bar when all of a sudden these two black guys in street clothes were about to mug and rob me. But luckily, you got there in time.” We arrived at my place, an apartment. Matt looked around and said “What a nice place you have.” I said “Thanks”. Then…

Bellydancer Next Door

Today was a really bad day for me. My friend and I got into a fight and my boyfriend has just dumped me. Whenever I have bad or stressful day, I turn to belly dancing. I find it very sensual and somewhat erotic.

I changed into my belly-dancing outfit, but kept my jeans on. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a high ponytail. My belly dancing costume consisted of a bra and a skirt with the colors baby blue and purple, decorated with sequins. My bra was baby blue with purple decoration and gold sequins while my skirt had slits on both sides and I wore a gold belly chain. I put on my belly dance mix CD, which consisted of songs by Sting, Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears, and played on the stereo. When the music started, I began dancing. I was moving my arms and then began moving my hips. As my hips moved, so did my belly, legs and feet. My body was moving with the music. While dancing, I noticed a man who lived across from me who was also my neighbor. He could see me thro…

Lust in the Rain

It was early in the afternoon and I woke up from my nap, hearing the sound of rain against my window, which was making me sleepy in the first place. The rain was very heavy outside. At the same time while I was having my nap, I began masturbating. While playing with myself between my thighs, I was thinking about my sexy, blonde boyfriend Nick. I love how he makes my body feel. Everything about turns me on: his smile, his blue eyes, his soft blonde hair, his round, squeezable ass, his kissable lips. I was close to cumming myself wet as I heard a knock on my door. I look to see Nick, dripping wet from the rain. I opened the door and let him in. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. Everything about you makes me want you.” I said to him. Nick looked at me with those baby blue eyes with nice and naughty gaze and said to me “Same thing about you. My God, you’re so beautiful.” Then, he pulled me close to his body and gently kissed my lips.

We walked outside to the pool area in the rain. It wa…

Taste of Victory

I was very excited about today. Today was my first official NASCAR race at Atlanta Motor Speedway and my first as a rookie. My pit crew wishing me good luck, my fans in the stands were cheering for me and waving signs, my friends and family all supporting me. This was indeed my day. I wished the other NASCAR drivers good luck. Once the green flag dropped, I was ready to rev up my engines. I was passing the others throughout the race. Some of the drivers were either making pit stops or pulled out because of wrecks, I was still going strong and after 400 laps, I had won the race. I made history that day.

Not only winning my first ever NASCAR, but to also be the first ever female NASCAR driver. After I got out of my car, my pit crew and I had celebrated by splashing champagne and soda all around. I received and kissed my trophy. I had been interviewed by the race commentators and congratulated by the other drivers. Suddenly, Dale Earnhardt “Little E” Jr., Jeff “Northern California’s Great…

A Nanny's Secret Affair

I had just recently been by hired by Brian and Leighanne to look after their adorable son Baylee. So far, I was doing real well,especially when it comes to bonding with him.One day,when I was getting Baylee ready for his afternoon nap, Brian introduced me to his handsome cousin Kevin. We talked and I gave him my phone number. After work, I went to my apartment and took a bubble bath.

My phone rang and Kevin was talking to me.We talked about ourselves and I was brazen enough to ask him,"Have plans on joining me in my bath?"

Kevin said "I woud love to."

I softly chuckled not sure if he was kidding.

Then,he said "I bet the water's very warm and your skin is soft."

"Well, the water is warm."I responded with a smile."Just kind of lonely in here though."

Kevin said "I can imagine my hands touching and holding you in the bath and my lips kissing your neck."

I held back a moan as my hand skimmed the surface of the water.

He added "M…


AJ and I have been seeing each other for quite a while, months since
I had lost my husband. David, my husband, was in car wreck on his
way home and his car was totaled. He died from his injuries. AJ was
at the hospital with me when my husband died and he comforted me.
Right now, we're officially dating. We went out to dinner and danced
and he gave me my favorite flowers, pink roses.
After our date, we went to my place. I was wearing my black mesh
long gown with butterfly cutouts and black high heels. He said to
me "God baby, you look very sexy." I said "Thank you." I swear this
dress was made for me because it fits all of my curves. I guess you
can say I'm a sizeable woman and I'm also petite. He looked at every
inch of me, pulled me close, and deeply kissed my lips. I pulled
myself back and I said, with tears rolling down my face, "Oh AJ, I
missed being kissed or touched by a man since I lost David." AJ
looked at me and wiped the tears from my face. "…