Seduction in Silk

One night, I was sitting in my home, listening to a mix CD of soft music on my CD player. The love songs made me think of my lover Brandon. I nearly fell asleep, listening to the music when I heard knocking on my door.

I opened the door and there was Brandon. He had a bag in his hand. I was so glad to see him. We sat down on the loveseat. He handed me a box from the bag and said to me “I bought you something.” I smiled as I opened to see what was inside. I opened the box and saw these three sashes. One was soft pink and the other two were lilac. All three of the sashes were made of 100% silk which made them very, very soft to the touch. The soft pink was the deluxe sash and it had a Swarovski crystal butterfly on it. “You like?” Brandon asked. I said, “I love them! But what are they?” I said with glee. He told me those were bondage sashes. I was astounded.

Brandon said, “I looked at and felt the silk and it made me think of you. Your soft skin and just the feel of your body makes want you so bad. Would you like to try it?” I replied, “I’ll try anything.” He smiled and looked at me with those baby blue eyes. Then, he softly and deeply kissed my lips. While we were kissing, Brandon blindfolded me with the soft pink deluxe sash, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. My hands were running through his short medium brown hair. His hands slowly unbuttoned my blue short-sleeved blouse button by button and unzipped my jeans. I was blindfolded and in my pink lace bra and panties. I felt his large hands covering my body with soft, slow caresses. My hands felt his six-pack abs as he was taking off his shirt. I had recognized his scent, his pheromones mixed with musk. Even though I was blindfolded, my four other senses (smell, touch, taste, and sound) were heightened. He sat me down and then laid me on the bed. He had the other two sashes in his hand. With them, he carefully tied them around my wrists while they were holding on to the bedpost. He unhooked the front of my bra, releasing my 42C breasts .I felt his lips kissing and lightly sucking my throat before moving down to them.

With his hands, he cupped them. His wet pink tongue began licking my nipples. I let out a soft moan as he sucked my breasts then gave them soft kisses. I heard him whisper, “I love how soft your breasts are, especially in my hands and mouth.” His hands were slowly caressing my hips, thighs, and legs. His lips moved lower to my belly, kissing me there. I slowly lifted my hips, giving Brandon access to take off my boy short panties. He said, “Let’s untie you.” Once the panties were off, he got up and untied my wrists from the bedposts. I managed to keep the blindfold on. His fingers were softly stroking my bare clit and pussy. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. I gradually moaned a little louder when his fingers were inside my pussy. My walls clamped on to his fingers, making him feel my wetness. Brandon then let his mouth and tongue take it from there. I moaned, groaned, and squeezed my breasts, as he tasted my sweet nectar. My hands held head down there. I nearly came at the feel of his mouth. He got up and said, “Are you okay, baby?” and I said, “Yes”

Brandon sat behind me on the bed. His hands were squeezing my breasts as he was kissing and licking my neck. He inhaled my feminine scent. His tongue licked from my neck up to my ear. He got up and took off his jeans. I felt his 8.5-inch cock hardening for me under his boxer briefs. I heard him moan from my touch. Brandon laid on top of my body and his cock slowly plunged inside me. I felt myself getting wet and I heard his moans. He buried his face in my neck. After our collective orgasms, Brandon gently collapsed, kissing my lips. He removed the blindfold from my eyes and asked, “How was it?” I smiled back and said, “It was wonderful, yet so mysterious. I loved my gift.” He smiled as he kissed my forehead while holding me in his arms.



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