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Original Black Dress Diva-Part One

My name’s Kat, Katherine Belinda Olivia Franklin. I’m widowed. How did I go from happily married woman to vengeful contract killer? Let me start from the beginning, as in four years ago… I was a community college student at Culver City, studying computer courses. I would have been better off at a four-year college had my mom not have used the college funds to fund her vices after being depressed, unemployed, and having legal troubles. A long time ago, she got busted for drug possession and driving under the influence. She had accidentally run over my little brother over with her car. Jonathan, my little brother, survived the ordeal but had months of physical therapy to go through. Despite our mother’s troubles, Jonathan and I have thrived throughout our school years. I was an honor student, student athlete, and social butterfly. Jonathan, on the other hand, was a math and science whiz and also captain of our school’s baseball, soccer, and basketball teams. He’s very determined to g…