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MCFOTM-February-it's a tie! Mario Lopez and Rob Hoffman

I'm back with a new Male Celebrity Fantasy of The Month--but for this month I have two hunks:Mario Lopez and Rob Hoffman! They're both very hot and they really know how to dance. My fantasy for them is I'm at this dance club. I'm dancing to this jam by The Dream-"Rockin' That Thang". As I was moving my hips to the song, Rob walked up to me and asked me if I wanted to dance with him and I said yes. Rob and I were dancing to the song.I felt his hands on my hips as I rock them. Rob and I had so much fun until Usher's "Love in This Club" played and Mario Lopez steps on to the dance floor. Mario and I danced and he grinded his his hips against me. After that, Rob and Mario began having a dance off. After that, I leave with both guys.

Sexify My Love

AJ was having dinner with Felicia at his place. He had developed strong, lustful feelings for her sincerunning into at her best friend Maria's party. Felicia was stunning in her strapless black dress with a purple ribbon around her waist. When they met, Felicia was going through hell. A messy breakup with her boyfriend, job loss, and a falling out with a relative. But since meeting AJ, things have gotten much better.

While Felicia was eating, AJ slowly stroked her thigh. She nearly choked on her food, but managed to eat. Hewondered about how good she would feel against his body. Felicia was done with her dinner.

"That was great." She said to AJ.

He looked into her blue-green eyes and said, "You look so beautiful, Felicia."
He then walked up to her and took her hand. He then began deeply kissing her lips. His hands were running through her dark auburn hair.

He whispered, "Felicia, I know you've gone through so much lately. I want to change all that tonight. …

A Gift for His Mistress

Mike came home from work with a gift for his mistress. The gift was a tall, blonde hunk named Nick. Once Mike and Nick arrived at his house, Mike was excited about seeing the look on Jana's face. Jana came down the stairs and saw Mike and her gift.

Mike said, "Nick, this is Jana, my mistress."

She said, "Hi, Nick. Mike, he's really cute."

Jana got a look at Nick and liked what she had seen. Nick was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, well-porportioned, and had a sexy ass. She inspected him with her hands. She couldn't wait to play with her gift. She was excited about playing with him so she went upstairs to get herself ready. While she got ready, Mike wanted to play with Nick for a little bit. He took Nick's hand as he led him to his room. Once they got there, Mike kissed Nick's lips. His hands played with his short, blonde hair and looked into his sparkling blue eyes.

"I've never had another man kiss me like that before." Nick said

Mike looked a…

Doctor, Doctor-Nick Carter visual

A young, male patient was sitting on the examination table with his injured ankle up on the table as well. He was a really cute guy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt and dark bluejeans, came straight from a concert rehearsal. I, Dr. Alyssa Carson, came in with his x-rays in hand. I examined the x- rays and said, "It looks you have a really bad sprain on your ankle."

He looked down heartbroken, muttering, "Perfect timing. The concert's this weekend."

I said to him, comforting, "I'm really sorry, uhh...."

He said, looking up to me, "Nick. Nick Carter. Is there anything you can do, Dr. Carson?"

I said, "How about I can give you therapy?"

He instantly perked up and said "That would be great doc. Anything to get back onto the stage." as his eyes locked on mine and then gazed down my neck over my voluptuous breasts.

He asked, "What kind of therapy do have in mind?"

I replied, "A combination of…

Freak Me

I was at the club by the myself, having a good time. I danced to the music all around me. That and a lot of other people on the dance floor. Not only was I having a good time, I looked real good. The DJ at the club was spinning the tunes and the lights were flashing all over. Then, I noticed someone walking toward me on the dance floor. He was tall with short blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. He had a sexy smile on his face. He wore a white tank top that showed off his tattooed upper arms, black jeans and black shoes.

He came up to me and said, "Wanna dance?"

I said, "Sure. Let's get down on the dance floor."

As the DJ spinned Christina Aguilera's "Get Mine Get Yours", the hot blonde and I got down on the floor. He loved how I moved and I love how he moved. His hips began grinding against my body. My hands touched his body all over while his hands were on my hips. From there, things were getting hot. I told him I had to go to the restroom to cool …

The Male Servant's Private Pleasure

My name's Danielle Grant. I am 25 years old and I work as a party planner. I looked forward to help my wealthy best friend Pamela Stuart plan her big birthday party which was in two days. It's her first big party after splitting from her medical doctor husband Stephen. What had happened was her husband had not only cheated on her with a close relative, but he also had lost his practice as a result of a lawsuit. Pamela managed to clean him out from the divorce proceedings, especially since there was no prenup.

Once I had arrived at Pamela's palacial manison, she greeted me at the front door. Her auburn hair and her lime green sun dress glistened in the bright afternoon sun.

"Danielle, I'm so glad you can make it. I'm really looking forward to making my party the talk of the town." Pamela said as she greeted me with a hug. Once we entered the house, we began talking about the theme and food for the party.

We walked into the spacious kitchen and sat down. I op…