Sexify My Love

AJ was having dinner with Felicia at his place. He had developed strong, lustful feelings for her sincerunning into at her best friend Maria's party. Felicia was stunning in her strapless black dress with a purple ribbon around her waist. When they met, Felicia was going through hell. A messy breakup with her boyfriend, job loss, and a falling out with a relative. But since meeting AJ, things have gotten much better.

While Felicia was eating, AJ slowly stroked her thigh. She nearly choked on her food, but managed to eat. Hewondered about how good she would feel against his body. Felicia was done with her dinner.

"That was great." She said to AJ.

He looked into her blue-green eyes and said, "You look so beautiful, Felicia."
He then walked up to her and took her hand. He then began deeply kissing her lips. His hands were running through her dark auburn hair.

He whispered, "Felicia, I know you've gone through so much lately. I want to change all that tonight. Let memake love to you."

Felicia looked into his eyes and said, "Oh AJ, I want you."

She passionately kissed his lips before AJ led her to the bedroom, where scented candles were lit by the bed. He wanted to seduce her, but also to romance her. Felicia was a little shy and slightly nervous.

AJ reassured her. "Don't be shy, baby. I'll be gentle and I'll take my time with you, pleasuring every inch of your luscious body."

Hey, baby I feel it, can't conceal it, gotta reveal it
Cause I'm in the mood to give it to ya
Really gotta concentrate and now we're gonna consummate
So, lets conversate
Cause I think it's time that we became one love
One body, girl, I wanna get it started
Our own little private party, forget about tommorow right now
Right now, we could have a river tonight
Right now, right now... freakin' it however you like

AJ then made his move by softly kissing her lips. His fingers wrapped around her silky, tight candy curls as he continued to kiss her. His hands lightly touched her shoulders as he was about to unzip her dress. He kissed her lips again only deeper.

Sexify my love, give into my touch
Baby, tonight I'm gonna set you free
Sexify my love, let your body talk
Baby, surrender all your lovin' to me
Sexify my love, sexify my love...

Felicia slowly unzipped the back of her dress. AJ then took off his white tank top. He gently laid her down on the bed while kissing her lips some more. He then took off her strappy black heels. Felicia was in her black lingerie, her hair framed her lovely face. AJ had his lean body close to hers as his hands explored every inch of her body. He took his time pleasuring her with his hands as they sat down on his king sized bed. Felicia then began kissing AJ back. She made a trail of kisses from his lips to his neck and down to his chest and stomach. He lightly moaned as she came back up to his lips.

"Felicia, baby. Tonight is all about you" he said looking into her eyes.

He then kissed her neck as he held her close to him. She softly moaned in his ear. His hands rested at her hips, holding on to her. She felt his bulge hardened against her stomach. Felicia moaned a little louder as AJ kissed the other side of her neck. His hands then found the back of her bra and unhooked it. Her breasts were freed and he moved down to kiss and lick them. Her hands went up and down his back and shoulders as he licked and kissed her stomach. He came back up to her lips. He got out a pillow for Felicia to lay her head on, making her very comfortable. His sild his hand down to her panties. His fingers found her wet woman lips and fingered her. Felicia was so hot and wet for him. AJ thought of pleasuring her in just about every postion imaginable all over the place. Her moans increased in volume as he slipped another finger inside her, taking her over the edge.

Girl, don't be shy, you're looking so fly,
Tonight I wanna try every position we can dream of
All over the house, workin' that thing, girl, makin' you shout
Take it fast, slow, do it like a pole slide, all the ways to get low, low...
One body, it's our own little private party
Lets do this, lets get started
Forget about tomorrow, right now
Right now, we could have forever tonight
Right now, right now... freakin' however you like

His hands found the waistband of her panties. He slipped them off of her body and was ready to taste where his fingers were. His tongue flickered her love button while his lips kissed and suckled her love cave. Felicia can feel her love juices covering his mouth. After that, he got on top of her as he was ready to get inside her. He took off his pants and his boxers. She felt his bulge hardened against her thigh. He held on to her body as he slipped inside her. Felicia let out a passionate sigh. As he thrusted in and out of her, his hands caressed all over her body and his lips planted kisses on her neck. Her moans and groans became louder as she reached climax.

I don't care where we are, on the hood of my car
Out in public, making love in the streets
All alone, back at home, we can do anything you want
I don't care while we mess up the sheets

[Chorus 4x]

AJ called her name in pure passion just as she spent her orgasm and came with her. His seed spilled inside her. He could feel her heart beating against him, holding in his arms while he was still inside her love canal. He kissed Felicia's lips deeply.

"Felicia, you feel so good in my arms. I look forward to pleasing you again and again." AJ said to her as they went at it again.

Sexify My Love-NKOTB



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