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MCFOTM for January-Christopher Meloni

My Male Celeb Fantasy of the Month for January 2008 is Christopher Meloni of Law & Order:SVU

Just recently I had the hottest fantasy of him. I invited him to my bedroom. I wore this sexy cop costume and I had his body against the wall, calling him a bad boy. I demanded him to a strip search and once he was naked I checked him 'cause I knew he was packing heat somewhere. Then, I take him to my bed and cuffed him to it. I begin to torture him by rubbing his cock before sucking him. I got on top of him and then sat on his face, making him take as much of my pussy as he can. I was still on top when I began riding him. Once we had orgasmed, I uncuffed him and we had sex all night.

Hey everyone

Sorry I haven't been online lately. I got a new laptop and trying to get DSL for it. Right now, I'm using a college computer. Anyways, I'm coming up with new story ideas for the blog and all. I will have a new feature for the blog. It's called Male Celeb Fantasy of the Month and it will be a monthly feautre. A different male celeb, a different fantasy each month.