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I was having a really bad day after work. I wanted to go out with my friends but they all had plans. I had finished up a lot of paperwork and I missed my lunch break. The only thing I wanted to was to take off my shoes and clothes and just relax.

As soon as I got out of my work clothes and my shoes, I went upstairs into the bathroom and I heard water running.

"Hello. Is somebody in there?" I said.

I stood behind the bathtub only to feel a wet, slippery hand slipping under my white crop top. I softly gasped at the feel of the hand. I turned around to find Nick in the shower. Knowing Nick, I knew he loves the water. He loves it no matter what he's feeling.He sinfully smiled as I looked at me.

"Oh my God Nick, I'm so glad to see you." I said to him.

"Me too, baby. I love seeing you." He replied.

He pulled my clothed body close to his dripping wet, naked, soapy body and deeply kissed my lips as we stood under the warm spray of water. My medium-length black …

Denise Fallon-CIA Spy:The Heir Hostage

LOCATION: Athens, Greece

ALIAS: Kendra St. James, former UCLA student/L.A. Times journalist.

MISSION: To rescue a shipping heir and his girlfriend from kidnappers seeking ransom.

I had arrived in Athens on an early morning flight from LAX. Once I was there, I took in on the scenery. As usual, I have my weapons, wardrobe, and gadgets with me. For my weapons, I had a stun gun with 10,000 watts and a .38 caliber with bullets. My gadgets are silver and
turquoise video camera earrings with matching necklace that has a digital recorder in the pendant, a lipstick that doubles as a laser pointer, and a book with a built-in camera.

For my wardrobe, I have five outfits: a white halter and long skirt set with turquoise and silver- adorned sandals and matching big belt, a khaki-colored cargo shirt with light blue camisole and brown shoes, a turquoise and chocolate tankini, a black Grecian-style gown with a 22-carat white diamond necklace with matching dangling earrings and black Manholo Blahniks, and …