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At Her Rescue

Amelia Donovan was going through some very difficult times. She had just lost her husband James who was killed in war and she's been in battle with her family who were pressuring tomarry under arrangement. She lived in New England with her mother, father, two sisters, and a younger brother.

Then one morning, she decided to take a walk to the beach. She loved the smell of the oceanair and the feel of the soft sand under her shoe-covered feet. So she went to the boat and went rowing. A storm was heading her way. Once she was far from land, the storm and the ocean were getting rougher.

Without warning, her boat was capsized in the rough ocean. While holding on the boat and haning on for her dear life, Ameliawas nearly drowning. Meanwhile, a strong, tall pirate swung down from his ship and rescued Amelia before she was sinking tothe bottom of the ocean. While holding her, the pirate laid her down on the deck saving her life. She started coughing out water,waking up to find herself on a …