At Her Rescue

Amelia Donovan was going through some very difficult times. She had just lost her husband James who was killed in war and she's been in battle with her family who were pressuring tomarry under arrangement. She lived in New England with her mother, father, two sisters, and a younger brother.

Then one morning, she decided to take a walk to the beach. She loved the smell of the oceanair and the feel of the soft sand under her shoe-covered feet. So she went to the boat and went rowing. A storm was heading her way. Once she was far from land, the storm and the ocean were getting rougher.

Without warning, her boat was capsized in the rough ocean. While holding on the boat and haning on for her dear life, Ameliawas nearly drowning. Meanwhile, a strong, tall pirate swung down from his ship and rescued Amelia before she was sinking tothe bottom of the ocean. While holding her, the pirate laid her down on the deck saving her life. She started coughing out water,waking up to find herself on a pirate ship.

The pirate looked at her and asked, "Milady, are you alright?"

Amelia looked at him and said,"I am well. Where am I?"

"You're on my ship. I rescued you from drowning. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Captain Trevor Maclachan. Some people call me the Water Wolf.What is your name?" he said in his Irish accent as he then took off his captain's hat.

"I'm Amelia. Amelia Donovan." she said.

Trevor had a stong appearance about him. He had a broad chest and strong shoulders that shown through his open white shirt covered by a navy blue jacket.A black band was wrapped around his tight waist. He also wore black pants and boots. He got out a blanket and wrapped it around Amelia's shoulders because he saw her shivering from being in the cold, rough water.

"Amelia. A lovely name." He said to her.

"For an Irishman, you speak rather eloquent." She said.

He flashed his all-too-perfect smile at her. "Why thank you." He said as he kissed her hand.

While Amelia was sitting down, Captain Machalchan was steering the ship east.
"Can you tell me about yourself, Amelia?" Trevor asked.

"To start, I'm a widow. My husband James was killed in battle. I've been arguing with my own family because they want me to get married again." She told.

"Sorry to hear that. I too have some problems myself. My home was destroyed by a fire and my father and brother all died of illness. The sea was my only mistress and my only comfort." He said.

"How tragic." Amelia responded before she sneezed.

He stopped the ship and carried Amelia to the bedroom.

"Let's get you out of your wet gown." Trevor said as he slowly unwrapped the blanket from her body.

Amelia was wearing a satin dress with a dusty rose brocade and white lace on the elbows and the underdress. With his large hands, he carefully unlaced the back of her dress. Once it was unlaced, he looked into her green eyes that shined like emeralds.He gently touched her angelic face as he lightly kissed her pink lips. His fingers stroked her damp red hair. Amelia never thought being rescued, charmed, and romance by a pirate let alone an Irish pirate. When he took off his captain's hat, hisdark brown hair matched his eyes. She gently touched his hair.

As he was kissing her, Trevor heard someone entering the ship. He told Amelia to wait in the room. He got out his sword as he stepped out of the room. A bunch offoreign pirates were on the ship. But with his sword, he fought and defeated them all. Once they were gone, Trevor came back to Amelia who was still in the room.

He slowly removed her dress as it fell to the floor. Amelia's plump, voluptuous body was covered in a white corset. She sat on the bed as Trevor removed his shirt and jacket.

Amelia was amazed from seeing his strong, ripped body but a little startled when his thorn was rubbing against her thigh.

"Amelia, your beauty amazes me." He said looking at every inch of her. His fingers gently touched her porcelain-like skin. She quivered like a bow from his touch. Helaid her body down on the bed.

She felt nervous when she watched him removed his pants and boots. Trevor assured her "Don't worry, Amelia. I'll be gentle." His fingers were carefully unlacing her corset. He took his time kissing her body. His calloused palms cupped her heavy bosoms as he was softly licking and suckling them.

She let out a long moan. He can hear her heart pounding in her chest as he moved down to her belly. He slid her lace underwear down her legs. His finger found herwomanhood warm and slightly wet. His tongue slowly licked her making her squirm. Trevor held on to her as he was tasting her female nectar.

His lips left her womanhood and returned to her lips. Slowly and deeply, his thorn went inside her. Amelia's sighs progressed into moans and groans. As he went in and out of her, he gently kissed her neck and shoulders. As they climaxed, Trevor kissed her lips one more time. He held her tight in his strong arms.

"Oh my dear Amelia, next to the ocean, you're the most beautiful woman I've seen in such a long time. I would want to travel with you, shower you with jewels, and romance you. But most importantly, make you very happy. Let me do all of these things for you. Can I make you happy, Amelia?" He said.

She replied "Yes, by all means yes." as she smiled. After making love to Amelia again, Trevor sailed the ship to his home in Ireland. Once they arrived, Trevor introducedher to his mother and sister. She then wrote a letter to her family back in New England. Months later, Trevor proposed marriage to Amelia and now they're happilymarried. Amelia was lonely no more and her heart was filled with love again.



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