Bellydancer Next Door

Today was a really bad day for me. My friend and I got into a fight and my boyfriend has just dumped me. Whenever I have bad or stressful day, I turn to belly dancing. I find it very sensual and somewhat erotic.

I changed into my belly-dancing outfit, but kept my jeans on. My shoulder-length dark brown hair was put up in a high ponytail. My belly dancing costume consisted of a bra and a skirt with the colors baby blue and purple, decorated with sequins. My bra was baby blue with purple decoration and gold sequins while my skirt had slits on both sides and I wore a gold belly chain. I put on my belly dance mix CD, which consisted of songs by Sting, Madonna, Shakira, and Britney Spears, and played on the stereo. When the music started, I began dancing. I was moving my arms and then began moving my hips. As my hips moved, so did my belly, legs and feet. My body was moving with the music. While dancing, I noticed a man who lived across from me who was also my neighbor. He could see me through my mini-blind less windows.

My male neighbor was handsome and hot. He was also half-naked and a little wet because he had just gotten out from a shower. He had dark blonde hair, bright blue-green eyes, and his body was like a work of art. He had a ripped torso and abs and strong arms. He had a long, white towel wrapped around his waist. I saw him seductively smile at me, enjoying my performance. The music was loud enough for him to hear.

When I finished dancing and the music stopped, I saw him applaud as I took a bow and he blew a kiss. I heard my phone ring. I answered it and I heard his voice over the phone. He said to me “I’m not crazy or anything, but I really loved the way you danced tonight.” His name was Dylan and he wanted to get to know me a lot better, besides being the belly dancer next door.



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