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Ecstasy in The Big Easy (FINISHED VERSION)

Jasmine Townsend was in her apartment in Boston when she went on her computer and looked up Louisiana travel websites, mainly New Orleans. She has always wanted to go there because her mother had been there with some of her friends on a trip a couple of months ago. Jasmine had been through some hard times recently. Her boyfriend broke up with her after three years of dating, her mother became very ill with pneumonia and passed away, and had been through a very bad cold. Despite all that, she got over her cold and the boyfriend but still reeling from her mother’s passing. Jasmine needed a getaway from it all, a getaway from nagging, overbearing yet loving friends and family, her stressful yet profitable job as an office assistant at a marketing firm, and the very cold weather. She loves Boston and all, but needed a change of scenery for a couple of days. So she looked up travel and hotel websites to plan her New Orleans getaway. She first went to the New Orleans tourism website and or…