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AJ Meets Little Red Riding Hood

I'm Lilly and I love Halloween, especially this Halloween where I was invited to a costume party at my Grandma's house. I already have my costume on and looked forward to the treats and the party. This year, I'm Little Red Riding Hood and I may not meet a wolf, but I might meet a hunky bad boy. I was walking to my house and then this guy was walking behind me.

I turned around and said, "Hi. Do I know you?"

He said to me as he walked beside me, "I was just walking to a friend's house."

I replied, "Well, I'm on my way to a Halloween costume party at my Grandma's house."

He lowered his sunglasses, placed them on the collar of his tank top, looked at me from head to toe, and asked, "Mind if I ask you are to be?"

I smiled at him and said, "I'm Little Red Hiding Hood."

He grinned and asked, "Does Little Red Hiding Hood have a name?"

"I'm Lilly." I said.

"I'm AJ. I bet you are as lovely as …

MCFOTM-October-Christian Bale

This month's Male Celebrity Fantasy is Christian Bale. I got a growing crush on this British hunk since watching videos of him on Youtube. My fantasy about him involved me and him stuck in an elevator at night and he was wearing a suit. Christian Bale is the kind of man you would want to have sex with all night and all day. I am considering adding him to my list of men I want to bang. In my opinion, he would be a very hot Dark Hunter (he would be a hot Vane in Night Play)!

Seduction by Bubble Bath-Thad Luckinbill visual

I came home after a hard day's work. I live in a one-bedroom apartment by myself. I gathered a few vanilla-scented candles, a big bottle of bubble bath, bath beads, and a neck pillow.

I turn on the water, making sure it's warm. As soon as I took off all of my clothes, I put my dark brown hair up in a ponytail. I placed the phone beside me on the bathroom floor. I was relaxing by a candlelight bubble bath. Then, the phone rang. It was Thad.

I loved hearing his voice. He asked, "What are you doing?"

I responded in a seductive tone in my voice, "I'm taking a bubble bath with some
candlelight. What would you do if I was in a bubble bath and I'm wet and naked?"

Thad responded "Well, I would look at you, and then take off my clothes so I can join and rub soap all over your body. I would also deeply kiss your lips and touch your entire body with my hands."

Thad lived in an apartment across from hers. He hung up his phone and was on his way to my ap…

Under The Spell-NC/JT vizzie for Halloween

I was alone in my house one night. I was reading a romance novel. Then, I got out a book of love spells. I turned the page to find an interesting spell,a menage-a-trois love spell. The spell involved rose petals,lots of candles,and two pictures of two men. I got out and lit the vanilla-scented candles,sprinkled rose petals all over
the room, sprayed myself with perfume (preferably Glow by J.LO),dabbed pheromones on pulse points and erogenous zones, and brought out a Justin Timberlake poster and a Nick Carter centerfold.

I recited the spell and like magic, Justin and Nick appeared. Justin had a rose in his hand and gave it to me. Nick kissed my hand.I walked up to him and kissed his lips. As I was kissing him, I could feel Justin's hands feeling my backside. Then, I turned to Justin and kissed his lips. Although my hands rested on his hips, Justin put his hands on the small of my back, enough to give me chills. I could feel Nick's hands in my hair. I was wearing a hot pink hanker…

Sneak peek of Drenched

I was outside at the backyard of my house, enjoying the sunshine, and reading a book. I loved the backyard because it's where I grow my garden of flowers and various plants, entertain friends and family with my grill and backyard kitchen, and take a swim in my large pool. The backyard is just as large as my large my Italian villa-style mansion. My cordless phone was ringing. I answered the phone. It was AJ on the other line. He wanted to come by and see me. I told him to meet me at the backyard.

Suddenly, I noticed there was an overcast in the sky. AJ came in to see me. "Hey babe, how have you been?" He said as he greeted me with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.

"I'm fine. Just enjoying the weather." I said before noticing a few raindrops falling down.

AJ and I looked up as the overcast turned into a rainstorm. He looked at me and said, "Baby, have you ever had sex in a rainstorm?"

"I've never done anything like this." I replied.

Then, …

Sneak peek of An Even Sweeter Surprise

I just came home from work, lunch, and shopping with my friend Natalie. We went into the living room and began talking. Natalie and I are very good friends and co-workers. Then, I had a very good idea for tonight and explained it to my good friend. Natalie became very interested in the idea.

"So what do you and Kevin have planned for tonight?" Natalie asked with enthusiam.

"Well, Kevin and I going out to dinner and then come back to my place. That's where I bring you out and we'll surprise him then in the bedroom." I said excitedly.

"Oooh, I can't wait to surprise the two of you tonight!" Natalie happily replied.

That night, Kevin and I came over to my place after our dinner date. We were in total makeout mode once we stepped into my bedroom. We enjoyed each other's company as always.

"Kevin, baby. I have a surprise for you." I said to him in a sultry voice.

"I love a good surprise." He said with a slightly wicked smile on hi…